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Saturday, July 7, 2007

[PA] DV charges DROPPED against Newly promoted Lt. Charles Rodriguez

Pittsburgh has been in the media the last month because Mayor Luke Ravenstahl recently approved 3 promotions of officers with domestic violence in their past or present list of things to consider, bypassing a long list of officers that have clean records. (Why?) We've watched activists rising to challenge the outrageousness, the city considering publicly if they should take the promotions away to get the activists to shut up, and then the Mayor saying that although his hands are tied on what's already been done, and it's really Police Chief Nate Harper's fault - not his, that it will be zero-tolerance on cop dv from now on. So, the 3 are keepers!
One of controversial officers is the newly promoted to Lt. Charles Rodriguez. His teenage daughter was taken to the hospital with facial redness and swelling, as well as pain in her abdomen after she said her father slapped her SEVERAL times and PUNCHED her in the stomach. (Pause and imagine that.)

But I'm posting to tell you that l
uckily for Lt. Rodriguez, there's more than one way to avoid having the truth confirmed, and more than one place to abuse family members. Court! His domestic violence just legally became a non-issue because the daughter AND HIS WIFE expressed to the court this week - before his hearing began - that they would like to... (Wanna guess?)

Wanna guess what influenced them? We will never know for sure, but those who have gasped for safety behind the blue wall have a good guess.

Defense Attorney Lee Rothman, quoted in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette:

..."I was prepared to defend my client, but now we don't have to address that because there are no charges pending against him... They've been withdrawn, and he can get on with his life... It's not a case. That's my characterization of it. It's not a criminal act"...

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