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Wednesday, August 22, 2007


John Racz convicted of murdering his wife
Former sheriff's deputy faces life in prison

Los Angeles Daily News

[EXCERPTS] In a case based on circumstantial evidence, a jury today convicted former sheriff's sergeant John Racz of murdering his estranged wife 16 years ago. ...Racz, 61, closed his eyes as the court clerk read the verdict on charges of first-degree murder. As the jurors reaffirmed their verdict one-by-one, Racz shook his head slightly before standing up to empty his pockets and go to jail... Joann Racz, 31, the oldest of the Racz siblings... "I'm just pretty much in shock right now," she said. "It's just really crazy sad news. I guess if I'm going to say something, I still love my dad, I still love my mom"... Juror Ram Sonthalia, 69, of Sylmar said that seeing the Racz children in the courtroom had no effect on the jury's judgment. "...we were not there to think about that"... Louis Danoff, 66, a retired sheriff's detective, was on the case from 1991, keeping at it even a few years after he retired... "I'm really thrilled, I'm really happy for the new blood they brought in to get us over the hump," said Danoff, who attended the trial daily. "... I can't believe the jury came back so quickly. I'm numb"...

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