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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

[PA] Pittston Police Officer Matthew Brokenshire has stolen the life of girlfriend Caitlin McGuire

Pittston Police Officer Matthew "Matt" Brokenshire murdered his girlfriend Caitlin "Cait" McGuire and then took his own life.

...A memorial viewing will be held at Richard H. Disque Funeral Home... from 5 to 8 p.m. Friday... In lieu of flowers, please consider a memorial gift in Cait’s honor to the American Cancer Society, www.cancer.org/donate, as she was passionate about her mother’s fight against breast cancer...

"...What a terrible thing to do to such a beautiful young lady. Violence is NEVER the answer. I dont care how mad you get. I'm so mad at you Matt for doing this to Cait. How could you? Was it worth it?!?!? All her friends and family are sickened. Thank you for making our lives miserable. Cait was so full of life. How could you not love her?"

[How could he not love her...]

...McGuire was a graduate student at Marywood University... She played soccer at Dallas High School. "She was a right defender for me," Dallas soccer coach Chris Scharff said... We are all very sad. You don't know what to think. She was a part of our soccer family... very fiery" and added she had "that nice smile of hers. I could count on Cait to defend her position. She never backed down from anybody on the field..."

[MIND-READER] State Police Lt. Richard Krawetz:
"It was an argument that unfortunately escalated to what happened. It was nothing that was premeditated."

[Not premeditated? He knows this? Murder and suicide appear out of thin air?]

Pittston Township Assistant Chief Leonard Trotta:
"I'm shocked. We can't believe it. Feels like a bad dream"...

...For the last seven months Brokenshire was a patrolman with the Pittston Township Police Department. His supervisors said he was one of the best officers they ever had...

COP KILLS GIRLFRIEND, THEN SELF, SAY POLICE: Matthew Brokenshire and Caitlin McGuire argued before shots fired, state police say.
Wilkes Barre Times-Leader
By Edward Lewis
February 8, 2011
[Excerpts] A municipal police officer killed his girlfriend before taking his own life inside a house on West Eighth Street late Sunday night, state police at Wyoming said. State police identified the officer as Matthew Brokenshire, 24, of Mount Olivet Road, Kingston Township. Brokenshire fired a round from a 9mm handgun that struck Caitlin McGuire, 24, in the head, instantly killing her... “The investigation found the two were dating for about a year and had known each other for quite some time having graduated high school together,” said state police Lt. Richard Krawetz, supervisor of the criminal investigations unit. “It was an argument that unfortunately escalated to what happened. It was nothing that was premeditated”... [Full article here]

..."She has a million friends here and friends at home. This affects so many people"...

The Citizens Voice
By Michael P. Buffer and Bob Kalinowski
February 8, 2011
[Excerpts] A verbal argument turned deadly late Sunday night when a Pittston Township police officer shot his girlfriend with a 9mm handgun at her West Eighth Street home and turned the gun on himself, state police said Monday. Matthew Brokenshire, 24, shot Caitlin McGuire, 24, in the head at 11:30 p.m. Sunday after a verbal argument at her residence, 2297 W. Eighth St., had escalated, police said. McGuire was pronounced dead at the scene, while Brokenshire died shortly after arriving at Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center, Plains Township. Before the murder-suicide, McGuire called a friend to say she and Brokenshire were arguing, and when the friend arrived at the home, she found the couple with gunshot wounds... They had been dating for about 10 months and knew each other for years, police said. Both graduated from Dallas High School in 2005... "He's the last person in the world I would ever expect to do something like this. This has me baffled," [township acting Police Chief Len] Trotta said Monday night. "Some of these kids, you give them a badge and a gun, and you have a crackpot. He wasn't like that. He was good officer and a gentleman"... Brokenshire last worked Saturday... McGuire was a graduate student at Marywood University, police said. She played soccer at Dallas High School. "She was a right defender for me," Dallas soccer coach Chris Scharff said Monday night. "She started three years for us. We are all very sad. You don't know what to think. She was a part of our soccer family"... Scharff described McGuire as "very fiery" and added she had "that nice smile of hers." "I could count on Cait to defend her position," he said. "She never backed down from anybody on the field. She was very tough. On the field, she just wanted to win. She was very competitive." [Full article here]

