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Thursday, February 26, 2009

[IA] Deputy Phippen arrested, charged this time

...[Pottawattamie County Sheriff Jeff] Danker said investigators have been called out to the residence before but that this is the only time charges have been filed...


Omaha World-Herald
Jason Kuiper
February 25, 2009
[Excerpts] A Pottawattamie County sheriff's deputy was arrested Tuesday on a warrant charging him with domestic abuse, a serious misdemeanor. Matthew Phippen, 48, turned himself in, then was released on his own recognizance. The incident that led to the charge occurred Sunday at his home in rural Treynor, Iowa. Sheriff Jeff Danker said investigators went to the home after receiving a call from Phippen's wife saying he had shoved her during an argument. Danker said she complained of pain but did not require treatment... Danker said investigators have been called out to the residence before but that this is the only time charges have been filed. If convicted, Phippen would no longer be allowed to possess a weapon, so he could lose his job. If convicted he could get anywhere from probation to a year in jail... [Full article here]


SW Iowa News
Chad Nation cnation@nonpareilonline.com
[Excerpts] ..."The investigator interviewed both parties, we discussed it with the County Attorney's Office and a warrant was issued," Danker said. Danker said the wife had a complaint of pain, but did not require medical treatment. However, because of the complaint of pain, Phippen was charged with serious misdemeanor domestic abuse. If convicted he would be barred from possessing weapons. "If there is a conviction, it would be tough to keep him hired," Danker said. The charge also carries a possible sentence of a year in jail or as little as probation... Danker said Phippen has been placed on administrative leave. [Full article here]
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  1. To the person (Phippen or relative) who tried to post ugly things about the wife - you then go on to say that he is innocent until proven guilty IN COURT. However, if you post trash here on her, what court does SHE have to prove what you said is untrue?

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  4. Well Anonymous, I finally got tired of you. You talk a lot of crap hiding behind your anonymity.

  5. Maybe you should post the entire story of these two. All the times the police were called to the home it was by Phippen himself.
    Have you attempted to ask either of them anything? The answer to that would be ... no. Neither party has been contacted by you or the media on the facts.
    This is an abusive relationship yes..but the abuse wasn't done only by Phippen himself.
    Both partys have relationship issues, & a few other personal problems that need to be delt with.
    But for this perticular situation, both should have been arrested. Not just Phippen.

  6. You are free to interview them since you see that as what is needed. I'm covering national incidents and this is your one case on this blog that you care about - so go into investigative mode and be that piece that you wish was there. You can forward your interview here, or start your own blog - they are free.

    As for who called 911 first, our police chief was diabolical and made the first dv report on his wife to add to his plan to make sure that if she ever reached out for help that no one would believe her.

    When it came out that she said she was in danger - everyone thought they already knew that she was just making noise.

    He arranged that.


    "City won't investigate police chief"
    ...In a declaration filed in April, [Tacoma Police Chief David] Brame denied he pointed his gun at his wife, choked her or threatened her. "At no time have I ever laid a hand on Mrs. Brame," Brame wrote. "These are all complete fabrications." In the same declaration, he alleged his wife physically and verbally abused him for several years and threatened to destroy his career...

    He told his people - fam, friends, co-workers, lots of lies about her. They believed him.


    She's dead now.
    Glock execution.
    Pulled her head down into his lap, pushed the gun into her scalp behind her ear, and pulled the trigger.
    Put the gun to his own head.
    Pulled the trigger.
    Their very young children came running, screaming and crying.
    Strangers swept up the children and headed for telephones...

    So what's your point again?
    Who called first?
    Is that really your biggest concern? This family is in


    I am not judge and jury. I post info. If you have info - something besides slander - I'll likely post it. If it's just the bad stuff he told you about her write it in your journal and if the worst happens you can always console yourself with thinking you know the REAL story.

    The main issue that I see is here:

    "Danker said investigators have been called out to the residence before..."

    Whether it's mutual or one-sided, if this pattern continues the risk of serious harm is high.

    This crap ESCALATES.

    If you truly care about either of them you should be glad if this family gets any kind of monitored, serious, authentic intervention.

    After it goes too far, THEN people start wondering where the opportunities to intervene and help them were.

    Or they sit around blaming.

    Now is the time to support healing for this family, or that they get away from one another if they can't work it out.

  7. would love to know where you bought that high horse of glory you ride on all the time.

    like i said before BOTH of them are at fault.

    BOTH should have probably been arrested a long time ago. & maybe this wouldn't have gotten this far.

    no-one more then i wish them both the best. & hope that they BOTH get the help they BOTH need.

  8. You're cute. You come at me crappy and expect a bouquet. If you think there is - as you say - more of their personal life that is supposed to be public - go for it.


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