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Thursday, February 26, 2009

[NC] Officer Caruana arrested for domestic gun-pointing threats, assault

...[Raleigh Police Officer Andrew] Caruana is charged with assault, assault by pointing a gun and communicating threats... It was Caruana's wife who reported the assault at the apartment complex, according to the police report. Another Raleigh man was listed as a victim...

The Associated Press
Posted: Wednesday, Feb. 25, 2009
RALEIGH, N.C. An officer assigned to the Raleigh Police Department's gang unit has been arrested on assault charges. Department spokesman Jim Sughrue (shuh-GROO') said Wednesday that Ofc. Andrew R. Caruana (care-uh-AH'-nah) was taken into custody after the incident, which occurred while he was off duty. Officers responded to a residence about a disturbance Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. Caruana is charged with assault, assault by pointing a gun and communicating threats. Caruana's department-issued weapon was not used in the incident. The 32-year-old was taken into custody Tuesday night and released a short time later. His bail amount was unknown... [Full article here]

A.R. Caruana, officer charged in domestic case
Adam Owens
Feb. 25, 2009
[Excerpts] Raleigh police responding to a disturbance call arrested an off-duty fellow officer Tuesday and charged him with assault. At about 9:30 a.m., officers answered a call about a domestic-related disturbance in the 10000 block of Heather Meadow Lane at the Columns at Wakefield upscale apartment complex. As a result of the investigation, Officer A.R. Caruana, 32, was taken into custody, they said. He was charged with assault, assault by pointing a gun and communicating threats and was transported to the Wake County jail... It was Caruana's wife who reported the assault at the apartment complex, according to the police report. Another Raleigh man was listed as a victim... Caruana was no longer being held in the Wake County Jail and could not be reached for comment Wednesday evening. [Full article here]
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  1. I personally know officer Caruana and he is a good cop. I have always known him to be a honest hard working person. My belief is the truth comes out and if truth has anything to do with character Caruana will be vindicated.

  2. I was Caruana's beat partner in Raleigh from 2000 to about 2003. He is a great cop and a "stand up" guy in my opinion. No one would be more surprised than me if these allegations were found to be true. Nothing is as it seems in this world. Before we draw and quarter the guy let's learn the facts! Thanks!
    Chris Kotrodimos-Salt Lake City PD

  3. These false allegations about Officer Caruana are beyond bogus and unjust. The truth will come out and a lot people are going to look very bad. Officer Caruana is an excellent, decorated police officer. Before you past judgement on someone you should really learn ALL the facts!

  4. My cop abuser was really well respected too. He used to pride himself on the way he handled domestic violence calls and would say with me it was "just personal." He could handle other people disrespecting him, just not me. Why in the world do people think that if a man is competent in his job he is not an abuser?

  5. Borderline Personality Disorder is a good example - they CAN be professional at work and a maniac at home when they feel they are losing control or facing loss.
    Folks at work would never believe what happens behind closed doors.

  6. HEATHER MEADOW LANE 911 CALL (FEB. 24, 2009)
    ..."Nothin's gonna happen because he's a police officer. I know how this goes... Nothin's goinna happen... and I know how the story goes... My God. Oh my God....
    I just don't know what to do about this whole thing right now - I jus dont know what to do... (sobbing)... This has been an ongoing thing. I'll never feel 100% safe from him. I just figured this is a gated community, a decent community, but I'll never feel safe...
    Audio file:

    Posted: Feb. 26 7:27 p.m.
    Updated: Feb. 26 11:02 p.m.

    Raleigh, N.C. — A woman saying she was the ex-wife of Raleigh Police Senior Officer Andrew “A.R.” Caruana told a 911 dispatcher that her bedroom was destroyed during a fight that led to Caruana's being charged with assault, according to a recording of the the call released Thursday.

    At about 9:30 a.m. Tuesday, officers answered a call about a domestic-related disturbance in the 10800 block of Heather Meadow Lane at the Columns at Wakefield, an upscale apartment complex, police said.

    During the 911 call, the woman told authorities her ex-husband – a Raleigh police officer – was assaulting a man at her apartment.