[PA] Jealousy may have played part

By Jim Murdoch
February 7, 2011
[Excerpts] A police officer and his girlfriend are dead... Investigators the two were shot just before midnight at a home near Dallas in Luzerne County... Pastor Leslie Halchak heads the Orange United Methodist Church next door and was shocked to hear the news about the murder-suicide just a few feet away. "It's just so sad that this is what people have to come to. It can't be worked out? What was so bad that couldn't be worked out?" asked Pastor Halchak. "There's no logic, rhyme or reason. We just need to turn to God and come up with a reasoning why and pray people can learn from this and realize it doesn't have to turnout like this"... For the last seven months Brokenshire was a patrolman with the Pittston Township Police Department. His supervisors said he was one of the best officers they ever had, and he will be missed. "His work was excellent. He had good behavior. His paperwork was always done. He was an excellent officer and no problems with him whatsoever," said Pittston Township Assistant Chief Leonard Trotta. "(I'm) shocked. We can't believe it. Feels like a bad dream." A friend of McGuire said she was a wonderful friend and she will be greatly missed... [Full article here]

February 8, 2011
[Excerpts] Jealousy may have been a motive in a deadly murder-suicide in Luzerne County. Friends of Cait McGuire are mourning her loss Tuesday. State police said she was shot and killed by her boyfriend, [Pittston Township police officer] Matt Brokenshire, late Sunday night... One of McGuire's friends who spoke with her just hours before she died said jealousy may be to blame. "Big goofball. Any time anyone needed anything she was there, concerned about everyone else before herself," said friend Missy Edmondson... McGuire is being remembered at the Theta Tau Omega sorority house near Bloomsburg with a display of photos and memories from her college days. "She has a million friends here and friends at home. This affects so many people," said friend Danielle Shelinsky. Another friend said McGuire and Brokenshire were going through a rough ending to their 10 month long relationship and he was jealous. The friend said, "I can not believe he took it this far. It's not fair. He took the most important person away from all of us just because he couldn't have her anymore"... "She was probably one of the funniest people you could ever meet, and she will be missed by more people than I can say," added Shelinsky... [Full article here]

BloomUtoday.com Staff
Wed, Feb 09, 2011
[Excerpts] ...Troopers say Matthew Brokenshire, 24, shot and killed his girlfriend Caitlin McGuire. Investigators say they had been dating for roughly ten months.
"I'm dumbfounded. I mean, my heart is like palpitating here. It is just so sad," Leslie Halchak said. Halchak is the pastor of the Orange United Methodist Church which is right near the home where the murder-suicide took place... As news spread of the deadly dispute, two communities were in shock, communities that lost friends, neighbors and even one public servant... McGuire graduated in 2009 from Bloomsburg University, where she was a member of the Theta Tau Omega sorority. She was expected to graduate from Marywood University with her master’s degree in Educational Psychology in 2012. A memorial viewing will be held at Richard H. Disque Funeral Home Inc., 672 Memorial Highway in Dallas, PA from 5 to 8 p.m. Friday. Interment will be private. In lieu of flowers, please consider a memorial gift in Cait’s honor to the American Cancer Society, www.cancer.org/donate, as she was passionate about her mother’s fight against breast cancer... [Full article here]

Published February 9, 2011
Caitlin Patricia McGuire, of Dallas, passed away suddenly and too soon on Sunday, February 6, 2011... [Full The Times Leader Obituary here and Citizens Voice Obituary here.]

This Guest Book will remain online until 3/11/2011.

...My greatest memory of Cait was her bright smile. I know there are no words that can possibly bring comfort. I just hope in time the memories you all have will comfort you. My deepest thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends at this time. Heaven certainly received an angel, and I just know she is with you all! <3>

...Praying that the memories of Cait give you strength to keep on, that you see her beauty in each new day, and that her love surrounds and comforts you always. She will be sadly missed by all but will continue to live on in the hearts of those who loved her forever.

...Anne...You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers as you deal with this shocking loss. My heart is breaking for you all.

...Cait and her friends were the first group of ninth graders I taught at Dallas and I was fortunate to have the opportunity to see her grow and mature into a strong young woman over the course of high school and college. Cait’s sense of humor, larger-than-life personality, and passionate demeanor will live in my memory for a life time. Please accept my deepest condolences and know that she has impacted countless lives and will be greatly missed

...Please know that Caitlin touched everyone's life that she met.

...My heart is hurting...........just like everyone elses who's reading this. My thoughts & prayers are with your family & friends. We shared such good times together with all the little kids and co-workers, they were blessed to have had such a wonderful teacher and friend. We laughed, and laughed more. How fortunate I was to have hired you! The memories will remain with us forever. Remember your favorite chicken wing place that you put in your phone under "Heaven", boy did we laugh, guess now you can eat all you want, whenever you want! Thanks for everything! We miss you!

...Cait, you were such a sweetheart and will be missed but never forgotten. Rest in peace.


