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Friday, September 28, 2007

[FL] Judge Moran's wife recants - "I'm the abuser. I lied to police."

Elaina, wife of Jacksonville Florida's Chief Circuit Judge Donald Moran Jr., now says her bloodied face and swollen jaw was not from a punch, but the hardwood floor when she tripped and fell. (Video)


Police: Judge cleared, warrant will be sought for wife
Florida Times-Union, FL
By Jim Schoettler jim.schoettler@jacksonville.com
"I lied. I tried to get him and hurt him. I'm the abuser. I lied to police. You could probably arrest me for that,"
Elaina Moran told investigators Tuesday... Moran also said she repeatedly struck her husband during the incident... and suffered a bloody mouth and swelling when she fell and hit her chin on the floor... But he never hit her, the report said. The report states that police no longer consider Judge Moran a suspect and they would seek a warrant charging Elaina Moran with battery domestic violence and falsifying a police report...

Moran decision by next week
Police present evidence to prosecutors, including the 911 call from judge's wife

Florida Times-Union, FL
By Jim Schoettler jim.schoettler@jacksonville.com
9/28/2007 - 11:50 am
State Attorney Harry Shorstein said Wednesday he intends to make a decision by early next week... Elaina Moran, 56, called police to the couple's San Marco home late Monday alleging she'd been struck by her husband... She told the officers she called police about two months ago for another dispute. Police records obtained by the Times-Union show a 911 call made from the home Aug. 3 in which the disposition was listed as
"peace restored."
No other details were available... Police found drops of blood in a bedroom, bathroom, on Elaina Moran's shirt and in her hair. They also found a broken phone that may have been thrown... The Times-Union requested a copy of the 911 call, photographs and other reports from police Wednesday, but a spokeswoman said the materials were being withheld as part of the ongoing investigation...

State Attorney: No Charges To Be Filed In Moran Case
State Attorney Harry Shorstein says no charges will be filed in the domestic battery incident between Chief Judge Donald Moran and his wife... The Chief Judge told investigators she threw a phone at him and "started to strike him in the back with closed fists."
Moran said his wife rushed at him, he stepped to the side, and she fell and hit her face on the hardwood floor...
Moran said he has never hit his wife. He also said his wife is being treated for depression and has a history of this type of behavior for 10 to 15 years... Chief Judge Moran released a statement Friday afternoon through his attorney Hank Coxe. "As a father and husband, my duty to family comes first and foremost and during this very difficult time, our family asks for the community's support as well as the prayers," wrote Moran. "I realize that we have some very serious and personal issues to resolve and I recognize that the road to recovery for both our family and me will be difficult. For my wife, our children and myself, I ask for the time and space necessary to heal with the love of our friends and family and the support of professionals as we move forward"...

Police: Moran's wife lied about scuffle
Arrest warrant sought; family cites drinking

Florida Times-Union, FL
By Jim Schoettler jim.schoettler@jacksonville.com
...Judge Moran's attorney, Hank Coxe, said he and his client were "pleased the Sheriff's Office did a thorough investigation." Coxe said the judge urged prosecutors not to charge his wife after he learned that police no longer consider him a suspect.
Coxe said he does not believe Elaina Moran has sought out an attorney, adding, "I trust she'll have no reason to need one"...
Michael Hallett, chairman of the criminology and criminal justice department at the University of North Florida, said research has shown that most people who recant do so out of some type of fear. But Hallett acknowledged that he had no idea what occurred in the Moran case... When asked whether people lie about being domestic violence victims, Ellen Siler, chief executive office of Jacksonville's Hubbard House, said it is rare. She said more often than not, victims recant because they fear the abuser or worry about the embarrassment the case may bring to family members. Siler declined to discuss the Moran case specifically...

No Charges In Domestic Incident At Judge's Home
September 28, 2007
...State Attorney Harry Shorstein announced he will not pursue any charges in the case. After two days of investigation of an incident at the Moran's San Marco home, police recommended that Moran's wife, Elaina, be arrested on charges of domestic battery and falsifying a police report. The area's top prosecutor disagreed.
"I concluded based on all the circumstances of this case that it wouldn't be prudent to prosecute,"
Shorstein announced. Among the reasons Shorstein cited for not filing charges were that false reports happen frequently and prosecution in this case might discourage others from filing domestic violence reports. "We believe the prosecution of Mrs. Moran would possibly impede or inhibit the disclosure of domestic violence cases in the future"... Elaina Moran called police late Monday night and said her husband had hit her during a fight. "I need help," she is heard telling a 911 operator. "My husband beat me up"...
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