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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Other Behind the Blue Wall June 2010 News: Officers, Troopers, Deputies, Firefighters, and Public Officials.

[CA] OCEANSIDE POLICE OFFICER RANDY FAYE JUDD - who admitted putting a loaded gun to the head of his ex-wife on Valentine's Day - is scheduled to be sentenced Monday. He was arrested at a mental health facility  where he checked in after threatening his ex-wife's life. His ex says there was domestic abuse in the relationship while they were married.  [Previous post on the blog here]

[NJ] MILLEVILLE OFFICER SHAWN MATOS CHARGED WITH DOMESTIC ASSAULT on June 14 for allegedly grabbing an unnamed woman by her neck and chest. Police Chief Ed Grennon says Matos’ paid suspension is "just procedure.”

[FL] UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA POLICE LT. WILLIAM SCOTT RICHARD, accused of sexually battering and stalking a woman - and arrested for the stalking - is no longer employed by the University of Florida Police Department. Chief Linda Stump says she was not certain of the date and would not say whether he was fired. The victim said that she had been afraid of Richard since December 2007. "He seems to know clearly where I live and go, and also my routines, even when I do not maintain consistent times," she wrote. "My primary concern is for my own safety. I have lived in constant fear of this person for over two years now." The police department is free  of Lt. Richard, but what about the victim? Who is helping her? I would like to know she's being supported.

[PA] PENNSYLVANIA STATE TROOPER DANIEL FREEMAN accused of asking someone to burn down his ex girlfriend's house. He was originally charged with  arson, conspiracy to commit arson and obstructing the administration of law but will stand trial only on solicitation to commit arson. He's free on a $35,000 bond.

[IN] SOUTH BEND POLICE OFFICER CPL. ANTHONY SCOTT arrested for domestic violence June 27th and is currently on administrative leave. This is the same officer that in 2006, when his wife was in the advanced stages of breast and bone cancer, was refused a shift change that would allow him to spend more time with her and their toddler.

[VA] SLAIN VIRGINIA STATE TROOPER TAYLOR BLANTON’S WIFE DONNA APPEALED HER LIFE SENTENCE - Donna Blanton, who  is serving life in prison for killing her husband Virginia State Police officer 1st Sgt. Taylor V. Blanton and then blaming "intruders" took her appeal to the Virginia Supreme Court June 9th 2010. She says the prosecutor erred in his closing argument by suggesting she was obligated to prove she was innocent, and by telling the jury that she was in jail 10 days after the 2003 slaying. No decision is expected from the high court until September. [Earlier on the blog: [VA] Trooper Blanton's wife Donna sentenced again for murdering him]

[ND] HIGHWAY PATROL TROOPER MICHAEL POLOMNY based in Fargo arrested for assaulting (pushing, kicking and punching) his wife of 19 years while she held their infant son. He is charged with domestic assault and child endangerment. It happened at their home, in Moorhead, Minn. Bail was set at $6,000 bond or $2,000 cash, he is barred from contacting his wife and children - even for counseling, and was put on administrative leave. His wife told officers that she asked her husband if he was talking to "the woman" he has an online relationship with and that he turned off the computer and began assaulting her. She says that she was holding their infant son at the time, and two more of the couple’s six kids were screaming at him to stop. She says she tried to defend herself with the arm not holding the baby and that as he left the house he called their oldest on the phone and told her to come home or he would "have to kill your mother." He denies that he assaulted her but said he screamed at her so loudly that he almost lost his voice.

[CT] ANSONIA POLICE OFFICER EDWARD MAGERA ARRESTED FOR "DISORDERLY CONDUCT" after a a domestic incident June 27th. He was arraigned, and his case is continued to the family relations docket for Aug. 5. He was issued a partial protective order, which prohibits him from threatening or assaulting his wife. It does not prevent him from contacting her otherwise. Magera’s file at the clerk’s office did not contain an arrest report, he has been placed on paid administrative leave, and had to turn in his department gun and badge.

[FL] ESCAMBIA COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPUTY SGT. EDWARD HENLEY - who struck his wife several times - pled guilty June 28th to battery and assault charges, and also resigned. He was sentenced to 12 months of probation on the battery charge and six months of probation on the assault charges - to be served concurrently. He must complete (an undefined) domestic violence course and can't carry a gun while on probation. Previous posts on the blog here: [FL] Sheriff's Sgt. Henley arrested for physically assaulting wife & false imprisonment and [FL] Escambia Co. Sheriff's Sgt. Henley back on job DESPITE WIFE ASSAULT PHYSICAL EVIDENCE AND SENDING FOLK INTO WIFE'S HOUSE?

