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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

[SA] South African police killing their wives, girlfriends, children and themselves in domestics

... Monday’s shooting is one of a growing number of cases of police officers killing their partners. On New Year’s Eve, a policeman stationed at the Garsfontein police station shot dead his wife and baby son before killing himself. He also shot his daughter, who survived the ordeal. In March last year, a police reservist went on a shooting rampage at the Akasia police station, killing his girlfriend before turning the gun on colleagues and then shooting himself... In March last year, an Akasia reservist, a Constable Mehlape, gunned down his girlfriend, reservist Constable Kgomotso Mathibe, before killing himself after a heated argument...

APR 17, 2012
[Excerpts] WITH screams of "no" echoing through a Pretoria police station charge office, colleagues of an enraged policeman, who had moments before shot his girlfriend five times in front of them, desperately tried to stop their friend from shooting himself. Constable Vutivi Mabunda, stationed at Moot police station, shot and killed himself seconds after he shot his girlfriend, Tsholanang Kgaladi... As police station members secured the scene and paramedics desperately tried to revive Kgaladi, Mabunda's colleagues gathered crying and hugging each other in support. A police officer said Mabunda loved Kgaladi. "He was so in love with her. I cannot understand why he did this. It doesn't make any sense," said the officer...

SA Time: Tue Apr 17 2012
[Excerpts] A young woman who went to the Moot police station for protection was fatally shot in the charge office by her ex-boyfriend, a policeman at the same station. Tsholanang Kgaladi, 23, wanted to collect her clothes from the flat of Constable Vutivi Mabunda, 24, but was too scared to go alone and wanted one of his colleagues to accompany her. Provincial duty officer Lieutenant Colonel Tshisikhwawe Ndou said: “As far as we know, Kgaladi called the station to request the assistance of a police officer to help her retrieve her clothing and belongings from Mabunda’s home. “She was then taken to the police station, and Mabunda, whose shift ended at 6am, was called to the station. It (seems) Mabunda, while discussing the dispute with fellow officers, drew his service pistol and shot Kgaladi and then turned the gun on himself,” Ndou said... Outside the station, an eyewitness, with a baby on the car seat next to her, was sobbing while being consoled by a friend. Her friend told the Pretoria News she had been inside the station when the shooting occurred and was too traumatised to speak. Ndou said police officers who were present during the shooting were traumatised and were receiving counselling. He said no one else was injured... “There was no evidence to suggest he was having any problems. This was a very gruesome and sad incident, and we advise all members who are experiencing any problems to consult the various pastors, social workers and psychologists available to them,” Ndou said... Monday’s shooting is one of a growing number of cases of police officers killing their partners. On New Year’s Eve, a policeman stationed at the Garsfontein police station shot dead his wife and baby son before killing himself. He also shot his daughter, who survived the ordeal. In March last year, a police reservist went on a shooting rampage at the Akasia police station, killing his girlfriend and seriously wounding a pensioner before turning the gun on colleagues and then shooting himself. It is understood that the reservist, a Constable Mehlape, was enraged that his girlfriend, reservist Constable Kgomotso Mathibe, had ended their five-year relationship shortly before and had filed a complaint of intimidation against him. In March last year, an Akasia reservist, a Constable Mehlape, gunned down his girlfriend, reservist Constable Kgomotso Mathibe, before killing himself after a heated argument. Although he could not supply figures, Dr Johan Burger, senior researcher of the crime and justice programme at the Institute for Security Studies (ISS), said the number of cop killings had increased over the past year...

APR 2, 2012
[Excerpts] A North West police constable yesterday killed his 27-year old girlfriend and another woman aged 25 in Ikopeleng village, near the Botswana border, before turning the gun on himself. The 26-year-old constable, who was stationed at Ramatlabama border post, went to his aunt's house where he forced open a window and shot the two women dead at 2am, said Brigadier Thulane Ngubane. Constable Kaane Obed Cornelius Ramorola shot dead Bontle Delia Gaboutlwelwe and her friend Motlalepule Aletta Mathikge. The two women were from Setumo Park in Signal Hill, Mahikeng. "We can also confirm that the member used his Z88 service pistol, 11 cartridge cases were found in the bedroom and one in the pistol, five projectiles were also found in the bedroom," said Ngubane. After the shooting, the constable contacted the police and told them what had happened. He later shot himself through the mouth, Ngubane said.

APR 4, 2012
[Excerpts] Relatives hid a two-year-old baby girl in the toilet as her crazed police constable father killed her mother and a friend - then searched for the toddler in vain - before committing suicide. Police constable Obed Ramorola shot dead his girlfriend Bontle Gaboutlwelwe and her friend Motlalepula Mathikga, and after unsuccessfully searching for the toddler, he put the gun in his mouth and killed himself. The incident took place in Ikopeleng village in Mahikeng, North West, on Sunday. Gaboutlwelwe's aunt Tshegofatso Tshukudu said yesterday: "We are certain he wanted to kill her too. He was looking for her all over but the baby was hidden in the toilet. When he did not find her, he killed himself"... Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa's spokesman, Zweli Mnisi, said there are programmes to help stressed out officers... A police psychologist said: "Suicide scenarios are often seen in intimate partner situations and family murders. In intimate partner situations, it is often the ex-lover that cannot cope with the end of the relationship. Often, there is a history of jealousy and controlling behaviour in that relationship...

