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Thursday, June 10, 2010

[CA] Merced County Sheriff's Deputy Johnny Mathis was NOT ARRESTED for domestic assault.

...prosecutors said an arraignment date will be sent to his residence...

Merced Sun Star
By Jonah Owen Lamb
Jun. 09, 2010
[Excerpts] A Merced County sheriff's deputy faces a misdemeanor domestic violence charge after allegedly fighting with his wife in the Merced County Jail... Deputy Johnny Mathis allegedly battered his wife, an on-duty dispatcher, while he was in uniform and on duty May 26 inside the Merced County Jail... Mathis, 
who wasn't arrested 
after the incident, couldn't be reached for comment. During the last 10 years, he's been involved in three civil cases about use of force while on duty. All were dismissed... The following account comes from a series of interviews conducted by a Merced County Sheriff's Department investigator... According to the interview with Mathis' wife, he entered the jail and asked to talk to her while she was working... he pushed her. "He just pushed my shoulder. It wasn't, it was open-handed, it wasn't, it didn't launch me across the room..." Melissa Warnke, a dispatcher on duty at the time, told investigators she heard a thump against the wall and heard a female say, "Get off me." Ramon Galvan, a witness standing in the lobby of the jail, said he heard someone scream in the hall. Then he heard someone say, "F--- you." After hearing the thud on the door outside dispatch room, Warnke said she went out with Terry Hays, an off-duty deputy, to see what had happened. Warnke said when she came into the hall, she saw the victim holding her arm and crying. Hays said he saw Mathis' wife hunkered over in the hall with Mathis standing over her. Hays told Mathis that he should leave. Then the two deputies started to argue... "That's my wife - get away from her," Mathis said, according to Hays. Mathis, who was in full uniform at the time, then started squaring up as if he wanted to fight, according to Hays and Warnke. Hays remembered Warnke saying, "Don't get crazy, don't get crazy." Then, according to Hays, Mathis told his wife they were leaving -- but she said she couldn't leave work. Soon afterward, two correctional officers arrived at the scene, and Mathis left. His wife went into the jail with one of the correctional officers. But soon 
Mathis came back 
to the dispatch room, asking where his wife had gone. He accused Warnke of lying after she said that his wife had left, she recalled.
Mathis declined
to make a statement to investigators. A date for Mathis' arraignment hasn't been set, and prosecutors said an arraignment date will be sent to his residence. It's unclear whether he remains on duty. The sheriff's department would not return calls asking for comment on Mathis... [Full article here]

As outrageous and as angering as this is for me - to see so many police statements and no arrest - I am thankful that these law enforcement personnel did give statements, and very grateful for a journalist that uses his gate-keeping position ethically to expose what is wrong in the hope of what is right. We are lost without the media. So why was bad ass NOT arrested? Is he on steroids? Is he drunk? Does it matter at this point? Why isn't he in jail?

Does his dispatcher girlfriend have a place to go? He IS a time bomb. I've done enough memorials on this blog to know. Tick tock.
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  1. Its a tight fraternity over there, as long as you're one of the boys.-From personal experience with MCSO


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