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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

[TX] Previously reinstated Officer Brown pleads guilty to killing Kathy

Brown has conditionally pleaded guilty - as long as there is a 50 year cap on his sentence - which he has to serve at least half of...

Excerpts from Monday's news:

A former Bexar County detention officer who stabbed to death his estranged girlfriend last year in an apparent fit of jealousy pleaded guilty to murder Monday in an agreement with prosecutors that capped his prison sentence at a maximum of 50 years… “so we could have a for-sure guilty.”… He then called [Kathy] Chavira and said one of their kids had fallen ill. Chavira rushed over, and when she arrived, [Alfred John] Brown began stabbing her…

“My parents lost a daughter, my nephews and nieces lost their mother,” Debbie De La Rosa, Chavira’s sister, said. “I lost my sister and my best friend for being selfish. Now (Brown) has his. My life will never be the same without her”…

Sources here and here.
(I've seen no published photos of Kathy.)


  1. To the person who tried to comment, I'm not stupid. A "teacher" of his would not leave a comment here of that type.

  2. I lived kinda down and across the street from where the stabbing happened and to this day when I hear of a stabbing it makes me think of the cops covering her up at the sidewalk to bring the kids out to the patrol cars. I hope the kids are doing well. I didn't any of the people living there.

  3. AnonymousMay 08, 2022

    Kathy was a beautiful wonderful woman that I got to work with but she was murdered over jealously she left behind children no one deserves to die just cause they no longer love someone she would have been a great manager for Jack in the box cause her step dad was the best manager there was in his time

  4. I Remember Officer Brown when he worked at Bexar County cool officer I even seen him in TDC hate that he lost it over his chicc


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