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Thursday, April 5, 2012

[NJ] OIDV survivor Clara Colon: "I Plea for anyone to help me and my daughters"

Clara Colon - a survivor, mother, and voice against police officer-involved domestic violence - is about to go to her divorce trial on April 12th and has used her blog to widen her plea for help. Clara fears the worst based on what she shares that she has already endured from courts and authorities - an exhaustive trail of inaction after reporting years of domestic abuse by her Elizabeth New Jersey police officer husband. Below is the final paragraph of her plea. Please visit her blog to read her whole public statement to New Jersey lawmakers:  Please Help My family...Time is ticking

"Dear Senators, Assemblyman and Congressman:

...I  Plea  for anyone to help me and my daughters. I have written send videos, and even photos of all the violations from this man, his brother and NJ Family Judge. I am not looking for sympathy just the right to do process in the court . Make sure my daughters are protect and provided with stable upbringing. My children are my life, this is why i have taken this approach for the pass 18 months... We want to live and to have respect, dignity and fairness as human being.

Thank you for your time, ........
Blessings ,
OIDV Survivor
Clara Colon"
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