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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Nikki Giavasis on why she spoke out on Officer Cutts

Prayers and Best Wishes
Hello everyone,

I know it's been a heartbreaking week for a lot of people. A beautiful and amazing woman, Jessie Marie Davis lost her life and the life of her baby Chloe due to the senseless violence of a heartless murderer.

I did not have the honor of knowing Jessie but my friends and family did. She was a wonderful mother with a heart of gold.

I had the displeasure of knowing the man who was arrested for her murder.

I spoke out about this man last Tuesday, June 19th because I knew he was capable of extreme acts of violence and I felt that the only way to help in the investigation was for people to know that this man is the suspect because at the time, no one was willing to believe or say that it could be him. After I spoke out, Mr. Cutts did an interview claiming to have nothing to do with Jessie's disappearance. But by Saturday, he confessed.

I know that despite speculation, I did the right thing speaking out against this horrible person. I pray that my courage in speaking out gives other women who are enduring any time of abuse or domestic violence to get help and get out. Domestic violence that goes unchecked only gets worse as the abuse only escalates and can escalate to murder.

If you or someone you know if a victim of domestic violence, call 1-800-799-SAFE. They can tell you where to go or who to call for assistance.

I pray for the best for all of you and I wish everyone abundant blessings and harmonic wealth.

Thank you to all of you who have sent amazing messages and well wishes for my speaking out. The only reason I did it was to help in the case and to help other women who need to get away from abusive situations.

All the best.
God bless,

Nikki Giavasis

[Reposted here with permission. Original date, June 28, 2007]


  1. AnonymousJuly 18, 2007

    I have gotten to speak with her thru myspace and she is such a geniune and down to earth person. I believe that her speaking out was key to getting it solved so quickly. God Bless her. In the entertainment industry is a world shoddy values and self centeredness, she shines above the rest! It warms my heart and gives me the hope I think we all need!

  2. AnonymousMay 21, 2009

    Nikki Giavasis was romantically involved with Bobby Cutts Jr. -- the former Canton police officer who was convicted of killing his girlfriend and unborn child in 2007. Giavasis dated Cutts in 1996, TMZ reports. Giavasis says Cutts hounded her for 11 years after they broke up and she had to get a restraining order against him. According to TMZ, Giavasis is in a similar situation now with a former pop star. Giavasis says she broke up with Raphael Shawan Brown -- a member of the singing group Next -- a year ago. Giavasis got a restraining order against Brown because he was harassing her, TMZ reports. According to TMZ, Giavasis says Brown tried entering her community in the San Fernando Valley, where he was arrested on an outstanding warrant. In addition, Giavasis tells TMZ she invested $300,000 in Brown's music group. She says he wrote her a check to pay her back, but the check bounced.

    Posted May 19th 2009 8:10PM by TMZ Staff
    The woman who was the girlfriend of Bobby Cutts -- the Canton, Ohio cop who was convicted of murdering his wife and unborn child in 2007 -- is having fresh legal trouble with a former pop star. Nikki Giavasis went to court May 11 and got a restraining order against Raphael Shawan Brown, a member of the singing group Next. The group charted big time with the song "Too Close" -- about a guy who popped wood on the dance floor and poked his partner. Giavasis says last week, Brown tried entering the gate of her community in the San Fernando Valley, where he was arrested on an outstanding warrant. She says she broke up with Brown a year ago, but he's repeatedly harassed her, including allegedly breaking into her house. She tells us Brown has stolen her $700 shoes and a $1,000 handbag. Giavasis tells us she invested in his group to the tune of $300,000. She says he wrote her a check to pay her back in that amount -- the memo line said "From God." But God didn't have enough money in his account and the check bounced. Giavasis was romantically involved with Bobby Cutts in 1996. She says after they broke up he hounded her for 11 years, once trying to rip custody of her daughter away from her after she got a restraining order against him.


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