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Friday, July 6, 2007

[OH] Judge Russo's domestic violence is a personal matter.


For the second time in 10 months, police picked up the head judge of Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court after they said he fought with his girlfriend. Administrative Judge Joseph F. Russo is charged with domestic violence... [The woman friend he lives with] told police that Russo assaulted her... Police photographed [her] injuries, according to the report, but did not describe the injuries. It wasn't the first time... Westlake police officers took him and [his woman friend] into custody last summer after a disturbance at a gas station... She told the officers that Russo called her a "whore" and slapped her... Russo, who earns $110,000 as a judge, will take today off and return to work Monday, Juvenile Court spokeswoman Patricia Oakar said... The case has not affected his status as a judge...

It is personal
and does not involve the court or children, she said...

As if domestic violence isn't a part of the cases involving children and their troubled families! Russo is the HEAD JUDGE. Lives are in his hands. HE BENEFITS from an Ohio court system that is willing to see a man's battery of of his intimate partner as "personal." THAT is the wisdom and fairness a person might receive instead in this Ohio county after struggling their difficult family lives all the way to a court of law... a judge WHO BENEFITS FROM a court system that believes domestic violence is nobody's business.

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