[NJ] SUICIDE OF NEW JERSEY STATE TROOPER SCOTT GRAHAM - New Jersey State Police trooper Scott Graham, 35, of Keyport died of a single self-inflicted gunshot wound. He leaves behind a wife and three young children. Graham was a trooper for nine years and was assigned to the State Police academy in Sea Girt. Graham was in his State Police car on the side of a Parkway off ramp.

[FL] DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS OFFICER JENNIFER CORNELIUS (LAKE BUTLER) was accused of punching her boyfriend in the face three times in May and was arrested and charged with simple battery. She says he was attempting to leave with their 3-year-old son and that he pushed her and left. Her boyfriend said he decided to leave and take their son because she was intoxicated and he did not want the child to see them fighting. The eyewitness said she saw Cornelius punching but not the boyfriend's push. Cornelius says she was arrested out of spite after asking the responding law enforcement officer for his badge number, and that she only hit him once in the chest. The State Attorney’s Office dropped the first-degree misdemeanor count. “The victim came in, gave a statement explaining his version of events, and asked the state to dismiss the case,” said prosecutor Toby Hunt. “All I know is what’s in the police reports and what the victim tells us.”  Her employer has required her to attend domestic violence counseling

[MO] NORTH KANSAS CITY POLICE OFFICER GARY FICKEN and KCPD sued by husband of Ficken's lover for misuse of police database - A federal lawsuit alleges that a North Kansas City police officer unnecessarily conducted a criminal background check on the husband of a woman with whom he was having an affair. Timothy Gilliam is suing the officer, Gary W. Ficken Jr.; the city of North Kansas City; its police department; and Police Chief Glenn L. Ladd in U.S. District Court in Kansas City.

[NM] LUNA COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPUTY MIGUEL FLORES arrested June 26th on charges of battery of household member, robbery, and leaving accident scene. LCSO Chief Deputy Allen Carter said his department would conduct an Internal Affairs investigation, in addition to the arresting Deming Police's investigation. A neighbor said he had seen the reported victim limping in the street. Flores reportedly wanted her cell phone and when she didn't give it to him he reached in her pocket while sitting in his car and started driving away, dragging her on the outside of the car. She fell and he is said to have run over her foot.

[SC] NORTH CHARLESTON EX-MAYOR BOBBY KINARD SUICIDE - Kinard fatally shot himself in the head June 18, 2010 after shooting and wounding a man he found with his estranged wife at her residence. The Kinards, who share a law practice, have been estranged for about 3 weeks and were renting the apartment for Susan Kinard to stay in rather than the couple’s Isle of Palms home. Prior to Kinard allegedly shooting Portier, the former mayor hired a private detective to follow his wife. The detective was filming outside the apartment when the shooting happened. Police spotted Kinard driving away and initiated a traffic stop and Kinard killed himself. He is a former Mayor, former SC State Representative, and former Chief Municipal Judge for the City of North Charleston.

[GA] MACON POLICE DETECTIVE ERICK HOLMES DOMESTIC VIOLENCE CHARGE - A Macon Police Investigator, Detective Erick Holmes, is charged with family violence after his wife said he assaulted her. Holmes was arrested by the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office June 7, 2010 on charges of simple battery misdemeanor family violence. The victim said she was assaulted by her husband at their apartment - leaving marks on her face and neck.

UTAH DEFENSE ATTORNEY JAMES VALDEZ CHARGED WITH DOMESTIC VIOLENCE - A prominent Utah defense attorney is facing a felony domestic violence charge. James Valdez was charged June 2nd with one count of domestic violence aggravated assault, a third-degree felony. Valdez is said to have repeatedly punched his wife and pulled her hair. His wife told police she lost consciousness and awoke in the home's foyer with her "hair a mess and a big gash on her face." She was taken to St. Mark's Hospital and her son said he saw his mother's hair falling out "all over" the hospital bed.

[CT] ANSONIA POLICE EDWARD MAGERA WAS ARRESTED FOR "DISORDERLY CONDUCT" after a during a domestic incident June 27th. He was arraigned, and his case is continued to the family relations docket for Aug. 5. He was issued a partial protective order, which prohibits him from threatening or assaulting his wife. It does not prevent him from contacting her otherwise. Magera’s file at the clerk’s office did not contain an arrest report, he has been placed on paid administrative leave, and had to turn in his department gun and badge.

