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Friday, September 21, 2007

[CA] TIMEBOMB Rodrigues dv, rape, and intimidation charges - Tick. Tick. Tick.

"...The suspect also threatened to kill the victim if she ever said anything..."

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Who will protect these women once he's fired? Hopefully the county can, but it doesn't look good. I'm shaking my head. These women are destined to live in fear for as long as this deputy - or ex-deputy lives. That's the whole of it. Firing someone who has puffed up with twisted power is not the end of the story for the victims.

Standard domestic violence services back away. They may say they don't but they do.

Deputy a Suspect for Rape
Hollister Free Lance, CA
Sep 18, 2007
By Michael Van Cassell

The San Benito County Sheriff's Office is investigating Sgt. Mike Rodrigues on allegations of rape, intimidation of a witness or victim and two violations of a restraining order... Rodrigues has not been arrested... On Sept. 10, a deputy took a report of rape by force, a felony... "The victim stated she was raped and was not allowed to leave the residence. The suspect also threatened to kill the victim if she ever said anything"... Sept. 11, a sheriff's deputy filed a report... "The listed suspect called the victim per a third party and advised her to re-cant her statement to the sheriff's department." On that same day, a sheriff's deputy took a report at 4pm for a violation of a domestic violence prevention court order... At 12:15pm Wednesday, a sheriff's deputy took another report for a violation of the same domestic violence prevention court order... "While I was at the victim's residence conducting a welfare check the suspect called the residence in an attempt to speak with the victim, violating a domestic order"...

Hill Aims to Fire Troubled Deputy
Hollister Free Lance, CA - Sep 20, 2007
By Michael Van Cassell
Sheriff Curtis Hill confirmed Wednesday his office intends to fire Sgt. Mike Rodrigues, the deputy under investigation for suspected rape and other crimes. "We've given him a notice of intent to terminate"... he is entitled to a hearing to explain his side of the story... Rodrigues remains on paid administrative leave... In late August, two women, one his wife, filed requests for restraining orders against Rodrigues... Both of those requests will be heard before San Benito County Superior Court Judge Steven Sanders on Sept. 28. The court order bars Rodrigues from possessing a firearm...

Deputy Implicated in Rape Complaint
Gilroy Dispatch
By Michael Van Cassell
Sep 19, 2007
...more recently two women, one his wife, have filed requests for restraining orders against Rodrigues, preventing him from carrying a firearm. They will be heard at the same time, San Benito County Superior Court Judge Harry Tobias ruled Tuesday. Amber Cecena, the cousin of Sgt. Mike Rodrigues' wife, Kristi Rodrigues, filed a restraining order request Aug. 28. Tobias Tuesday continued the court hearing for Cecena's restraining order request against Rodrigues to Sept. 28, when fellow Judge Steven Sanders is scheduled to hear a restraining order request from Kristi Rodrigues. Tobias said the orders are related and should thus be consolidated. "The threats against Ms. Cecena seem to be a message to the wife,"... In addition to the restraining orders that restrict him from carrying a firearm, Rodrigues shot an unarmed man who later died from

a drug overdose,the gun shot wound,shocks from a Taser gun,struggles with law enforcementand pepper spray,
a forensic report concluded...

I am praying for legions of angels to surround these women.


  1. Excellent job! Thank you for posting this!

  2. what he did to israel guerrero was a cowardly act ,he was not armed regardless if he was on drugs.their is alot of people who drink and do drugs while driving.they get arrested not killed.he did not need to use his taser or weapon.the daughter saw what happen so don't try to change her story. he was shot in the back of the arm he did not advance deputy rodrigues.

  3. Deputy Involved in Prior Shooting
    Hollister Free Lance
    Jun 21, 2007
    By Michael Van Cassell

    EXCERPTS - Court records reveal the sheriff's deputy who shot an unarmed man June 10 also fired at a suspect in 2001, although authorities never found a gun the sergeant said the man had wielded.

    And the sergeant's wife accused him of threatening to shoot himself March 13 in front of his 11-year-old daughter, according to divorce court documents filed in early June...

    ...On May 22, 2001, Rodrigues shot at then-27-year-old Fernando Anaya Zamora in the dark of the night after uncovering a methamphetamine lab on Little Panoche Road... But authorities never found a gun, and the weapons possession charge against Zamora was later dropped... investigators were unable to find a pistol after the man was arrested or during further searches of the area... "In defense of Sgt. Rodrigues, the man did have black gloves on, and in a spotlight at night the shine of the leather could be mistaken for metal"...

    According to county divorce court documents filed June 1, Rodrigues' wife, Kristi Rodrigues, alleged in writing that on the night of March 13, she was "trying to calm (their) oldest daughter down due to her father's remarks in front of her about shooting himself," and "this was not the first time he has mentioned this in front of her"...

    ...After [Israel] Guerrero was shot [June 10], another deputy stunned him with a Taser gun and sprayed him with pepper spray, and Guerrero was taken into custody, deputies said.

    Guerrero's wife, Ivonne Guerrero, declined to comment on specifics of the shooting and said the family has hired an attorney. "I don't want people to think he's a bad person," Ivonne Guerrero said, pointing to family pictures inside her home Wednesday. "He's not. He's a loving father of three"...

    ...Michael Van Cassell covers public safety for the Free Lance. He can be reached at 831-637-5566 ext. 335.

  4. Daughter Saw Shooting
    The Gilroy Dispatch
    Jun 22, 2007
    By Michael Van Cassell
    Hollister - Sheriff Curtis Hill announced Thursday that a deputy acted appropriately in the shooting of an unarmed man June 10 but violated office policy because his 11-year-old daughter, who witnessed the confrontation, was in the patrol car at the time.... The records show Sgt. Mike Rodrigues' daughter told investigators she thought her father had shot 29-year-old Israel Guerrero as he ran away, but [Sheriff Curtis] Hill said she was mistaken. The girl watched from the patrol car as her father shot Guerrero after a Taser gun shock and baton strike failed to subdue the aggressive and advancing man, according to the records...

  5. Officer Involved Shooting Was Justified, District Attorney Says
    Hollister Free Lance
    Jul 10, 2007
    By Michael Van Cassell
    District Attorney Candice Hooper announced Friday that sheriff's Sgt. Mike Rodrigues was justified in the shooting of an unarmed man June 10 on Highway 156. HOOPER REFUSED TO EXPLAIN Friday why she believed Rodrigues was justified in the shooting of 29-year-old Israel Guerrero...

  6. DA Hooper Should Have Answered Tough Questions
    Letters to the Editor
    Hollister Free Lance
    Jul 25, 2007
    [Excerpts] ...By refusing to answer questions regarding her findings in the killing of Israel Guerrero, District Attorney Candice Hooper has clearly chosen to protect Sgt. Mike Rodrigues and political comrade Sheriff Curtis Hill... It appears Ms. Hooper has chosen to protect law enforcement no matter what the cost to her integrity... How do you justify the shooting of an unarmed man when two healthy, able-bodied deputies were present, with more help on the way? If the unarmed victim was shot in the back of the arm, how could he be facing Rodrigues and be an immediate danger to Rodrigues' life?... True heroism in this case will be when somebody from local law enforcement finally crosses that green and tan barricade and tells it like it is ... Israel Guerrero should've never been shot with two healthy, able-bodied deputies present and more help on the way. Ms. Hooper and local law enforcement should be ashamed of what they've done and continue to do to Israel Guerrero and his family...

  7. Additional Accusations Being Leveled against Embattled Deputy

    New Rape Allegations Surface-Old Allegations Made Public Again
    September 24, 2007

    Hollister- The investigations of former San Benito County Deputy Sheriff Sgt. Mike Rodrigues are multiplying. Two separate rape allegations, as well as restraining order violations, witness or victim intimidation, and stalking charges, are now being investigated according to local media sources.

    Past charges of inappropriate behavior, some quite serious, for which the officer was “cleared” have been spread through television and print media in recent days. Many of the past investigations involved crimes against woman.

    Past accusations from the 1980’s against Rodrigues included domestic violence, using a law enforcement teletype system to pursue women romantically, and false imprisonment of a rape victim, according to media sources.

    One of the more bizarre charges from the past involved an alleged rape victim in 1987. Then Deputy Rodrigues was suspended for more than 10 weeks after a grand jury indicted him for allegedly falsely imprisoning a 19 year old woman from Santa Cruz, a felony charge. Deputy Rodrigues was arrested and then released seven days after the indictment.

    The 19 year old women had testified before the grand jury that Rodrigues had offered her a ride and took her to his residence and had not allowed her to leave, and reportedly watched her urinate according to media sources.

    The women claimed later to law enforcement officers that she had been raped the night before meeting Deputy Rodrigues. An investigation found no “conclusive evidence” that she had been raped. The women later refused to testify and the DA’s office dropped the charges according to media sources.

    In 1989 charges against Deputy Rodrigues of false imprisonment, battery, disturbing the peace, and brandishing a weapon were dropped by a girlfriend of the Deputy that had made the allegations according to media reports at that time.

    Again in 1989, the Deputy was charged with unauthorized use of a law enforcement computer data base by the San Benito County DA.

    According to media sources the police report said that “He would learn drivers’ names and later gather information from the office teletype. If someone particularly interested him he would re-contact them and date them if possible.” Law enforcement found that the woman making the charges had contacted Rodrigues by telephone first and the charges were dropped, according to media sources.

    In October 1989 Rodrigues was placed on paid administrative leave by then Sheriff Harvey Nyland for “an unreported length of time” according to media sources.

    According to local media Rodrigues revealed that the Sheriff at that time had written him concerning his administrative leave in October 1989 saying “As a peace officer you are expected to comport yourself in a lawful and dignified matter on and off duty. You are appropriately held to a higher standard of conduct in light of your position as a county law enforcement officer. Your conduct in this matter, in addition to being unlawful, has brought discredit to this office and the county of San Benito.”

    In March 1990 Rodrigues was again placed on paid administrative leave for two weeks for an undisclosed reason, according to a media source.

    One source we spoke with has claimed that the deputy allegedly was involved in a situation involving a prostitute, or prostitutes, in Salinas according to rumors at that time.

    One inside source has told us the embattled deputy cleared out his locker at the sheriff’s office today, and our sources insist he was, in effect, let go on September 10, 2007. Only “formalities” remain in regards to the officer’s termination according to these sources.

    According to a law enforcement source, one of the women who Rodrigues allegedly stalked in the August 18, 2007 incident where the Hollister Police Department was called to the 7-11 store in downtown Hollister is married to an out of town police officer who reportedly advised his wife to call the Police as the incident unfolded, and reportedly followed up with HPD afterwards. The women allegedly being stalked by Rodrigues were in town for a wedding.

    No decision has been made by District Attorney Candy “The Dump Truck” Hooper on whether to charge Rodrigues with any crimes, and the HPD and Sheriff’s office are still investigating allegations against the embattled deputy according to sources.

    “It looks like old Teflon Mike’s Teflon has finally worn thin, now the allegations look like they’ll stick this time” said one long time law enforcement source.

    (The web site: http://www.badcopnews.com was the source of some of the information contained in this posting)

    see more at: http://insidesanbenito.blogspot.com/2007/09/additional-accusations-being-leveled.html

  8. since your writing officer or former officer mike rodrigues has been accused of at least 2 more crimes against women... can the hollister police department or san benitio sheriff's office truly conduct an invetigation into one of their own.. and what does the rodrigues family have on the district attorney.. mike's father ron hand helped keep his son on the force with his support. it is criminal negligence of the county to let this apparent serial rapist go un charged...

  9. since your article behind the blue wall. former officer mike rodrigues and been accused of at least actions involving women... stalking, and sexual assult.. read the hollister freelance to see these... can the local law enforcement truly investigate one of its own. will the district attorney charge mike or wait till he fulfill his threats...

  10. I'm also a victim of Sheriff Mike Rodrigues. I'm probably his 1st. I dated Mike off and on the early 80's up until he forced himself and is when I got pregnant with my daughter in September of 1984. I was threatened by him and his family up until he married his wife who is now going thru the same stuff if not more. His family's money and name has kept him out of trouble. My daughter and I were interviewed by the Internal Affairs who are investigating him and I told them where are women safe from him. If this had happened to one of my brothers or an uncle they would be in prison. Where is JUSTICE that should of happened years and years ago.


  11. Thank you for sharing that, and I'm respecting your decision to be out loud - while worrying that it could bring you trouble.
    When do we keep silent?
    When do we speak out?
    How can someone steal the moments of our lives by keeping us under clouds of fear that never blow away...
    without anyone stepping into the gap?
    Rogrigues is a terror.
    Now he is written about, but when will it stop?

  12. Anonymous, Tell me something the one who claims to be the first victim. Your child you were pregnant with is it Mike Rodrigues child?
    What is it he did to you that was so terrable?
    At this point aren't all these things allegations? has anything been proven?
    Positive for bruses, sperm anything like that ?

  13. I am also a victim of Michael Rodrigues. Many years ago. But he stalked me for quite awhile, before finally pulling me over to ask for a date. He knew everything about me and my family, at that point due to misuse of office computer. I agreed to go out with him. I am not one to judge, even though I had heard stories. But I quickly learned. I became pregnant with my son. Not knowing that he already had a daughter from another woman. Michael continued to threaten and harrass me, during my pregnancy. I lived in so much fear for so many years. I gave birth to our son in 1987. I did not ever turn him in for child support because of his threats. I had to call the cops on him more than once. I became pregnant again in the end of 1987, but later miscarried. I do have hospital records, but I did not turn him in. It was a forced sexual account. No one would listen to me. Or any other woman for that matter. I finally left San Benito County in 1990. I wanted to put miles between Michael and I. In 1992 Michael found me, after being brought in for DNA charges, after I filed for child support. He scared me once again. I dropped child support. Then in 1993, I wanted to put more miles between us. I moved again. My child support case was still open, but I never received support through the county. I was friends with Michael's ex-wife. She was always very kind hearted to me and my son. Michael has 5 children that I am aware of. With 4 different women. In 2003 our son was killed. He was 17 years old. Now Michael is paying arreages on back child support. Michael refused to come to the birth of our son, he refused to be a part of his life, and then refused to be a part of his death. He did not come to his own son's funeral or help in any way to pay for any of the expenses. He is one cold hearted SOB. Even though I live far away, I still am in contact with his other children and their mothers. We have all been through hell.I feel sorry for all the women that have come in contact with this man. And I cannot believe that he was able to keep his job this long, with all that he's being accused of. Surely all of us women can't be liars? Wake up San Benito County.

  14. I can't believe that he still hasn't been charged on anything???
    How much more do they want on the guy?
    He's going to end up killing somebody. Ooops TOO LATE for that one too. And his daughter had to be a witness to that. She'll be traumatized for the rest of her life. Why is it, that all these women have been so afraid to come forward? Has anyone given that any thought? And some of them that have, have later dropped the charges. Is it because of his many threats, or are they bought off with the wealth from the Rodrigues family?
    Do we really want some one like this protecting and serving us???
    Ladies beware!!! Lock your doors and windows, and stay clear of this guy.
    And for his children and their mother's, your in my prayers. Especially the mother that lost her son in the accident. And his dad didn't even have any sympathy for her or their son. What a loss. I'm sorry.

  15. Cloud and others........
    My question earlier was and still remains.
    If he did in fact do these things. Which I am not saying he did or did not. I am only trying to understand.
    If he did these things his current ex wife should have known about the other women that had children with him. How terrable he was and that for him to have had these 5 children . 1 girl, the boy who passed and then the other 2 with the current wife. She did not know of these other women?? Being he had children with them? Isn't she from San Benito too.
    where is child 5 how old is that child.
    Please women, I am not condoning is actions or saying you are all lying.
    I am just trying to understand all this as well.

  16. Answer to the question from the woman of Mike Rodrigues first victim. Yes, he's my daughters father, my daughter received and finally got COURT ORDERED child support from him when she was 5 years old until she was 18. I was forced the night I became pregnant with her and threatened from then on out even when he became involved with other women. His family or should I say his sister Debbie phone me with a threats to where the SHERIFF'S office was going to put a bug on my parents phone - but we decided against it. Here's something funny. When I told MIKE I was pregnant he told me: I can't be the father because I was having so much sex that it made me sterile. He is sick and perverted and needs help or needs his time behind the CELL. I was too afraid to do anything and I knew without money I couldn't. But now hopefully with more than 1 allegation he'll finally have his day. His children are the ones that are suffering and will suffer from here on out. I did also have Police Reports on him - but I'm not sure how long they keep them if they are still in a file someplace or not. I also know of another girlfriend of mine that was a witness for me against him that was beat up and raped too - possibly by Mike in the late 1980's. I hope this helps with your questions.

  17. Mike's ex-wife should have known about the other children. At least mine because when she was pregnant with their 1st child - Mike and I were still going to Court on Child Support and Medical Problems that came from his family. It seems that all of his children were born with a Blood Disorder from the Rodrigues's side. My daughter had to be taken too Stanford Children's hospital when she was only 6 years old hoping that she didn't have Cancer only to be told she had this Blood Disorder that came from the Rodrigues's side. I have been informed by the 2 of the other women that their children have the same Disorder. I believe Mike at the time was paying out over $1500 in Child Support at the time him and his wife were married. Maybe his wife was too young to really know about all the stuff that was out in the NEWS. When all this happened in the late 1980's she would of only been in her early teen's. What more do you need to show what kind of predator he is.

  18. As for the 5th child, he is 14 years old and lives with his mother and grandmother in Arkansas.
    Michael's 1st daughter is 21 now. The boy that got killed in the horrible accident was 17. If alive he would be 20 now. Then theres the 14 year old boy. Then his ex-wife has his 2 daughters, They are 12 and I think 8 years old. His ex-wife, was probably too young, maybe. Plus, Michael comes on as a real charmer at first. Plus they lived in a very nice house, pool and all. She got to have it all. Cars, a nice roof over her head.... She worked at a coffee hut, and was living at home with her parents. I'm sure it was nice to live in the wealth. Plus he is very controlling. She knew about the other children. How could she not? He had child support being pulled out of his check each and every month. And I know 100% for sure thay she spoke to 2 of the other mothers on a regular basis. Actually became quite good friends with one of them. When Michael finally became controlling and abusive to his soon to be ex-wife. They were married, and she was stuck in a situation, she didn't know how to get out of. He threatened her so much, and had their 2 daughters to use against her. Poor thing. What was she supposed to do? I'm so glad to hear she broke free, and is divorcing his sorry ass. I hope she receives full custody of those 2 girls, and I hope that his 12 year old daughter will be able to get her doggie back. He's so heartless, that he kept the little girls dog, and won't give it back to her.
    I don't understand how one person can get away with so much. If it were the average citizen, we would be behind bars, long ago. Is San Benito County really all that hard up for sherriff's to keep someone like this guy on the force? or are they simply blind? Or yet, to even have charges brought against him yet???
    Michael looks like your fun times and past is catching up with you. I hope you end up behnd bars, and you lose everything. Then the mother's of all your children will finally get there child support, and whatever else they have coming to them. And maybe some of these other women will feel a little safer. I feel for each of them.

  19. That's true, all his children have this blood disorder that runs in The Rodrigues blood line. And they all have rotten teeth. They come in soft. His one little girl had to have her front teeth removed when she was like 7, 8 years old. His 21 year old daughter and the young boy that died had many medical problems.

  20. It is my understanding from what I read about Sgt. Michael Rodrigues, that he was only on limited duty and wasn't supposed to be carrying a firearm. So who's firearm did he have on him when he shot Guerrero? And what was his explanation for having a firearm on him? And why on earth did he have his 11 year old daughter in the patrol car? With 2 police men there, and this man had no protection, you would think that 2 police men could contain a suspect with handcuffs or by some other means until further back up arrived at the scene. I mean without having to shoot this man. This family lost there husband, there daddy, there Uncle, there brother, cousin......
    Our prayers go out to this family.

  21. I know of other women that are too afraid to come forward that has been a victim of Mike's. But for most of them their stories have been printed in the NEWS. But it's old news so someone would have to go thru the archives to find them all. But, since I was the 1st - I kept up with the NEWS along with my family. My father wanted to see him pay for not only hurting me and my daughter - but my brothers who lived out of state during all this ordearl wanted to fly over and teach him a lesson. If you know what I mean. Hopefully, if he's tried and convicted he'll get his day behind bars. Mike used his threats so convincingly that all the women either dropped the charges and moved away or never even brought charges up against him. All a person has to do is to read his past court proceedings to know him. When my daughter was only an infant I had to take her out of town and leave her with one of my brothers for over a week because of his threats. Is that right? Here he is suppose to be there to PROTECT AND TO SERVE. Oh, he's serving alright but not in the right capacity....

  22. I sat in Court today and listened to yet another victim of Michael Rodrigues. She apparently lived with him from Sept.30th to Nov.5th.
    Then she filed rape charges against him. She said he was sexually agressive against her on more than one occassion. Then he forceably raped her on November 3rd. Her ripped her sweat pants off of her, and when she used to word rape, he threatened to kill her. The testimony was quite disturbing and discusting. Since moving out of his house, he has continued to harass her by calling her cell phone. She states that Michael would be capable of killing her. She fears to be caught alone with him. She fears for her safety and the safety of her son.
    So hes not longer employed by San Benito County Sherriff's Office. Big deal. Whats to stop him from taking actions on his own or seeking revenge against the ones who have been brave enough to step forward? We would all be safer with him behind bars. Serving his time thats long overdue.

