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Monday, August 27, 2007

[WI] Detective Maloney, convicted of wife-murder, tries again

Detective convicted of killing wife wants new prosecutor
Green Bay Press-Gazette
Posted August 27, 2007
[EXCERPT] The Green Bay police detective convicted of murdering his wife is again working toward an appeal. John Maloney's new attorney has filed a motion in Brown County Circuit Court to remove special prosecutor Vince Biskupic from the case. Maloney's repeated appeals all have been denied. The former detective is serving a life term for murder, arson and mutilating a corpse in the 1998 death of Sandra Maloney...


  1. More cops killing their wives and children can also be found at www.FamilyLawCourts.com/badcop.html

    (Skip the Palin stuff at the top)

    And there's a whole Slew of family killing cops.

    1. You obviously didnt research yhis case.

  2. Not Guilty

  3. Tbis is tbe worst case of injustice i have ever seen un fricken believable


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