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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

[FL] Longwood Officer Zeh arrested - facing domestic armed burglary, felony aggravated assault of estranged cop wife and her friemd

Longwood Police Officer, Cpl. John Zeh, was arrested last night for a Saturday incident at his estranged wife's home, and he is facing domestic violence, armed burglary to a dwelling and felony charges for aggravated assault and battery with a deadly weapon. 
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  1. As a survivor of eight years' of mental and physical abuse at the hands of my husband, culminating in his shooting himself and me (in the face), I have to say I was apalled at the bungling of the whole situation by the Palm Bay police department. After discovering my husband was sexually abusing my two young children, I went to them to file a report. And while they did thoroughly investigate the report and were prepared to issue a warrant on him, they also NOTIFIED him he was being investigated for abuse, despite my telling them repeatedly that he was mentally unstable, I had a restraining order against him, and he had repeatedly threatened to kill me or run with the children.

    Police offers are, according to statistics, in the top 5% of batterers. So it does not surprise me one iota to discover that behind the blue wall, there are many guilty of it. I'm glad one was named and caught.

  2. This was the school officer at Lyman high school when I graduated two years ago. I was horrified by this. He always seemed like an alright Guy apparently looks are very deceiving...

  3. mtsteed, I'm thankful that you survived.

  4. LONGWOOD POLICE OFFICER FACES CHARGES: Zeh accused of armed burglary, kidnapping
    WESH Orlando
    February 2, 2011
    [Excerpts] A Longwood police officer [Cpl. John Zeh] was arrested Tuesday night on domestic violence charges... Zeh made a first appearance in court on a host of charges... "This involved domestic violence with his estranged wife and another party. He was charged with domestic violence, battery, false imprisonment, armed burglary to a dwelling, with an assault and battery committed," Longwood Police Chief Troy Hickson said. Prosecutor Andrew Jones said records showed Zeh came to the residence in his patrol car, entered through the back door and made threats. "The defendant ... got into the residence in his uniform, with a weapon drawn. In addition, judge, the state would be asking for no bond due to the statements that were said as far as there being three potential dead bodies in the future," Jones said. Zeh shook his head and denied the allegations as he and the public defender argued he needed bond to take care of his family. He was suspended without pay... "At this time without having a job, I have two children; I have a sick mother, who just had a stroke, and I have a grandfather who needs aid," Zeh said. Prosecutors said the safest place for Zeh is in jail. "When somebody uses this type of force, and shows this type of authority, and draws a weapon to put it to someone's head, tell them that he's going to kill them because he tried to take his wife, that is the reason ... that on these type of cases, the state requests ... the defendant is not entitled to a bond," Jones said. [Full article here]

  5. LONGWOOD COP BEGS FOR RELEASE AFTER ARREST: A Longwood police officer begged a judge to let him out of jail Wednesday. (02/02/11)
    WFTV Orlando
    February 2, 2011
    [Excerpts] A Longwood police officer begged a judge to let him out of jail Wednesday. "I'm hoping for the opportunity to take care of my family," Corporal John Zeh told the judge. But it's his own wife he's accused of threatening with a gun and the state attorney said Corporal Zeh is too dangerous to be released from jail. The attack allegedly happened with a police-issued gun while the man was wearing his uniform. Corporal Zeh is also accused of driving to the home where the attack took place in his police car. Prosecutors say, what happened next was so violent, Zeh can't be trusted to be released from jail... The victims include an unidentified man and Zeh's estranged wife. According to court records, she is fellow Longwood police officer... prosecutors say Zeh threatened to kill her and struck a man she was with in the head, possibly with his department-issued gun... "We are all very upset about this," Longwood Police Chief Troy K. Hickson told WFTV. Hickson told WFTV Zeh has never been in trouble before and was recently promoted to corporal. "Unfortunately, we can't control the actions of everyone, but we can hold our employees accountable and that's what we've done here," he said... The judge ordered Zeh held on no bond. His next hearing is scheduled for March 29. [Full article here]

    Orlando Sentinel
    By Gary Taylor, Walter Pacheco and Rene Stutzman
    February 02, 2011
    [Excerpts] A Longwood cop accused of domestic violence had threatened to kill his wife, a male friend whom he accused of stealing her away then himself, police said. [KX], who is also a Longwood police officer, told authorities her estranged husband, Cpl. John Zeh, showed up at a friend's Longwood home in his agency car while wearing his police uniform. He barged inside the house and placed his agency weapon to head of his wife's male friend - threatening to kill them and then commit suicide... Zeh faces charges of armed burglary of a dwelling, domestic battery, battery, two counts of false imprisonment and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon... The incident involving Zeh and his estranged wife occurred Saturday, but Hickson said it was not reported until Monday. Police reports show his wife had moved out of their Fern Park home Jan. 12... [KX] and her male friend who was visiting, [BF], were at that house when her estranged husband confronted them, according to his arrest report. He threatened to fatally shoot Feld and then struck him twice on the head, a report shows. Zeh demanded that his wife return home with him. When she refused, Jon Zeh took her purse and badge then drove away... Zeh later returned his wife's badge. [Longwood police Chief Troy] Hickson said as soon as he was informed of the incident Monday evening he assembled a team of investigators and they developed probable cause to arrest Zeh... Zeh was being held at the John Polk Correctional Facility without bail... [Full article here]

  7. I honestly think he needs to be on house arrest till he is convicted or not convicted of these crimes. Our whole family needs him to be out, and to help us. There is no doubt in my mind that many of these things didn't actually happen.