  23. So are they listening yet?
    Michael Rodrigues appeared in court today, on recent charges of rape, by a woman that lived with him from September to November. He raped her on November 3,2007. Then threatened her life, if she were to say anything. She fears for her life, and the safety of her son. But yet he has continued in harrassing her even by phone.
    Another restraining order also went out today by his soon to be ex-wife. But whats a piece of paper? Nothing seems to stop this guy.

  24. I personally sat in on the court hearing today.
    How disusting and disturbing to hear about all the things that Michael did to this poor girl. Yet another victim. She lived with him from September to November. All the while being sexually agressive towards her. But then on November 3,2007, he decided to rape her, tearing her sweatpants off of her. She used the word Rape and he threatened to kill her. Even since the attack he has continued to threaten and harrass her by phone. Like it has been said before he comes across as a real charmer to women, especially the ones that don't know him. This woman in court today is scared for her life, afraid of what might happen if she ever gets in a situation where she gets caught alone with him. She has a son, that she is also highly concerned about. So now what? Let the man continue to walk the streets of San Benito County? He's a danger with or without a Badge.

  25. I believe the only thing that will stop him is some woman's brother, father or uncle taking him off and doing what he's been doing to these women to him. I don't believe the System will ever fulfill their duties because of his threats/name/money. Whatever it is he always gets away with it. I believe they need to bring in the STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL in to bring him down - hopefully this way they can get an unbiased Court/Judge to throw the BOOK at him. One dosent' have to be a DOCTOR/LAWYER/INDIAN-CHIEF to see he's a predatore on WOMEN with so many cases in the fire. Please as some of the comments have said: WAKE UP HOLLISTER before his threats become reality and somebody's sister, daughter, mother and or friend is lost and presumed dead.

  26. i think everyone here needs to know about the dept rodrigues worked for.first they are hiding the fact that guerrero was a documented gang member with a rap sheet more than twenty feet long. undersherrif turturicci that you see all over the news has no street experience at all he went straight from the jail to a LT on the street. LT iler that took his spot went from juvenile hall director to deputy than LT in just over a year. it is also interesting that during the investigation of rodrigues a female witness with a felony warrant was let free by undersheriff turturicci. everyone is harping on rodrigues but it is time to look at who is running the whole dept. they have a sergeant Uribe that has been with the dept for about one and a half years who got caught sleeping with his best friends wife who happens to be a deputy. the dept is full of corrupt people the only differnce is they bury the stuff of people they like and publicize the ones they want out.just recently the freelance published an article that says turturicci is underpaid at 106,000 a year but yet he can afford to play golf every week during working hours.about a year ago there was an accident in mcdonalds parking lot between deputy pena (who was married at the time) and a secretary from the jail it seems during her working hours they had an argument in the parking lot and damaged two county owned vehicles, they were involved in a relationship at the time.i am not saying that rodrigues is innocent but the department is full of corrrupt people and people with low or no morals and just for the record rodrigues was allowed to retire and keep his benifits.he was not terminated as implied by the freelance.

  27. I would like to thank who ever posted the last comment. My boyfriend said that the Sheriff's Dept., wouldn't fire Mike because if they did he would bring down everyone else who has done wrong in that department. So let's see if you work for the LAW you can do anything your little heart desires and not have to pay the price - huh! I still say where is the JUSTICE for all these women and children. If someone writes a bad check they can go to jail or if someone steals a loaf of bread from a store they can go to jail - but if someone rapes women and threatens them - NOTHING! Again, I say where is JUSTICE!! People please wake up and LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN!!! Please get the right authority figures involved to stop MIKE RODRIGUES before this leads to something else.

  28. So, please don't tell me that there is actually someone out there, actually thinking that Michael should walk free???
    Yes, there are corrupt people everywhere in this world. But there certainly shouldn't be on the Police Dept. Where they are sent to school and put through training to Protect who? All of us!!! With tax paying dollars.
    And who cares if Guerrero was a gang member, and who cares if he had a 20 mile long rap sheet? Are you saying this man deserved to die? And by a cop that wasn't even supposed to be carrying a firearm at the time? And Michael had his 11 year old daughter in the car with him also at the time? Maybe Guerrero wasn't innocent in some ways, but he was an innocent victim to have to die! What about his wife? His children? Did they deserve to lose their dad? Her husband?
    Maybe the whole Police Dept, should be under Investigation. So, you say Sgt.Uribe slept with his best friends wife? Was she screaming Rape???
    Undersherriff Turturicci had no street experience to Deputy in just over a year? Whos at fault for that? Certainly not the citizens of San Benito County. They should take a good long look at what kind of experience someone has, what kind of training, what kind of schooling, that kind of thing, before hiring them to Protect and Serve!
    I'm sure that the Police Dept. buries alot from the public. To publicize the ones they want out, must be for damn good reasons. Otherwise, wouldn't they pubiicize it all about all of them? Michael has just been caught on too many things. There not picking on poor Michael. Undersherriff Turturicci goes out and plays golf. Big deal. I admit that he should not be doing it on company time. But playing golf is not hurting anyone, 'nor is it a crime. And so Deputy Pena and an office secretary were sleeping together. Probably concentual. Was she yelling Rape??? Now I admit damaging two county vehicles, that should have been investigated. But even though you have brought up all these things on other Deputies. I didn't hear a thing mentioned about Rape, at that, more than one or two rapes, he's even been called a Serial rapist. He's been accused of Murder, threatening, or harrassing women, misuse of office computer/teletype, stalking, being a negligant father, or a father that disowns his own children, or refusing to be a part of their life, or go to their funerals. Or pay child support. I didn't hear a thing about brandishing a weapon, disturbing the peace, having restraining orders against them, witness or victim intimidation, domestic violence, false imprisonment of a rape victim, solicitating a prostitute in Salinas, sexual assult, being investigated by Internal Affairs, having 5 children by 4 seperate women. Shall I go on??? These are the things Michael Rodrigues is being accused of. And so big frickin' deal, that Michael was allowed to retire. Was it really just to be able to receive retirement? Or was he admitting his guilt? Did he think it would make him not look gulity? Who would want to retire after 25 years on the Force, and he's only 47 years old. Who retires at 47? And who cares??? Wheather he was fired or he retired. He's still guily of a whole lot of things. Things that hurt other people. Things that were against the law, things that were against office policy, and on duty at that. Things that a everyday citizen would be behind bars for. How unfair that even after all of these things he has against him. He's only been fired, or he retired whatever. He should be doing time for his crimes. I cannot believe he has not been charged with anything yet!!!
    Small towns, with big names with money should not be able to pay there way out of crimes. Don't let this man walk free!!!!

  29. hey people it came to my attention that mike reads this blog or is at least aware of the site... hey mike why don't you use this forum to tell us all how innocent you are... the state attorney general was made aware of you today... your association with the d.a. all the past charges, all the threats..
    his office has agreed to look into it... i wonder what happens when some politically ambitious person gets on this... they could see cleaning up san benito county a feather in their cap.... lets hope so... let's see daddy get you out of this...

  30. mike has been seen at d.a hooper's house... how can this be.. how can we as residents of san benito county, be represented by a d.a. who is herself a friend of former officer rodrigues.....???let's hope some outside source gets this story... just imagine anyone else getting charged with all of these crimes over a 20 year period, sounds like serial rapist to me. threats, intimidation, using sheriff department systems to track his victims. san benito county is probably afraid to charge him with something, for fear of all the lawsuits that may come for allowing him to remain on the force for 20+ years, and commit again and again his crimes... if you read this tell a friend about this site.. i know officer rodrigues is aware of this site and reads it... hope you get yours mike

  31. The poster didn't imply that Mike should be let off the hook, but perhaps there are more then a few bad apples in the bunch in that department. I'm sure the administration of that department was aware of this behavior long ago but continued to cover it up and allow it to continue without punishment. Doesn't that make them liable in some way also? It appears from the post that the department tends to overlook the behaviors of it's officers on and off duty. There is a moral standard to which they take an oath. It certainly doesn't appear that there are very many morals within the department. As to the Guerrero part I agree his daugher should not have been in the vehicle and subjected to the events that unfolded. I feel horrible for her and the memories she will carry from it. The reasons of how and why he acted with force are only truly known by those who were there, and Mike was not the only officer involved. Why an officer uses force is not something that most people are capable of ever truly understanding as we are not faced with such decisons. Don't get me wrong, I'm in no way saying Mike was right in his actions,only that we just don't know the full story and probably never will. I hope that Mike gets what is due and no one is ever hurt in any manner (the body or heart) again. I also hope that the citizens of Hollister and San Benito County open their eyes and perhaps take a closer look into those who they have given a position of power. Perhaps it's time for change.

  32. So, Michael is aware of this site, and probably reads it. I wonder how it feels to know what people really think of him? Isn't it embarrassing? To you? Your family? Your kids?
    So he's been seen at the DA's house. And she's his friend!
    What's wrong with this picture folks??? Isn't that just wrong?
    That's all he needs his someone from the inside to be on his side. Someone should call someone higher up and let them be aware of this site. The State Attorney General now knows about you too. Hmmmm
    I wonder if Mommy and Daddy can get you out of the big mess your in now? Tick, Tick, Tick.

  33. I would like to commend the anonymous comment who said that they hope Mike gets whats been coming to him for 20+ years. That is absolutely 100% accurate. If I hadn't been threatened by him and if I had the money that his family had I sure would of done it. There was only 1 case at the time in 1985 and I just didn't know what to do. I'm sure Mike that your probably at home reading these blogs laughing saying "I'VE GOT THEM AGAIN". Well hopefully and I pray that your day will soon come to where you can't prey on women and or threaten them any longer. I wish now that I hadn't stopped my brother from trying to teach you a lesson - but somebody should be held accountable for all the hurt that you have caused for over 20+ years.

  34. this i response to the person who thinks i said mike should go free. that is not what i am saying and i apologize if that is how it comes across. i am just saying that mike is not the sheriff and he had to answer to someone, and while he was on their good side he was covered all the way. now what i am saying is that why is it that the people that covered his behind dont have to answer to the people of san benito and the reason for the info on the other officers is that they were on company time when this stuff took place,and they are on their bosses good side so what else are they going to get away with. i am not saying they are picking on mike but why not question the people that let mike continue to wear a badge. if he is guilty (and by that i mean i do not know all the facts of the charges)he should be punished to the full extent of the law. NOW the question is do you want the people that spent years protecting him to continue to serve the county. Sheriff hill is voted into office and any internal affair investigation does go across his desk along with any complaint criminal or civil. so with all these past complaints it is obvious to me that to a certain extent hill has protected his people whether they were guilty or not. I truly hope the state attorney does look into the dept and find the corruption that is taking place.They also should look into the county jail because i guarantee the corruption does go all the way through to the jail

  35. I fully agree with you. There are so many people that should be accountable for letting Mike get away with this for all these years, especially the Sheriff since he was his boss. But Mike probably had dirt on him too, because how did Pat Marshall who is an attorney get to do what he did also in the jail to that woman. It all comes from the top I do believe and hopefully the STATE ATTORNEY will look into all this corruption and do alot of housecleaning from the SHERIFF, TO THE JAIL AND TO THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY especially if she's not going to fulfill her obligation and duty to bring these charges to court.

    My question is: Does it have to take a person getting killed before they (the presumed guilty ones) get whats coming to them. Oops, someone already has gotten slain. Too late. Just please get the JUSTICE that needs to come.

  36. today dec 1st it was printed that former officer mike rodrigues was the third highest paid county employee.. he made in excess of 24k
    in overtime pay... will mike's story ever end... the state attorney general has agreed to look into the rodrigues case, but how deep does it go,,, curtis hill must certainly have known of officer rodrigues activities, as well as d.a. hooper... what are they hiding... how can curtis hill remain sheriff of our county if he can't even see an out of control officer in his own department, and authorize 24k in over time, to him
    there are alot of unanswered questions here... i hope curtis hill is investigated as well as d.a. hooper... they should be held accountable for allowing former officer rodrigues to run free around OUR county... to protect and serve has a new meaning in san benito county... we need out side help... tell every one you know to check this site and turn the heat up on our local boys

  37. how much does it take to get action
    i'm concerned for our wives and daughters... former officer mike rodrigues has gotten away with unspeakable crimes for over 20 years.. and our local goverment appears not to be aware of his crimes... we sure have a good bunch protecting us... fox watching the hen house is the old phrase for this... are they truly this blind, stupid and unaware of a growing public demand for justice.. he should be brought into the court system and proved innocent or guilty by the evidence against him... why not... he's friends with all of them, curtis hill investigating him and d.a. hooper reviewing him... we have no hope locally... i for one am glad jerry brown has decided to look into this... all it takes is a bigger bug looking over a smaller one... former officer rodrigues i have read here that you are aware of this site... well when your finally brought to justice, i hope you'll realize that everthing must come to an end... curtis hill will probably never run or be re-elected again, d.a. hooper will never win anything again... and who knows who else this state investigation will take down... 20 years you've done what you wanted... use of police computers to find women for your personal reasons, must be some sort of crime.. and to think our enforcement officals didn't know... the heat is on mike how does it feel... let us know you can post your innocence here.. respond to your many critics... do an interview with freelance, kion 46, tell us mike yes tell us your side of the story...

  38. I do agree that the whole department should be investigated. Because if they were indeed aware of the things that were going on right under their noses, by Michael and other officers. Then by all means they are gulity too. And should be made liable in some way too. But, what Michael did was commit the crimes. The department just overlooked his actions. So the punishments would certainly not equal out the same. I wouldn't think.
    On the death that took place of Guerrero. I know Mike was not the only officer involved. My question is and correct me if I'm wrong. But wasn't Mike only let back on limited duty and wasn't to have a firearm??? And if so, then why did he have one? Your right, the only ones that truely know what happened on that scene was the ones that were there. Should someone not talk to the 11 year old? I mean, she saw what took place and she is already traumatizd. I don't think it would hurt to have her come forward and tell what she saw. They have specially trained people who work with childen to get them to talk about such things. San Benito County should certainly take a look and a good long one at that at who they chose to give position of power. Mike has hurt many women and people and even his own children. "Body and Heart."
    He shut his first 3 children out and tried to keep them all a secret. Acted as if they didn't even exist. Tried to keep them all from ever having contact from each other. What was he afraid of? That all the mothers would gain up on him? How sad that four of them didn't get to ever even met the one who was killed. And the mother of that boy must hate Mike! He offered her no comfort or help. Didn't even show up to his own son's funeral, from what I've read. How sad is that? He didn't even want her to have the Obituary of his own son to reach the FreeLance. This guy must have no heart. I do feel that all the people who have stood behind him and covered his behind over the years, knowing that he has done wrong, should have to answer for there actions too. They have continued to let a bad cop wear a badge. Sherriff Hill should be investigated next. If indeed everything goes across his desk. Then he was protecting the gulity officers. I hope and pray that the State General takes the time to look into all the matters of corruption in the Sherriff's department and the County Jail. Oh and the District Attorney. I can't believe that I read today that Mike was the third highest paid employee??? He made
    24K in overtime??? I guess that's how he can afford his fancy house with the pool, and his Harley. Why isn't he paying for arreages on child support? And support to his soon to be ex-wife and 2 daughters? Another good question would be if Mike is friends with Curtis Hill and D.A. Hooper and they know he's done wrong. Why are they backing him him and trying so hard to protect him? Does Mike have something on them? Or is Mike's parents money paying them to back him up and protect him? Whats the deal here? I hope the truth comes out. ALL OF IT!!! For 20 years Michael has done whatever the hell he has wanted to do to many people, women, girlfriends, wives, even his own flesh and blood. He's commited many, many crimes. It's time to do the time, and pay for the crimes Mike. Oh, and as another writer wrote. You read these comments. Why don't you speak up. Tell us your side, or should I say more lies to your side of the story. Why don't you respond to your many writers? Why don't you do an interview? What else are you hiding Mike? Why did you choose to retire? You must have known you were going to be fired. You didn't want to lose your retirement. You don't even desreve to have retirement. You don't desreve ANYTHING!

  39. Hey, has anyone thought about contacting a news channel or something like that? Like one that does stories on Cops Gone Bad? I wonder if ayone would be interested in doing a story such as this one.

  40. My boyfriend has already contacted local media and it seems they don't really want to do anything until the worst happens. My daughter who is Mike's oldest child was on KION 46 a couple of months ago letting it be known that he had other children that he didn't give a "HECK ABOUT" so some of them do know. If MIKE was allowed to RETIRE he'll be able now to go wherever he PLEASES and get another job doing what he's been doing here - or he'll just keep doing it here in Hollister. I hope and pray that some big NEWSREPORTER and or THE STATE ATTORNEY gets involved to keep the worst from happening. Maybe we should start a PETITION maybe this will attract enough attention to where the STATE ATTORNEY will hear the cry's from the WOMEN and CHILDREN he has harmed and devastated. Please don't let this stop - keep the comments going until the word has crossed over to the one's that really do CARE!

  41. I am outraged at this kind of police behavior. Please check out www.copsgonebad.com a friend of mine started the website because he is tired of the police throughout the world hiding behind a badge and committing crimes and getting away with it. God bless all you women who have gone through or dealing with this crazy behavior.


  42. I am outraged at this kind of police behavior. Please check out cops gone bad google it a friend of mine started the website because he is tired of the police throughout the world hiding behind a badge and committing crimes and getting away with it. God bless all you women who have gone through or dealing with this crazy behavior.
    cops gone bad dot com

  43. Just wait Mike your day will be coming. You should be looking over your shoulder because you never know who might be coming for you after what you've been putting women and children through. I hope you can feel their hurt and heartache and that it doesn't come lightly to you. As it's been said before you don't DESERVE RETIREMENT you DESERVE A JAIL CELL AND MUCH MUCH MORE.

  44. So Mike. You don't have your Badge on now. Where's you God Like Additude? Where's your balls? To try to do whatever you want? Why don't you get on here and at least try to defend yourself.

  45. and yet another day has passed, and mike is still thumbing his nose at his victims.. or alleged victims... another day of d.a. hooper thinking of what to do...
    curtis hill has turned over the results of his investigation, he had 20 years to do it... and still no action.. maybe our local paper or some tv station from salinas or san jose can request an interview with hill or hooper and ask the status of the investigation...
    would it be to much trouble to keep the citizens, who pay the wages, oh yes the overtime.. to these elected officals informed of the status of this case... mike has been accused of raping his current girl friend, and appeared in court monday the 26 of november and not one word in local media... i guess their waiting for the big story... hope not... it's sad so sad.. mike we all hope you are brought to justice

  46. Waiting for what big story?
    I totally agree. What are they waiting for???
    He's already killed and raped, and stalked, and misused Teletype to gain personal info. on women to later date them, and .........
    I cannot believe that no charges have yet been made, even after the recent testimony on November 26th in court. Is it true that if he retired, he can still work for law inforcement in another state or district?
    I would surely hope not. Just think of him selling his house, moving away. No body knowing anything about him, and he could start all over. What a nightmare!!!
    Maybe the tax paying citizens, and the women involved and anyone else that knows the truth should start a petition to give to the County General or someone higher up.

  47. I'm all for a petition to get the JUSTICE that so many NEED! Where and when do we start and how. He sure shouldn't have been able to go so long without consequences. I was his first victim let's make it to where he'll never be able to touch another woman or child for a long, long time. Please help us get the right people involved. The County or the Sheriff should also be brought into this LAWSUIT or whatever needs to go thru to get the JUSTICE!

  48. He has been accused of rape, stalking, violation of court orders, sex with a minor, illegal use of CLETS terminals and, probably shot Israel out of fear for his 12 year old daughter who was riding with him in the patrol car - in violation of department policy.

    Hill and Turturicci have known Mike his entire life. They all attended San Benito High School and grew up in San Benito County.

    Candace Hooper is completely unprepared to prosecute a case as complex as this one. SHe should have handed it over to the Attorney General weeks ago. Additionally, the AG should have handled the investigation itself. SBSO has few experienced investigators and the place is just too small to be objective.

    As for the other deputies. SBSO will never get the top tier applicants because the pay there is terrible. No deputy has ever retired from SBSO, they all take medical retirements or leave because the benefits are so bad compared to other public safety agencies in the area. Yes, they sleep with each others wives as do the dispatchers and many Hollister PD officers. Not a crime but, very tacky.

    Rodrigues even hid out (on duty) in the Sheriff's Office to avoid his ex's process server. While his deputies took to the streets without him. What a coward!

    As for the time line, he was not on limited duty when he shot Israel but was on limited duty when the photo was taken of him hauling marijuana plants.

    He was terminated and did not retire. Finally!

    The demographic in San Benito is changing and hacks like Hooper and Hill won't last long. Very good cops from other agencies now live in San Benito and are considering a run for Sheriff. Watch out Curtis!