    The woman said part of the fight occurred in the bedroom, where she said the window was broken and her bed was destroyed.

    “Somebody went through the window … or fell into the window. The drywall’s broken,” she said during the call.

    A young child can be heard in the background throughout the call. A man can also be heard in the background screaming expletives.

    The woman told a 911 dispatcher that she and her son were hiding in the bathroom while the fight was taking place. At one point, she told the dispatcher that her ex-husband had kicked down the bathroom door. He later went outside, she said.

    As a result of the investigation stemming from the 911 call, Caruana, 32, was taken into custody Tuesday evening at police headquarters, authorities said in a statement issued Wednesday.

    Caruana was charged with assault, assault by pointing a gun and communicating threats and was transported to the Wake County jail.

    Caruana was off duty at the time of the incident, and his department-issued weapon was not involved in the matter, Police Chief Harry Dolan said.


  7. Based on the public info released on this case officer Caruana expressed his right to have a lawyer present when being questioned based on that the department only went on the civilians statement it seems to me it is a classic example of due process that was handled the wrong way and also he walked in on his wife having sex with another man.

  8. I know Caruana from his professional duties as well. He's a very angry, indignant, egomaniac police officer who takes his job way too personally. He's a bad cop and who hurts those in his profession who do things the right way for the right reasons. This incident did not shock me and many others who know him through his work. The unfortunate thing is that many young officers who learned under his watch share his dangerous mentality that whatever he does is justified by the fact that he is a police officer. There are few things more dangerous in our society than a person in power who has his personality.

    1. I agree. This officer (Caruana) is the same police officer that harassed me in East Raleigh in 2006 while I was legally parked on the side of the street minding my own business (and I am a former member of the Raleigh Police Department!)

      Check this: when I approached family members of RPD about this rogue cop, they ignored the complaint. After talking with his duty Captain the same night, the only recommendation I got was to report him to IAD (Internal Affairs Division).

      This man was a bad cop with a bad attitude and should never have been given the honor of having a badge. I know because I worked with the vast majority of RPD men and women who are honorable and took the oath to serve and protect seriously.

  9. Caruana is a stand up guy, he held back considering he was bringing his son home and operating the way he always does in regards to going in his wifes apartment. The guy swung at him first cop or no cop self defense is always first,and no one was hurt. NO UNION THAT IS THE PROBLEM IN NC NO PROTECTION.

  10. He had to leave Buffalo because he was beating his girlfriend up when they lived there. It was well known that he used to beat up his former girlfriends. He also killed a man when speeding to pick up another former girlfriend. For people to say he's a stand up guy is a joke-

  11. To the person who left the Anonymous about Andy killing a man, you are a coward call his brother 919-624-5960 and say this message to him, or be a coward and leave another anonymous message.

  12. Yikes - I don't think I can post the comment about other people that are not a part of the discussion... about "her" family members.
    If your intent is to defend Caruana, feel free - but smashing everyone in the alleged victim's family is out of the scope of what's going on.

  13. Bottom line the "alleged victim" hid in a bathroom while her boyfriend threw the punch at Caruana. This was a domestic case involving Caruana and the "wife's" boyfriend. What took place was self defense. Think of it this way how would you feel if for years you ignored your gut instincts and then all of sudden there it is in your face- you were always right? Been there done that...

  14. I've BEEN there. I called a friend and asked them to come REMOVE the guns from the house so nothing stupid would happen. (I was so mad I didn't recognize myself.)
    We have laws or we don't.

    Which is it?

    People who imply this amaze me. Our laws should stand except the ones that have to do with relationships? Doing this blog I get a LOT of comments here after a wife is killed JUSTIFYING shooting her.

    It just does not fly. People need to handle themselves period. If you can't handle it, you shouldn't be armed.

    I'm not.
    I was wise enough to know I can't handle it when I'm really angry. A cop job would definitely be the wrong job if a person can't help but go CAVE MAN under certain circumstances.

    Breaking up is HARD.
    I feel for a lot of the people on this blog because I DO know HOW hard.

