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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Ohio media could give life from Jessie's death, but sleep.

There have been literally thousands of articles pouring over us - led by the various Ohio publications - regarding the death of Jessie Marie Davis & the arrest of her man-friend Canton Police Officer Bobby Cutts. Reporters flocked to Canton from around the country for the story from the time Jessie came up missing - stepping over stories in their own backyards to get a piece of this media sensation. Women are missing every day, but this one had all the elements necessary to distract America from politics, starting with Jessie's 2 year old son telling his grandmother that mommy is in the rug, clues like bleach spread on the bedroom floor, the house ransacked, a married-cop boyfriend, interracial intrigue, and Jessie's unborn full-term baby who already had a name - Chloe. Internet forum boards overflowed with both web crime sleuths & concerned caring people - pooled to worry, pray, or solve the new whodunnit together.

The news articles did their duty informing on the progress of the search for Jessie, the news conferences, did cameo pieces on the players, etc. They clamored like paparazzi after Jessie's family and presented the twists and turns as they arose, by the hour. I won't recall those here.

When Nikki Giavasis emerged as Bobby's ex to say that he was abusive to both her and their daughter I saw hope that the attention may turn to work good for those still living. Nikki said that BEFORE BOBBY CUTTS WAS A POLICE OFFICER he had a domestic violence incident on record. Reporters though did not ask how he was hired if that was true. Nikki said that she has had protection orders against him - with the most recent THIS YEAR. Reporters did not ask how did he continue to wear a badge and carry a gun? In her most recent court battle with Cutts earlier this year a psychiatrist who had interviewed their daughter decreed Cutts as "abusive" but no reporters asked aloud how that had no impact on his position of having armed authority over others.

Jessie was found. Bobby led folks to the hole in the woods where he and his friend had put her body. Now that he was proven to be connected to Jessie's death I waited for the subject of officer-involved domestic violence to be addressed, but instead it turned to - who was this who helped him move the body, reports of racist flyers being distributed in their town, memorial flowers on Jessie's lawn, the Canton Police Chief on how well they pre-screen their officers, and that Bobby Cutts was hired over higher-scoring Caucasian recruits because Canton needed to attain a ratio of African American officers. Articles flowed on the high risk of death-by-violence to pregnant women. It was a race issue, a pregnant issue, a cover yo ass issue.

For Jessie's family it was and will always be a Jessie is gone issue.

After Jessie was laid to rest it was certain the media was failing it's opportunity to save other Jessie's - those still living. NOW was the time to address how Bobby Cutts - enforcer of the law - came to believe that he was above the law. (Who puffed him up?) He not only had domestic violence on his record before he was hired, but had been FIRED for LYING, arbitrated back ONTO the force, and stayed - in the courts view - dangerous enough to have protection orders against. NOW was the time to ask why he was an officer at all, and whether Jessie would have been his girlfriend if he had been a fired-for-lying EX police officer. Would the baby that she was probably killed for carrying have even been conceived if she knew Bobby Cutts was criminal? NOW was the time to ask if Jessie felt she couldn't reach for HELP from his police department - or whether she tried to but was hampered by his co-workers. Or as many abusive officers do, was she threatened what would happen if she said anything to risk his career. Now was the time to ask - who could Jessie call when Canton allowed a criminal to don the authority and power of it's arresting arm? Or if she felt no fear - was it because Canton trusted him, so he must be trust WORTHY? How many other Canton officers came on board with dv in their history? How many more have protection orders against them? What is Canton's policy on officer involved domestic violence? (MY bet, is that they don't HAVE one!) Questions that will continue to kill if they are not asked and addressed.