  49. Yes, Mike is a coward. My brother tried to confront him many times when he wasn't in uniform and he turned and ran the other way. I can tell you one thing - Mike thinks his CRAP doesn't stink. That he's too good to go down - with his threats and all he was saved for years. Hopefully with as many victims as he has now - he can't bail from this now. Let's hope they bring in more powerfuly people than the DA/Sheriff to bring him down or he'll get off again. Because their all his home buddies and they protect each other. Just like the Petersen case.

  50. QUESTIONS>>>>>> One how can a police ofice we in uniform on patrol duty with out a gun??? does that make since?
    Also, So the man was a gang member and has a rap sheet. You are right so what does that justify shooting someone? Because they have a rap sheet??? NO, but were any of you there? When the shooting happened? It shows the kind of person he is. Did you feel what he felt? Sounds like he had tried all of his other options? He didn't die from the gun shot he died from the EXCESS of drugs in his system.

    Also, He has children isn't that correct? Does he see his children that live here? If so if he is so terrable don't you think they wouls not let him see his children? if they did wouldn't it be supervised?
    There is corruption all over the place with Mike and others on the force and in the world in general.

    If he raped these women and they HAD PROOF he would be in jail period CORRECT??????
    They have no proof. Do they?

  51. Are you defending Mike! All I have to say to you is that I hope you don't have a teenage daughter running out at night because if you do she will sure wind up being a victim of Mike's if he's allowed to roam the streets. Why would there be so many reports against him if it wasn't true. I never let my daughter visit him alone because I was afraid of what he might have done to her and I was his 1st victim. So, I and I pray that he get's whats coming to him for so long. I know that he's innocent until proven guilty - but if the right people are brought in he'll have his day in court with so many victim's unless he threatens them he won't get away this time.

  52. Rodrigues was not on patrol without a gun. He did work on the Marijuana cultivation case without one.

    Yes, Israel did die from a heart attack brought on by a high level of methamphetamine in his body. Basically his heart stopped before he had a chance to bleed out from the bullet holes in his torso.

    When Rodrigues shot Israel he was still on patrol and still armed.

    The Rodrigues family have a funny way of making evidence and witnesses go away. Mostly they just pay them off or intimidate them.

    In most sexual assaults the only evidence is the victims word against the accuser because they report the rapes more than 24 hours after the incident. By then the DNA has been washed off.

    Three separate rape victims and three separate incidents? Not to mention the numerous other allegations including on duty sex with prostitutes. Thats why his last wife left him.

  53. well mike or close friend of mike we now hear from you... he should be in jail, no make that prison.. he has violated the peoples trust.. i know a victim of his.. using his gun and position to threaten and intimidate,, he has escaped prosocution.... but i think his time is up... poor mike all good things must come to an end.. using police computers as your personal dating service.. using you gun to scare witnesses... your day is near, and i for one hope justice prevails... let's respond to the person that says they have no proof.. wouldn't mike want his day in court.. to prove himself not guilty... wouldn't his attorney be attacking these charges... it doen't appear that they're going away this time... the little town of hollister is growning up and with all the new blood, it would appear the good boy club is closing... curtis hill and mike appear to have gone to high school together, mike visits the d.a. at her house... yes we can sure count on a complete investigation... i wonder how much of the past evidence mike cleared out of the computer... i for one am waiting for mike's side of the story. if anyone else where charged with this many attacks on women they would be doing hard time... let's see what san benito county can do...

  54. answers... hey if they have no proof why doesn't mike respond in court to all the charges and clear himself... the hollister motorcycle ralley is suppose to be the biggest event in town... may be it ought to be fathers day for mike rodrigues... he says he's innocent let him prove it with his day in court.. face the accusers... answer questions about using police computers.. and your right i wasn't there when mike shot the man on 156, but having his daughter in the car, and her testimony he was running away???
    i really don't think of myself in danger if someone is running from me... mike has always used his positon to protect him self from his victims... your are right he should be in jail... but let's address the evidence, hum investigated by his own department, a friend, the d.a. reviewing the evidence... in the past his father has stepped in to stop charges being filed against him... one of the true crimes here is san benito county sheriff's harvey nyland, and curtis hill not to see this criminal in a officers uniform... but alas i think his day is coming... enought outcry from the citizens, questioning there sheriffs' department, and d.a. hoopers personal relation ship with mike, might finally get mike his day in court to prove his innocence...or justice to be served.. as far as seeing his kids, great publicity stunt.. what about all his other children... never a birthday card, a merry chritmas, not even attending his own sons funeral... great guy this mike rodrigues fellow... question all you want about the evidence, but when mike is on the computer in the sheriffs things might just disappear???? he has for once not been able to threaten his way out of this... let's see what happens when the state attorney general gets done wth their investigation.... i just hope mike gets his day in court...

  55. In the end Justice will prevail.........

  56. 3 victims that he raped? where did the 3rd come in?
    The exwife? the recent women in the freelance from early Nov. ?
    Who else was there? Is he going to court now on these things?
    so they fired him? he didn't retire?

  57. Deputy Accused of Threat
    Friday, August 31, 2007
    By Michael Van Cassell (mvancassell@gilroydispatch.com)

    Hollister - A temporary restraining order was filed Wednesday against the San Benito County sheriff's deputy who shot an unarmed suspect in June. While in effect, state law bars him from carrying a firearm.

    The sheriff's office is investigating the incident, along with a crime report filed with the Hollister Police Department on Aug. 18 listing Mike Rodrigues as a stalking suspect, Sheriff Curtis Hill said.

    "It's not the first frivolous complaint filed against me by parties on the outside," Rodrigues said of the restraining order when reached on his cell phone.

    Rodrigues said he has been placed on paid administrative leave. Hill declined to say how long Rodrigues will remain on leave, citing peace officer privacy laws.

    Hollister resident Amber Elizabeth Cecena, the cousin of Rodrigues' ex-wife, filed the request for a restraining order, which a judge will hear Sept. 18.

    In her declaration, Cecena alleged that Rodrigues argued with her Friday night during three phone calls, according to documents filed with the San Benito County Superior Court. Rodrigues had been calling the phone of his ex-wife, Kristi Rodrigues, Cecena stated in the court documents.

    It was the second time Rodrigues was placed on administrative leave in the past three months.

    Rodrigues was also placed on paid administrative leave in June after shooting an unarmed man, 29-year-old Israel Guerrero, on Highway 156. He was back at work within two weeks, the sheriff's office reported. Hill has said Rodrigues followed office policy in the shooting, and District Attorney Candice Hooper has said the shooting was legal. Rodrigues' 11-year-old daughter was in the patrol car during the incident - a violation of sheriff's office policy, Hill has said.

    The sheriff's office is also conducting internal affairs and criminal investigations into an Aug. 18 stalking incident in which Rodrigues is listed as a suspect, Hill said. Hill declined to comment on the status of the investigations, citing officer privacy law.

    "Allegations are being investigated. We're trying to do it as fast as we can," Hill said. The sheriff added, "People need to be held accountable and responsible for their actions."

    Cecena claimed in the documents that she told Rodrigues during the first call that he couldn't speak to her and the two began yelling at each other.

    Cecena alleged that during a second call Rodrigues threatened her, according to the documents.

    The court documents stated that on a third call Rodrigues told Cecena: "Well, if you love your cousin so much, I'm gonna have to scrape her dead body off the road and throw her at you and your house."

    Rodrigues said that the restraining order is "ex-wife driven."

    The sergeant said the allegations were "hearsay" and that he did not make the threats Cecena has alleged.

    "I didn't make any reference whatsoever," Rodrigues said.

    Judge Harry Tobias signed the temporary restraining order against Rodrigues on Wednesday.

    Regarding the Aug. 18 incident, Hollister police officers were called at 8:49pm to 7-Eleven, 915 San Benito St., for a report that three out-of-town women were being stalked, a felony, said officer Rosie Betanio, a spokeswoman for the Hollister Police Department.

    The women told officers that a man in a two-tone, full-size Chevrolet pickup truck bearing plates registered to Rodrigues was staring at them in the parking lot of their hotel, Betanio said. The women felt uncomfortable and drove out of the parking lot and south onto San Benito Street, Betanio said.

    The man in the truck followed the women and tried to talk to them at Third and San Benito streets while stopped at a red light, Betanio said, and the women pulled into the parking lot of Hometown Gasoline, 250 San Benito St., losing sight of the truck.

    When the women continued back down San Benito Street, the truck reappeared behind them, police said. After pulling into the parking lot of 7-Eleven, the truck left, Betanio said.

    Michael Van Cassell


  58. Police Investigate New Rape Allegations Against Officer
    Sgt. Mike Rodrigues Remains On Leave

    POSTED: September 24, 2007
    UPDATED: September 25, 2007

    HOLLISTER, Calif. -- The Hollister Police Department is looking into new rape allegations against a San Benito County sheriff's sergeant.

    A spokesman for the department told Action News that they are investigating those claims against Sgt. Mike Rodrigues.

    The San Benito County Sheriff's Office said they are already investigating allegations that Rodrigues raped a woman and intimidated a witness.

    He remains on paid administrative leave.


  59. County pays $350K in O.T.
    Hollister Free Lance, CA
    Dec 1, 2007
    By Anthony Ha

    San Benito County paid nearly $350,000 in overtime in calendar year 2006, according to numbers requested by the Free Lance and provided by the county.

    That's a relatively small amount, county officials said. The City of Hollister, whose overall budget is around one-third the size of the county's, paid more than $900,000 in overtime between July 1, 2006 and June 30, 2007.

    The largest overtime amount went to former sheriff's Sgt. Michael Rodrigues, who made $24,614.28. That made him the third highest-paid county employee in 2006, behind only County Administrative Officer Susan Thompson and Sheriff Curtis Hill.

    Supervisor Jaime De La Cruz said he periodically checks with county departments to see how much they're paying in overtime. There haven't been any problems, he said.

    "Overtime in our county has never been an issue," De La Cruz said. "I really have faith in our managers to keep things under control."

    The majority of the overtime money - around $180,000, according to Hill - went to the sheriff's department. That's normal, said Assistant County Administrative Officer Rich Inman.

    "Quite frankly, I was surprised it was as low as it was," Inman said.

    A few social service workers also received substantial overtime pay, he added, because they were asked to help transport people outside the county.

    As for Rodrigues, Hill said the former sergeant made most of his overtime money working as a bailiff in the county courts, plus working on marijuana eradication and law enforcement at Hollister's motorcycle rally. Those services were reimbursed by the state government, the federal government and the City of Hollister, respectively, Hill said.

    Rodrigues ended his 25 years with the department in November. Prior to his departure, Rodrigues spent an embattled final four months on the job. During that time, several women made allegations of rape against him. A sheriff's office probe of Rodrigues has been shipped to District Attorney Candice Hooper for review.

    On Nov. 8, Hill announced that Rodrigues was "no longer employed by the County of San Benito," but did not specify whether the former sergeant resigned or was fired.

    Overall, Hill said he's reduced sheriff's office overtime by refusing to put officers on extra duty when employees take vacation or call in sick.

    "When your workforce gets thinned out, the easy thing to do is to call in overtime to maintain that status quo," Hill said. "The way I handle the overtime now, whoever comes through the door is who's working."

    The new policy began several years ago, Hill said, and has also discouraged officers from taking unnecessary time off. Asked if some in the department feel the practice can leave them short-staffed, Hill said, "That occurs, but the reality is, people need to have their time off."

    In contrast, Hollister Police Chief Jeff Miller and Interim Fire Chief Fred Cheshire have said their understaffed departments need to pay overtime to meet basic public safety needs. Cheshire has also noted paying overtime can actually save money, since agencies don't have to hire extra employees, but he said Hollister is "pretty close to that break point."

    In fiscal year 2006-07, Hollister paid eight employees more for overtime than Rodrigues received in 2006.

    In its initial request, the Free Lance asked to see county overtime pay for fiscal year 2006-07, so the numbers would be directly comparable to the city's, but Inman said the county only keeps overtime records by calendar year.

    Anthony Ha covers local government for the Free Lance. Reach him at 831-637-5566 ext. 330 or aha@freelancenews.com.


  60. KION46
    Click on video link "Hollister Officer Justice"

    This link probably won't be there long.

  61. I just watched the video on Michael Rodrigues on www.kion46.com
    I hope the Guerrero family get the justice they are seeking, along with all the women, and children, and whomever else has ever been involved with this officer.

  62. in reguards to statements about deputy pena and sgt uribe anonymous should be aware of the facts before posting fictional statements about local law enforcement. anonymous obviously has animosity toward the sheriff's office probly due to a mental disturbance or lack of growth with the department or promotion.

  63. It is apparent that "Anonymous" is either an employe of the Sheriff's Office or a has voice from within.

    Now that I think about for a second, it wouldn't make sense for an outsider to post a comment about other persons within the department. Unless, he/ or she has been affected in some way. If this is the case, it can only mean "Anonymous" is also an employee of the Sheriff's Office.

    Maybe "Anonymous" is a little hurt because he/ or she lacks growth within the department.

  64. So, Michael is on the run???
    He has 7 Felonies out against him and was supposed to turn himself in at the Police station this morning at 11:00, and he never showed up. Is the admitting his guilt or what???
    Where is he?
    Hiding out at mommy's and daddy's house?
    I hope this proves to EVERYONE that this cop is GUILTY AS CHARGED!!!

  65. So, Mike where are you. Why did you run if your so innocent? Stand up and face the people of San Benito County and the ones that you've hurt in the past and the present and take it like a man. I hope to all that you don't get away to where you can keep doing this to more. WATCH OUT WOMEN!!

  66. Petie and Yvonne really need to get over themselves. Why don't YOU tell us why Michael was not able to see his kids???
    Common.......you both need to start telling the WHOLE story as well!

  67. It doesn't mean he is guilty if he is running ! he is scared !
    Wouldn't you be? A police officer going to be behind bars with men he put in there.]
    Not a good thing at all !!!!

    What are the 7 feloney counts ? '
    DANG ! Crazy !

  68. Let’s see. Where to start. Has anyone bothered to ponder what Rodrigues’ ex-wife has contributed to all of this. Could this ALL be her fault? No, this is not Mike. Just someone who might know a few too many FACTS. Hollister is such a small town.

    The ex-wife loves to come off as the battered “little woman” (as well as a few others on this blogsite). The “little woman” has her own set of problems…………..alcohol/drug abuse, domestic violence (which she has initiated and Rodrigues had to protect himself), threats to women she suspects he has had affairs with, stalking other women, driving while under the influence with those precious little girls in the car with her (she was stopped while drunk by Hollister Police Department once and was let go because she was a cops wife), oh and, she has been having an affair herself with the co-owner of a local “San Benito” county tire shop in Hollister! Innocent? Not by a long shot. The list could actually go on, and on, and on……………

    Not to mention, she has moved herself and her two little girls in with this man she has been having an affair with for the past three years, since she got her new chest puppies she has been wanting for so long. The “little woman” isn’t even divorced yet, but rumor has it she is sporting an engagement ring.

    Big surprise! The “little woman” is the Sheriff’s Department’s number one, star witness. The grand jury indicted on her testimony and the testimony of her best friend. Who by the way is a drug abusing, cheat herself. (They own a security company in town, oddly enough, where all the ex-deputies end up working when they leave the SO for one reason or another. Maybe it’s the white Hummers?) Who, a couple years ago was having a secret affair with a friend of mine’s husband. And, who had the “little woman” go to his house, with her baby on her hip, and tried to get him to talk to her on a cell phone. These are the kinds of people the grand jury relies on for testimony? No one’s innocent in this deal and it has been blown way beyond great proportions.

    The “little woman” has also been heard spreading around town she will do anything it takes to take Rodrigues down and make sure he looses his job and everything he owns to the extent he eats his own gun. Well, bravo “little woman!” Are you proud yet?

    Really, I could ramble on for days about the “other side of the story.” But, my point here is, there are two sides to every story. It very well could be that these women have a bone to pick with Rodrigues as he was a law enforcement officer for 25 years. I’m sure that in itself has produced many enemies for Rodrigues. Dragging up 20 year old allegations is dirty pool and would be enough to put doubt in any person’s mind whether or not today’s allegations are indeed true. Women are vengeful and vindictive when scorned. Need I say more?

    And lastly, Rodrigues gave 25 of the best years of his life to the San Benito Sheriff’s Office where he went above and beyond the call of duty. (The report of his overtime in the Freelance should be proof of that.) Even at times neglecting his wife and family for the sake of taking thousands of pounds of Marijuana off the streets, keeping tabs on outlaw bikers and gang members, taking down illegal meth labs and getting it off the streets, and yes, even saving a lives. Don’t forget Rodrigues made San Benito a safer place to live while he was on duty.

  69. a safer place... hey mike now we know you or your father visit the site... afraid to turn himself in... why, now is the chance for yourself to prove your not guilty..
    it is amazing you have gotten away with this kind of conduct so long..
    you say your wife is a alcoholic, maybe a result of living with you..
    i for one know you intimidate people, threaten, and stalk... anyone who thinks your going to get off is crazy,, let's not for get it's not a crime to get your boobs made bigger of be an alcoholic, but it is against the law to rape some one, threaten someone, use police computers for you personal dating service, not show up for your booking, etc.. etc.. anyone else would be doing hard time by now... tow sides to every story.. well mike let's hear yours... your day is coming.. turn your self in.. have your day in court... as far as charges of 20+ years ago... the crime is san benito county and it's good guys club let mike go on and on and on and on and on... some one should be held accountable...

  70. best 25 years of his life.. what a crock of crap.. mike it's finally clear you read this site.. i for one know 3 women you've given unwanted attention to.. you a creep
    what about visiting you kids.. your daughter went to high school where you were sent to be a lunch time officer and you didn't even say hi.. i saw this my self, for several days in a row.. your son died in an accident and you didn't even send a card.. ya people kept you from your kids... i saw your daughter introduce herself to good ole ron and diana and they wouldn't give her the time of day.. great grand parents.. oh yes mike and the ones you chose to see you watch you shoot an unarmed man... wow what a great father you are.... your finally getting some of what you deserve... i hope the people who you are hiding with get charged with a crime and do time for harboring a fugitive,, ya mike if you did't know you ass you're wanted by the law... all of you who say two sides to every story are right and i for one want to hear what mike has to say... oh wait he's run away... fear of going to jail... no fear of facing all his victims... you tell 2 of your victims to get over it... well mike you get over it... hope your parents are proud oh yes and that nice sister of yours who called all your victims and threatens them for you... what a family... it;s not a crime to be an alcoholic, it's not a crime to be a rape victim.. but it is a crime to stalk people, shoot unarmed people, use police computers for personal business, destroy evidence... and if your family didn't get involved your would not have lasted 25 years...that's the real crime.. oh yes and what about your last girl friend, big bad mike threaten her son, hey hears your chance chump... your day in court

  71. Where to begin......Mike Rodrigues has been up to the same shinanagins for the last 20 years. Any woman who has willing gotten involved with him in the last 10 years (read: his wife and the woman he was living with for a month)has gotten what she deserves.

    Next, lets talk about his "first victim". She spouts off through SEVERAL posts about what a horrible person he is...she is so afraid of him...he threatened her..she feared for her daughters safety, yet she STILL LET HER DAUGHTER HAVE CONTACT WITH HIM????? First, if she was a victim of rape, I cannot imagine any judge giving the rapist VISITATION RIGHTS. Second, perhaps if she would have not recanted her story - he would have been jailed LONG before he could have raped again.

    Please don't misconstrue the prior observations as support for Rodrigues - he is absolutely a PIG! He once chased after my 16 year old sister - until my mother told him that if he didn't stay away she would be putting in a call to the Sheriff. He has had several legitimate victims over the last 20 years. A fact that has been overlooked by people in both this administration and the last. Nyland didn't have a clue what was going on in his department for the last 5 or more years he was the Sheriff, but Curtis Hill has very well known what was going on. Is it possible that he was not so much Rodrigues' friend, but possibly was he afraid of what Rodrigues had on HIM?????

    Hill's main concern over the last 15 years was figuring out how to get to the "big show". His political ambitions have overpowered everything else.

    Rodrigues should have gone to jail a LONG time ago. I feel for his victims and hope they will finally get some peace.