3 year old Khumo Motaung was shot and wounded when her police officer father Lucas Motaung shot and killed her mother Phindile, her 2 month old baby brother Bokamoso, and himself.

January 3 2012
[Excerpts] As little Khumo Motaung fights for her life in hospital, her relatives are battling to discover what drove her apparently loving father to shoot her and then gun down her two-month-old brother, their mother and himself... Colleagues at the Garsfontein police station in Tshwane, where Constable Lucas Motaung, 30, was stationed, said that when they last saw him on duty, he seemed excited about spending the weekend with his children and wife... Motaung - enraged by an apparent argument - opened fire on the three as they lay in bed in their West Park flat. It is believed that Motaung - who phoned his parents shortly before the killings - used his service pistol to shoot two-month-old Bokamoso first, before turning his gun on his wife and daughter...... Police spokeswoman Captain Pinky Tsinyane said information indicated that there had been an argument, followed by a series of gunshots.

Mon, 9 Jan 2012 10:31:41
[Excerpts] The 3-year-old Pretoria girl shot by her policeman father is still in a medically induced coma. |||The little Pretoria girl shot by her policeman father hours before her family could celebrate the new year is still in a medically induced coma in a Gauteng hospital.Khumo Motaung, 3, was shot in the head when her father, Constable Lucas Motaung, flew into a rage following an argument with her mother, Phindile, a medical technologist at Kalafong Hospital.Using his service pistol Motaung, who was stationed at Garsfontein police station, shot Khumo’s two-month-old brother, Bokamoso, in the head. The little girl is believed to have escaped death when her mother grabbed her father’s gun.It is believed that this action saved Khumo’s life. Motaung shot his wife in the head before he killed himself with a gunshot to the head.Speaking from his Pretoria home, Daniel Motaung said his niece was in a serious, but stable condition.“We had good news last week when Khumo responded to us after she was woken from her coma by doctors. “She recognised our voices and was holding our hands and moving about when we called her.“Unfortunately when doctors operated on her to remove blood clots from behind her eyes, she started having bleeding on the brain, which is why they put her back into a coma.“The doctors are very positive about her recovery. We just have to wait and see what happens and will continue praying until she gets better,” he said.Motaung said the family still had no answers to what caused his brother to murder his family.“The police have told us nothing. Since this has happened we’ve heard nothing from them. We want answers, but they are not telling us anything, which makes us angry.”Provincial police spokeswoman Captain Pinky Tsinyane said she would be able to reveal developments in the investigation later this week. - Pretoria News

January 18 2012 at 09:53am
[Excerpts] Khumo Motaung, dubbed the miracle baby, recovering in the intensive care unit of a Netcare Garden City Hospital after she was shot in the head two weeks ago by her policeman father. Photo: Etienne Creux The little Pretoria girl who was critically wounded in the head by a shot fired by her policeman father - who also killed her three-month-old brother, her mother and then himself on New Year’s Eve - is making a miraculous recovery. But, for the family of baby Khumo Motaung, dubbed the miracle baby by Netcare Garden City Hospital staff, there is grave concern that her medical aid coverage will run out by the end of the month. The family have learnt that Polmed, the medical aid of Khumo’s father, will apparently not cover her medical bills after the end of this month, unless one of her relatives pays her father’s monthly medical aid fees. Polmed is the medical aid for members of the SAPS. Adding to the family’s woes is the deafening silence from police on the state of their investigation into the family murder and suicide... The shooting, in which Motaung killed his infant son, Bokamoso, is believed to have been sparked by an argument between the policeman and his wife, Phindile, a medical technologist at Kalafong Hospital... Khumo was desperately trying to speak, but was battling. “You can see she wants to talk, but she can’t..."

DailySun blog
March 2011
[Excerpts] A JEALOUS police reservist turned a cop shop into a Hollywood film scene yesterday when he shot dead his cop girlfriend, injured a pensioner - and then committed suicide inside the blood-smeared police station... The two reserve constables at the centre of the horrible drama apparently were having a love affair which recently went sour. Both were in their 30s. and had not been identified at the time of going to press last night. It is alleged that the girlfriend wanted to end a relationship with the man - but he could not accept it. After the shooting stopped, their bodies were found in a room reserved for visitors to make affidavits and certify copies. Both reservists had bullet wounds in their heads... During the shooting, a pensioner was also injured... “The two started arguing, then the male cop grabbed the gun from a female colleague and started to chase his girlfriend. She ran inside the police station...