What about Jessie's being a "wrongful death" that perhaps could have been avoided if liable parties had maintained professional standards? No reporter has touched the "L" word. People will say, as they said here in Tacoma when our police chief David Brame committed murder-suicide on his wife Crystal, that "only one person is responsible for her death." But after a $75M lawsuit here against our city government and police department, it turns out that that is not true. CITIES AND POLICE DEPARTMENTS ARE LEGALLY AT-RISK WHEN THEY KNOWINGLY KEEP POLICE OFFICERS WHO COMMIT CRIMES. Ask Tacoma. Are there possibly prior unprocessed complaints by Jessie, or calls to the chief informally for help? No one has ruled it out because no one has asked the question. It's time to ask those questions... for the sake of all the Jessie's & Crystal's who are still alive - in Ohio and across the nation.

I have tales to tell about Ohio. Here is a list of the folders on my computer that I have collected in just the last 3 years of officer-involved domestic violence cases in Ohio. As you look it over, keep in mind that most cases don't go to the news - and even more cases are never made known to anyone at all - because of fear.

2. OH Chief Irvines wife flees fearing for safety
3. OH Chief Kaiser commits suicide after telling wife_2006
4. OH Chief Keller charged with DV on wife_dv history
5. OH Chief Kim Nuesse gets prot order against husband_2007
6. OH Chief Mason obstructs dv charge processing_namecalls
7. OH Chief Morelli wife drops domestic violence charge_2007
8. OH Chief Roosa drunk with gun_not arrested
9. OH Chief Sederat and the primary aggressor_many charges_2007
10. OH Cincinnati Chief Tom Streicher DV
11. OH Cincinnati Officer Robert Hill_dv
12. OH Cpt Ed Morrison is a mean man_dv
13. OH Cpt Prade killed ex wife Margo
14. OH Deputy Brandenburg arrested for dv again_2006
15. OH Deputy Burden critically injured infant daughter
16. OH Deputy Cobb_dv_menacing_abduction
17. OH Deputy Coleman dv attack on wife
18. OH Deputy Cotton choked wife_2 year old also hurt
19. OH Deputy Lowe incest appeal rejected by top court_2007
20. OH Deputy Sheriff Burns charged with assaulting wife_2006
21. OH Deputy Slough dv and 40G of guns
22. OH Deputy Wolfe_1st degree murder of GF
23. OH Detective Compton_wife and daughter injured_resigns
24. OH Detective Teague asked to resign over domestic incident
25. OH Ex-Deputy Mosketti with dv hx gets hired by county
26. OH Ex chief of police Swartout in custody for dv
27. OH Ex Deputy Bailey murder suicide of Lori_2006
28. OH Ex Officer Harton stabbed shot wife Elizabeth
29. OH Ex Police Chief Thomas Keenan dv
30. OH Ex Police union prez Ligas arrested for dv_2007
31. OH Face-punched wife says Cop Roush can keep gun
32. OH Kim Locciassano and uncooperative officer
33. OH Lieutenant Steve Noftz dv
34. OH Lorain Officer Gerek indicted for rape and DV
35. OH Lt Barton killed Vickie Barton
36. OH Lt Ezerski breaks in ex-wifes_SWAT standoff_2007
37. OH Lt Oswald dv paternity murder_Mansfield PD
38. OH Lt Varvel arrested after open-air 911 call from wife_2007
39. OH Lt Wallace choked wife
40. OH Marion County Deputy Dennis Potts DV_2005
41. OH Newlyweds Officer Boni and wife arrested for dv
42. OH Officer Ballenger shot by ex Nicole_says raped_2007
43. OH Officer Barnhardt allowed to stalk women_Chief silent
44. OH Officer Beitko dv and death by brother-in-law
45. OH Officer Bertram charged in 2 dv incidents
46. OH Officer Browns dv on wife not carried online_2006
47. OH Officer Brunswick Accused Of Assaulting Girlfriend
48. OH Officer Collins cop on cop dv
49. OH Officer Crawford 43 cnts sex abuse of his kids_2007
50. OH OFFICER Cutts Gf Jessie Davis Missing_2007
51. OH Officer Diels dv on wife_back to anger mgmnt_2006
52. OH Officer Fern assaults 15yo son_2006
53. OH Officer Flynn fired for dv_rehired_arrested for dv again_2007
54. OH Officer Ford arrested for running over GFs foot
55. OH Officer Grzywaczewski murder suicide of Mary Lyons_2007
56. OH Officer Hensley dv
57. OH Officer Houser_Chiefs sons dv_a PERSONAL matter_2006
58. OH Officer James Kieffer resigns facing DV charges_2001
59. OH Officer Jameson arrested for strangling girlfriend_2006
60. OH Officer Jesus Sanchez armed stalking _2006-2007
61. OH Officer Joe Eichhorn dv
62. OH Officer Jones plea bargains deadly dv to a lesser_2007
63. OH Officer Kessler shot cop girlfriends husband_2006
64. OH Officer Kowalewskis dv_Nothing happened_2004
65. OH Officer Krista Adams attacked by Sgt Bulman_dv_2006
66. OH Officer Lauro using computer to harm wife 2004
67. OH Officer Loveless charged with hitting wife_2004
68. OH Officer Meeks gf says he broke her face by accident_2006
69. OH Officer OLeary dv_license hording_and_classic chief
70. OH Officer Overmyer ousted after victim of dv
71. OH Officer Parra DV accused_honored by his pd_kept wrking
72. OH Officer Pattons gun and badge removed_dv charges
73. OH Officer Phillips held wife at gunpoint
75. OH Officer Rebeca Kratz charged with dv on ex_2007
76. OH Officer Schmidt repeat dv_wife coerced to recant
77. OH Officer Solether indicted_fired for cop-on-cop rape_2006
79. OH Officer Triggs dv_charged and dismissed_2004
80. OH Officer Wilhelm dv_officer assault_and plea bargain_06-07
81. OH Officer Williams and Pamela dv
82. OH Officer Worthy wife refused to sign dv paperwork
83. OH Officer Wyatts years of incestuous sex with minor
84. OH Police Chaplain Ward choked wife with cord_2005
85. OH Retired cop Ayers killed while beating wife
86. OH Sgt Banks pleads guilty to dv BUT
87. OH Sgt Booher_danger to wife and officers
88. OH Sgt Mitchell dv_harassment_not guilty
89. OH Stalking Officer Brame killed by unknown shooter
90. OH Tina Lovejoy killed by ex Trooper Jones_2006
92. OH Trooper Cory Harris dv on wife
93. OH Trooper Michael Evans_PA State Police
94. OH Trooper Oaks DV_handcuffed_escaped_jailed
95. OH Trooper Sgt Daren Johnson DV on gf Mengerink
96. OH Union Prez Marquiz DV
97. OH Unnamed Austintown police officer dv assault