  72. Oh! Please! Don't tell me that someone is actually going to try and turn the victims into the guilty ones? No, they are just some of the brave ones that have had the guts to come forward. And hopefully, finally put an end to a bad cop.
    Yes, there are always two sides to every story. And what did Michael do when finally given the chance to come forward? He ran. He's in hiding. And what in the world would he be afraid of? He's gotten away with everything this far. Saying that his ex-wife contributed to all of this? What the hell!!! She was the battered one here. And she wasn't the only one. Many other women have tried telling their stories over the years. But when you can't get anyone to believe you from the dept. What are we supposed to do? Yes, his ex-wife was drinking. Only because he made her a frickin' nervous wreck. And because of him she attends AA meetings. If indeed she did threaten these other women. I mean, really who wouldn't? Michael was her husband. I'm sure at the time she loved him. Did he ever think about her and how badly all of his affairs would hurt her? And if she threatened them. What would you do? If I were his wife, I would too. I say stay the Hell away from my husband or else? As far as her driving under the influence, and especially with her girls in the car. I have to say that is wrong. But it also another cop knowing this and pulling her over and letting her go??? That was wrong of the cop. Just because she was married to one. And as far as her affair. Why not? Michael was certainly having numerous ones himself. Maybe she was looking for someone who actually loved her. And moving in with the guy. What was she supposed to do? Micahel locked the dor to their house, and she hasn't even been able to get her personal belongings, or her girls belongings or even her dog. Where was she supposed to go? Live at home with her parents? We all know that never works. Once you've been out on your own. It's hard to have to move back home. And she did not get as you called it. Chest puppies, and even is she did. What does that have to do with anything??? And many women are given an engagement ring. Married still or not. Maybe he does really love her, and wants to marry her. So, she has a ring on her finger. Big deal!!!
    And being the star witness. They call her that, only because she's his wife. If she is spreading around that she will do anything it takes to take Michael down. Who can blame her? She's full of anger and resentment, after living a life in hell. She knew about his affairs 3 years ago, but stayed with him anyway and tried to make it work for the sake of their girls. When he ends up losing everything, she won't get it all. We all have to remember this guy has 5 children.
    Yah, I am sure that Michael has many enemies, as most cops do. That's part of the job. I mean they have to give tickets, and take down drug dealers, watch over gang members, deal with all the bikers that come into Hollister every year........ Being a cp is not an easy job. But it's the job THEY chose to do. So along with the job, along comes enemies.
    Women can be vengeful and vindictive. That is true. These women in this paticular case have every right to be all that and more. As far as Petey and Jovana, what is it that there supposed to get over??? Michael was always allowed to see his children with them. He is the one who chose not to. You could ask them? Well, at least one of them. As the other one got killed 3 years ago. With Jovana it was a rape that produced her daughter with him. With Petey it was a short relationship which endd because she refused to abort her child. So he left her. Ask her parents, ask any of Petey's friends. All Petey's son ever wanted was to see his dad and be aknowledged. But Michael even refused him that in death, and didn't even attend his own son's funeral and refused to help pay for the funeral. He hired a lawyer, to tell her so. What kind of dad does that? And Jovana's daughter has tried for many years to be a part of his life. Even visiting with his other 2 girls, and trying to be the big sister. But when half the time she wasn't allowed to visit. What do you expect her to do? All I can say is Michael and his whole family were given the opportunity to be a part of Chevon, Daniel, and Josephs life. ALWAY'S!!!!! But when he refuses to be a part of there lives. What were these women supposed to do? Cram them down his frickin' throat? And even though he had the 2 youngest girls right undr his own roof. How much time did he spend with them? What kind of a dad threatens to kill himself in front of his kids? What kind of a dad brings there 11 year old in a police car and kills a man in front of her? Why doesn't someone just go talk to all of his kids? Since you seem to think the mother's of his kids are so terrible.
    And if Michael is scared. He should be. Running away isn't going to change anything. He's guilty, we all know it. And they don't like cops in Prison. Why would they?
    As far as all the Feloney's against him. No one is saying yet, only because it hasn't been released yet to the public.
    So, yes like I said there are 2 sides to every story. Talk to his kids, talk to their mothers. Michael is the guilty one here. There are way too many women involved, and they are not all a bunch of liars!!!

  73. To the anonymous person who don't know how to spell Javana they say Yvonne and who said if I had been raped why did the Judge give Visitation Rights. Well, lets see - what's happening right now with Kristi is the same thing - she's been raped and she's having to give Visitation Rights. No, this is Javana talking right now - I tried to get a RESTRAINING ORDER against (YOU- MICHAEL) to keep you from threatening me and harrassing me and VICTIM WITNESS wouldn't allow it because you were a COUNTY EMPLOYEE/DEPUTY. Your old COP BUDDIES from the late 80's know what went down years ago with you possibly beating and raping Sherrie Hoagland because of her wanting to change her story on my police report against you. I'm sure you remember MIKE!! Anyways, the past is the past - but not for my daughter and your oldest child CHEVON unless of course there's more out there that's afraid to come forward because of all of your threats and intimidations. Some day you will get - what you've given to all these women and hopefully more. Don't forget, what about the underage gal that you dated - anybody else who would of done that would be in jail for STATUTORY RAPE. Yes, your sister should be right behind you - with her threats too. I guess money does talk - it has talked for over 23 years, but I don't think you will have enough to buy off the Attorney General. Whoever is hiding MIKE out had better be given the fair treatment as any JOE BLOW would. Let's see HARBORING A FUGITIVE I believe is what they call that and I believe there is JAIL TIME for that too.

    They say that JAIL sometimes will turn a person's life around - MIKE. So, maybe that's what you've been asking for all this time. You've been reaching out for someone to help you. Maybe in Jail/Prison or whereever this leads you'll find God to help you see what you've done. I can go on and on and on whoever seems to think that Mike is so innocent. But boys will be boys and they will always say that MIKE is innocent because his threats to his victims have made them drop their charges. Let's see if they do this time.

  74. Best 25 years of his life???
    He went above and beyond the call of duty alright.
    He misused office Teletype/Computer to gain personal information on women that he wanted to later date. He raped several women, held them against their will, stalked women (like the last women who were from out of town) I suppose they were just lying too right? Michael killed a man, he had his 11 year old daughter in the patrol car, he has restraining orders against him, brandishing a weapon, witness and, or victim intimidation, not showing up for bookings, false imprisonment, threatening women.........
    If I'm not mistaken, these are all crimes. Mike has been on admistrative paid leave more than once, has been in jail and court more than once.
    Someone getting bigger Boobs isn't a crime. If that were the case over 50% of American women would be in prison right now.
    Being an alcoholic isn't a crime.
    At least his ex is trying through AA meetings. Can you even imagine what he did to her, emotionally, physically, the verbal abuse..... I'm surprised she didn't turn to more than just alcohol.
    I think the whole damn police dept. needs to be under investigation for knowing the things one of there own was doing, and kept covering for him. I mean really, think about it. Maybe Michael has something on them.
    Michael you always had the right to see Chevon, Daniel and Joseph. Their mothers did not keep them from you. You threatened them, and said you would make there lives hell, if they went after you for child support. So, it took them a long time before they finally turned you in for support. The one who lost her son, didn't even turn you in (even after having an open child support order) until after her son was killed. And when he was killed you did everything in your power to keep the Obituary from showing up in the FreeLance. You kept your first 3 children hidden away. You turned your back on them and so did your family. The mother of the son that got killed lived right across the street from you on Squire Court for 4 years, and you never once went to see him. You refused to see your daughter. Wouldn't give her the time of day. Your parents even pretended not to know her at an event, where she went up and introduced herself. Your son Joseph has your last name and moved to Arkansas to leave you and your threats. And then what kind of time did you ever spend with the 2 that lived under your roof with you. You had your ex have her labor induced early, because otherwise you wouldn't have been home for the birth, because you had gotten yourself a new Harley and was wanting to hit the road. What kind of dad is that? And you missed there Birthdays, because you were on your Harley. And you killed a man in front of one of them, and made numerous threats to kill yourself in front of them if Mommy were to ever leave you. What kind of dad is that? You won't even give Rex (your kids dog) back to them. What kind of a dad is that? So, don't tell us what kind of a dad you are and Oh these mothers kept my children from me. BOO HOO!!!
    What is wrong with you and your family? You sister is a skinny anorexic whatever! Your mommy and daddy pay your way out of all of your troubles. And look at you. Everyone now knows about you. Took 20+ years. But we're all looking now.
    They came forward and apoligized to the community for you. And said how embarrassed they were. How did that make you feel? How did that make your mommy and daddy feel? You were to be "approached with caution." WOW!
    I hope that whoever is letting you hide out, serves time with you. For harbaring a fugitive on the run.
    You say all these women are lying. Hah! Your last girlfriend was with you from Sept.30th to Nov. something and already had you in court for raping her, and threatening her son. Boy, it doesn't take long to show your true colors.
    The first victim always allowed you contact with your daughter. But you never wanted to, Then she only let her daughter have contact with you when she was 18 years old and she then only really wanted to spend time with her sisters. You were never around anyways. And his wife was always there. So she didn't have much to worry about. And you kept your oldest daughter and 12 year old son from knowing they had a brother who was 17. Then they find out only after he's killed in an accident. What kind of a dad does that? How unfair that they never got to even met their own brother.So leave her alone.
    So, here we are agin.
    Why would they have allowed Michael to turn himself in? Why wasn't he just arrested and booked, like anyone else would be? He's running, like another Scott Peterson.
    You called your ex last night before last from a pay phone, so we at least know your still in the area.
    Come on Michael show your face, tell us your story. You have a chance. Or maybe had a chance.
    Serve the time for the crime. You know what you've done, and you know your guilty, and so do all of us.
    You never made San Benito a safe place. What a joke. Whoever commented that.
    Where are you Michael? Come out, come out, where ever you are.

  75. Also, to Mr. Pekin - Mike's attorney who made the comment to the FreeLance about Respecting the System. I say to you, where's the Respect for his victims - for his children for DANIEL his oldest Son that passed away he never got respect from the RODRIGUES'S side. Your just a down right COWARD without the BADGE to protect you. The children will always have this to remember.

  76. hello rodrigues family.. debbie his sister, calls and threatens people on his behalf.. ron and diane his loving parents, who helped protect his for so long... how proud they must be... mike has a special invatation to a party and everyone is looking for him... how special... mike is, was, and will always be a problem child... when people ask how he got away so long talk to some of the victims.. his most recent girlfriend,, if you talk i'll take it out on your son... his first victim, if you talk i'll hurt your parents... what a great guy...talk to some of the former young waitress at paine's restuant,, mike follow them home, sometimes stopping them..late at nite... ya we needed 25 years of his protection... what we need now is an investgation in to curtis hill, harvey nyland, candic hooper, and the entire county system.... i for one am glad that the older victims are speaking out as well as the new ones... maybe mike has lost his edge for intimidation.... his sister use to call and threaten on his behalf,,, and is probably the one supporting him on this site... she also is a piece of work... ron and diane, have had every opportunity to have relatiions with their many grand children and refuse. when face to face with one of them they even refuse to acknowledge her being their... this i have witnessed myself... you know debbie you should advise your brother that all good things come to an end... i wouldn't be surprised to see ron and diane moving to hawaii to be with you and yours... a family reunion...
    i also can't understand how our local police force, sheriff's office can't find mike... how hard they must be looking... curtis hill and his high school buddie are playing hide and seek... offering to let mike turn himself in... well lets see someone commits a rape, threatens people with firearms.. recently shot an unarmed man, his daughter said had his backed to mike,, and we are still not able to get him in custody... their should be a man hunt same as any other felon on the run..

  77. hey to all you writing this site... it would appear to me that mike is still getting special treatment. the d.a. is not releasing the charges, the seriff cancelled his news conference,,, etc.. the public, remember us the ones paying in more ways than one for this,, have a right to know... how come there is no house to house searches, etc.. how come no comment,,, let it be some john doe with no hollister connection and watch what happens... news headlines sheriff pulling out all the stops etc etc etc... i think this time everyone is embarrassed are about to be... come on curtis get this guy, show us your law enforcement prowness.... in other words catch him don't let him make a deal and walk in...unless that's all you capable of...?????
    all so who ever is aiding mike,, whoever should be held accountable,, arrest charges protectin a fugitive,,, think about it... 25 years on the force, mike probaly knows how inept you guys are and is sitting home getting ready to watch saturday nite live....

  78. hey mike turn your self in... you will get exactly what you want in prison.. rough sex all the time with threats and intimidation... what more can you ask for...

  79. san benito county... you have to be kidding.. a charged felon, doens't show up for his booking.. and you can't find him or who is harboring him...?? you had him on the force with you for 25 years and couldn't bring him to justice what a surprise... he used the computers to find his victims and any witnesses and eliminate them... so to speak... i wonder just how many vitims this pig really has... i don't know to many women whow would come forward to testify,, seeing how you can't even catch him after he is offically charged... i think the only resolve here is to in the next election bring in all new blood in our elected officals... let the county know enough is enought curtis hill for one should resign... how could he being a friend of mikes not have resolved this animal sooner...
    blind, stuipid and incompident,come to mind... harvey nyland puts him on 10 week suspension, and then the charges are dropped, wonder why... i hope to see this story on dateline or msnbc... it would be interesting to have an outside view of our county...

  80. Okay. First of all, this seems to be a place that has turned into a website of victims having to defend themselves. If that be the case. Then here I am.
    My name is Petie. Someone on here seems to know me or something about me and my son. So, I am here to defend him as well.
    This person says that I or we mom's should tell our side of the story of how we kept Michael away from his children. Well, here's mine for all the people out there who thrive on gossip.
    I met Michael John Rodrigues in 1986. After many monthes of being followed by him. And some flirting took place (such as waving, winking, blowing a kiss) Then finally one day he pulled me over out on Airline Hwy. He was in his patrol car with the lights flashing. I said: Officer, am I in trouble? He said: Yes, Ma'am. I am going to have to give you a ticket, unless of course you give me your phone number. I thought it was so cute, and I was so flattered. As at the time I was single and had a 3 year old handicapped child. The one thing that bothered me though, was when he said to me, you certainly don't look 46 years old. I looked puzzled. That's when he said: well the owner of this car is 46 years old. Is your name Alma? I was like, well that's because it is my mom's car. He knew my mom's name, and even knew that she carried a firearm. My parent's were very upset, that he knew alot of personal information about them. When he should'nt have. That's where I knew he had gained the information thru' office computer. Anyways, he called me several nights in a row and we talked for hours. He asked me out on a date. I mentioned to a few of my friends that he had asked me out. They gave me some warnings of things they had heard about him. But to me, he seemed so nice. I don't like to Judge people, especially just from what I hear. So, we went out several times. And even brought along me son. At that time Michael was living on Line Street in Hollister. He had a Bronco and a Blue Trans Am. We went on lot's of dates, even with alot of his friends, Mike Winn, Gary Yamano, the Scagliotti brothers, Greg Zazueta, even his sister Debbie. The I discovered I was pregnant. Michael became very upset. He told me I was to get an abortion. That is against my religion. I said no. He took me to an Abortion Clinic in Morgan Hill anyways. We had to be counceled and they made us watch these terrible movies, one was called "Silent Scream"
    A few nights later we had dinner with my parents. He told them that he was in love with me and even wanted to marry me. But he wanted me to abort the baby first. Even told my parents he would buy me a brand new car. I continued to say no to the abortion. He threatened to kill himself. Over the next several monthes we went back and forth and back and forth. Michael would be nice, the he would threaten me. There finally came a time when the threats became so bad, I had to quit answering my phone and my door. My dad was friends with George Malone and Leroy Tipton,(who he had went to school with) My dad thought maybe they could help, since he knew they had something to do with the Police Department. He went and spoke to them about Michael. They said they knew that Michael was doing some things that were'nt right in the department and would see what they could do. Michael would even leave threats on my answering machine. I called the Police and they sent a lady detective over. She came and took a report, and took the tape from my answering machine as evidence. What ever happened to that tape? What ever happened to that report?
    In 1987 I gave birth to a boy. My family all called Michael to let him know. He never came around. Never saw his son, other than through pictures I sent him. When my son was about 2 monthes old I went to the Unemployment office to introduce Ron (Michael's dad) to his grandson. I was so offended that he offered me money. When my son was 8 monthes old, I met Javana, who told me she had dated Michael, and she had a little girl that was his. Her name is Chevon. I turned Michael in for child support, and he went into a rage. One night in December of 1987 Michael came to my house and forced himself upon me, using a sandwich bag for protection. I did not report it. As, who was gonna listen to me? The guy gets away with everything. I became pregnant thru' that rape and later miscarried, and had to have a D&C at Hazel Hawkins Hospital. Michael's threats continued, so I dropped the child support. I lived on Squire Court at the time and Michael lived on Prune Street, which was right across the street basically. For almost 3 1/2 yrs. Michael was that close and never came to visit his son. In 1989 I started reading articles about Michael, and bad things that he was doing, and about the rape victim from Santa Cruz. He's really a dirty cop. Sent to Protect and Serve us. Geez! I lived in fear most of the time. So in 1990 I moved to Fresno. I always sent Michael, and his parents photos of my son, and let them know where I was living, always giving them the opportunity to be in my son's life. No attempts were ever made on there side. In 1992 I applied again for child support in Fresno. Paternity tests were taken, and they went after Michael for support. He showed up in Fresno, claiming that he never knew he was he father? That's Michael for you. He claimed that I had never told him, and........... Same old crap.
    Then the threats started again. My boys and I were so broke. But you know, it just wasn't worth all I was gonna have to go thru' with Michael, so once again I dropped all child support procedings. In 1992 I came to Hollister to visit family and friends. Daniel (my son) surprised me, because out of the blue he said: Isn't this the town where my Daddy lives. I said yes. Daniel wanted to meet him. I never told Daniel that his Daddy was bad. I figured one day when he got older, he would find out everything for himself and then he could make his own decission as to whither he wanted to be in his dads life. So, I called Michael, and he came to pick us up. He was still living at the house on Prune Street. We visited for about an hour. All Michael said was that he was a good looking boy. In 1993 we moved to Westwood. Over the years I continued to send Michael and his parents pictues, and updates on Daniel. Never getting any response, until Michael married Kristi. If it were'nt for Kristi (God Bless her Heart) Daniel would have never gotten anything over the years. But Kristi always made sure Daniel got a Birthday gift, a Christmas gift, and maybe $10.00 for good grades. When Kristi and Michael's first daughter Kayla was born. She was probably about 10 monthes old. We came to Hollister to visit. Daniel got to meet Kayla. Michael knew we were in town and avoided us. So all our time was spent with Kristi, and Kayla. Daniel had always wanted to meet Chevon too. But no one would ever tell us where she lived. Daniel, clear up until he died, sent Kayla and Madison cards, and money, and stickers. Trying his hardest to be a big brother. Every year he sent his dad a Father's day card. Daniel wanted so badly to have his dad in his life. He would call all the time and always just ended up talking with Kristi. When Daniel needed braces, this was the one and only time I ever got Michael to agree with helping me with the expense. And he sent $100.00 a month.
    Daniel was the kind of kid ever parent wanted. Straight A student. Held a 4.0 GPA, wanted to get into Forensic Science and Basketball. He was number #20. Famous for his 3pointers. Never got involved in drugs or Alcohol. Went to church. Daniel was alway's a Leader, never a Follower. He would go to the Local parties, walking around taking keys away from his friends that he felt had too much to drink. Worked at the local Pizza Parlor, He was very involved in F.F.A. and raised a hog every year and took Grand Championship 2 years in a row, earning more that $$15,000 dollars. He had a Beautiful Girlfriend. He was pretty much a homebody. Loved his handicapped brother with all his heart and helped me with him, probably 90% of the time, loved his adopted sister, and his doxie that he named "Stretch." Daniel called me his Beautiful Mommy Girl. Was never ashamed of me. We went on weekly dates, he even sat in my lap, at 6ft.2in. and 192 pounds.
    I hleped him to purchase a Volkswagen Beetle in 2003.
    Daniel, "My Pride and Joy," "My Best Friend," "My Knight in Shining Armor,"" My Hero." I loved him so much. We had a Unique Realtionship. Just because he was different than most kids. He wanted to be with me, he wanted to be with his family.
    Then in May 2004, Daniel,his girlfriend, and his best friend went out for a drive. They were coming thru' an S curve on Hwy. A-21 here in Lassen County. It's a blind curve where there is no visibility of seeing a train or a train seeing a car. There are no lights, or crossing arms, no warnings. The trees and overgrown shrubs blocked all clearence. Daniel was doing the speed limit which was 45. They came thru' the turn, and there was the train. Daniel's friend told him to hit the guard rail. That it would be there best chance. Daniel did. But when he did, he hit with such an impact, that his airbag deployed and it knocked him out, and he drifted right into the trains path. The trian dragged them for about 1/4 of a mile. Tim, survived the accident, but was left with many physical injuries. Ashley bled to death in the back seat. Daniel was alive for 38 minutes. He died from broken ribs on his left side, and when he was moved from the car. The ribs shifted and lacerated his aerota, and he died at the scene, right in front of me. All I could think of, was to let his dad know. I thought maybe his dad would want to know. I thought maybe his dad would care. I had my cell phone and was able to reach Kristi. It was a call, she says she will NEVER forget. The crys from a Broken Hearted Mom. I didn't just lose my son that night. I lost my best friend, someone who I looked up to, and admired, the one Constant in my life, I lost all my future Grandchildren. I lost my Beautiful, sweet, fun, loving son. My precious, precious Danny Boy.
    When I was finally able to reach Michael, he never said he was sorry. He never acted as tho' he even cared. All he said was cremate him, it's a hell of alot cheaper. I asked my to help me with funeral expenses. He said he didn't have that kind of money. But he could send me a monthly payment. I agreed. I asked him to at the very least come to the funeral. He said he couldn't take the time off of work. Come on? The Police Department would let you off of work for your own son's funeral. He didn't come though. I don't know why that even shocked me. I got one payment of $250.00 in June to go towards the funeral from Michael, then in July I got a letter from an Attorney that Michael had hired, to tell me that I was never to contact Michael again, or any of his family members. I put in one last call to him. Just to tell him what a sorry, sad, SOB I thought he really was. Then about 6 months after Daniel died, I got a surprise. A letter from an attorney from child support asking me to come in and talk with them. They told me with an open order, that Michael was still held accountable for the arreages owed to me. I guess Michael thought he was off the hook. I signed the necessary paperwork, and started receiving monthly payments. At first the checks just laid in my desk. Because, I thought my precious son isn't here for me to hand them to him, and say here honey. Go have a good time on your dad. I felt guilty. Then I had family members and friends tell me to look back at all the times when we struggled for lack of money. For having to shop at a thrift store for clothes. To remember the times when at the end of the month when the food stamps ran out, and we had to dig through dumpsters for cans and bottles for food money. Well, then I didn't feel so gulity anymore. I used the money to pay for a beautiful Headstone that I designed myself. I also opened a Memorial Basketball Schlorship Fund that a Senior will receive every year. I have since the accident got in touch with Javana and Chevon, I have talked with Veronica and Joseph (that his Mike's other son from Arkansas)
    I have re-established my relationship with Kristi and Kayla. Madison is too young, and she doesn't know me. But come Spring time, all the Mother's and Michael's children want to get together, and spend time together. They all want to come here to visit their Brother's Grave, and sit in his bedroom. (which by the way is exactly the way he left it) I don't have the Heart to take it down. That is my babies room. That is my comfort zone. That is where I can still feel him with me. Our family suffered a Great Loss. We have to see weekly Counseling. I have to be on medication for depression, and anxiety and sleep. My daughter still sleeps with her brother's picture. And names everything male that comes into this house: Daniel.
    I called Michael's mother recently. I told her what a loss it was that they never gave Daniel a chance, or for that matter, any of their Grandchildren. All she told me was that she had all of Daniel's pictures I had sent over the years, in a box somewhere? She doesn't care. Michael doesn't care. He never did.
    I do want to thank Kristi, and Javana, Chevon, and the girls for your sympathy and wanting to still be in my life. It means alot to me.
    As for you, Michael, it sounds like your day has come. Sounds as though your past has caught up with you. I can't say I feel sorry. I can't say I feel anything for you. All I can for sure say, is that I got the BEST PART of you, which was my son. You hear that? MY SON!!!
    Daniel Scott Lawrence.
    Rest in Peace Sweet Boy.
    I'll meet you at Heaven's Gate someday.
    I hope that this can answer some of the questions, and I hope whomever is writing about me, at least knows me, otherwise, please leave me alone. I and my famiy have been through enough. And to the person that said:Javana and Petie need to get over it. I will NEVER get over what he did to me, I will never get over losing my son. Until you have walked in the shoes of one of Michael's victims. You need to shut the hell up.