February 8 2012 at 04:55pm
[Excerpts] The Metro police officer who shot his wife before turning the gun on himself has died. Eugene Gilfellow, 30, was on life support after he shot his wife, Michelle,32, and himself in the head during an argument on Sunday afternoon. Police found the couple in their main bedroom where it is believed he used his service pistol. Michelle worked at Nyanga police station and is still clinging on for dear life. On Tuesday police confirmed Eugene died on Monday afternoon after his life-support machines were turned off... Michelle told a friend they were getting divorced...

February 21 2012
[Excerpts] The court has heard that the woman whom a police sergeant allegedly shot and killed, broke up with him earlier... Selby Hlongwa, 40, is accused of shooting and killing his girlfriend, 25-year-old Bhomubhomu Princess Ngcobo, a waitress, on January 15. He was granted bail at the Durban Magistrate’s Court on Monday. Hlongwa, married with nine children, was a sergeant in the detectives unit at Durban Central Police Station at the time he was arrested... Ngcobo had moved out of the flat she had shared with Hlongwa at a police barracks in Stanger Street in December, when she learnt that Hlongwa had paid lobola for another woman... Hlongwa was seen grabbing Ngcobo’s bag, pulling her closer to him. Hlongwa allegedly fired shots at Ngcobo’s head and when she fell, he fired several other shots... Bail of R2 000 was granted. The case was postponed to March 30 for further investigation.

2010-08-29 23:12
[Excerpts] Pietermaritzburg - A woman was killed and her policeman husband stabbed at their home at Msinsi Game Reserve, Albert Falls Dam, in the early hours of Saturday. Erica Croeser, 32, had her throat slit with a knife that was also used to stab her 34-year-old husband, Constable Morné Croeser of the SAPS dog unit, in the stomach. When paramedics arrived they found the knife still lodged in his stomach. The scene was described as “very, very gory”. Police believe the murder was related to a labour dispute. Erica had been working at Albert Falls as a tourism assistant for 10 years.... A source said that while Morné parked the car, Erica went to open the front door of their house. Two intruders, who were waiting behind the door, pounced on her. The couple’s two young daughters, aged 6 and 10, were staying with their grandmother... Distraught neighbour Hlekisile Nkala told The Witness that she heard a gunshot just after 02:00, and about 10 minutes later she heard a male voice screaming for help... “At this stage police believe that this is linked to a labour dispute. She was a supervisor, and responsible for hiring and firing. Croeser’s mother Francoisana Schafer said the family are coping with “the sad story”, but declined to comment further... [Full article here]

Cop in court for wife’s death
February 2 2011 at 03:23pm
[Excerpts] A Pietermaritzburg policeman who was found with a knife wedged in his stomach and who told paramedics that he tried to fight the men who killed his wife, has been charged with her murder. Constable Morné Croeser 34, claimed that he and his wife, Erica, 33, were attacked by unknown assailants at their home at Msinsi Game Reserve at Albert Falls Dam in August last year. Friends of the dead woman who were in court yesterday said they were shocked that the policeman had been implicated in the crime.... Croeser told police at the time that, despite being stabbed, he somehow managed to get to his firearm and attempted to shoot the attackers... Croeser is a member of the Mountain Rise Dog Unit. His wife worked at the game reserve... [Full article here]

2011-02-08 23:01
[Excerpts] A member of the Pietermaritzburg police's dog unit, Morné Croeser, 34, charged with murdering his wife in a premeditated, staged robbery last August, could be back on the beat on Wednesday after being granted bail of R5 000 on Tuesday. At his bail hearing, Croeser denied he is a “walking time bomb” because of ongoing anger management issues. He also denied that, if allowed to go free and resume his duties armed with a firearm, he would pose a danger to others, including his daughters, aged three and six, because he knows he could face life imprisonment if convicted. “I will never, ever hurt my children,” he said. “My plan is to live a full life and to see my children.” A seemingly composed Croeser admitted he has a temper, that he assaulted his wife Erika in January 2010 and that he has had “more than one” affair during their marriage. He also admitted he was involved with his current girlfriend (identified only by her surname, Sinclair) at the time of his wife’s death, but he said he intends to plead not guilty to Erika’s murder... He did not comment on the State’s allegation that he stabbed himself in a bid to evade justice... He admitted that Erika’s parents met him in April or May last year to discuss his temper and said they did not want him at their home. He said he was not aware that Erika had sought a protection order against him because she was afraid for her life, as the State alleges she did... Investigating officer Swami Pillay of the organised crime unit said in an affidavit opposing bail that the State has a strong case against Croeser based on circumstantial evidence. This includes evidence by medical and other experts proving that the wound to Croeser’s abdomen was “probably self-inflicted” and that wounds to his hands were consistent with him holding the knife while stabbing his wife. Pillay said there is evidence that Croeser staged two break-ins at the couple’s home in the week prior to the murder in an attempt to mislead people... The case has been postponed to February 15. Croeser’s advocate Dawid Joubert disputed the state’s contention that the murder was premeditated. Even if Croeser did kill Erika, it was more likely to have been in the course of a “savage rage attack” as she had 14 stab wounds... [Full article here]
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