Ohio, you have a problem - and Ohio reporters - you have a social responsibility that you are comfortably overlooking. The thousands of articles that poured out of Tacoma's very high-profile case here in Washington State FOCUSED on the PROBLEMS, fortified the efforts that successfully changed our state laws, helped pressure the MANDATORY creation of specific officer-involved dv policies in every law enforcement agency in our state, and drew LIGHT onto the efforts that sparked federal legislation - now making funds available to law enforcement agencies ready to take this on beFORE deaths happen. People resigned, lawsuits avalanched, victims came up out of the cracks - and we were a MESS for the duration - but now we have shiny things to show and share.

Media, don't just sell papers with Jessie's blood. Make it mean life & quality of life for others. Give her that, because you can. Start asking who knew what when, and what did they do about it? The rest will flow.

Study Tacoma, learn from our mistakes and our attempts to make things better.


  1. AnonymousJuly 05, 2007

    Don't I know Ohio has a problem, sugar. You know what Ohio Angel this is, and I thank you for posting all this.

    How DO we make the changes???? How do we even start? The list is long and unfortunately, the answers from departments are the same. Tell me what I can do for you, for all the Jessies and Crystals out there and I will help you every step of the way.

    I cannot forget that it never happened to me, either. As long as I am above the soil, I shall fight alongside you.