  81. So who ever said that mike made san benito a safer place mmmmmm BULLSHIT! I did have a restraining order on him cause i was scared for my life. We went to court on December 10th after being questioned by mikes attorney about stuff that didnt even happen that night but he kept going on and on talking bad about my cousin Kristi so i started to cry. I get really upset when pepole talk about my family the pepole i love but i know some pepole dont have that kind of relationship with there family. so i took it upon myself to just drop it i could not take it anymore im only 19 years old i have bigger and better things to worry about in life then keep going to court for this crazy person(mike). i just hate the fact that he is free walking the streets it scares me that he is free cause i do go out with my friends and he could be out watching or whatever weird stuff he does.

    So about my cousin kristi so what if she did move her girls and her self in to her boyfriends house he loves those girls sooo much and loves kristi more then mike ever will. if pepole think mike is such a good father yea right hes just putting on a show. those girls my little cousins hate to go with him they cry and scream.One time i picked my little cousin up from her moms and she was in tears crying scared that she never wanted to go live with her dad she thought they were going to take her away from her mom. I hate to see my little cousins going thru pain because of there lame ass father it also hurts me to see kristi this way i look up to kristi a lot i love her to death i would do anything for her. yea maybe she does drink sometimes when she doesnt have the girls when its just her and the reason she does do this its because of his lame ass and what he has put her thru.

    What the hell does kristis boobs have to do with this??? i think its mommy or daddy writing this cause who the hell is going to be on mikes lame ass side? i have been to birthday parties where chevon mikes older daughter has been there as well his parents just ignored her like she was never there thats sooo cold hearted.my family showed her more respect then ron and diane ever have and ever will.So if mike is sooooooo incent and everyone is lying why is he on the run? why is he hiding? to me really i dont think anybody is lying who would want to go through all this just for nothing.

    I wish he would just put behind bars so i would feel safer and so will all these women and even my own family members.

  82. well news flash... it appears somehow mike has turned himself in secretly and already home watching t.v... how can this be... the public out cry should be thunderous... curtis hill you have out done your self this time... his dog pound lady should be arrested immediatly for harboring a fugitive,, and you should resign as sheriff... let the games begin.. mikes out and who will be safe now... the inept sheriff couldn't find mike... mike pays no attention to restraing orders.. etc... come on people lets contact anyonw who will listen... i guess from my point of view the media won't help till he kills someone...
    the question how can mike be out on bail when he has shown total disregard for any authority... if i were any member or friend of the rodrigues family i would hang my head in shame.... and to all you fellow officers of mike on the good ole sheriff department rooster.. just one of you with a little political ambition should show some guts and inform the public what you all must know... your silence is you crime..


  84. So, Mike you've squirmed your way out of it again. I hope the Attorney General brings everyone down from you, to the Sheriff to the D.A. your all corrupt and you need to be accountable for everything you've done while you had the BADGE to protect you. You better just watch your back is all I have to say. What about your girlfriend seems like she's in the right job being a DOG CATCHER because she found one in "YOU". Let's just hope she can train you - now. She needs to be given a sentence since she was hiding you out too.

  85. How can Petie and Javana get over their torment, abuse and threats when its happening all over again. If he had been stopped years ago so many lives would have been spared this time. His wife is going thru hell and so is his other 2 daughters to hear and see what kind of person he really is. If something doesn't stop him this time somebody's brother, uncle or father will or make him wish he had of been casterated at least years ago.

  86. I'm going to tell my story to defend not only my daughter Chevon but myself as well. I was introduced to Mike thru another ex-deputy Greg Zazueta back in the early 80's. I dated Mike for several months until I saw a different side to him I broke it off. A few months would go by or weeks and he would call me up saying he needed to talk. This 1 time he was still living at mommy's and daddys so I had a girlfried drive me up and told her to come back in 15 minutes to pick me up since all I went there for was to talk. I also though his parents would be there to but they weren't. As soon as I stepped foot into their house he started pulling me into his bedroom and proceeded to have his way although I mentioned to him that I was on my period. He told me if I didn't take it out - he would "YANK IT OUT". I proceeded to do what he wanted. I told this to an old boyfriend of mine after that happened and he said that was a "FORCE". This old boyfriend also was an ex-deputy sheriff that was fired around the mid 1980's for only 1 bad call and look at MIKE - HOW MANY THINGS CAN HE KEEP DOING AND STILL GET A PAT ON THE BACK. At this point I wanted nothing to do with him again and was about to start dating a Polic Officer when again MIKE called and said "WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT RUMORS GOING AROUND ABOUT ME". My father was still alive at this time and he advised me to meet Mike at MCDONALDS so I would have witnesses. I didn't follow my fathers advise and met MIKE at the High School which he had me follow him to another Business and I parked my car. I sat in may car talking to him thru the window when he asked me to get in his truck with him. I left my keys and purse in the car and get stepped out and got them. He said he was housesitting for a friend and he needed to go take care of their animals. I rode along with him to hear the so called "RUMOR". When we got to the friends house he asked me to go in and I refused but he said he would only be in there a few minutes so I followed him in. I went and sat on a chair in the living room when he came and sat on my lap and proceeded to undress me. I told him I was not on any birth control and he said that was O.K. not to worry about it. I still proceeded to beg him to leave me alone and his words to me were " IF YOU DON'T BE STILL I WILL SLAP YOUR FACE". What does a person do when their faced with a predicament like that. I was frightened. After about a month I started having severe headaches and went for some tests only to find out I was pregnant. I called and told Mike and his words to me were: "I WAS HAVING SO MUCH SEX IT MADE ME STERILE". He also tried to convince me to have an abortion at which I refused. I was threatened, harrassessed by him and his sweet little sister Debbie. When I was about 3 months along Mike called my place of employment to try to talk to me but my bosses wouldn't allow it. On my break I proceeded to phone my parents to let them know and my mother said we know he called here too. That phone call to my parents ended up putting my mother in the HOSPITAL for several days because of her heart. I will never, never, get over the way the RODRIGUES'S have handled their sons behaviour. I hope someday somebody doesn't hurt them like my family and daughter has been hurt. If you think this is a laughing matter then you whoever is saying that JAVANA AND PETIE should get over it then you have another thing coming.

  87. W.T.F?
    Mike skipped out on turning himself in on Thursday by 11:00. Why in the first place was he even allowed such a priviledge? You know if it was the average citizen, we wouldn't have that kind of opportunity.
    He hid out somewhere until Saturday, supposedly with a Dog Catcher. HA!!!
    She caught herself the prize dog!
    She should be held accountable for hiding a run away fugitive.
    Then he claims to be 1,000 miles away. BullShit!
    He knew there was a warrant out for his arrest. And he purposefully didn't show up. That in itself is a crime!
    He called his ex-wife on either Thursday or maybe it was Friday night from a pay phone on San Benito Street. So, he WAS NOT 1,000miles away. And what kind of personal business Michael???
    And now you want to see your daughters? You should be allowed to have such a privilege. Have they not been subjected to enough? All the years of seeing you abuse their Mommy. Seeing and hearing all about their Daddy on T.V. and the Local Media. Having the 11 year old see you get to kill someone. Having to threaten to kill yourself in front of them... Those poor little girls are going to be scared for the rest of their lives. What about the recent ex-girlfriend of his? The one that he raped, and threatened to kill her son? What kind of a human being does all these kind of things and just keeps getting away?
    The public just has to sit and either scratch their heads, or shake there heads, wondering what's going to happen next. So, you got to sit in jail for what? About 6 or something hours, before you posted bail? What kind of Bull shit is that? With all they have on you. You shouldn't even have had bail!
    You know you don't want those girls of yours. It's just something to hold above your ex-wifes head. Like dangling a carrot in front of a rabbit. You never wanted Chevon, Daniel, or Joseph either.
    And by the way: You look God awful in the picture that came out in the FreeLance. You look like another Charles Manson. Yuck!!!
    The public should all stand together and take you down, along with the whole Damn Department.
    The Rodrigues Family should all hang there heads in shame. What a total embarrassment for all of them, and what friends you do have left.
    I don't understand how you can have no respect for authority, restraining orders......
    And you just seem to keep getting away with everything???
    One of these days you will get caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, or I should say right time. And someone will finally put an end to you. It will be someones brother, dad, Uncle, cousin, maybe someones boyfriend, or someones husband. But you will get yours, and then spend the rest of eternity burning in Hell. The streets of San Benito County are not safe. Not with Michael being set free, not with anyone from the Department. We need to stay on this one, and not let it just slip through the cracks. Because this is a town where we need to be protected by those who wear the Badge. Not live in fear by those who wear the Badge.
    What a shame!!!!!
    And to any girl out there, including the Dog Catcher. I wouldn't let Michael touch me with a 10 ft. pole. After all the women he's been with. He is probably filled with disease.
    Open your eyes San Benito County.

  88. well folks amazing but true... mike made another deal.. turned himself in at one pm out by two pm... no increase in bail.. no time in jail.. ahd his long time dog catcher friend not charged with harboring a fugitive... mike's lawyer said he was out of town on personal business and didn't know he was suppose to turn himself in... the people at the court house say different... he stopped by to find out what was up and immediatly left the building..
    the sheriffs showed up a few minutes later to take mike in to custody and he was gone... now how many fugitives get that kind of chance.. hide-out have people hide you, not get their bail raised or revolked.. and their accomplices not be taken into custody.. come on sheriff curtis hill why not resign now... hooper you're a disgrace.. i guess we should feel lucky the cops drive mostly in marked cars in san benito so we can spot them the real criminals here... allowing mike to go on this long... what a disgrace to law enforcement... judge sanders you should be ashamed... not holding mike for a new bail hearing... such crap...

  89. once again mike gets his way... i hope the public takes notice... he is now out and on the prowl... lock your windows and doors and don't let your wifes, daughter, girlfriends etc out by them selves.
    if you hadn't noticed mike managed to elude our crack law enforcement officers for a few days... he never did leave the area.. he was spotted all over town including the court house... curtis hill cancelled his news conference for thurs.... yep they will do all they can to keep a low profile... no media interviews.. no reading of the charges. mike was in and out on bail his food didn't even get cold...come on people wake up... if this where you our i, mister or mrs normal citizen.. we would be all over the press and the sheriff's office and hollister police would be on every news channel, newpaper, radio telling the public how they are searching for us.... let's hope the people of san benito county wake up,,, board of supervisors,, helping them selves to all the spoils of war immune to public input... what a county... love it or leave it..is the old saying... well i for one believe in change.... i'm going to do what ever i can to oust these incompident idiots...

  90. Hey Mikeee! Are you having fun yet??!!!

    I have been waiting years for this!
    Like they say, every dog has his day!

  91. hey mike you best mind yourself this time... too much press all waiting for you to threaten or even maybe kill someone.. maybe even yourself as you have threatened.. the local paper might even publish some of the up coming actions against you... yep you have got a lot of attention.. even your friends such as curtis hill, da hooper, are all starting to watch there backs... all we neen is one officer to speak up.. i can't belive that they are all so blind... or do you just have dirt on everyone.... your parents ron and diane, your sister debbie and even your uncle dean must be so proud of you... your friends and riding buddies must also be proud to claim you as a friend... it says innocent untill proven guilty.. i believe in that, except with one exception we should hold our law enforcement officers to a higher standard and should deal harder with the likes of you for violating the publics trust.. mike your scum.. your attorney and supporters are also scum.. hope they are getting your cell ready, and that you don't intimidate your way out of this... if your so innocent go to court prove it... \
    oh and mike a 1000 miles away.. hahhahahthats a joke you where hanging with you dog pound lady.. i think personally she should be arrested and charged as any other citizen would with aiding and abeiting a running fugitive...

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    I have not read all the messages here. I just send them through sometimes - so if there is content you feel shouldn't be here, talk to me. I can at least consider your point of view, or be sure to look at the comments that concern you.


  93. New entry:

    December 17, 2007
    [CA] The BOLO, Surrender, & Immediate Release of Michael Rodrigues

  94. That is really too bad. AS SOON AS I SAID I'd set the group up to NOT NEED MODERATION some very immature person decided to test the boundaries.

    I have deleted the comment.

    I see that I have to put the setting back so messages need to wait for approval.

    Sorry to everyone else here, and to the insulted if they saw the comment.


  95. I am not going to defend Mike. I think that if these things are true, then he should be held accountable. No one should be immune from justice.

    I do want to stress though that this should not be a reflection on other cops. Most cops are decent, honest people. I know because my son is one, but not in San Benito Co. There are bad people in every profession. Its a fact of life. Please do not take this out on other law enforcement personel. Give them the benefit of the doubt and trust them. Most of these people are there to help you. Don't let one bad seed ruin the whole crop!

  96. I agree with all of you about Mike Rodrigues. He has violated the public trust, and the trust of his fellow officers. He will pay for his crimes, one way or the other. What I want to emphasize on though is your comments about Sheriff Hill, DA Hooper, and other members of the Sheriff's Office that you say have covered this up. The investigations that were conducted against Mike Rodrigues were conducted by the Sheriff's Office and the Hollister Police Department. Investigators working together to bring a bad man to justice. I don't know what was going on 25 years ago, but I do know that present day, this type of behavior will not be tolerated by anyone, ecspecially those like me that are sworn to protect our community. As far as your comments that the sheriff or Da would not divulge comments as to Mike Rodrigues, if you study the California Penal Code, they are not allowed to dicuss the nature of the crimes committed by Mike Rodrigues. I feel that before you comment about something you should educate yourself. As far as Mike Rodrigues being able to bail, that is anyones right to bail. The court system sets the bail amounts not law enforcement. Once a subject is apprended or surrenders it is out of law enforcements hands. I feel for all of you, especially the victims that Mike has tormented, however I love serving this community, and I have many friends in this community. We have many dedicated Deputies that are trustworthy and would lay down their life for you. Don't judge the good ones, we are doing the best that we can do. Have faith, justice will finally prevail.

  97. To the cloudwriter: I wonder if you could tell me what that message said that you had to delete. Was it defending Mike or was it just bad language or what were the circumstances behind it needing to be deleted. Because he sure doesn't need to be defended.

    Also, I must agree with the person saying that not all cops are bad. It just so happens that I guess so far in San Benito County within the last 20+ years they have had to fire 3 Sheriff's due to their conduct/misuse of Computer's who knows. The last 1 being Mike. But he should have been gone years before like the other 2 and by some chance or some threat or whatever the case is he was able to keep his job and keep up the good work of abusing women and his threats.

    I just hope this get NATIONAL COVERAGE TO WHERE he'll get the right treatment so he can be brought down before anyone else gets hurt or worse!

  98. As the wife of a cop with young children I can only hope that the victims and the public in this case against Mike take in account that his children no matter how many there are, are reading and watching this all unfold. I would hope that the mothers of Mike's children are doing whatever possible to protect them from all of this. What he has done or not done to you personally has nothing to do with them. I can only imagine the way you all feel but if it were me in your situation I would (personally) not be putting it out on the internet for my children to read. Mike has been brought up on charges. Leave your testimony in the courtroom and hope that our court system does you justice.

    Please I ask you to think of his kids and what they are going through. I hope you all get the justice you deserve one way or another.

  99. I too have been waiting for this day to come along. I still want to emphasize that they need to bring in the Attorney General, bring in the NATIONAL NEWS/DATELINE to expose how much he's been getting away with and why or he'll keep getting away with it. He has no right in being able to have custody rights/visitation rights of his 2 girls until all this is settled and even then hopefully he won't be able to because he should be behind bars. Plus, howcome the person that was helping Mike to hide out when he was running from the LAW didn't get arrested. Last I heard that was HARBORING A FUGITIVE and it was and still is a crime. Why does MIKE keep getting preferential treatment when no one else would.

    So please keep these stories/comments coming until they get thru to the right organization/people.

  100. i agree not all law enforcement officers are like this mike rodrigues.. but i also think someone on the san benito county sheriffs department knows and has known of mikes conquest... and these officers or officer needs to step forward to see justice is done... no where have i ever seen a charged felon allowed the latitude rodrigues has recieved... how can you miss turning your self in, and walk in a few days later, and not have to have a new bail hearing, and have the people who have hidden you not be charged with harboring a fugitive.... as long as his friends are in charge of the case mike will always get his way... he now has until january 22 to do damage control... come on curtis wake up and get this guy under control

  101. Why do you link to the freelance. You need to know that the freelance holds rodrigues's attorney, the "discredited" mike piken in high regard, and the freelance is part of the problem in sb county.
    this guy is going to burn, despite the crazy crap with his convoluted lawyer spews.
    the attorney general needs to look into this, and the voters of sb county need to throw out hooper and hill.

  102. hey mike i was just reading the postings on this site.. well i see what you and the animal control woman were up to friday nite... tell people to get over it...miss dog catcher hope you are ready to get all of mikes attention... i can't believe your not facing charges for harboring a fugitive...
    every elected official in san benito county should watch their position on this case... mike's dad has done a lot of people favors and again is trying to cash in on some of them... let's hope they are all paying attention to what's about to happen... mike getting his day in court... stalking, rape, intimidation, good luck mike.. this time several different women at once... yep the only comments supporting you where friday nite... i guess the streets where safe fri... hope your animal control officer is ready to be investigated... the attorney general is starting to sniff around... and something stinks in san benito county...

  103. in responce to educate ourselves.. if a normal citizen made a surrender agreement, and failed to make his or hers appearance, and law enforcement issued a bullentin approach with caution etc etc etc.
    if you turned your self in later than agreed upon, more often than not you would be considered a flight risk... and you would be held for a new bail hearing... now i speak from experience on this matter... i'm sure not all cases go this way, but i have witnessed more have than have not... and if as you say you are sworn to protect and serve.. i will respond this way,,, if curtis hill was not aware of mike's on going activities and threats against witnesses, his arrest in monterey county. his repromand from sheriff nyland for using police computers, you tell me how should we preceive our sheriff... the investigation was long in coming no matter what the case... mike has if you know him intimidated his wife, her relatives, several previous victims, all who have gone to law enforcement and you know the results... so if you are the one officer with morals, and are dedicated to duty step up.. help protect christy and the girls.. she asked for her restraning to be extended but the judge refused stating not enough evidence... and you ask us to educate ourselves.. help us... if your on the force you know mike called the house while officers where there telling christy not to worry mike couldn't bother her because of the order.. ya right... i will grant you this one bad apple may not destroy the barrel.. but you guys are close...
    i just can't believe that mike has flown under the radar so long... and that any investigation should have red flags all over regarding witnesses failing to testify.. how can they when mike breaks all the rules,,

  104. Anonymous asked:

    "To the cloudwriter: I wonder if you could tell me what that message said that you had to delete. Was it defending Mike or was it just bad language or what were the circumstances behind it needing to be deleted. Because he sure doesn't need to be defended..."

