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Saturday, August 18, 2007

[FL] Deputy Thompson's wife is broken. He was "in one of his moods"

Thompson's wife suffered a ruptured spleen that required removal, fractures of both eye sockets, impaired eyesight, two bones broken in her right arm, a swollen face and several bruises on her body. He says doesn't remember doing it.

Wife in hospital after domestic dispute
Nic Corbett ncorbett@tallahassee.com
August 18, 2007
[EXCERPTS] A Leon County Sheriff's deputy was fired and arrested early Friday... At the time of [Deputy Mark] Thompson's arrest, his wife was in guarded condition at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital with serious injuries... At first, she insisted that doctors not report him... the couple had been out celebrating her birthday... her husband was in one of his moods... Thompson grabbed the steering wheel and jerked it around, struck his wife in the forehead, fired a handgun out of the car window and then put the gun to her head... After she pulled into their driveway, he got out and she quickly reversed, driving off... When she returned, he wasn't there, but the house was torn apart... she "had never hidden in the front closet before," but this time she did. He found her, but she ran outside, accidently letting his dog out... her husband handcuffed her to the bed... He then returned with the dog and demanded,

"How could you
do this
to my dog?"

He took off the handcuffs, dragged her to the living room, kicked her several times and then straddled her and started hitting her head and face. He finally stopped beating her and asked if she wanted to go to the doctor. She said

she wanted to


...She had said she was scared to report it
her husband
is a deputy...

(full article)

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