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Friday, September 14, 2007

I am away but the problems stay put

I am working on an officer-involved project for an upcoming conference in New York and am unable to do the regular things I do.

Never think though that my not posting here - or your not hearing of anything means all is calm. All is NEVER calm. Attention may be at times sporadic, but the harm never stops.

Below is a list of posts made to the Police_DV group over the last few days - and is probably less than HALF of what I would normally post. So the problem is here. I'm off doing what I can in hope of the cure, with the faith and hope of a child.

[CO] Ex-deputy Nelson update

[CA] 2 restraining orders filed on Deputy Rodrigues

[CA] (A few slightly older items on Deputy Rodrigues)

[RI] Officer Marcos arrested for break-in &dv assault of wife

[PA] Trooper Heller goes to jail for what he did to wife and son

[OH] 2 wives who shot their Trotwood police husbands in court

[NC] "Troopers' misdeeds bewilder patrol "

[PA] Officer Logan kidnapped his cop wife - armed threats

[PA] "Domestic abuse by police gets city hearing"

[PA] Fired Sgt Carey's rehire stands - Lied at friend's dv scene

[OH] Predisciplinary hearing set for murder-charged Officer Cutts

Cradle, comfort, and protect Laura

[OH] Lorain cop must wear GPS device to track movements

[OH] Detective Earl remains in jail, pled not guilty

[OH] Aug 20 incident was 3rd time Laura Earl called police

[OH] Union prez, Det. Earl committed for psych treatment

[OH] Laura only safe while cop husband is in custody

[GA] Fired cop Parker didn't attend missing wife's gathering

[CA] Firefighter/dispatcher Savinon can plead INSANITY

[MI] Officer Vargas found not guilty of dv, guilty of verbal

[MA] Dangerousness hearing begins for Officer Michel

[RI] [Sgt. Desroches] 2dys later another Woonsocket officer dv arres

Have anything on your heart to share with Woonsocket? (I do.)

FYI on Pittsburgh & officer-involved domestic violence

[MI] Firefighter Boyd suspended for felony burglary, 3 assaults

[LA] Police Chief Giroir was arrested for terroristic threatening

[TX] Divorced & depressed Officer Richey shot/injured self

[OH] Sheriff wannabe Mahan says wife "acted like she passed out"

[OH] Bond for Det. Dexter's shooting wife Denae returns to $1M

[US][OH] Ex FBI top cop Spicocchi - armed abduction, assault

[AZ] Investigator Sgt Potts coached dv-accused cop on what to say

[IN] Officer Ferguson arrested for felony battery on estranged wife

[OK] Officer Peterson and girlfriend dangerous fight/kids there

[MA] Couple's timeline detailed

[MA] Dangerousness hearing judge releases Officer Michel

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