    Trust me a little. Between what I wrote before the blog entry, and alllllll the posts here about Mike - protecting him from insult is obviously not something I think is my job to do. He has lived his life and violated in the most brutal ways the lives of others - all the way to MURDER. And is murder worse than sucking life away from those who have to go on FEARING HIM? I really can't say it is. I know more about living under the fear of a cop than I talk about - but that is only to try to keep me and my kids as safe as I can. INSTEAD I have this blog and other projects to get it OUT IN THE OPEN. I have lived prepared to die for the last 17 YEARS! Will it be a hit man? Will my car blow up when I pull the handle? Rodrigues is a plight to ALL. He sucks the life out of each life he has targeted. He has left their children with shattered mothers. He has stolen the sweetness out of YEARS of his victi's lives.
    Trust me a little.

    Whatever people have to say to him, they can say...

    but as with EVERYTHING there are some boundaries. The message I deleted was NOT directed at Rodrigues, but because of the twisted nature of it's author - if it HAD been directed at Rodrigues, I still would have deleted it.

    It was against the Hollister Freelance and bloggers. It had an overuse of the c-word having to do with male anatomy, a suspiciously overzealous use of a word meant to denote homosexuals in the worst of terms, and ended with the brilliant sign-off: "F*ck your mother."

    The last three words freed me from having to wonder if the rest went too far.

    The last three words went too far for me.
    It went over the top.

    Thanks for asking though - I don't want folks to worry about posting.

  105. To the person who feels no one should speak publicly because there are children,
    there are always children.
    No one should talk?
    People need to connect.
    They need to compare notes.

    If the children are young their internet use is on the person whose care they are in.

    It's a jungle out here and there are even worse things to find on the internet.

  106. Mike's gotten away with this stuff for a long time because he has the dirt on the sheriff and the da. He knows the sheriff has been doing the "horizontal bop" with a local "activist" for more growth in the county, and he knows the da, intimately!

    San Benito County politicians have long been as crooked as the day is long.

    Wake up people, we need to vote them out of office!!!! And Mike needs to go away for a LONG, LONG time.

  107. Thank you cloud writer for sharing a brief explanation of the comment that had to be deleted. I believe that came from MIKE himself because it seems he has no regard whatsoever for any WOMAN. I know how he threatened my mother when I became pregnant with my daughter and if my brothers hadn't been brought up right in a loving christian home with values to respect the "LAW" he/MIKE would have gotten what he has deserved to get for years. It's too bad that there are a few and I say a few people out there that are still believing in MIKE I'm sure they are mostly men. It must be that they haven't had a daughter/sister/mother be abused by him yet. So, I say again to MIKE wake up and smell the ROSES because your days are hopefully numbered so you can be spending them in the CELL that you deserve.

  108. I doubt Rodrigues will be able to make it to his next court date before he blows another fuse. I hope he misses his next court date and his daddy loses the 300K he put up for little Mikee. Then his bail will be revoked and he will wait out his trial in the same jail where he sent his vicitms...

  109. to all who read this blog... we don't have to make personal attacks against curtis hill or da hooper.. we just have to let the records stand for themselves.. it would appear you could steal the car hill drives while he's in it and he couldn't catch you.. as for hooper how much evidence can she miss under stand... and as for mike's attorney hahahahahaah
    dismiss the charges.. hang partner more charges are on the way... what about the stalking, what about the november rape of his last girl friend... and he was a 1000 miles away.. what happened to being in the court house thursday morning checking on the indidment.. what will you say when by public opinion curtis hill is made to bring in another of mike's long standing lady friends ... aka as the animal control officer... what about all the motel records for san juan bautista... get a little warm mike.. well the time has come.. your track record will help prove a pattern of sexual misconduct, misuse of police equiptment, the wrongful shooting of a suspect... again how proud your friends and family must be..
    curtis if your reading this it's only the beginning.. da hooper get a grip,, ask for outside help before you look more incompident

  110. i'm new to this site,, can it be real... you have to be kidding 25 years of misconduct... i should think san benito county should be held responsible for his actions...
    how can so many cases in the past be dropped for wittness not willing to testify, before someone sees a pattern and investigates..
    officer rodrigues or former officer rodrigues, i for one can't figure out how you made it this long, with out local law enforcement not having any idea of your crimes... i have read almost all the blogs here and if even a portion are true... i wouldn't be making any plans for travel... how does soladad sound... you need help and should seek it before someone pays the price of your insanity.... i hope we do have some local officers that will help settle this.... how much can we believe... mike's attorney asking for the case to be dismissed which case... the november rape, the wrongful shooting,, the 99 rape, etc. etc. come on it's just to much to believe... i hope you get put away for a long long long time... let's hope justice prevails...

  111. Wow, I stumbled upon an article on www.sf.gate.com about Mike Rodregues. So, I googled his name to see if it was who I thought it was. And sure enough it was. See I grew up in Hollister and used to work @ java express with Kristi. I can't believe some of this stuff that I'm reading. I'm so glad I left Hollister 5 years ago and haven't been back in 3 years. This guy is a menace to soceity, and should be in jail right now awaiting trial with no bail. This a disgrace to the American Justice system and the victims of Mike.

  112. hey mike heard today grand jury reviewing more new charges on you.. oh boy mike merry christmas, and happy new year... i guess only you know how many victims you have, so guess who's next... oh the spirt of giving at christmas.. as they say reap what you sow...
    how many years will it be 10 . 20
    may be more being an officer and all....

  113. This Whole county is IGNORANT,, the Judges Believe Everything the cops and CPS workers tell them,

    Nobody is watching Our Local government,, Mike is just another tear in a bucket..EVEN OUR LOCAL PAERS WILL NOT PRINT THE TRUTH, NOT UNTILL THEY FEEL SAFE..

    everybodies comment do not change a thing,, Lots of Mikes working in our county, living above the law, Mike just got cought..Nothing will change..

  114. hey all blog readers.. i went thru all the media i could today and saw nothing on the mike rodrigues case... the grand jury, has not yet charged him with the november rape, or threating of a 14yr old boy...

  115. hey mike how's it going.. it must feel odd for you not to be incharge.. it would appear your time is near... you've made ron and diane so proud.. also uncle dean and sis debbie... january 22 is coming fast.. you will finally have your opportunity to prove your not guilty... your attorney is a real piece of work... going to ask for charges to be dismissed... good luck... your going to enjoy your state accomodations.. the only question is for how long.. how does 20 years sound... sounds good to me but you do really deserve more... at least as long as you where on the force doing the crimes so maybe we should make it 25... even a jury of your families freinds are going to have to convict you...
    bye bye mike

  116. attention curtis hill... can't you find the person who hide mike.... he was never out of town despite his attorneys statement... 1000 miles away and rushed home... god how stupid is that guy... i think even hopper has a chance beating your attorney... two giant legal minds... mike scared yet... you should be, but then again you've always been stupid... intimidation only goes so far... hope they get you locked up before you have a chance to damage any more lives...
    i'm sure your fellow officers are trying to distance themselves from you... even curtis has no comment..
    all things being equal you might get life.. sex offender status... and a friend name bubba to take of all those animal instincts you have... i look forward to the dog and pony show your attorney will put on... but the die is cast and your going down, down, down...

  117. ron diane, how proud you must be...
    you ignore your many grandchildren,
    and have to raise bail money for your son... and your son has an idiot for an attorney..... the only chance mike has is hooper is just as bad... now just imagine if mike decides to run, rather than 25years in prison... i guess the rodrigues family has run out of power... ron your friends are going to smile to your face, for all the favors you've done, but how does that knife feel in your back.. they are all going to save themselves... san benito county should be held responsible for all of your sons actions... and you should be too.. helping getting charges dropped years ago... look what's happened now... mike needs help.. he has to be brain damaged to think he could go on for ever.. and you know when these type of people see the end of their power coming.. its hare for them to deal with things.. ya ron you and diane should seek help for your son, not help him escape the punishment for his crimes... i

  118. I don't know why people are complaining about Candy Hooper and Curtis Hill on this website. Everyone knew exactly who and what they were when they were voted into office. The fact that Candy "The Dump Truck" Hooper can't make a decision to save her life, or that Curtis Hill is a publicity seeking meglamaniac is not news. San Benito County gets the justice and government it deserves. After all, this is what the people elected.

  119. to all those who think things won't change,... well if you think taking one rapist off the street isn't going to change things, i for one think your wrong.. our county maybe screwed up, no is screwed up.. but you have to start somewhere... and so in the next election vote these thiefs and liars out.. new blood, not life long system suckers.. one friend handing down his position to another... start with board of supervisiors and clean it up... all meetings be public record.. curtis hill should just resign... he couldn't stop mike with all the information he had dating all the way back to harvey nyland.. all the previous investiagations and charges.. and well you know, can't do a high school buddy wrong.. i wonder how much ron rodrigues had to do getting curtis elected, or da hooper..???? the elections are coming it is never to early to start an awareness program.. watch who supports who. they all think they are immune.. i don't think so.. someone should step up in the sheriff's department and make a statement to the people that officers like mike, and incopedence like hills' will not be accepted... thanks for the opportunity to voice my thoughts,...

  120. Investigation leads to multiple felony charges

    Friday, December 21, 2007
    By Jessica Ablamsky

    Grand jury indicts former deputy on alleged rape and abuse charges

    Michael Rodrigues, a former deputy for the San Benito County Sheriff's department, is now facing eight felony charges, including multiple rape counts, in a case that's taken a series of increasingly bizarre turns.

    After a criminal grand jury ordered Rodrigues arrested, the department veteran initially could not be located. He turned himself in on Saturday. A regional Latino civil rights organization intervened, and other organizations may be entering the scene as well, according to the widow of the man whose death in custody earlier this year began this strange drama.

    On June 10, Rodrigues shot Israel Guerrero, who was unarmed at the time, according to documents from the sheriff's department.

    Rodrigues' attorney Michael Pekin did not return mutiple calls for comment by press time.

    With near toxic levels of drugs in his system, Guerrero was shocked twice with Tasers, hit with a baton, shot, and, after being handcuffed, sprayed with pepper spray, according to documents from the sheriff's department.

    The charges issued last week against Rodrigues also should have included murder, alleges Ivonne Guerrero, widow of Israel Guerrero.

    "Regardless of what he did in his past, he didn't deserve to die like that," Ivonne Guerrero said.

    Guerrero had a heart attack at the scene, according to the autopsy report.

    The cause of death was "excited delirium" from the cocaine and methamphetamine intoxication, according to the autopsy report. The gunshot wound, Taser, pepper spray and struggles with law enforcement and medical personnel were contributing factors, according to documents from the sheriff's department.

    On Dec. 10 the grand jury was convened, according to documents from the San Benito Superior Court. The following day the Grand Jury indicted Rodrigues on eight felony counts.

    On Dec. 13, a judge signed the warrant for Rodrigues' arrest. Rodrigues failed to appear for two days, according to the documents. On Dec. 15, Rodrigues turned himself into the San Benito County Jail and posted the $300,000 bail, according to documents from the San Benito County Jail.

    He faces three counts of rape, two counts of penetration by foreign objects, and one count of attempted rape, spousal rape and domestic violence, according to the blotter sheet at the county jail.

    "What about Israel?" Ivonne Guerrero said. "Did they forget about him, because I haven't and I'm not going to."

    Ivonne Guerrero will contact the attorney general regarding her husband's death.

    "We're still going to go ahead regardless of whether they find [Rodrigues] guilty of the rapes or the other charges," she said.

    Crecencio Padilla, is a criminal justice representative for district 12 of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC). District 12 represents San Benito, Monterey and Santa Cruz Counties. He was an investigator for the public defender's office for 24 years.

    On Dec. 7, Padilla, sent a letter to the San Benito grand jury on behalf of Ivonne Guerrero. In the letter, he requested that the grand jury investigate the shooting of Israel Guerrero.

    "It was weird that the grand jury convened after we sent the letter and then didn't indict him with the shooting," Padilla said. "We are going to give the grand jury time to respond and move forward with it if we have to."

    The rape allegations are important, but their main objective was for the grand jury to indict Rodrigues for the shooting of Israel Guerrero, Padilla said. Padilla requested that the grand jury investigate the incident because an investigation by Sheriff Curtis Hill, and a subsequent investigation by District Attorney Candace Hooper, cleared Rodriguez of any wrongdoing, Padilla said.

    In the letter, Padilla requested the grand jury contact the attorney general, not Hooper, for help with the investigation. District Attorney Candace Hooper is part of the problem, Padilla said.

    When asked about the allegation that she is part of the problem, Hooper said, "I have nothing to say to that. They are entitled to whatever opinion they have."

    Hooper should have released a report of her findings when her investigation cleared Rodriguez of any wrongdoing, Padilla said. It is a common practice in Monterey County, he said.

    "They never find anything wrong, but at least it says the reasons why," Padilla said.

    Ivonne Guerrero also wonders why Hooper never released a report.

    "She didn't even give me a piece of paper," Guerrero said. "All I got from her was a call from her private investigator. And that's why I told LULAC to help me get the grand jury."

    When the local law enforcement offices cleared Rodrigues of the shooting, Ivonne Guerrero felt that she had to do something.

    "See, they thought I was just Mexican, was not going to do nothing, no one was going to help me," Guerrero said. "I'm not that person."

    The letter cites seven reasons why the grand jury should investigate the shooting.

    It alleges that Rodriguez used his weapon recklessly because he was not in imminent danger when he shot Israel Guerrero and that he used his weapon on an unarmed man on May 22, 2001.

    "There are a lot of questions that need to be answered," Padilla said.

    Ivonne Guerrero wants to be able to tell her children what really happened to their father, she said.

    "Every single day they do something new," Guerrero said, "and he's not here to see that. I'll get my day in court when I can defend Israel. I'll get justice."

  121. hello interested parties. i hope people keep the hear up in san benito county. it appears as if everyone quite writing here. it's in mike's favor to have things drag on and on. he's had 25 years of delays to get his day in court. don't forget, multiple rapes, assults, restraning orders, suspensions. lets not for get, another rape not even brought up here of his latest girlfriend. this very bad man needs to go away. if we become complacent he will not what's coming to him. so if you can tell someone of this site, keep posting comments of your knowledge of mike. his father put up 30k for mike to make bail. we should not let this scum walk. curtis hill is not holding any press conferences even with request from ksbw 8, and kion 46. the hollister freelance should make people aware just how well mike gets treated. any other man would not see the lite of day if he missed his agreed surrender. not mike, drive thru booking and release. hope you remember all his victims. remember he is still under investigation for a bad shooting, assult on his last girlfriend, etc. don't let him get away

  122. hey mike how you doing. hope you feel the squeeze, the walls are closing on you. just imagine mike, 25 years for the rapes, another 15 for the wrongful shooting. and maybe just another 5 for being an ass. the law should be harder on you for breaking the public trust. your former fellow officers are trying to distance themselves from you. curtis hill however seems to still support you, what do you have on him, please tell us. the da and your attorney are probably in discussions for a plea bargain, the only way out for the local government. i hope all your friends on the board get theirs, along with curtis hill and da hooper. the hollister freelance is giving you a free ride. i personally have contacted dateline msnbc, current affair, america's most wanted, along with several magazines. will keep you posted how it's going. they all seem interested, just all waiting for court time to see just how many charges can you collect. i think we are just seeing the tip of the iceberg. i also believe your dog cathcher lady is going to be in for a surprise real soon. harboring a fugitive, transporting a fugitive, etc. lets see what happens, you where spotted with her dropping you off at your house around 5a.m. we also spotted offericers parked at the end of your street, who just let you drive by, and go in your house. mike it's going to come to an end, and justice will prevail. we've had enough. so if anymore of you who read this besides mike, know anymore victims, nows the time. how many kids does he really have, inquiring minds want to know.
    lets see, joesph, chevon, daniel, kala, madison, and how many more who were scared to come forward..

  123. wow where did everyone go.. this guy is still a creep, and still lose.. he should be in jail.. it always works this way.. so much time to get to trial. plea bargins etc.. let's not for get mike is a rapist or accused rapist.. the grand jury charges are sealed,, that's so mike and whoever his attorney will be can plea bargin for 10 to 23 months out in 6, for good behavior.... let's not drop the ball people... the wheels of justice are slow.. but maybe just maybe this time they'll work.. mike reads this blog, along with his few remaining friends... well i for one think they should be made aware, that althought not writing daily, he is thought of daily and when the time comes all the right people wiil come forward and mike will go down..

  124. What's the point of sealed records? If ayone who's anyone, already knows of this guy, what he's done, or what he's capable of doing!Or a person could just look into these web sites to have a look see for them selves. We as San Benito Citizens should all be concerned for the outcome on January 22. After all we have daughters, neices, grandaughters, cousins, sisters, even best friends out there. This guy is a real piece. Don't let this story die. Come on,show some interest.Where has everybody gone???

  125. We have not forgotten about you not at all.We all know where you need to be and what kind of person you are.God knows everything,Tell the truth,what are you afraid of.It's all going to come out sooner or later.If you do the LORD will forgive you and if you don't then you will get what you deserve if not here in earth then in HELL.Lets hope he gets it here so everyone can see that the system works after all.So just because we don't write everyday it does not mean we don't care we're all watching and i'm pretty sure it's going to be a full house on the 22nd.So be prepared.Lets just hope the judge is not as incompetent as the D.A.

  126. So if Mike is such a good person as some people think example: his dog catcher girlfriend and a few others then howcome he hasn't followed thru with his fatherly duties and supported his 2 young daughters with the necessities that they need - especially love. Oh, he has the money - he got the money he needed for his bail but when it comes to the children that he helped bring into this world as his feelings go "they can go to HELL"! The court, attorneys and whoever else that could have a heart and knows JUSTICE should be there on the 22nd to help stand up to MIKE AND HIS PARENTS and not let them get away with this anymore. This has gone on for way over 23+ years and is still going on so let's stop him please.

  127. long overdue---responding, that is. True, law enforcement should be held to a higher standard and justice should prevail. that includes innocent until PROVEN guilty. It seems as though comments ansd attacks are being based on personal opiions-which we are all entitled to. I'd like to start by saying that this is NOT Mike, His family, nor a relative. I am businessman, married and have children of my own. I do know the family VERY well. I can assure you that there have been no bribes or payoffs. Ron is known for being "tight" so I sincerely doubt he threw money anyone's way. They have worked -yes WORKED-hard over the years and have earned what they have. The SISTER. Why are we even involving and attacking her personally?I believe there is 1 person repeatedly saying the sis has threatened the girls. This seems hard to believe. Most of Mike's X's got along with her fine and continue to like her. Mike should prove himself innocent? Hello. We ARE innocent until preoven guilty. This is all "She saids." He has not had the opportunity to be chastised-however, the ACLU and CR are currently looking into his civil rights being violated. It is is quite possible that no one is talking because they are the SMART ones-awaiting facts. Duh!Any EVIDENCE?? You want to hear Mike's side, the other side? Be careful what u wish for. The Sheriffs office has their own reponsibilities. Why did they not get Mike and others the help they needed IF there is a problem? The whole investigation is contaminated. the SO called the "star" in to TELL her what to say, TOLD her to get a restraining order,TOLD her to file rape charges,etetc etc. My wife works VERY closely with this Tight net group. Guess what-rumor has it that u will be walking a tightrope. And, BOO HOO, for 19 yr old cuz.I believe your name is AMBER? G are u the same innocent oneI see cruising around with your girlfriends, scamming on boys, in how many accidents??Oh, did I mention that I saw Mike's daughter, your cousin with you?? 11 yrs old. with you while u are drinking and scamming. Cool.Kayla even told her friends how u and your other cousin gave her booze at party.Real Cool.The same ayla afraid to go to school with her backpak cuz mommy dearenst was hiding her empty booze bottles in there. Yeah, mother of the year.JOVANA. G. have you completed the court ordered mental treatments? I think the men in white returning. U say u are the 1st victim? How do youu know u r the 1st 4 anything? Surely not the 1st in line for brains.So Mike is the father of Chavon. You fail to mention that at the time of conception, u were sleeping with 4 different men.You did not know who papa was so all 4 had to have blood tests for paternity before YOU knew who the father was. Your daughter has told several people that she was very happy with mike and getting to know him.She enjoyed being around him until kristi began to coax and brainwash. How sad that kristi only wanted to use her.You tainted her before she even had a chance to meet mike and his family and you never encouraged a relationship between the two. Also the other cops u were dating. One had a fiancee, the other a serious gfriend. Lose the halo. KRISTI. where to begin. My family knows yours and has seen more than our fair share. She has a substance abuse problem and has had it for years-yrs before mike-with both drugs and alcohol. Alcoholism is a disease and hereditary. Inbred in her family-her stepfather is an alcoholic. her father has issues. Her grandfather is an alcoholic. her uncle is an alcoholic. Her brother a heroin addict.Kristi is NOT enrolled in AA, nor will she admit having a drinking problem. She has stated that she likes to drink.Her parents won't admit it either. Too close to home? Maybe THEY are a huge part of the problem.Remember, covering up problems does not make them go away.That's why Kristi lost her only job-drinking and stealing. Talk about waking up and smelling COFFEE.She has stolen,forged, dui. Maybe soome charges need to be filed here!Oh Yeah, they were. There is currently a restraining order against her. Her own children don't even want to be around her. It is a FACT that she abused Mike. while under the influence. He took the smarter and higher road and left so as to not fight in front of the children.Big instigator, that Kristi. the children should be protected from her. But, they do stay with granny collins more that mommy dearest due to the boozin.what love. what a joke she is. showing kayla the paper to read, making her watch tv to show what a bad daddy mike is. You sure were not looking for PROTECTION when you intentionally got yself pregnant by Mike, to "get" Mike.You even made your daughter lie for you to others about your drinking. PATHETIC.All u wanted was status cuz u thought the Rodrigues family had money. Mike held down 3 job @ once so u could have the finer things in life.. Kristi does not care about her children or animals. She was offered, but declined. she only cares about what she can use them for. As far as Mike's other kids, Kristi did not want them in the picture. Her own insecurities had a big part of keeping them away-jsut ask her mom. BOOBS. not a crime to have-but breastfeeding the young boys in the neighborhood-including MR. SAN BENITO, is sick.Brian is already sick of you. Kristi's dad has had to fetch her several times from Brians house-DRUNK/STONED. So out of it that she called enforcement on herself. Poor thing. And, talk about coverups, the day of Mike and Kristi's wedding-out of the woodwork came a whole other ghost family fron Kristi's sied. the COLLINS side. Wow. sorry we missed that one. You people are so miserable with your own lives that u r emeshed in others. Get real

  128. Get real - Huh! Maybe however left this last comment should learn how to spell and get the facts right! This is Javana speaking not Jovana! As for me dating 4 other men at the time I became pregnant with my daughter. Let's see 1 - Mike, 2- Scott Becker and he was the only 1 that was brought in for a blood test. Oh, Mike tried to Bring in a slew of others but I never even dated anyone else but Scott and he was after I had gotten pregnant and Harold Nunez. So - let's see if this is Debbie or the dogcatcher lady all this will come out in court. As for my daughter, she tried for years to get to know her other sisters and yes, Mike said no I wonder why!!! Then to not even get to know the 1 brother that was killed several years ago to keep all of this hiding in the closet. It will all come out. Leave my daughter out of this children are the innocent ones if you have a bone to pick you can pick one on Friday or on the 22nd when we will all be there protecting the innocent ones.