    But we have to agree to have laws.

  15. The real victims in this whole scenario are the children and Caruana when the truth is revealed he will be vindicated and the so called "victims" will look very poor.

  16. "POWER IN THE HANDS OF FOOLS IS DANGEROUS"..It will be interesting to see what the presiding Judge does with this maniac.
    What an awful example he has set for his two sons. Would you all who want him vindicated be happier if his gun went off and he killed or seriously injured his EX-WIFE, his baby or the victim??
    Anonymous whosaid"he walked in on his wife having sex with another man" -- SHE IS HIS EX-WIFE. It's alright to see him out in the bars carrying on with all kinds of women but she has no rights to live her life because he still wants control over her?? WRONG.. He is a very dangerous cop who forgot the OATH he took. A decorated police officer?? How about pining another medal on his chest for having NO BRAINS.. And, how about his brother Joey who assualted the EX-WIFES father in public a fews days later and got arrested by the RPD for assualt??? May God keep the two boys and the mother safe.....

  17. Let's get this corrected she is not his ex-wife...they are married; seperated but regardless still legally husband and wife. There is A TON of information that people do not know. Should be interesting to see how the tide turns when some very pertinent information is revealed.

  18. Ex-wife, seperated... irrelevant! She left him because of his ways; and did not invite him inside HER house. That was the first mistake he made- he had no right stepping foot inside her home. The "boyfriend" was in the room w/ the door shut (sounds like he was trying to avoid confrantation). Andy not having any kind of will power- thought he could do what ever he wanted to!!! Always has- did he think his daddy could bail him out of this jam?? Make a few phone calls to get his son out of this one- wake up... Sorry your not in Buffalo anymore- it was all just a matter of time! Everyone talks about her boyfriend... what about all of Andy's girlfriends- would it be just if she pulled a gun on one of them?

  19. Don't let them BAIT you. And don't let them anger you.

    People flap their lips with trash-talking when they don't know how to defend the wrong-doer.

    The right away try to turn the tables / flip the script.

    Hugz to you.
    Much love.

  20. To the person who left a commnet about the victim's family, I'll repeat what I posted earlier:

    "...If your intent is to defend Caruana, feel free - but smashing everyone in the alleged victim's family is out of the scope of what's going on."

  21. I mean the person who TRIED to leave a comment today...

  22. Andy's professional life is not the same as family life. Any police officer, will tell you the same. A police officer's job is serious and dangerous. If he was not preforming his duties or did not take his job seriuously, then would you really want him as a RPD, drug inforcement officer? Andy may not be perfect, but are you?? He job preformance history with RPD should speak volumes!! He is the kind of police officer I want working in this city. At least he's not at the donut shop or sitting like a lurch in hiding to catch a speeder. He's working in our community getting drugs off the streets. Anyone who can say that Andy, a RPD drug inforcement officer, "deserves what he gets", should take a look around and find another officer to meet his standards of job preformance. I stand by the fact that this man is a good person, father, and police officer.

  23. What do other police officer's personal lives, as abusers, have to do with Andy? No two people are the same and can not be compaired. Unless there is something directly about Andy, that is factual, then you really need not voice your anonymous opinion regarding this situation. The judgement is not for you to determine. Hopefully, Andy and his family can move forward from this through the proper justice system, with an unbiased, honest judge who takes time to look at the FACTS not OPINIONS. ANDY IS INNOCENT, until proven otherwise!! That's the American way. Buffalo included.

  24. This is an unfair website. It convicts before going to court. Why would someone want to have a site like this? Would you want one that airs your laundry, regardless of whether you are an officer or a pastor. You, the person who set up this site should be ashamed of yourself and hope that you or anyone you know never has any problems. You may find yourself on the receiving end of all of these bogus, opinionated, derogetory comments. It's karma....what goes around comes around. Are you really such a great person yourself? Think about it!

  25. I was reading a bunch of these comments. As a father it seems to me that he should have put his children first. They should not be anywhere near this environment. With his professional background he has beed trained on this subject matter. He should have left the apartment and then told his wife to call him when he can bring the kids home. This dispute should have been handled between him and his wife in a mature manner. They are seperated so if he has a problem with who she is dating then he should discuss this with her at another time in the appropriate setting.

