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Sunday, September 23, 2007

[FL] Officer Velez - No anticipated charges for alleged terroristic threats

Dade cop relieved of duty over alleged threat
MiamiHerald.com, USA
BY DAVID OVALLE dovalle@MiamiHerald.com
Posted on Fri, Sep. 21, 200
FLORIDA - A Biscayne Park police officer has been relieved of duty with pay after allegedly threatening to shoot his wife, her co-workers and her son at grade school. Officer Jose Velez, 31, has not been arrested, according to Coral Gables police. NO CHARGES ARE ANTICIPATED, said Sgt. Javier Bruzos, a spokesman... She told police that Velez claimed he was going to go to her office and shoot "her and everyone else in the office while he was wearing his uniform."' He also said he would go to her son's elementary school and kill him, the report said...


  1. Let me ask everyone reading this....have you made mistakes??? Have you said things you wish you could've taken back??? If you answered NO to both these questions, then I'll be happy to know that GOD is reading my comment. As a friend of Jose, I know him quite well. Regardless of that, I do believe there is a lot of stress with a newly married couple and the lack of time issue, finances, and being over-worked, especially in a job where you have to be cautious in pulling over a speeder who may take your life away as soon as you walk up to him. This, is the scum we have on the street. Wheather or not he said the wrong thing, people are entitled to a mistake, and especially from a man who carries a lot of stress with his job....not just dealing with the scum on the street but the stress from administration.....how can you judge a man and make all kind of assumptions by something he said, one time, out of anger??? If anyone thinks he needs to get psychological treatment, then I think you do for judging a man by reading an article, where what is said is he said she said and seems exaggerated. You can't take a man's one-time mistake and make assumptions about him......good luck Jose and I hope everything works out....my regards

  2. Corruption, credibility, a liability.....what am I talking about??? Administartion at Biscayne Park....If people worry about something someone said out of anger so much, and worry about this cop on the street, look @ the stress he is under....research Biscayne Park's administration.....start with this newer position of Captain....who hired him?? only 1 possible person....the chief of police??? CERTAINLY!!!!! Can the chief of Biscayne Park read??? I don't know...I don't think he can, unless he "forgot" to read and research the past of this Captain; his good friend. After doing some research, the Captain was there, as a reserve police officer for a very short time, and then became Captain, skipping all the ranks below that position....I have a story for The Miami Hearld....Chief Hired & Promoted a Friend....regardless of his past.... or Chief Hired & Promoted a City Liability....Do some research into this man's past and you'll see an account of domestic violence...you'll also see how corrupt he was at other police stations and was fired from them and cost a city a big lawsuit....he has lost all credibility with the State Attorney.....but regardless, this a great man to run such a high ranking job...I wonder what or if the Chief was thinking when he made this decision??? How about the Mayor?? I wonder if he knows that this man may cause a lawsuit to form against the vilalge, costing it a lot of money like he has done to the last city he was fired from....Why don't Biscayne Park residents research this man a little....pull up his past and then ask your Chief of Police why he hired this man??? Just be a concerned citizen of your Village...you do live there and pay for him to do his job and hire people like him....who you also pay a great amount of money for.....The Biscayne Park residents need to realize that Jose is just one man who got angry and was so stressed out....can you imagine what may happen to other officers who are in this type of environment.....I've heard nothing but problems from the Police Department since the "pop-up" of this Captain with invisible background....come on Miami Hearld...bring the Village in the news and show the citizens what they really pay for and how concerned the chief is with them and the well-being of the city by hiring someone with his eyes closed.....now, do you think this may cause a load of stress on top of more problems with things such as manpower shortage and cops working double duty, 16 hours of Biscayne park road, for sometimes 5 days straight....80 hours of work??? Do you blame someone for being stressed....i know who I would blame.....do they realize hiring 1 more full-time cop would be cheaper or at least take away stress??? No, why would they want to do that....i think they are happy with their $60,000 +++ salary.....this concludes some of my research of this cabin...

  3. Hello friend of Jose,
    Are you a friend of Jose AND his wife or just Jose?
    It will help me to understand your perspective better.

  4. People you have to see the big picture here. What this administration is doing is deverting the attentio from them and the captain with his tainted past. This is the perfect opportunity to avoid having to face the realty of the situation by using officer velez as a scape goat. The chief hired an unqualified and untrained liar, who while releived of duty with Hialeah Gardens for two years, would sneak ou of his house and go to school where he obtained his degree. And being of twisted mind, he thiks he can erase his questionable and corrupt past because he got a degree. is not that difficult to see through thier smoke screen. And if you want to know the reason why the herald hasnt done anything, as usual, is because the so called police commisioner and his wife work for guess who, you got it, the herald. So does everyone undestand why the herald hasnt done a follow up on it. Its called, "Eyes Wide Shut." Beleive me if anyone would just take the time to investigate this administration they would win the pulitzer.


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