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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

[NYPD] Whose IN CHARGE over the training of officers?

Runnin' Scared
NYPD Blew It

Kelly's new deputy chief of training brings lots of experience, much of it bad

Village Voice, NY
by Sean Gardiner
August 28th, 2007
The NYPD's new deputy commissioner of training, Wilbur "Bill" Chapman, should have no trouble teaching "New York's Finest" about the pitfalls of sexual harassment, cronyism, and punitive transfers. He's been accused of all that during his checkered career... His five-year stint as police chief in Bridgeport, Connecticut, left that department "functionally unsound"...
Karen Krasicky, an assistant chief under Chapman, detailed some of those remarks in a fall 2004 complaint filed with the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities: "Chief Chapman is known for, and I have witnessed,
his complete disregard and lack of respect for women in the workplace. . . . For example, during staff meetings, Chief Chapman uses foul language and on one occasion stated that, during a break, everyone should go and change their Kotex napkins." When Chapman was confronted by his staff with a potential "vote of no confidence," Krasicky wrote, he retorted:
"For all you ladies in the room, fuck you. Oh, I'm not supposed to say that, but fuck you anyway"...
Krasicky, now the police chief in Plymouth, Connecticut, claimed that Chapman passed her over for promotion because she's a woman. According to court papers, the head of the BPD's Internal Affairs office admitted that he didn't do anything about her allegations because he didn't "feel comfortable" investigating his boss. The city later settled Krasicky's complaint for a reported $90,000...

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