  2. Two more cases added to my list since posting the 98 cases:

    OH Cpt and ret. sgt McAndrew_cop on cop dv_2007


  3. AnonymousJuly 23, 2007

    I was a 911 operator/dispatcher in Cincinnati Ohio from 1996 through 1999. I received a 911 call from a distraught wife of one of our Cincinnati officers, who said that not only her husband beat and threatened her, but his sister (who was also an officer) had threatened her as well, and that she was AGAIN calling to complain, although no one would do anything. When I sent this call for dispatch, I was immediately reprimanded by my supervisor in Police Communications, because calls or complaints about Domestic Violence and battery are NEVER to be put through like a regular call or sent out over the radio, because the media might hear the call on a scanner and become alerted to investigate such things. Instead, a private text message was supposed to be sent to a Supervising officer, and they are dispatched to the house to "clean up" the matter and make sure it never goes public.

    Does anyone remember the officer Rolando Underwood, who was FINALLY arrested for drug trafficking and jailed? Well, you can google him and see the full story, but what WON'T be there to see? The fact that he was ACCUSED OF RAPING TWO WOMEN, ONE BEING HIS GIRLFRIEND WHO WAS LATER KILLED BY HIM AND DUMPED IN THE HOSPITAL ER LOBBY BY HIM, after which the second woman dropped all charges (imagine that!) What details to leave out! And the method of him killing her is the MOST bizarre of all. He claimed that they reconciled, and that while having sex he accidentally SMOTHERED HER, then panicked and took her body to the hospital, dumping it on the floor when the medical staff responded. He THEN ran out of the hospital once the attention was focused on her, and tried to make a quick get-away, but one of the medical staff saw him and wrote down the license plate number and turned it into the Cincinnati Police Dept. His explanation for this? He was not thinking clearly, and once he took her body there, he had to call someone, so he ran out to his car to drive to find a telephone...

    Not to mention, he also was "involved" in the shooting death of Officer Mansoor in Mansoor's front yard...

    Cincinnati Police take care of their own, until the person being protected steps on another dept.'s toes. If it's merely DV or battery against your wife, tho? That's not a crime, that's a High Five moment to laugh about after work while drinking at the Blues Bar downtown (owned by, of course, by fellow Cincinnati Police officers), before doing the DUI thing home after the shift.

  4. See what you've done! I've been in the online library database since you posted the comment - digging up Underwood. Referred to in one heading as "1 man crime wave."

    I see, reading these articles, that though there was an uproar, the arbitrating forces-that-be continued to bring all the fired cops back. ALL of them. at least to where I am now - reading up to 2003. UNDERWOOD WAS EVEN FIRED AS A RECRUIT! Anyway - don't go away... I'm still studying what you said. :)

    I wonder if there is a way to find out how CPD handles their officer-involved domestic calls now...

    I want to thank you because what you shared really lent insight. Those of us focusing on cop dv know that 99% of the time we are banging our head on a (blue) wall... but we press on for those slivers of opportunity - and in outreach to others.

  5. Weeding out bad cops
    The Cincinnati Post
    October 12, 1999
    ... Today Underwood stands accused of three counts of trafficking in marijuana, three counts of unauthorized use of property and one count of obstruction of justice. He is accused of selling seven pounds of marijuana to undercover officers. Agreeing to sell them another 60 pounds of pot. Identifying undercover officers and cars to drug dealers... In his 10 years on the force Underwood has received eight written reprimands. He's been arrested five times - for aggravated menacing, domestic violence, carrying a concealed weapon and having a firearm in a car - but never convicted. He was suspended from duty at least twice. And on three separate occasions his superiors have tried to fire him: In 1991, when, as a recruit, he was found with a loaded pistol in his car. A review board ordered him reinstated. In 1993, when he was indirectly involved in the accidental shooting death of a fellow officer, Darnell Mansoor. This time the city's own attorneys said Underwood couldn't be fired. In 1996, when he was found to have engaged in a sexual relationship with a woman described by police as a known accomplice of drug dealers. He was fired for dishonesty, neglect of duty and failure of good behavior, but an arbitrator ordered him reinstated...

