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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

[MA] PLEASE hold brutal ex-officer Dennis Byrne without bail. Another anger-management plea agreement failure.

Former Sandwich police officer

A fired officer is no longer a problem for the department but can easily be MORE dangerous and lethal to his victims. Nothing more frightening than someone with nothing much left to lose. I am lifting a prayer for everyone (yes everyone) involved.

...The struggle moved around the bedroom and the attacker began hitting them with a lamp, according to the police report. The woman's boyfriend eventually was able to break away and go for help, but Byrne grabbed his ex-wife, slammed her face into the wall and repeatedly screamed, "I will kill you"...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009
[MA] Man beaten by just-fired Officer Byrne says Byrne's wife is battered and eventually will be slain. Says he has threats on tape - ...Byrne, 38, has a "long history of conflict due to an ongoing relationship between Byrne's wife... and (the alleged victim)"... The alleged victim told police Byrne's wife is a battered woman, adding that "Byrne is unstable and that he will eventually kill (his wife)"... The man said he had lost count of how many times Byrne had threatened to kill him. The man also said Byrne was often in uniform while making the alleged threats... Police said the alleged victim also has voice mail recordings of Byrne identifying himself and making threats...

Cape Cod Times
By Karen Jeffrey
February 23, 2011
[Excerpts] A judge will be asked Friday to determine whether a former Sandwich police officer poses such a threat to his ex-wife and others that he should be held without bail. Dennis Byrne, 40, was arrested early Monday morning and accused of beating his former wife and her boyfriend after breaking into their Hyannis home. Byrne lost his job as a patrolman in 2009 after he attacked a man while off duty and beat him so badly that the victim required 37 stitches... At about 3 a.m. Monday, the Barnstable police were called to 207 Straightway, where a man and woman reported being awakened by an intruder attacking them in their home... The woman told the police that she woke up to see a man, whom she described as her ex-husband, sitting on her boyfriend's chest and pummeling him. The struggle moved around the bedroom and the attacker began hitting them with a lamp, according to the police report. The woman's boyfriend eventually was able to break away and go for help, but Byrne grabbed his ex-wife, slammed her face into the wall and repeatedly screamed, "I will kill you," the police report states... On Tuesday, he pleaded not guilty to armed burglary and assault, assault with a dangerous weapon (lamp), assault and battery, and vandalism. No bail was set pending Friday's dangerousness hearing, which was scheduled at the request of the Cape and Islands District Attorney's Office... If Byrne is found to be dangerous, he can be ordered detained without bail for up to 60 days. In June 2009, the Sandwich police arrested Byrne after an attack on a man who had a relationship with his wife... Byrne attacked the man, hitting him several times in the head, causing wounds that required 37 stitches. He continued to punch the victim even when he fell to the ground ... the victim told the police that prior to the attack, Byrne had repeatedly threatened violence against him and he believed that Byrne's wife was at risk of being killed. The Sandwich police placed Byrne on leave immediately following the incident then fired him in October 2009. In October 2010, Byrne admitted sufficient facts in Barnstable District Court to assault and battery — a charge punishable by up to 2½ years in jail. By admitting sufficient facts, Byrne did not admit guilt in the 2009 beating, but admitted that the district attorney had enough evidence to convict him if the case went to trial. As part of the plea agreement, Byrne was ordered to stay away from the victim, enter counseling and take anger-management classes, and pay a fine of $1,250. In exchange, the case was continued without a finding for two years... However, as part of the plea deal, Byrne agreed that if he was arrested during that two-year period, he faced being sent to jail ... [Full article here]
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  1. [MA] Fired Officer Byrne is going to jail on 1st domestic charges - still facing 2nd chargeshttp://behindthebluewall.blogspot.com/2011/03/ma-fired-officer-byrne-is-going-to-jail.html

  2. It appears that Mr. Byrne is a very dangerous man who wants to beat every man that his ex-wife dates. Who cares about the soap opera get this guy off the streets before he kills her or him, or both. Maybe he should get a new wife if the old one is the problem.

  3. Per the corrected newspaper articles they are married and in the same house with their kids. Sadly, there is no "ex" in this story. It would appear to an outsider that someone had to have thrived on this soap opera-like situation. They perpetuated the drama with serial infidelities and lies. If you fear your spouse do you choose to live this lifestyle? I wouldn't think so.

    Why not divorce if you want to be with other men? Why ruin the lives of people you once vowed to love honor and respect? Why put your kids through this? There must have been some perverse payoff and it sounds a bit high school to me. They all should just grow up and move on.

    As for the boyfriend, he had to know she was married and living with her husband and kids. He obviously didn't care about the kids welfare or the consequences of his actions on their kids. Pillar of the community. I wonder if he knew about the others?

    I never heard a negative thing about Byrne in this town before his wife started stepping out and look at the kind of people she hooks up with. I believe there is a whole lot more to this story yet to come out to the public.

  4. It doesn't matter. If she broke the law arrest her. That is not what is going on. HE broke the law and broke it good. Your moral judgements, observation, and opinions have nothing to do with anything. This whole cowboy idea that men can kill if their wife cheats on them, or their to-be ex has a boyfriend is not the legal system that we are under.

    There ARE at least two sides of a story and I BET Byrne has a side he tells his people.

  5. I don't understand why you continue to comment to the person you have blocked from responding? This post like previous ones will most likely never make your site. Lynch-mob mentality need only respond.

  6. AnonymousMay 12, 2011

    I am responding to the March 17 comment bashing the boyfriend. I played in a Catholic basketball league with the victim for years. He had been dating her for a year and she stayed weekends with him for about a year. He had conversations with Mr. Byrne over this time numerous times as he reached his ex or estranged wife through her boyfriend. The victim is a really nice guy who has helped alot of people over the years I know I am one of them.

  7. update... does the victim know that he was used by this woman? where is she now? back with her abusive husband who's out of jail! hope the victim hadnt invested too much with this outstanding person. she played them all and for his sake I certainly hope he's not as stupid as her husband who keeps going back for more!

  8. The "boyfriend" is clearly a victim of both Mr. and Mrs. Byrne. If the related post is accurate in stating that a plea deal was made to a lesser crime wouldn't the male victim have to agree to the deal? I read the paper everyday and there hasn't been any information regarding any deals or pleas. Did I miss it?


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