  8. People are so quick to convict John Zeh. The whole truth will come out. He is innocent until proven guilty. Let's get facts first. Kim is not totally innocent in this. If he guilty then he must pay for crime.

    1. God don't like ugly John zeh had nasty ways trust me he use to harassed me

  9. Thanks mom.

  10. I agree with Ashley and markie. I have know since I was in middle school just coming up on 20 years now. He has been involved in the community in so many ways I dont know where to begin. The man the man they are portraying him as is def not the man he is I hope the truth comes out and he gets released soon he needs his family as much as they need him

  11. Curious... what does his community public behavior prove about how he is behind closed doors? It would be good to look up and learn some things about domestic violence - not just for the sake of this, but overall so that you can be aware of when others in your life need you to be perceptive and discerning.

    "...Perpetrators are not always angry and hostile, but can be charming, agreeable, and kind... Having different public and private behavior: Usually, people outside the immediate family are not aware of and do not witness the perpetrator's abusive behavior. Abusers who maintain an amiable public image accomplish the important task of deceiving others into thinking they are loving, "normal," and incapable of domestic violence. This allows perpetrators to escape accountability for their violence and reinforces the victims' fears that no one will believe them..." [http://www.enotalone.com/article/10004.html]

  12. In regards to statistics if police officers are in the top 5 what does that say about her? She is a cop to. I am not saying he did or didn't do wrong but wish people wouldn't judge before hearing both sides the only people that can stick up for him are friends and family. We are all to quick to bash someone before knowing the whole truth. I haven't seen one thing nice being said about him ever not now nor in the past this man has served his country as a marine I know at least in the gulf war he protects our longwood children when going to school from speeders and stop sign runners and the list goes on. Not one thank you or praise to him but the first chance to bash him when he can't defend himself and everyone is on it like a free ride. There is something wrong with the world today people are quick to assume the worst. Such as why did they move him to orange county right away everyone assumed shadyness where omg could it have been that there are more inmates in Seminole county jail that he locked up and it is safer for everyone for him to go to orange county? Hhhmmm

  13. Seminole County Jail Booking Information

    Booking #: 201100001473
    Name: JOHN ZEH
    Date of Birth: 4/14/1968
    Location: I
    Arrested by: Longwood Police Department
    Arrest Date: 2/1/2011 11:56:00 PM

    * Arraignment: 03/29/11 13:30 - 2011000CF503A

    Inmate may not be bailed.









  14. There are some of us in the community that know some of the Zeh family and hope for the best for all of them. I hope John can be back with his family and they can work through this unfortunate situation. I am sure whatever the case is the truth will come out in the end. These things are not usually due to just one persons choices and/or actions. We are supportive of the family getting through this.

  15. So you will assume the victim is partly to blame because you know Zeh. I hope you don't have an important decision making job.

  16. There are many victims in this situation and I am not saying Kim is to blame. I like Kim and what I am saying is the family needs support, all of them. We don't know the entire story and we never will nor is is our business to know. Me having and important decision makeing job has NOTHING to do with this. There are daughters that are hurt in this situation and I think they should be supported. They likely had nothing to do with any of this however their lives are also turned upside down. It is unfortunate that things ever have to get to this point. Police officers should never take advantage of their position and should be held to a high standard.

  17. I agree the girls are definately going through alot...And unfortunately might not be getting the support that they need from their mother right now which has got to be tearing all of them up inside. i cant begin to imagine what they are going through but i do hope everyone gets through it. people make mistakes even more so when it comes to someone you love leaving you it makes people do crazy things not saying what was done was in any means right or only one persons fault...but like anonymous said we will never know the whole truth but i know deep down john is not a bad person nor should be condemned to be known for being one for the rest of his life...he has lost things already and most likely more to come...all i can say good luck and my prayers are with them

  18. Officer Accused Of Battery Had History Of Discipline
    Longwood Officer Accused Of Threatening To Kill Wife
    POSTED: Thursday, February 3, 2011
    UPDATED: 5:54 pm EST February 3, 2011

    LONGWOOD, Fla. -- More details about the troubled past of a police officer accused of threatening to kill his estranged wife and her friend are coming to the surface.

    Longwood police said Cpl. John Zeh had no disciplinary problems in the six years he worked for the department, but that is not the case at the Seminole County Sheriff's Office, where he worked for almost 15 years prior to his time in Longwood.

    Zeh had minor violations, like an inappropriate pursuit of a stolen vehicle and violations while taking on extra security duty, but there were also larger issues.

    In October 2002, Seh was cited for providing alcohol to a minor. An internal investigation revealed that Zeh offered an 18-year-old an alcoholic beverage during a party on a trip to Washington, D.C. for National Police Week. He received a one-day suspension.

    In March 2003, he was suspended for 30 days for viewing pornographic material while on duty. The offense left him with a pending termination, but according to the Sheriff's Office, he resigned before he was fired.

    Zeh is on leave without pay from the Police Department until his next court hearing in March. According to the arrest report, Zeh told his estranged wife and a male friend he would leave bodies behind at the friend's house.

    Zeh is charged with battery.


    1. SCSO has a bad habit of turning a blind eye to immoral, unethical and even illegal behavior of ther deputies ! Period !

  19. Damn that sucks for officer zeh. I used to go to Lyman and he seemed straight even let me slide when he caught me and a buddy smoking on campus lol i was in the same grade as his daughter and i feel bad for her but if hes guilty then he needs to face whats coming to him like everyone else would. good luck tho hope it works out


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