FLAGSTAFF POLICE OFFICER SHAWN GILLELAND was arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor domestic violence assault after hitting his girlfriend at the Country Thunder concert near Florence. Other off-duty Flagstaff police officers were with them. Gilleland hit his girlfriend in the face and hit another officer. Fellow officers reported the assault to an off-duty sergeant also at the event. Pinal County Sheriff's Office is investigating this incident. The officer that was hit by Gilleland I guess had the OPTION of not filing charges - and didn't. Seems to me assault is assault, and against the law, period.

[CT] NEW HAVEN FIREFIGHTER DAWUD AMIN FACES FELONY CHARGES for repeatedly striking his 14-year-old stepson with a belt on the back and chest with a belt, leaving visible welts... "'This is not a black-and-white scenario,' said Stanley W. Konesky Jr., a retired police officer who trains recruits at the Connecticut Police Academy in, among other things, domestic violence and child abuse."

[LA] NEW ORLEANS POLICE OFFICER JEREMY SMITH was arrested June 23rd and booked with simple domestic battery. He was immediately suspended without pay and is being investigated by the New Orleans Police Department's Public Integrity Bureau.

[OK] OKLAHOMA CITY POLICE OFFICER SGT LORI DAVIS arrested for domestic violence on husband after he called 911 to report she had hit him. She was booked into the county jail but not charged. Her husband had red marks on his body.

[FL] ATTORNEY JAMES TARQUINIS IS CHARGED WITH CHILD ABUSE AND DOMESTIC BATTERY after a domestic fight at his home on June 26th. According to a witness, Tarquin slapped his wife, threw her onto the driveway, and held her down so she could not get up. The witness says he pulled Tarquin off his wife and punched him. Tarquin allegedly put his arm around his 9-year-old son's neck and shook him when the boy started to cry. He allegedly refused to talk to a deputy about the events and his wife Dawn was arrested on battery of a law enforcement officer when she allegedly hit a responding officer.
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  1. AnonymousJune 29, 2010

    Former Marion County State's Attorney Pleads Guilty to Battery Charge
    6/29/10 @ 9:51:22 am

    Former Marion County State's Attorney Paul Hillis Junior has pleaded guilty in Marion County Court to a reduced charge of battery. Hillis entered the plea as his domestic battery trial was set to begin this week. Hillis was placed on 18 months conditional discharge, fined 100-dollars, and ordered to make 434-dollars in restitution.

    Hillis had been charged with striking Jeanetta Krug of Tamaroa across the face and breaking her glasses. The restitution is to pay the cost of the glasses. Police reports also indicated Hillis had grabbed Krug around the throat, choked her and held her down against her will. Krug did not require hospital treatment.

    The incident occurred at Hillis' home in May of last year. Krug reportedly left the Hillis home to seek help at a neighbor's home when he went to the bathroom. Centralia Police had to break in a door at Hillis' home after he reportedly hid in the garage. Once inside, police say they found Hillis sitting on a couch and he was taken into custody without any resistance.

    Hillis also admitted to a petition to revoke his probation on a driving under the influence conviction. He was unsuccessfully discharged from conditional discharge and was fined an additional 500-dollars.

  2. Hit man Vincent Smothers was sentenced to 50 years for killing 8 people including Detroit Police Sgt David Cobb's wife, Rose href="http://www.upi.com/Top_News/US/2010/06/08/Hit-man-sentenced-for-eight-deaths/UPI-57071276012425/

  3. AnonymousJune 29, 2010

    You want a story...Contact Sheriff Paul Babeu of the Pinal County Sheriffs Office Arizona and look into Deputy Hank Mueller..Former Chandler P.D detention officer....Numerous cover ups of use of force violations including a juvenile...Nothing done. Casa Grande P.D is looking into it to

    1. Ummm yeah because city agencies have jurisdiction over County Sheriff's offices.... You obviously have no idea what you are talking about! This Deputy "Hank Mueller" you speak of probably arrested you and you're just upset about it

    2. "HammerHank" Mueller was one of Babeu's cosseted inner circle of young "studs" (Babeu's term). His mother was Babeu's executive secretary and he's the godson of Chief Deputy Steve Henry. He was able to ignore his chain of command and go directly to Babeu -- protected, and so was able to evade consequences for his well-known penchant for brutality. (Babeu has created a thugocracy within the department that cultivates an atmosphere of violence.) But if you read the newspapers you'll see that he eventually went too far, and when another LE agency got involved, Babeu could no longer protect him. Disgraces to the badge, both of them.


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