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Saturday, August 25, 2007

[MO] Officer Brooks convicted of killing Officer Amanda Cates

Former officer changes story about night officer/girlfriend died
August 21, 2007
A former police officer on trial for murdering his girlfriend has changed his story about what happened the night of the shooting. The girlfriend was also a police officer, and her department showed up in force Tuesday in the courtroom. Much of the small Normandy Police Department spent Tuesday in court as a gesture of support for the family of fellow Officer Amanda Cates... If convicted of second degree murder, he would be sentenced to ten to 30 years in prison.
Former policeman convicted of killing girlfriend
By Christine Byers
A Jefferson County jury convicted former police officer Robert Brooks Thursday of second-degree murder and armed criminal action in the shooting death of his girlfriend Amanda Cates, who also was a police officer... Brooks, 38, a former Calverton Park police officer, showed little emotion when the guilty verdict was returned... But several members of his family ran out of the courtroom crying, while Cates’ family wept quietly and embraced...
Carolyn Cates spoke to the jury on behalf of her daughter, Amanda. Brooks cried during her testimony.

“My sorrow for Mr. Brooks is that he chose not to value my daughter’s life. But he knows the truth, and he will have to live with that for the rest of his life, and even for him that can’t be easy”...


  1. Robert Brooks is NOT GUILTY as the evidence will show. How can you fire a gun and not get residue on your hands while the alleged victim tested positive? The prosecutor is another Mike Nifong. The police investigators botched the investigation. The prosecutor used Brooks right to remain silent against him and is a clear violation of his rights. The Appeals Court has no choice but to grant a new trial.

    1. AnonymousJune 24, 2012


    2. Robert deserves life in prison or the death penalty for this murder. He did it out of cold blood and apparently didn't care enough knowing that his daughter was also in the house. Them granting a new trial was bull. The first sentence should have stuck. I went to school with her and she was the sweetest person anyone could have met. She didn't deserve this. May she rest in peace.


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