...Caitlin grew up in our lives. when a baby she loved to swing on my mom"s porch., we saw her grow up into a friendly person. she always threw up her hand in a friendly salute when out in the yard or when mowing the grass. we know how much the family will miss her but we also will miss her. may she rest in peace. our love and prayers are with the family.

...Dear Cait, it has been an absolute joy knowing you, you have been taken from us way to soon,you will be missed very much.

...Cait, we played soccer against each other in high school and attended BU together as sorority sisters. Your affectionate smile and loving manner will be missed by everyone you came in contact with. The soccer field won't be the same without you. May angels whisper to your family and friends that you are safe and without pain.

...God bless her family and dearest friends. Caitlin was an amazing woman. She added so much joy and happiness to our lives. We are going to miss her. Life won't be the same without her. <3>
[police officer involved domestic violence oidv intimate partner violence (IPV) abuse law enforcement public safety fatality fatalities murder-suicide pennsylvania state funeral]


  1. truly so sad. what could have happened that was so bad? how could he do this? ive heard many great things about cait and i cannot imagine what her friends and family are going through. i hate that she was a victim of domestic violence. this should have never happened no matter what happened that night. RIP cait mcguire and take care of those who love you.

  2. I knew Matt in high school and often attended same parties. I experienced multiple accounts of very violent acts where he would start fights, be involved in them etc... To say this is not true would be a bold face lie and this is absolutely devastating that he cowardly took Caits life, it is difficult to go even on facebook with out being bombarded with the saddest comments of her best friends. He took a giant chunk of their youth as well as all of caits. He should have never been issued a police officer his rage should have prevented so.

  3. This was a VERY preventable tragedy.This beautiful young girl"s life taken away...in one act of rabid rage from an abusive young man.The even sadder part is that The cheif of Pittston Township PRAISES what a wonderful officer he was....with not much to say about the fact he TOOK CAITYN'S LIFE! Lenny Trotta.....your indifference to the victim is UNNERVING and COLD.You do not seem to care as much about WHAT happened as you do about HOW you can sugarcoat it to make your department look good.The STATE POLICE better investigate and hopefully an autopsy done with FULL toxicology testing on Matt.Just a suspicion....you may find STEROIDS in his system....seems to be popularly used by officers in NEPA.This area is RAMPANT with abusive officers and something needs to be done!!!!!!I Pray for Caitlyn's family and also for Matt's....each lost a child.....this is tragic on many counts...but most of all because of the LAME screening process in NEPA for checking these officers for serious mental issues that can and will impair their judgement on the job.There are MORE of these kinds of officers right now as we speak out on the streets and it could be in the very town that you live in.

  4. The article should have read ex-girlfriend. They broke up over a month ago.

    Police Chief Len Trotta needs to be investigated.

  5. he sounds like a complete lunatic, not a "great guy, and great officer..."

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. Cait was such a kind and caring person, and someone I was lucky enough to know. It's a shame that he didn't survive his attempted suicide so that he could live with this for the rest of his life. Such a cowardly act from such a scumbag. An amazing girl was lost.

  8. I feel bad for his family and her family both. People have the right to be angry too. Nobody wins. Everybody loses.

  9. I personally new Matt to be a great Guy and cait as well was always fun to be around. It is nothing less of a tragedy. It breaks our hearts every day that their lives were short lived. They both finally had careers and were beginning their lives. They will never be forgotten and my heart goes out to their families and friends. I just wish the media didn't portray it as a "cop killing himself and his girlfriend." Are they focusing on the fact that he was a cop more so then the real tragedy behind it? Its got nothing to do with the fact that broke was a cop and it shouldn't be held to that.

    Rest in peace<3

  10. I agree with everything said in the previous comments. Violence is not the answer. Murder is not the solution to an argument. And a truly wonderful life was taken abruptly and unfairly. I knew both Matt and Cait, and though he did have it in him to be hot-tempered and violent, I've seen him be kind and gentle too. All I can think is that something must have been wrong with him, to do something like this. A mental disorder? Intoxication? I really don't know, and it does not excuse it or make it better. But I feel sorry for him, and I feel immensely for his family and what they're going through. Likewise, my heart breaks for Cait and those who were closest to her. "Nobody wins. Everybody loses." Very accurate statement...

  11. Not to worry - the local papers are investigating the cops background and Chief Trota as we speak! You will be shocked!

  12. Cait n Matt were together again during this tragic episode. They got back together a few weeks ago. Please check your facts before you make false statements.

  13. I have also just heard that the Luzerne County DA is also now investigating this matter as it seems there is something fishy going on with the Pittston Twp. police force and the Chief in this matter. Lets wait and see.

  14. I would like to know what Pittston Townships drug testing policy is, if they even have one? Also, do they perform criminal background checks before hiring?

