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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

[FL] Legal trickery? Still no charges, no arrest for alleged public domestic attack by Deputy Chief Bobby Jones

A judge has granted the alleged victim in a dating violence investigation involving Cocoa Deputy Police Chief Bobby Jones a restraining order...

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[FL] NOT ARRESTED FOR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Cocoa Deputy Police Chief Bobby Jones - ...The witness who tried to help Jones' girlfriend as she was being assaulted says his life was threatened. The father of the assaulted woman says she has tried to get a protection order. Jones has a wife and kids. Nobody's safe. And despite photographs and a witness, this deputy chief was not arrested...

Florida Today
By Rebecca Basu
January 27, 2011
[Excerpts] A judge has granted the alleged victim in a dating violence investigation involving Cocoa Deputy Police Chief Bobby Jones a restraining order. At a hearing in the matter, both parties attended and agreed to the order without admissions, which means the allegations in the victim’s petition were not addressed. Jones, 38, could face assault charges stemming from an alleged altercation in mid-December in downtown Melbourne... Jones, who was not arrested and has not been charged, is on paid leave. He earns $72,000 annually... The order says Jones should have no contact with ]the victim] and not go within 500 feet of her home and workplace, not go within 100 feet of her car and that Jones shall not use or possess a firearm or ammunition except while performing duties as a law enforcement officer... “I think he may try and threaten me to not press charges,” she wrote. “He may be afraid of losing his job.” Court records also show that earlier this month Jones’ wife, Elizabeth, filed for divorce... [Full article here]
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  1. My name is Scott Damsgaard I was the witness to this incident and I can assure you he is guilty. I can assure you of this because I witnessed the event and he should be ashamed of his actions. Funny thing he was not ashamed if fact he denied that any such event took place he denied it venehemently, This statement of his is a boldface lie and I for one am ashamed that there are police officers like this serving our country its pitiful and to see that we as Americans support this is shameful.A total disgrace and dishonorable.

  2. Its a shame.
    Im sure overa 19 year carreer there were many other victims of his bad judgment as "discretionary enforcement" is a large tool in thier arsenal..

    I wonder is we are giving him a nice fat Pension check as well for his resignation before giving us the opportunity to terminate him.


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