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Saturday, November 27, 2010

[NC] Officer Jedele, who killed his female friend's ex-husband, get's life in prison

...Upon [Donald Bradley Smithwick's] disappearance, hundreds of law enforcement officers and search and rescue personnel from several different agencies scoured the area of the Eden House Bridge (US 17) spanning the Chowan River between Bertie and Chowan counties...

Thumbs up to all law enforcement and court personnel involved in the capture and prosecution of Raymond Jedele and his accomplice Janet Harrell.

  • [NC] SMITHWICK MISSING - ex-wife & her police officer boyfriend under arrest - ...WAVY.com did a little digging into Jedele's job history. We're told he worked for the town of Hertford as a police officer and then the Kill Devil Hills Police Department. He also did a stint with Blackwater USA in Moyock before joining the Kitty Hawk Police Department... Police believe a taser was used to subdue Smithwick as he left his home... [Tactical]
  • [NC] Now-fired Officer Jedele could face death penalty - ...Former Kitty Hawk police officer could face the death penalty if convicted of first-degree murder related to the October kidnapping and death of Donald Bradley Smithwick. Raymond Christian Jedele, 38, of Kill Devil Hills faces charges of first-degree kidnapping, first-degree murder and robbery with a dangerous weapon...
Nov 24, 2010
A former police officer charged with a murder in Ahoskie in 2007 has pled guilty to the crime. Raymond Jedele of Kill Devil Hills was charged with the murder of Brad Smithwick of Ahoskie in October 2007. A court clerk says Jedele pled guilty to the murder in court in Hertford County on Tuesday. Janet Harrell, Smithwick's ex-wife, pled guilty to second degree murder. Jedele was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Harrell was sentenced to 157 months to 198 months behind bars. Police launched a massive search for Smithwick after he didn't show up for work and police found blood in the bed of his truck. His body was found five days after his disappearance in the woods near Edenton. Jedele used to be a police officer in Kitty Hawk. He was charged with kidnapping before Smithwick's body was discovered. [LINK]

The Roanoke-Chowan News Herald
November 23, 2010
[Excerpts] A scheduled day here Tuesday of pre-trial motions took an unexpected turn. Raymond Christian Jedele of Kill Devil Hills pled guilty to first degree murder while his accomplice, Janet Denise Harrell of Edenton, entered a plea of second degree murder. They stood charged with the October, 2007 kidnapping and murder of Donald Bradley Smithwick of Ahoskie, but agreed, through their attorneys, to accept plea arrangements. Their trial had been scheduled for Jan. 10, 2011 in Hertford County Superior Court. There, Jedele was facing capital murder charges, meaning he could have been sentenced to death if convicted ... Smithwick, then age 33 of Colony Avenue, was kidnapped from his Ahoskie home early in the morning of Oct. 4, 2007 as he left for his job ... a taser weapon was used to subdue, bound and kidnap Smithwick ... Upon his disappearance, hundreds of law enforcement officers and search and rescue personnel from several different agencies scoured the area of the Eden House Bridge (US 17) spanning the Chowan River between Bertie and Chowan counties... [Full article here]
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  1. What Is Chief William “Bill” Hart Hiding Regarding Officer Jason Archambault’s Arrest?

    Chief William Hart of the Londonderry Police Department seems to have a history of hiding evidence during his checkered career as a prosecutor and police official, more recently it involves the arrest last January of one of his officers; Jason M. Archambault for domestic violence.

    10-000519 Archambault, Jason of 125 Enlgish Vlg Rd, Manchester, NH; Arrested on charge
    of: Simple Assault (M), at 125 English Village Rd, Manchester, on 1/29/2010.
    (100160) Mackey,Lisa M
    Related Case

    The case of Jason Archambault instead of going through the channels of the criminal justice system (as would be the case for you and me) was rather heard by the State of New Hampshire
    POLICE STANDARDS & TRAINING COUNCIL. How is this public transparency of police misconduct? What is Chief Hart Hiding?

    Below are the NONPUBLIC session minutes from the hearing held by the State of New Hampshire

    Others Present: Chief William R. Hart , Londonderry Police Department; Attorney Donald L.
    Blazka, Jr. ; Office r Jason Archambault; Mrs. Olivia Archambault; Serge ant Ryan Carney, Office r
    Eric Are l, and several officers from the Londonderry Police Department ; and , New Hampshire
    Marin e Patrol Director David Barrett
    NONPUBLIC SESSION: Officer Jason Archambault, Londonderry Police Department
    Officer Archambault appeared to show cause why the Council should not suspend or revoke his
    certification pursuant to Pol 402.02 (a) (12). Officer Archambault stated that it was his wish for
    this matter to be heard in nonpublic session.


    MOTION: That the Council take no action at this time on the certification of Jason
    Archambault, and at the end of one year (i.e., May 1, 2011), if there has been no further action
    taken and no criminal charges have been brought forward, this matter will be closed.
    Chief Colarusso seconded the motion. Vice Chairman Wrenn clarified that Officer Archambault
    will retain his certification. The vote of the Council was 7-0 in support of the motion.

    In other words, nothing happened to Jason Archambault for assaulting his wife. Archambault is allowed to carry on in the community , carry a gun and act as a law enforcement official without impunity. Where is the justice in this?

    It is time that corrupt officials are forced to stand accountable for their actions. STOP THE COVER UPS WILLIAM HART.


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