  6. HERE'S #101


    ...The shot entered her driver's side window narrowly missing her... Because Koon is armed and has been involved in a shooting incident he should be considered Armed and Dangerous with possible suicidal tendencies...

    Deputy a wanted man
    Cincinnati Enquirer, OH - 6 hours ago
    Aug 10, 2007

    BREAKING NEWS ALERT: Sheriff's Deputy May Be Armed And Suicidal
    WKRC TV Cincinnati, OH - 6 hours ago
    Aug 10, 2007

    Breaking Now: Tri-State Police Looking Sheriff's Deputy Who Could Be Suicidal
    WCPO, OH - 4 hours ago
    Aug 10, 2007 4:20 PM

  7. Here's the 102nd officer-involved from Ohio I'm filing:

    Holmes deputy arrested for domestic violence
    Wooster Daily Record
    Nick Sabo nsabo@the-daily-record.com.
    MILLERSBURG -- A Holmes County Sheriff's deputy was arrested on a domestic violence... Joseph R. McKenna, 55 , Millersburg, was placed on administrative leave by Sheriff Tim Zimmerly following his arrest on charges he physically abused a family member. McKenna was booked into the county...

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Here's 103, 104 & 105(leaving out firefighters). They're rolling in.

    [OH] Officer Martzolf's dv at wife's job not the first problem

    [OH] Denae shot her police officer husband

    [OH] Holmes County Sheriff's deputy Joseph McKenna arrested for domestic violence


    Village police officer fired
    Athens Messenger, OH
    [Jacksonville Village Police Offcier Robert Stoica] has been fired... In 2006, the 10th District Court of Appeals heard a case relating to a 2004 record Stoica was seeking to have expunged... the appeals court reversed the decision, unsealing the record... However, there is now no record of the 2004 case... Franklin County Assistant Prosecutor Kim Bond said she could not provide any information about the 2004 case mentioned in the 2006 appeal, pursuant to a section of Ohio law dealing with expungement of records when the defendant is found innocent, or the case is dismissed or not approved by a grand jury... Stoica worked at the New Straitsville Police Department as an auxiliary officer from June 7, 2006, to Oct. 16, 2006... According to commission records, he still works there, but Laurelville Police Chief James Taylor said Stoica does not work at the department anymore. Taylor declined to provide any further details as to Stoica's employment dates or why he left the department. On Dec. 26, two counts of falsification were filed against Stoica... Another charge was filed that same day, but the court's online records do not list the specific charge... Stoica pleaded innocent in a Jan. 17 hearing, and was ordered to pay a $1,000 recognizance bond, not consume alcohol or illegal drugs and have no contact with Ann Stoica or their children... "Chief Taylor passed his concerns on to this department because Mr. Stoica's former girlfriend, Amy Woods, was currently living in the village of South Bloomfield, and Chief Taylor was concerned for Ms. Woods due to Mr. Stoica's rather agitated mental state.”... South Bloomfield officers went to the woman's residence, where she allegedly told officers that she had been getting phone calls and text messages from Stoica that made her fearful... “kind one minute and hateful the next”... The next day, April 27, the woman filed a petition for a civil domestic violence protection order against Stoica... The petition was dismissed the same day by the court, although the docket does not indicate why. A charge of telecommunications harassment was filed May 2... Stoica is expected to appear Sept. 11 for a pre-trial hearing...


  11. 107th Officer:

    [OH] There's hate in that suicide threat Laura.
    Friday, August 31, 2007
    Suicidal, sadistic, Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #3 president, ex-SWAT, ex-Strike Team member, once-U.S. Marshal, current Lorain Police Detective Corey Earl... His suicide threat is screaming murder...

  12. 108th

    Salem Ohio Officer Melvin Kimble accused of dv pointing gun & gun threats at stepdaughter and wife.

    "...Mayor Larry DeJane swore Kimble in to duty on Aug. 23, 2006. Prior to his time on the Salem Police Department, Kimble also worked full time in Lisbon for five years and part time at other area departments including Perry Township..."

