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Sunday, November 21, 2010

[NY] Police Union Local 812 President Officer Annis charged with assault of girlfriend and criminal mischief

Plattsburgh Press Republican
Andrea Vanvalkenburg
November 19, 2010
[Excerpts] A Plattsburgh City Police officer was arrested earlier this month in connection with an alleged domestic incident. Officer Robert Annis was arrested by his comrades about two weeks ago following a reported early morning incident at the home he shared with his girlfriend, Police Chief Desmond Racicot told the Press-Republican Friday... When officers arrived, the woman told police she was arguing with Annis when he damaged two pieces of her property and kicked her in the leg after she hit him... Based on the woman’s initial complaint, Annis was charged with misdemeanor charges of attempted third-degree assault and two counts of third-degree criminal mischief. “Due to the nature of (Annis’s) employment, the District Attorney’s Office was contacted immediately for oversight of the investigation,” Racicot said... It was unclear Friday evening when Annis is due to reappear in City Court to face the allegations. [Full article here]
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  1. Police Union president?

    Here's how it goes.

    She recants


    doesn't show up in court because of pressure or fear


    his pd or a neighboring pd finds no evidence.

    Charges dropped,

    like it never happened.

    He says it never DID happen.

    His buddies give a cheer.

    The woman realizes what she is up against and never calls for help again.

  2. He kicked her in the leg AFTER she hit him?? Sounds like both of them were scrapping to me. As long as she called the police, when they arrived on the scene and heard this story, I think they both should have been arrested.


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