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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

[NV] Las Vegas Cpt.Hank's wife called police but "later recanted her complaint and asked that it be withdrawn."

...Reliable sources familiar with the inquiry say [Las Vegas police Lt. Charles] Hank’s wife called police after an argument with her husband, but she showed no signs of physical trauma at the scene, declined to give a statement, and later recanted her complaint and asked that it be withdrawn...

Online comment:
...She had an injury to her arm and he refused to cooperate with police when they got there. She also backed down because he was there calling the shots. The detectives didn't do anything. Believe what you want...There are two sets of rules at Metro!...

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Protection orders kept secret
Family Court doesn't let public view documents

Las Vegas Review-Journal
By Brian Haynes and Mike Blasky
May. 31, 2010
Family Court officials apparently have been making up the law for the past six months by implementing a policy to seal temporary protection order documents, contrary to state laws that ensure those records remain open and available to the public. The Review-Journal discovered the unwritten policy May 24 while investigating domestic violence allegations against a Las Vegas police captain. When a reporter went to the Family Court records window and asked for a copy of the temporary protection order application filed by the captain's wife, a clerk explained that all such records were sealed. On a return trip the next day a different clerk gave the same answer, saying a court administrative order had sealed the records since Jan. 1... Under state law, such documents are open and available to the public. Protection order documents have played key roles in recent reporting by the Review-Journal, including stories on domestic violence allegations against Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Tony Abbatangelo and accusations of improper conduct with a teenage relative by former Henderson police officer Luke Morrison, who pulled the trigger in the killing of an ice cream truck driver... The Review-Journal eventually obtained the protection order documents in the Las Vegas police captain case... [Full article here]

Metro Captain investigated after domestic call
Posted by John L. Smith
Monday, May. 24, 2010 at 02:43 PM
Metro Capt. Charles Hank is scheduled to appear in Justice Court this afternoon to request the removal of a Temporary Protective Order issued following a May 13 incident in his home that is being investigated for possible domestic violence. Hank was not arrested after police were called to his residence in the southeast end of the valley. A crime report over the domestic dispute has been submitted to the District Attorney’s office for possible prosecution, Metro Deputy Chief Kathleen O’Connor said Monday... [Full article here]
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  1. AnonymousJune 09, 2010

    Police captain faces domestic violence counseling but no charges
    Las Vegas Review-Journa
    Jun. 04, 2010

    Metro Capt. Charles Hank was the subject of a domestic violence call May 13 at his home. That much is clear.

    But when Hank's wife recanted her initial statement to police, the Metro veteran wasn't arrested . A Metro Domestic Violence Unit team was dispatched to the residence.

    The police file was forwarded to the district attorney's office, where a follow-up interview with Hank's wife also failed to generate a complaint. Although no charges were filed, there was enough smoke to attract the attention of District Attorney David Roger.

    Now I've learned Capt. Hank has agreed to undergo a form of domestic violence counseling. Roger said his office will continue to monitor the file until the veteran cop completes the program.

  2. His wife did what she had to do to protect the children involved. His family has a history of domestic abuse and turning a blind eye. She gave enough evidence to the DA to prosecute, but he chose not to do so. It was election time and choices were made by the powers that be. The abuse happened her medical records and photos don't lie....and it wasn;t a first time incident. He's now in Federal Bankruptcy Court for fraud. The best thing she did was get out alive and divorce him, many others have not been s lucky.

  3. AnonymousJuly 07, 2011

    It will be interesting to see if Hank gets a pass on the fraud charges, and whether LVMPD will go to bat for, or against him. Hiding 600K and then depositing it 2 days after the bankruptcy was approved by the court is a lie and crime if it's true. Double standards to apply?


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