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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

[CT] Officer DiBernardino's dv alleges attacks on 4 women and his baby girl

Danbury Police Officer Vincent DiBernardino is accused of attacking his sister, knocking another woman and his baby to the ground, and attacking his wife and his mother.

Officer on leave accused of domestic violence
Danbury News Times - Danbury,CT
By Marietta Homayonpour mhomayonpour@newstimes.com
02/24/2009 06:08:29 PM EST
[Excerpts] A Danbury police officer who has been on disability leave for more than three years was charged Saturday night with two counts of battery in Florida, according to an arrest report from the Hendry County Sheriff's Office. The battery charges - both misdemeanors - were filed against 42-year-old Vincent J. DiBernardino... [Danbury Capt. Thomas] Wendel said an internal affairs officer from the Danbury department has the arrest report from Florida and is conducting an investigation. Any disciplinary action will depend on the outcome of that investigation. In the report, the Hendry County Sheriff's Office said officers went to a disturbance at a home in LaBelle and were told the cause of the disturbance, DiBernardino, had left the house. He was later found by police. The report says two women -- one DiBernardino's sister and another apparently not related -- alleged DiBernardino attacked them. The non-relative, according to the report, said DiBernardino "knocked her and the child she was holding to the ground." According to the report, the child was the 11-month-old daughter of DiBernardino and his wife. The charge against DiBernardino for the alleged attack of his sister was for battery/domestic violence and the other charge was for battery. Both women, according to the report, also said DiBernardino attacked his wife and mother. But the report says the mother and wife said DiBernardino did not attack anyone. DiBernardino could not be reached for comment... [Full article here]


  1. i hope somethin happens to him for doin this its not right

    1. This guy is a PSYCHO!!!! He was arrested BY HIS OWN DEPARTMENT after he broke the criminal protective/restraining order I had against him after he assaulted me and laid his hands on my child!!! He DESERVES to be in prison so that he can have happen to him what he did to me!!!

    2. Some people are really dangerous to the bone but how do they get on a police force? That should not be allowed to happen. They should let ME design the psych profile test. I'm sure, where they use them, they are not asking the right questions.

      I'm thankful that you are alright.

  2. This whole report and the person who reported it are false. The 911 call reporting this was a relative seeking revenge for a long running family squabble.

    1. AnonymousJuly 26, 2012

      Well that's not true. The caller was a child afraid of his uncle beating his mother.

    2. This is a lie. He never hit anyone.

    3. No one can say someone else never hit anyone. You can't know that.

    4. Yes you can when you know the history of the liars.

  3. Newtown residents arrested after dispute with repo man, police said
    Published 11:35 p.m., Friday, October 2, 2009
    Two arrested after alleged assault
    [Excerpts] Two Sandy Hook residents were arrested on disorderly conduct charges Thursday after getting into a dispute with someone trying to repossess their car, police said. Vincent Dibernardino, 43, of Lyrical Lane, was charged with disorderly conduct and interfering with an officer... [Full article here]

    Former Danbury cop charged with threatening officials
    John Pirro
    March 31, 2010
    [Excerpts] A judge has ordered a competency examination for a former Danbury police officer accused of threatening the mayor and several current department members. Vincent DiBernardino, 43, of Newtown, was arraigned in state Superior Court in Danbury on Wednesday, where he is charged with breach of peace and threatening... According to the arresting officer, "DiBernardino stated he was going to come down to the police station and make a name for himself by shooting several cops," and also referenced the recent shooting at Danbury Hospital. "I should do something like that," the officer quoted DiBernardino as saying. DiBernardino has been fighting with the city for several years in an attempt to collect a disability pension, but his claim has been rejected by the police Pension Board. He blamed several of the people he threatened with denying him the pension... [Full article here]

  4. He should be thrown in jail the guys a lunatic

  5. Police officer caught in prostitution ring
    Connecticut man advised Classy Touch owner
    By Sarah C. Vos, Monitor staff
    [Excerpts] An investigation into a Penacook prostitution business has implicated its first man: a Connecticut police officer.. The Concord police officer, Vincent DiBernardino, may be suspended and could even lose his job in Danbury, where he has been a patrol officer since August 1998...


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