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Saturday, February 12, 2011

[TX] Chief Roberts - more domestic troubles and the local police are tired of it

Gregory Police Chief Joseph Roberts.
His wife was issued trespass warning she says for trying to report his abuse. Local Taft police are tired of making trips to their home. Gregory officials turn a blind eye and do nothing at all about anything.


Nov 19, 2010
[Excerpts] A local police chief is being accused of abuse by his wife. "He's threatened to kill me. He's told my parents before that if he ever lost everything that he would kill me. I'm afraid my children will get taken away because he's threatened to take my children from me," said Monica Roberts, wife of Gregory Police Chief Joseph Roberts. Monica says she's afraid what her husband will do now that she's going public with her accusations... "So, he got me in a head lock and was choking me where I couldn't breathe, and I dug my fingers in him and said, 'Get your hands off of me!'," she said. Monica says, it was even more painful because her children witnessed the fight. "This is where I put my foot down. I said, 'you know what I can't deal with this'. My children have been put through a lot. They've been hurting for the past few days, they've been crying. They say they're afraid he's going to go back and do something to me, because he's been doing it before," Monica said. We called Chief Joseph Roberts, and he directed all questions to his attorney. His attorney says, he knows of no charges pending against Joseph, and no arrests were ever made. He says, there is no basis to back up Monica's claims, and he points out that Monica has a trespass warning against her for Gregory City offices. Monica showed us the warning and says, it's a result of her trying to file formal complaints against her husband. "I called to talk to the city manager to ask the mayor to give me a call so I could right a written complaint in front of him. I never go a call back and two days later I got a criminal trespass warning," she said... Monica says her husband is using his position in the department to protect himself and discredit her... "Because he's the chief you know? They have a lot of pull in places. But, I'm going to take it as far as I can go, because people like that need to realize that don't have no right to touch anybody," Monica said. [Full article here]

Jan 13, 2011
[Excerpts] The San Patricio Sheriff's Department arrested the Gregory police chief Wednesday for criminal trespass, relating to an incident where a car was vandalized several months ago. According to the Taft Police Department, they issued the warrant for Chief Joseph Roberts, his wife, Monica Roberts and a third suspect, Eric Lee Rodriguez, earlier this week. Chief Roberts was arrested Wednesday and released on bond. Monica Roberts was arrested this morning, and as of noon, remained in the San Patricio County Jail... Police did not release the victim's name. The charges have been filed with the county attorney... [Full article here]

Jan 14, 2011
[Excerpts] While we were out covering the search for a robbery suspect in Gregory today, we had to ask Police Chief Joseph Roberts about his recent arrest for criminal mischief... Chief Roberts says he is just focused on doing his job, "We're good right now, keeping spirits up, and I still have citizens to serve, no matter what happens. That's it." Roberts faces up to a year in prison and the loss of his police certification if convicted on the charge of criminal mischief... [Full article here]

Feb 8, 2011
[Excerpts] Some new information tonight about the Gregory police chief. Taft police say he's causing a lot of trouble there. On Sunday Chief Joseph Roberts and his wife got into a fight that ended with her allegedly slashing the tires on his police car... 31-year old Joseph Roberts was arrested on January 12th by San Patricio County sheriff's deputies... Taft police continue to make visits to Chief Roberts' home and they're getting frustrated. Taft police say Chief Joseph Roberts told them his wife came at him with a knife Sunday morning. Stacey Allen with Taft Police Department said, "It was a he said she said kind of thing." Dash cam video from a Taft officer's unit recorded the interview with Chief Roberts... He admitted to throwing a beer bottle at her and says his wife came at him with a knife and slashed two tires... The Taft police chief says he's fed up over the issue. He says officers reported to Roberts home multiple times officers over the past couple months. The Taft police chief also told 6 News that he sent an email to the city of Gregory to let them know two of their cruiser tires had been slashed and destroyed. The only response from the city of Gregory was in an email that states "The city will not be pursuing charges regarding Chief Roberts vehicle"... For now, Joseph Roberts is still working as police chief in Gregory... [Full article here]

Feb 8, 2011
[Excerpts] The Gregory Police Chief is finding himself on the wrong side of the law again. This time he and his wife are facing assault charges for an argument on Sunday. Action Ten has obtained the dashcam recording from the incident... Taft Police say, Monica Roberts slashed two of the tires on her husband's Gregory Police Cruiser, after he allegedly threw a beer bottle at her. The video from the dashcam recording is not what's compelling here, it's what Joseph Roberts can be heard saying. When talking with the Taft Officers about a recent manhunt in Gregory where a game room was robbed... Roberts seems to be saying he *wanted* the suspect to shoot him. "A lot of me thought, if I go and get him and he shoots me because of everything that's going on in the news," Roberts said. Taft Officer: "That ain't the way to think about stuff and that's why you didn't do it. You backed up and did it the right way." Roberts: "But you know what? At least I would have went out a hero... I try to do my work, and I'm having to help everyone else with the problems you know," Roberts said. "And I'm overwhelmed in a way trying to help myself because of who I chose to be with"... In the recording, Roberts also expresses anger at his wife for speaking with the media: saying he's unhappy with their personal problems continuing to be made public. "It just makes it worse on me with the court pending now and the divorce," Roberts said. "And the media I'm sure she will call the news channel ten, I'll be back on channel three and six... on Monday." This weekend's incident leaves both Monica and Joseph Roberts facing assault charges. [Full article here]
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  1. He's got ISSUES and I wouldn't be surprised if he slashed his own tires to set her up.

  2. Gregory Police Chief Turned Himself In
    Posted: Feb 14, 2011 6:41 PM by Melissa Schroeder - mschroeder@kristv.com
    Updated: Feb 14, 2011 6:49 PM

    TAFT -- The Gregory police chief and his wife turned themselves into taft police Friday after the department served a warrant.

    Chief Joseph Roberts and his wife, Monica, live in Taft.

    Officers there say last Sunday, the two got into an argument and Chief Roberts threw a beer bottle at his wife.

    Police say Monica Roberts then slashed two tires on her husband's police cruiser.

    The two are both charged with assault family violence.

    Roberts is still acting as police chief in Gregory and was never put on leave.

    A court date will be scheduled for sometime in March.

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