    "No further obituary information will be published."

    February 9
    Matthew C. Brokenshire
    MATTHEW C. BROKENSHIRE, passed away Sunday, February 6, 2011. Funeral service will be private. There will be no calling hours.

    Matthew C. Brokenshire
    MATTHEW C. BROKENSHIRE , passed away Sunday, February 6, 2011. Funeral service will be private. There will be no calling hours.
    Published in Times Leader on February 9, 2011

    Matthew C. Brokenshire
    Matthew C. Brokenshire passed away Sunday, Feb. 6, 2011.
    The funeral service will be private. There will be no calling hours.
    No further obituary information will be published.
    Published in Citizens' Voice on February 9, 2011

  16. Prayers go out to all family and friends of both Cait and Matt.

  17. FYI....Pittston Township Cheif Lenny trotta should have been investigated YEARS ago.There has been "fishy" things happening for a number of years in his department on his watch.While they are at it...how about the DA investigate some of the towns neighboring Pittston Twp.Lets say.....Duryea,Dupont,Hughestown to name a few.If they did a massive investigation on these little departments...the public would be utterly SHOCKED as to how corrupt they truly are.Unfortunately in this area...it seems like wishful thinking on my part and for many others who like me had hoped the truth would come to light.

  18. Matt was not the monster people are portraying him to be. He was a kind, polite, well-mannered, good-hearted young man. It is a tradgedy for both families that their argument escalated to the level of violence that it did. My heart breaks for both families. Our memories & forgiveness in our hearts will keep us going!

    1. He fucking killed a person...he is a monster

  19. To Matt's family, friends, and co-workers, I know that this is no easier for you. Some of these comments are insensitive to the people who care about Matt. I post them so that people can express their anger, but I want you to know that there are several comments that I have NOT approved because they are mean-spirited and brutal. At the same time, a murder does become a public event effecting the society. People need to be able to express what they feel.
    Sometimes it's not good for the innocent family of the shooter to look for what people are saying, but it is certainly their right to. It's good that you remind people that before Matt was a killer, he was to you and others - including to Cait at some point, a nice man. I don't go for the "escalated argument" excuse though. The state lieutenant said that too. It's murder. Just murder. It's a CHOICE people make that steals the other person's life AGAINST THE MURDER VICTIM'S WILL. I feel bad his family, friends, and co-workers in their trying to handle the loss or understand this CRIME, but minimizing how this happened isn't the answer.

    Feel free to post positive thoughts and memories about Matt - as long as you don't step on stolen Caitlin and her people.

    Everybody's hurting.

  20. It's impossible to post a positive comment in regards to people who take sides with a killer. It is even more difficult to think of someone defending ones actions that result in the death of someone who didn't deserve their life to be taken by someone who had no right to take it. There was obviously some sort of pathological distortion on the part of the killer who doesn't deserve nor need anyone to defend his actions. I think they speak for themselves. Cait will never be able to share in the joys of turning 25, marriage, or children. She was the light of her family and especially everyone she interacted with. We will all miss her, and anyone associated with the killer should look to themselves as having questionable integrity to give credit to person who took another persons life, as stating isolated incident or he was a great guy. A person who does something so disgusting could never have these qualities. So check your facts and realize what this person has done. He destroyed a father, mother, sister, and a family with one act. And yes they were not together - ex-boyfriend.

  21. I went to Bloom with Cait, I knew her boyfriend from being a Cop myself and personally she should have left him long ago if I were her. I use to see them out at the bars on occasion and EVERY night they were together she would leave crying because of him. I know a few people here said Matt was a sweet boy but people easily can put on a show to look good in the eyes of another, its not hard. Cait was a sweet beautiful girl, she will truly be missed.

  22. The above comment seems to delineate the true nature of their relationship. Though, I wish more of the people (especially on facebook) who claim to be her closest friends would come forth to let us know the exact dynamics of their circumstances. Are they afraid to defend Cait ? It appears to be such a large group of her “closest friends”- and yet no one has an opinion? I admire the person who wrote let’s hope others will come forth with information – right now I don’t think we have true facts.

  23. The fact is Cait was murdered.
    Death is a hurt that no one can heal. Love has memories no one can steal. Silent hugs forever to you,Cait. Love, from the oldest grandaughter to the youngest.

  24. Matt was a fucking psycho... for anyone who thinks he was a good kid--- you're an idiot. He has been violent his whole life, and it kills me that I did not recognize that something like this could happen earlier. Definitely a rude awakening. Cait was beloved by all, and she got sucked into a psycho's nightmare... i hate him and am somewhat glad he is not around right now because i would probably kill him myself for doing what he did.


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