  129. Also, let's see who was the one that was ordered to court for mental problems. It was never brought out with me. Get your facts straight because this is far from over. Mike is the one that should of had to go for mental treatments. Let's see another case of his where his ex-girlfriend leaves him and he's sitting in a car with a gun to his head. Hum! I wonder who has problems. Get a life. The Rodrigues's should have had Mike committed years ago.

  130. in responce to the favorable comments about mike... hard to believe anyone could write such slop. mike it appears will finally have his day in court to tell his side of the story and see where the cards fall... as far as parental responsibility, mike showed his when he had his daughter in the car when he shot someone... talk about needing to see the men in white coats for evaluation... you claim not to be a relative of the rodrigues.. and your wife knows all the details of whats going on... well let's just wait and see... mike has as a matter of public record, been arrested for solictation in salinas, been on admistrative leave several times, is now under grand jury inditment for sex crimes, just the begining.. i for one hope justice is done...
    as far as kristi's drinking problem of which i have very little knowledge, but it does explain one thing,, why she married the jerk.. none of the other victims, including the one who had to call the cops because mike was going to kill him selve in her apartment parking lot.. oh and no police report.. mike is and always has been a piece of work..
    i agree innocent untill proven guilty.. but for mike all good things must come to an end... he has been accused of rape by his last girl friend, a charge still pending, beside the grand jury charges... harvey nyland put him on leave for using computers to stalk women.. as for the rodrigues family, ron and mike both made it clear to the freelance they didn't want their names on the obituary of mike's son daniel.. as for javana and chevon... javana only can guess she is first because her child it the oldest, but since you bring it up your are again right she might not be the first,, mike threatened her, her family, debbie called all hours day and nite, yelling at javana's mother and father.. and who knows maybe they scared the first couple away... a good point.. but now it would seem, it is time for him to explain how he has so many children???
    well i'll let you go for now, it will take you a little time to digest this,, hope to see you in court sitting with mike and family at the divorce hearing,, it should be interesting...

  131. hey you
    the business man supporting the rodrigues, or family member what ever you are... if your a business man you probably owe ron a big favor, but more than likly your his sister debbie.. dear sickly debbie... the rodrigues bad seed.. all of mike's kids have illnesses, as you say passed on geniticly..
    as far as poor mike not getting to know his children... well chevon attended hollister high school where mike was on campus as a secutiry officer several times, and never even said hi to her, cool dad.. chevon introduced herself to ron and diana, and diana would not even say hi.. great thing for a grand mother.. it may not be ron and diana;s fault that mike is the way he is but they must accept responceability for helping him continue with out proper mental health support... you are all over christi and her family, well the rodrigues are hardly a model family.. mike will be proven guilty, unless the great rodrigues threat ane intimadation machine is working,, i hardly think so this time.. mike is a sick person, and it is ok to support sick people, but it is not ok to help them excape their responsibilty of their actions... i for one think the county should be held accountable for allowing him to run free for 20 plus years. hope to see you in court, i think it may be a packed house,, also da hooper trying to plea bargin is not going to work, to much heat,,, mike and ron's days of power in san benito county are numbered..
    also mister business man, you say its he said she said,, well mike will have an opportunity soon to say his part.. how he can explain away 20 + years of sexual assaults is going to be interesting.. you mention someone stating she was the 1st victim, well i agree she may not be the first victim and it appears certainly not the last.. how you can defend him is unbelieveable his right to trial and be proven guilty or innocent is certainly a right for all,, but so is walking down the street, or dating, or going to movies, with out being assulted... apparently you missed he has been charged with another rape and threating the victims child with harm, since he was in court.. the grand jury, has alot more to sift thru.. again inspite of the counties incopidence justice might just prevail... again i believe this to be mike or debbie or his form county animal contorl girl friend.. because anyone one else would fear for there family, that is unless your wife is so ugly even mike won't bother...

  132. let's keep it simple bye bye mike
    adios' mike c u later mike.. get the point justice will be done..
    your room is ready mike, all the pads are in place, sucide watch is on, bye

  133. the real crime will be letting mike continue to live on the out side... kristi may drink, that would explain her getting involved with mike in the first place,, as far as heridity,, just look at mikes sister,, and the denial his parents have,, talk about mental problems any one responsible for helping mike stay on the force, or staying out of jail has mental problems...

  134. it's been awhile since any one has been posting comments, but you mister business man.. r pretty sick... innocent until proven guilty is a right granted to all citizens.. but mike has remained free only because he used his position to intimidate, and threaten people,, with the aid of his sister, calling all hours day and nite... his father making deals with his old friend harvey nyland, and the board of supervisors.. i do believe thou that that ship has sailed... to much crap on the board for them to help this time.. and curtis hill is fighting for his political life, and da hooper,, is well need i say more... justice will be done... write us some more mr. business man.. it is your right to free speech... or should i say debbie... mike is probably starting to stress, the end is near and the boys at solodad are getting his room ready... just imagine if this was resolved before... oh and debbie just how many neices and nephews do you have... ?????????? fathers day for mike is probably hollister second biggest event...

  135. i just read a reply from javana, i know this woman... pretty nice. when you start talking mental health, hers seems fine... i havn't read about her in the papers over the last 20 plus years.
    just do this go to freelance type in mike rodrigues and read the files.. he is good for newspapers.. front page more than anyone else... if you wish to support mike, and you know his family so well ... recommend mental health care... he does need it and to deny him that help is a crime in it self... as far as being a family man.. he doesn't go to his own sons funeral, his daughters high school graduation, he does nothing... nothing in support of his extended family unless the courts made him... remember made him.. he has denied all of the children, and i wonder what the real score is... when you a young women pregnant by and officer, who seems immune to the legal system, your records are messed with your family is intimidated, etc... some may never have come forward... but i certainly respect the ones that have... mike you still have the stalking charges to face, the lastest rape, its a new year and it looks like it might be a good one for law and order... curtis hill is trying to distance himself from you by not commenting on anything.. and da hooper is trying to hide a plea bargain.. but alas mike good ridence ron and diana, uncle dean, sister debbie, you must be so proud... hey debbie keep up the entertainment...

  136. hey debbie, ron, diana, you better keep an eye on mike, he is telling people he is going to kill himself... do something right, and get him some real help... he has tried this one before, but he was always in charge,, he has lost his power,,, do what you can to help this troubled man

  137. Good morning, Mr. Businessman: Let's see where do I begin. You say that I was sleeping with 4 different men when I became pregnant from Mike. Wow! I don't know how I ever got any sleep to mention even have time to work. At the time I became pregnant from Mike he was the only 1 that had forced himself and I do say forced himself on me. Oh, yes I didn't have to go meet with him that night but for him to ever leave me alone that was the only recourse I had. And once I was getting on with my life and hoping to start dating a respectful and decent man Mike screws that up for me by forcing me into his friends bed, yes friends bed. It was Mike that wanted 4 men to be brought into the picture hoping that I would drop the case. I'm not scared of Mike anymore because you know what I have a good man now in my life and the best daughter in the world who was raised up with the best grandparents and uncles and aunts and cousins anyone could ask for and this for sure isn't the Rodrigues. So, I hope your there at the court proceedings to help Mike because he's sure going to need it.

  138. Letting you know I stopped a message from coming through.
    I know some of you don't like that but I have to live with myself.

    Some folks are really bitter and must wake up in the morning wondering how they can destroy other people's lives.

  139. hey debbie, it bothers you people write about you here.. well quit harassing the victims and get your brother the help he needs, before it's to late... if you really care for him, help him

  140. to the rodrigues family, you know, and you should mike the help he needs, you support him, all familes should support each other.. but for 20 years you must have noticed something wrong with him... it's not the first time these charges have been brought up.. and by so many different women. and just how many children does he have... does anybody know..
    remember a child is a life time responsiblity, not a one nite stand. those who feel mike has not been given the opportunity to have a part in his childrens lifes, should just read the blogs here, from petie, from javana. both who have had children with him,, ask his current wife christi, no financial support.. but he's still living in the big house with the pool thanks again to good ole mom and dad paying the way... ron use some of that money to get your son help... your family must be aware of his on going problem... innocent until proven guilty... debbie if you fought as hard to help his problem, rather than harrass the victims, maybe then you'd be a good sister...

  141. About suicide - people make choices. Flipping the script now to make him the patient? If he makes that CHOICE then it is his ultimate act of control -

    controlling how the story ends and hoping to lay guilt at the feet of others.

    He always has the option of pretending to be born again, pleading guilty and apologizing - then doing the time,


    No one is driving him to anything. He has always had the wheel... over his own life and all of the people he has decided to impose himself on.

    He may feel backed into a corner but life is not a game and his victims have real lives that they have had to forfeit.

    Can he man-up to that?
    Maybe not.

    People are thinking game's up?
    MR may be thinking - not quite yet.

    I am afraid of suicidal lawmen. They have relationships with their weapons that is more than what most people understand. When they are distraught, their weapon goes into that psychotic-break from reality with them.

    If he is suicidal,
    take cover.
    He may be homicidal instead, or
    in addition.

    The big bang.

  142. regarding mike rodrigues, san benito county must be sweating the out come of the upcoming trial.. if mike is found guilty. i wonder how long it will be before lawsuits are filed.. i wonder how many victims there really are... just read the public records, the freelance, etc.. mike has been running unchecked for years.. and the county claims no knowlege of his actions while on the force.. how can this be.. his fellow officers must have gotten a clue.
    the past few county da's have all dealt with charges against him.. an armed law enforcement officer against, scared, and threatend females.. harvey nyland put him on suspension etc.. the county must accept some of the blame for allowing this man to be free in public.... let's just hope the crop of victims stand there ground.. remember victims have rights also.. shame on you san benito county

  143. i'm new to this, but today i saw mike and his sister show up at the kids school. and mikes sister walked across the street and got into christi's car and started telling her off... now that's not right... i feel sorry for this woman, and i must say i believe what some of the bloggers have written about his sister trying to help him stop wittness's
    hang in there christi people are watching..

  144. Whew!!!!
    Y'all are DEEP!
    You have all nested up in a far corner of the blog and just created a whole EVENT in here!!!
    I can't help but think some of what has been shared here has helped.

    I use a utility provided by Google called Analytics that tells me what is being viewed, how many times, etc.

    This page - in just the last month - has been viewed 1,687 times - and 26.43% of those were new viewers.

  145. HOLLISTER is represented on the Analytics map chart as a HUGE orange circle - and on top of it and around it are all sizes of orange smaller circles representing neighboring communities, towns, and areas.

    Just thought I'd let you know that you are not talking to air. I'm sure you are talking to everyone involved.

  146. I just wanted to thank Kristi for coming forth with her charges that all the others have been afraid to do for years. Please believe that we will all be there in support of you and hope this time he goes away for a long, long, time. Because if not he'll be out to do it all over again. I've been thru his family's harrassing and threats and was to scared for my family to do anything about but hopefully the laws have changed to where they will be on the victims side and not on the predator. I know innocent until proven guilty but I'am talking from experience - Mr. Businessman. Kristi and the other women you are all in my prayers along with the children that have been wronged in all this. God Bless.

  147. well it's the start of an other day. mike is still out running around.. althought it would appear his days of freedom are numbered, i hope he is kept in check by his family... it is the rodrigues familes job to keep this preditor in check... i guess having his sister go everywhere with him is a start... but what he appears to really need is a shrink... as stated so many times in this blog, innocent untill proven guilty... in most cases i would agree.. but in this case, you have to respect the laws in order for them to effect you... it is obivous that mike uses the laws, to his advantage, and doesn't respect them or enforce them... the time for justice has arrived... and mike will find himself unable to manipulate the legal system any more... the rodrigues threaten lawsuits, to anyone who disagrees with them. well it has come time for the entire family to understand, they have been supporting a troubled man.. a family has the right to do this, but should also accept the responcibility of seeking help for this very sick man... when mike gets his day in court, coming soon, it will help us all see his troubles, pointing fingers, but let me ask you this, how can so many women, unrelated to one another all accuse mike of sexual assualts.. think about that.. local women, tourist, a women in laughlin nev, again where san benito county sent mike undercover, and the county has to deal with charges from another state.. the public probably only knows a little fo what mike has done... but it appears he's done it everywhere he goes... monterey county, arrested for solicting, laughlin, nev, san bentio county. and lord knows where else... yes mike it appears it is all starting to come out... your family if they truly love you and the community then chose to live in should seek mental health for you.... not freedom, from you crimes

  148. hello mike your day in court is quickly approaching,, i know your attorney will ask for all charges to be dismissed, your innocent. etc. etc. but i think this time your going to have to publicly tell your side of the story... you'll be asked to explain your past history of using police computers to stalk females, you numerous admistrative leaves, all your previous charges, and most importantly face some of your victims,, how does it feel to know the whole community is watching... the blog written here by a local business man(choke cough, sister) it would appear to be the only support you have recieved here.. the real support you need is mental health.. you are not alone, and should seek help.. mister business man says the acl and others are lookinging to your rights being violated,, isn't amazing how disturbed people like you always point the finger at everything to divert the truth... truth is mike you've run your course.. curtis hill and some of his officers seem to have waken up and are actually going to help prosocute you.. about time and i commend them for it.. one apple can spoil the bunch... the officers investigating must be stunned by all the charges you've dodged over the years.. it's sad that some of your victims are still afraid of you.. the woman you chained to your bed, some of the ones you have childre with, and who knows how many that is. it amazing to see mister business man claim such close knowlege of your family, ron being so tight with his money.. well he probably has to be to keep paying your way out of problems... your current bail, your attorneys etc.. the freelance has promised to be in court next week to follow your case and report to the public the court proceedings... i hope so, i myself have called ksbw 8, and channel 46, making sure they are on hand... they again are seeking interviews with curtis hill, da hooper, just to name a few, it is amazing how these people are distancing themselves from you..
    ron and diana have done a good job of supporting you, thru all your troubles.. but they have done nothing to help support all of your children, or protect our local community from you... it should be very clear they need to spend some time seeking professional help for you... and mike may justice prevail.. see you in court

  149. how can this be, mike rodrigues being accused of rape, stalking, and murder,, can this be right. the wrongful death shooting, charges being filed, stalking three out of town women, rape of his most recent girl friend, a grand jury inditement, threats to his latest victims young son, having his young daughter riding in patol car against all regulations. using police computers to find innocent women, having his sister and his former dog cather friend contacting victims, telling them not to pursue their charges.. his father helping influence county officals, not to pursue his son... this sounds like a made for cable movie.. i hope this saga comes to an end before it ends like a movie, with more violence, more law breaking, more smoke and mirrors... if even a part of this is true, its time for rodrigues to have his day in court.. starting next week, he will... all of you should tell your friends to follow this case carefully, mike is going to point fingers at everyone but the man in the mirror.. all of these victims, unknowing of each other have all one thing in common MIKE RODRIGUES.. FORMER SHERRIFF OFFICER MIKE RODRIGUES it looks bad for you mike, but it has before, but this time i think your fellow officers are going to do their jobs. any one with political ambition will do there best to avoid the trial, or be forced to take a position.... i believe even you family will be forced to do the right thing and try to get you the help you need... i for one don't want to see you get off, on an insanity plea, but in the true order of american justice, if you admit you guilt and ask for mercy and help, we be happy with that.. oh yes and 99 years in prison for the criminally insane.. heres hopin mike... and your sister can help you pass the time with her crative writing and story telling...

  150. dear cloudancer.. i would like to thank you for crating this site.. i for one hope those who read this follow mike's case to the conclusion.. he will have his day in court, and be given the chance to respond to all these charges.. one can only hope justice is done.. mike has been unstoppable for over 20 years, and now it seems he, and his many victims will have there day in court.. i as many believe in innocent untill proven guilty.. but in this case mike has strongarmed his way out several times.. this is at least his second grand jury invetigation.. the previous one, victim testified before grand jury, but later refused to testify.. guess why... well maybe here on your site with the large public out cry from at least a few of his victims. justic will be done... again thank you for the site.. and also thanks to all those who are reading here,, maybe there is hope before it is too late,,

  151. From one third party to another, Kristi and Mike's sister were in the car. Did debbie threaten Kkristi?? Did Kristi threaten Debbie?? Did anyone threaten anyone? Did Kristi hug Debbie?? Did Debbie hug Kristi?? Did they both hug a rug or a bug??m You were not there. MYOB.

  152. I am a neighbor of Mike's and have know him for years. I know for a fact, he lives in the house that HE bought and PAID for. HE put the POOL in with HIS time and money FOR HIS FAMILY.-which by the way, Christy's family had absolutely NO problem in using and abusing house priveledgs! Why should he be there? Oh yeah, it was wifey-poo that FORBID and threatened Mike if HIS kids ever came there. She did not want any of HER money-which HE earned to be spent on THOSE kids.And did not want TROUBLED kids around hers. This included the moms she considered lower than her.

  153. If memeory serves me correct, a divorce is between a husband and wife. Why are all you others getting involved and bringing Mike's family and friends, Kristi's family and friends and others into it? If YOU have issues, why didn't YOU speak up before and deal with it!

  154. Yes, girls, it's me. So, poor PHil and Frank-rolling knowing what a sleeze humpty is!! Also, good thin thatMR. PRESIDENT had enough money to start his own security business as he could't cut it at SO. Hi, Aneisha!!! Grow up. Aren't you tired of payoffs of money, jewelry, shopping sprees?? g. I wonder why. You might be getting aquainted with a few bambinos of your own. Glass house resident shouldn't thro bricks.

  155. Duh?? Media coverage?? What do you think.....G. I wonder where all them hang their hats at night....over the Hill and Thru....

  156. well now it's happing, all the finger pointing... when all else fails point your finger.. the evidence will speak for itself. the truth make take awhile, but usually it comes to the surface.. it is amazing how all of a sudden the closer the court date the more smoke and mirrors come out.. well it wont' be long.. and lets all hope and pray, both sides are heard and judged on their merit and honesty.. the jury will judge the case and come to a verdict... all of these recent blogs seem to be a desperite attempt to make the victims the guilty, and the guilty the victim... let's just all wait and see... nothing more really needs to be said, no more personal attacks.. just the merit of the case, and will see who is standing at the end...