  26. There should be a blog about mature people handling hard times.

    I give you a standing ovation.

  27. I know a police officer that is a good friend to Andy. It's funny how much he defends Andy. He is always angry. He always gets mad about everything...but you would never know it if you met him. I think he has anger issues and he takes it out on me. It's almost like he is a different person. I am not sure how Andy treats Jenna but I do believe that police officers need counseling and guidence in how to deal with their personal relationships. There are a great deal of people that are affected by their actions.

  28. People write all the time about the stress of being an officer, but no one writes about the stress and fearful living of the people around stressed or ego-tripping officers.
    I LOVE police. I LOVE HAVING police. I don't like the position harboring folks who shouldn't be there or preventing folks who need help from getting it.

  29. To the person that said this is an unfair website...today is the first time I have ever seen this site. Did you know that at times I wonder what is normal? I am married to a police officer and I deal with his temper all the time. Maybe this site can help a lot of folks that are in situations that they are struggling with. Maybe this site is a blessing to some. Just something to think about.

  30. The best thing that is different now is that no one has to go through this alone anymore.

    Please be sure to use a safe computer - any activity can be tracked.

  31. AnonymousMay 07, 2009

    Bottom line - show some restraint when your kids are around. Watching - or hearing - your dad in a fight will definitely leave deep scars in the kid's psyche. Caruana should have known better.

  32. This poor man has lost everything and for what...a woman who wouldn't know the first thing about honesty. The so called "victim-" the infamous boyfriend/ next door neighbor himself is a convicted criminal with charges of assualt...everyone looks in the wrong direction...drug dealers, murders, abusers all get off but a decorated officer gets put through the "ringer." It's a very sad disgusting misscarrige of our judicial system. Stop wasting our time on such wasteful acts and worry about the real criminals who bring our society down!!!!

  33. The person above said "The Man Has Lost Everything." Yes he did. He went into a house without permission, he stalked his wife, family and her boyfriend, he used force on another, he scared his wife, the children as they feared for their lives and the lives of others. I don't care if you are the president, a cop, a preacher or a homeless man. It's against the law. He broke the law, he violated the law. All he had to do was walk away. Just like he tells others in domestic abuse situations. Walk away before we have trouble. Unfortunately, he did not take his own advise. If it were you, or me, we would be in jail too. Whey does this cop think his conduct should be above the law? He broke the law and therefore he has been arrested. When you break the law you take the chance of going to jail. He knew this when he went there. He knew this when he began fighting. All he had to do was walk away but he let his anger take over. I wish him luck in court!

  34. AnonymousJune 25, 2010

    As an x-wife of a Raleigh Cop, I am not shocked at this. My x is a great cop but sorry husband and father. He brought all his stress and problems from work home. I am just happy that RPD took action since that was never the case for me. RPD was called to my home several times and I was always told to think about the kids and his job. They just told him to leave the house for the day or so. Bottom line is who is Policing the Police??? My x still a Raleigh Cop is behind more than 8k in child support and no one cares. He is above the law. Just glad I got my kids away from his abuse.

  35. I was so relieved when I got down to the part that said you are out and away from him. It's better to be broke than living in a house with fear.

    It's hard enough being afraid from afar.

    You are wonderful for giving your kids a chance... and yourself.

  36. If you come across this scum bag, don't walk, run in the opposite direction....

  37. Keep running

  38. Andy's still got it.... He's playing 3 so called "ladies" rite now.... Suckers!

  39. Run baby Run...

  40. Make those "ladies" only 2! Running far far away he's got too many screws loose! Run ladies run!!

  41. This is so sad...

    but if people are getting to higher ground that's a good thing.

  42. The scum bag brags! Hope all the rest of ladies are running to higher ground

  43. Don't just run escape him!

  44. Run baby run!

  45. Scum still brags! These ladies have no idea the game he plays...

  46. Running fast! Newest one will to at some point


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