  13. 109th & 110th Ohio officers I have files on now:

    No charges in domestic dispute involving sheriff candidate
    Dayton Daily News, OH
    By Doug Page
    Tuesday, September 11, 2007
    ...Joe Mahan told officers that his wife was struggling with him as he bent over to pick up the Blackberry. "I raised up, pushing her backwards. She fell down (and) acted like she passed out," he wrote in his statement... Joe Mahan announced in July that he would be a candidate in the March Republican primary for sheriff. He likely will face his former boss, Sheriff Charles Cox. Cox dismissed Joe Mahan, then his chief deputy, allowing him to retire in April 2006 after 29 years with the department...

    Former Toledo FBI chief is jailed
    Spicocchi is charged in attack on woman
    Toledo Blade
    By MEGHAN GILBERT mgilbert@theblade.com
    September 12, 2007
    The former special agent in charge of the Toledo FBI office is being held in a Virginia jail on charges that he held a woman against her will for more than five hours... Carl Lee Spicocchi, 54, of Arlington, Va., has been charged with abduction, use of a firearm in the commission of a felony, both felonies, and assault and battery, a misdemeanor...

  14. It happened! Ohio published a cop-involved dv article yesterday - and it's one that focuses more on victims than officer's careers.

    Domestic violence particularly difficult if abuser is an officer
    The Plain Dealer, (Cleveland, OH)
    Laura Johnston ljohnsto@plaind.com
    September 14, 2007

    I did a blog on it here:

    Saturday, September 15, 2007
    [OH] "Domestic violence particularly difficult if abuser is an officer"

  15. An officer from last year I didn't have makes the 111th:

    Domestic violence in blue
    Posted by Plain Dealer
    September 13, 2007
    ...Akron Detective Tom Hazen, 54, was charged in October 2006 with domestic violence, menacing and violation of a temporary protective order after a woman complained he had thrown her over a chair, slapped her and told her he would "beat her to a pulp and put her in the hospital." He pleaded guilty to violating the order and received a suspended sentence in Akron Municipal Court. The department disciplined him by forfeiting 24 hours he had worked...

  16. 112th Ohio Officer I'm following:

    Former candidate charged with domestic violence
    Dayton Daily News (subscription), OH - 4 hours ago
    By Staff report
    Wednesday, September 26, 2007
    A Springboro police officer and former Butler County sheriff candidate has been charged with domestic violence following a dispute with his brother Sunday night. The charge against the former candidate Dale S. Richter...

  17. Canton suspends police officer after arrest
    Canton Repository
    By Lori Monsewicz
    October 24, 2007
    CANTON A city police officer is on paid suspension following his arrest on a misdemeanor domestic violence charge. Patrol officer Michael D. Lombardi, 41, has another court hearing next week after pleading not guilty to the charge Monday... "We responded to a request for assistance from his spouse. Her complaint constituted domestic violence," said Louisville Police Chief Andrew Turowski. He said Lombardi was cooperative with the officers. DETAILS OF EVENTS THAT PRECEDED LOMBARDI'S ARREST WERE NOT AVAILABLE...

  18. I just happened upon this site, and although I've been seperated from my Cincinnati Police Officer husband for 2 years. I still harbor much fear. I knew b4 marrying my husband "we are still legally married" that Police Officers have higher divorce rates then most. However, just reading some of these post boggles the mind. I am still very afraid of him. And I'm afraid that he may see this post and determine that I'm writing about him. You see he tried to kill me as well. Long story short, I now look at most Officers totally different. I no longer have the respect that I once had. And there is definitely a blue wall. Most women I feel that are married to Cincinnati Police Officers don't have a chance in hell..

  19. AnonymousMay 23, 2010

    And they wonder why nobody has respect for the profession. This field of work should always be held to a higher standard. You can't enforce the rules if you're breaking them. It's a contradiction. I believe there are true and dedicated officers out there. The problem is the system. I believe that every city should have a task force dedicated just to DV. It takes a lot of education to understand DV. Clarksville, TN did this and it was a true service.


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