  157. the knowledge of all the people posting comments here seems unlimited.. it remains however a case between mike and several parties accusing him of crimes.. mike has the opportunity to defend himself, and he will when given the chance.. the sheriffs department and district attorney, have presented their evidence to the grand jury, and mike will soon be given his chance to reply to the charges... remember their are two sides to every story.. all this bickering back and forth resolves nothing.. i would believe all the comments here are posted out of emotion.. remember mike has rights, as do his accusers, the justice system was created for this purpose... so lets all let it work... no matter how many flaws the justice system has, it does allow everyone their day in court.. let's wait and see what happens... the local press will report, the tv reporters will do their jobs.. it doesn't matter who lives where, or who gets what.. what matters is this all comes to an end... and justice prevails.. the children suffer no matter the outcome,, all the relatives suffer, the accused suffers, and friends of both sides become enemies... all this is doesn't benifit either side, only creates more emotion... the time is now near, and the resolve not matter what is near,, and no matter the results, it will be time to move on and all parties start the next chapter in this thing called life... i hope everyone can calm down on both sides and let the system work...
    thank you for allowing me to post this i have followed this site for awhile now and it is no longer serving a purpose... if mike is guilty or innocent he will be found so in a court of law not of public opinion.. a web site is for constructive discussion not this... again thanks to to all parties, lets let the system work

  158. So who ever wrote all that stuff about me (amber) you know the innocent one! yea well you are full of it. 1st thing i dont give my 11 year old cousin beer.2end thing driving around in the car with my friends didnt know it was a crime! scamming on BOYS hahahahahaahahahaha really come on are you kidding me. And so you say you see me doing all this so are you following me? how do you know we are "scamming" we could just be in the car going somewhere so really get some better info THAT IS TRUE! But it looks like to me if you are watching every move i make YOU REALLY NEED TO GET A LIFE BIG TIME!

  159. blah blah blah same old stuff, poor innocent mike.. everyone is guilty but the accused.. mister neighbor.. might i remind you when married christ's family was mike's family.. his money became her money, and vice versa. everyone who post here for mike's side are attacks... a very common attitude to defend someone who is against the wall... you have all been quite for so long, and now the that his court appearance is nearing your starting to sling it.. well good luck.. anyone and i mean anyone who knows mike knows he has problems... he will get his chance in court.. i guess this time the treats and intimidation didn't work.... just read the papers.. he is accused of another rape, even before he gets to court.. and still has the wrongful death suit to deal with, and lets not forget stalking the three women from out of town... mikes future is full, all the personal attacks from both sides.. including mine, are based on his total lack of responcibility.. just deal with his daughter watching him shoot someone.. and all the threats of suicide with the kids there... come on folks it's not rocket science going on here... let's all let the system work and maybe mike will get the help he so badly needs... the facts are the facts, and i don't blame mike's few remaing friends.. mister business man, and mister neighbor, and sister debbie, for turning so negitive here... what else can they do but sling the mud.. talk about people in glass houses... just ask your self this can all the people here be wrong but mike...????? this is over 25 years... and maybe this time the justice system will work... so many unrelated charges, from so many people over so many years.. including some as far away as nevada.. mike it is ok to be scared, and it is alright to seek help... denial of a problem still doesn't solve the problem.. get help while it is still you choice.. the attacks against your victims here are so basless, that you and your friends writing here look lost and confused as to the charges... it's you not them that is going to court charged with crimes... remember that.. evidence has brought you here and now you will have the chance to face it... your on a rocky road and it's just starting... i won't be surprised if you get 50 years mike think about that 50 years...

  160. I am sorry if my comments hurt anyone..I am here to present the facts..The truth is I have been sucked into his lies for well over a year now time and time again.Kristi bless u for living with this man for 10 years. I guess I thought I could help him by being his friend and supporting him..I am the idiot..of course this is all my fault someone once told me "some people tell so many lies that they actually believe it is the truth" You can ask any of my friends what kind of person he is.I feel sorry for the women that don't him..and for his dogcathcher wake up he is only using u to..you must have something pretty good on him..could it be the rumors that have been floating thru this town how U guys had sex in the patrol car in the orchards? the only person he cares about is himself and the funny thing is I am still praying for him and his family..When I drove to Reno to meet him and get his dog I saw a whole other side to mikee..look out..you are all in my prayers..bless u

  161. Shame on those who invent the lie and on those so quick to believe.

  162. If you are a victim of MR and any of the comments here re-victimize you - write to me and I'll get rid of it.

  163. I am new to this site. I have not been a victim of MR. I am however a friend of the "dogcatcher", who by the way was with me last Saturday night, not MR. So many people have been injured by this entire situation. Can't people just let a judge and jury decide his fate and if he is indeed found guilty, pray for all of the victims. One of you posting on this site knows all too well how families can be destroyed. People in glass houses, should not throw stones.

  164. mike does it ever end... anyone on your side makes personal attacks. most everyone else is just waiting for your court appearance.. oh and now your attorney wants the judge changed.. didn't get your way on friday huh... as all people involved with you state, if mike doesn't get his way watch out.. ok we're watching... mike you have stated you can prove your innocence... i have to see that..
    acadamey award performance comes to mind,,, but witht the writers strike you'll have to wing it... good luck... see you in about 50 years...

  165. what another woman.. just how many mike... even cheating on the ones your cheating with... mike i would be scared when i walk into court tuesday.. how many women can their be... cheating on the girlfriends with others, while the wife and kids you love so much are home.. oh wait thats why you can't pay child support to many girlfriends..
    it will be interesting if nothing else, your day in court... oh wait, more motions, remove judge, what next... it's like a movie script,,, keep throwing smoke to make people forget the real issues... mike you are charged with several felony crimes. no amount of smoke and mirrors can make them disappear.. and oh yes mike more charges are on the way... as far as all your girlfriends, try to remember them all, some of the older late eighties ones, the ones who you swore you would get help if they didn't press charges.. well they are rethinking it... all those who don't charge you must share in the blame for what happened and will continue to happen to all women after you have moved on from them.

  166. remember to tell all of your friends about this site,, although most of what is written here is out of emotion.. it should not be over looked.. it will show you how mike and what ever supportors he has remaining, rely strictly on personal attacks... i will agree that some personal attacks have also been agains mike... but the bottom line is mike has been charged with several crimes, and will be called to court to face them... it also is a fact that mike has been charged several times before over several years.. it also stands to reason that several unrelated women have brought these charges.. also mike has never addressed how many children he has, except to say he has been refused the right to see them.. well i've read on this site from a few women who have mike's children, i have yet to read anyone saying he can't see them.. so mike address this.. just do what your doing and keep pointing fingers.. it just shows more clearly how scared you are,,, when mike doesn't get his way he explodes.. well it appears so..

  167. to all readers of this blog.. remember mike is the accused, and mike will have his day in court.. it will take quite awhile to actually get him there,, motion to remove judge, motion to drop all charges, ect ect.. but the bottom line is his day will come.. change attorney's, he can't afford one,, but he can demand first right of refusal to purchase his house, at time of court ordered sale.. amazing can't pay child support, but argues in court to purchase house, no income, no job, no assets, and still demands court to grant first right of refusal to purchase home.. amazing.. anyone with a clear mind who just watches long enough will see it all unfolding in front of them, mike likes control, even when the ship is going down.. well mike will just have to wait and see, what the future holds for you.. and to all the women who read this let them stand warned... mike needs help, and our society should provide it for him,, if not for his benefit for those who he has terrorized over the years...

  168. i try to read all the blogs posted here.. recently someone stated they where with the former dogcatcher. and how lives can be hurt here.. well where is her credibility,, dating a married man with 2 children at home, and doing for a long period of time.. you are correct, people in glass houses should not cast stones.. i believe everyone has done something they are not proud of, but most face it, try to resolve it and get on with life.. well this women has been supporting mike for years, and along with several others, have been sucked into mikes world.. i feel sorry for those who have put their faith in mike, but i also believe all women have a right to say no.
    i won't post another comment here untill after the court proceeding on tues the 22... but remember to tell everyone you know to check this site... the public has a right to know...

  169. "...mike needs help, and our society should provide it for him..."

    What criminal or perpetrator doesn't need help? Where is accountability? If someone is competent enough to make law enforcement decisions, they are competent enough to know if they are crossing the line. Mike is not insane. He's criminal. He is a predator. FIRST DEGREE. SERIAL.

    I'm sure HITLER'S family thought he was a great guy too.

    Let ALL the rapists and predators walk out of jail and just have therapists?

    That's very loving of you - to Mike. But as a SOCIETY we have to have boundaries and MIKE has made a LIFE for himself of crossing the boundaries and frightening people.

    Maybe you are too close to see what he has done to his own life.

  170. january 22, 2008. mike has waited for along time to defend himself, well his time has come. the press, the televison news, and all interested parties should be present. mike can finally clear all this up. i for one hope he can. the community has been torn up enough by this case. both victims and acused have waited for this day. i think it would be wonderful, for all involved for this to be over.. let's all wait and see how this turns out. enough speculation, now mike can give us the real facts. his attorney, his witnesses, his evidence, his day to face all these accusors.. good luck mike, and justic for all.

  171. it doesn't matter who he was with the point is I was his girlfriend and it wasn't me he was with

  172. Then don't be making untrue accusations about who he was with!

  173. To the person who wrote me - send the ones you mean to cloud_writer@yahoo.com and I'll take a look at them.

  174. I tried to post a comment with my opinion, but it was never posted. It wasn’t vulgar and didn’t take a side, there shouldn’t have been a reason not to post it. I believe all comments should be posted even ones that may support Mike.

  175. Was it the one against "sexinthecity"?
    Or the one slamming women who have rape charges?

    Somebody let me know - are dog catcher and sexinthecity nasty names for two of the women with complaints?

  176. this site seems to post all blogs. i think several here are in mike's favor, or at least attempt to be, but they don't address any of the charges, just the b.s. they accuse everyone but mike of wrong doing, living in glass houses.. let's see on tues mike can answer all his accusors and end all the speculation... it would seem mike is going to be explaining alot on tues. it would also appear he'll be in court most all year and maybe more... theres still a wrongful death suit coming, more rape charges, and maybe even some up coming contempt of court charges, possibly selling off assets against court orders, etc. mike has his work cut out for him, lots of answers to lots of questions and charges... a new attorney, a new spin. mike now is your chance to have the spotlite, explain away all these charges, produce your evidence, your witnesses, i for one await the outcome. delay is the guilty man's best friend.. and you have delay justice for 25 years..

  177. Attorney asks judge to recuse himself from case of accused sheriff's deputy
    Hollister Free Lance, CA
    Jan 18, 2008
    By Michael Van Cassell

    An attorney has asked the county's presiding criminal judge to dismiss himself from the case of a former sheriff's deputy indicted on eight felony charges, according to court documents.

    Mike Rodrigues, 47, of Hollister, was indicted in December on the charges - seven of which are suspected sex crimes.

    Those charges include: three counts of forcible rape, two counts of unlawful sexual penetration and one count each of spousal rape, attempted rape and domestic violence.

    Rodrigues' attorney, Christopher R. Miller, filed a request this week that San Benito County Superior Court Judge Steven R. Sanders recuse himself from the case.

    "The Honorable Steven R. Sanders is prejudiced against Mr. Rodrigues, or interests of Mr. Rodrigues, such that Mr. Rodrigues cannot have a fair and impartial hearing on any matter in this case before such judge," the request said.

    Miller could not be reached immediately for comment Friday morning.

    On Tuesday, Rodrigues will be arraigned and is expected to enter a plea to the suspected crimes.

    A judge and attorneys are also expected to discuss release of the transcript from a criminal grand jury that indicted Rodrigues.

    A grand jury can be used for a multitude of reasons, including protection of witnesses and victims.

    Grand jury sessions are held behind closed doors, and only prosecutors can present evidence. In normal criminal cases, both prosecutors and defense attorneys present or challenge evidence for a judge before heading to trial.

    Earlier this month, District Attorney Candice Hooper requested the transcripts be sealed from public view until at least Tuesday when the arraignment is to be held.

    The transcripts were to become public on Jan. 7, but Sanders granted Hooper's request, sealing the documents.

    Hooper contended sealing the transcripts was necessary to protect the identities of the suspected victims. But public documents obtained by the Free Lance both before and after Hooper's request revealed the names of the suspected victims.

    Michael Van Cassell covers public safety for the Free Lance. He can be reached at 831-637-5566 ext. 335.


  178. Family of killed man files lawsuit against embattled former sheriff's sergeant
    Hollister FreeLance
    Jan 21, 2008
    By Michael Van Cassell

    Embattled former sheriff's deputy delays plea; transcripts of grand jury will remain sealed
    Hollister FreeLance
    Michael Van Cassell
    January 22, 2008

  179. Wonder why the comments weren't great in number and bloodthirsty yesterday?


    If you have something to say I'll post it but the messages have grown redundantly trashy and I'm not letting them through.

    HOWEVER, in the spirit of free speech, if one of you starts a blogger blog (they're free), or a yahoo or google group (free also) to fight on, I will post the information for you of where it is so the others who want to sling insults and accusations can all follow you there.

    Just remember what goes around comes around and God is watching.

    Any comments that accuse, demean, or that TAUNT anyone are out.

    Mature comments will still be approved.

    (I'm old enough to know the difference.)


    To those of you now emailing me for ME to take the time to go through and read 180 comments to figure out which ones are YOURS so they can be deleted - I really can't take that much time and mental energy when I have so many things to do. I have too many other things to do towards trying to find the rent. (Always a pain!)


    But to those who haven't posted yet, that's something to consider before you hit "send."

  180. Oh, about bloodthirsty messages yesterday - Just know that the comments that tried to come through in anticipation of today's hearing for M.R. were

    awful and


    But I suspect ONE of you was responsible for most of them.

  181. i believe the wheels of justice are slow, but they do turn.. i will just observe and let them work.. i wrote several of the ones i'm sure that were not posted yesterday.. for this i'm sorry.. mike has had his way so long it is frustrating to see him protected by the laws he abused..
    again sorry..

  182. I have a question: Why is it that Mike the predator gets the law on his side. He got the court to prolong his plea so he can go on and try to scare the victims out of their testifying and he also got the judge removed. Where is it that the victims get their help. Is it because his family has money they can do this - but somebody should stand up for the victims and say hey, enough is enough. No removal of Judges. You've been doing this way too long. I hope the family of Israel gets their day in court and can sue the pants off of Mike to where he has to go on to the welfare pages just like some of the kids that he abandoned had to. Some of them didn't know where their next meal was coming from or how they would get the gas money to go to the doctor when needed. Mike needs to suffer just like his kids have all had to. So, please bring in the help before it's too late. Thanks for hearing these words.

  183. when judges ARE prejudiced, intimidated, and and ingredient in the spoiled stew, they should remove themselves or be removed. PERIOD. This, too, is the law. EVERYONE has rights!!

  184. g. Do you narrowminded individuals remember years back when an innocent man was fingered and destroyed by the likes of you?? Remember, the REAL murderer, G Marlow, was running loose. The goofy gand decided to burn a man's home. This man, in fact, was innocent. DO NOT BE SO QUICK TO JUDGE!

  185. I agree EMOTIONS are running way too strong. Also, because A loved one is supported by parents, siblings, relatives, friends and loved ones does not necessarily mean they agree with every aspect of a person's life. Also, why would everyone elso this person is associated with be reponsible for actions, If anyone, the wife and husband are the two main parties here.

  186. just because mr. rodrigues didn't get his way, doesn't mean the judge is prejudice. yes i also agree, mistakes are made, mike rodrigues is one of those mistakes. he should have been held accountable years ago. i also agree that the delays are for mike to continue his tactics of intimidation, and show the aledged victims he can do as he wishes, even with the legal system

  187. i don't think anyone is being to quike to judge the likes of mike rodrigues.. former officer mike rodrigues was suppose to uphold the law and protect its citizens. i don't feel myself narrow minded or quick to judge, but after 25 years of accusations, and leaves of absence, and previous grand jury charges, it's time to go to court and see the evidence. mikes delay tactics only futher the fear of his victims, that justice will not prevail. if mr rodrigues is innocent let him prove it in a court of law. thank you

  188. i don't believe there is a rush to judgement in this case.. 25 years of charges, now it's time to go to court, and mikes ask for delay.. it would appear it has taken a long road to get here, not in any way a rush to justice. mike will have his day in court to face the evidence and charges, and defend his case, it is then we may see justice

  189. my thanks to the san benito county sheriffs department for helping in this case to break down the bluewall. it would seem that they have investigated one of their own and provided enough information to obtain a grand jury inditment. this is a rare occurance, and they should be commended for their efforts. although a long way from resolve, former officer rodrigues will finally have his day in court.
    it would appear rodigues has a low regard for the justice system, calling his ex-wife while officers where with her against his court issued restraining order. failure to surrender himself at the agreed time and place, rather chosing to come in a few days late, at his convience. carrying his minor child in the patrol car with him against all county policies. it would appear he does what he wants when he wants, rules don't apply.. so again thanks to local law enforcement for bringing this case into the legal system.. i hope his victims stand their ground and don't give up, they are doing all fellow citizens a service, and i want to thank them as well as the san benito county sheriff and hollister police department for their efforts.. thank you

  190. so far so good.. not like 89 when mike and his few friends got to all the witnesses.. i hope the sheriff is reviewing all the past info on mike and his m.o. so the current victims can feel some safety... the local police know mike won't operate in side the boundries of the law, from past experience, i hope law enforcement does it's best to protect the witnesses and the victims. mike is using all the delay tactics he can, remember time the longer it takes to get to court the more his victims become afraid..

  191. in responce to blogger who calls us narrow minded.. don't you remember a few years back, 1989. mike charged with similar crimes, put on leave, and several victims reporting of threats.. the sheriff office, mikes base of operations, didn't do anything, to protect the victims. mike stalled and stalled, and one by one victims became scared and wouldn't testify, even after sworn grand jury testimony. well call me narrow minded, but i hope he doesn't get to the witnesses and victims this time.. mike is trying to get charges dropped, also asking for delays, does this sound like an innocent man, or someone who needs time to get things in order..the current victims must wonder why this time will be different.. they follow the rules, press the charges give their testimony, and mike is cooking dinner at the elks lodge.. go figure.. i hope the ship of justice hasn't sailed.. these victims and god bless them should be given their day in court, as should mike... lets let the evidence prove the case, not a bunch of legal b.s. mike should be brought to court, face his accusors, and let the court decide.

  192. attention san benito county law enforcement officers.. it is your duty to keep an eye on mike rodrigues, as you would any accused peditor. with your investigation of former officer rodrigues, your department saw it their duty to fire him... remember that, you guys fired him. now he is accused of a wrongful death. remeber is you can all the past charges, all of a sudden the victims wouldn't testify... keep an eye on him, give the victims the protection they deserve, and once again regain some credibility for you office..

  193. According to court documents, it appears the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. Yesterday Judge
    Tobias granted a restraining order against Kristi Rodrigues. It appears she too has been harassing a citizen of San Benito County. Kudos to Judge Harry Tobias for protecting this citizen for a full year.

  194. How can justice be served when in the past the Rodrigues's have threatened the victims off. There should be some "ANGEL OF MERCY" someplace in good ole' San Benito County that can get him to court before the tampering and the threats dissolve the rights of the victims. Please don't let anyone get hurt again because the Rodrigues's are so lame that they can't see where there's help needed to keep their prize of a son Mike off the streets - Ha, Ha! Before someone takes it into their own hands and can't take it anymore because they feel justice won't come - were begging the Sheriff's/I.A. to bring him down once and for all and to get the help thats needed for all of his victims.

  195. how much is enough. the freelance reports mike has threanted to kill himself, his ex wife if she ever tells anyone about him.. mike has charges all the way back into the eighties.. wow how can this have gotten this far.. the 89 case dropped because no one would testify.. i wonder why.. lets not let this happen here... i hope that lawenforcement can keep mike in check untill his case finally gets to court... amazing how curtis hill still refuses any comment on mike???? now curtis is a co defendent in wrongful death suit. like i said when is enough enough

  196. anyone else wonder why law enforcement may not be so quick to judge? THEY-not alll_but MANY-are doing the same thing as mike. mikejust happens to be the one who is being slammed thru the media. Believe me, working with this dept in the county, and may others, this has open a whole can of worms. and whther innocent or guilty, MANY more will have the day in court. by the way, hopefully more professionally thean the rodrigues case.

  197. I, too, wonder why all news is not covered equally? Kristi Rodrigues, mike's X, in court for a restraining order AGAINST her for threatening and stalking? Another police officer dui? Sounds like a witch hunt? EQUAL rights? press? what of it?

  198. Mr. President ? Are you so SECURE?? what about the Madamn who you had to pick up off the floor? Corroption and payoffs are STRONG and wll. Humm Humm Hummr? Give to the poor to set up, pay off, hang the enemy? Afraid of looking in the mirror?

  199. So, A certain mr.k buys jewels for the mrs. k to calm her when he is cought in the sack-and not a sack race. talk about diversion?? and now she has a few extras that will be shopping at k & s.bottomless pit. Pitiful!! run for the border-RX.

  200. well, again it starts. mike or his family pointing fingers in all directions... kristi, confronts one of mikes many lady friends?? and she has a restraing order placed on her, well the restraing order was granted to a former female animal control officer who has been one of mikes women on the side.. any married women wants to confront the other women and kristi did... as far as mr. k. he had a few things to say about mikes activites out of the local area, now mike is throwing mud..
    remember this is mikes and his families tatics, cloud the issue.. and that issue is mike is charged with crimes, not the witnesses against him. same old same old mike, point to everyone else.. look in that mirror mike if you want to see the real problem.


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