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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

[India too] Constable Anandaraj's argument with his wife ends fatally

TIRUCHI: A 42-year-old constable [S Anandaraj] attached to the Armed Reserve Police shot himself in front of his entire family in the midst of a quarrel with his wife here on Monday evening...

The Hindu
Feb 15, 2011
[Excerpts] TIRUCHI: ...Forty-two-year old Anandaraj, who joined the police service as a constable in 1993, shot himself using the 9mm service pistol. Police sources said Anandaraj, an alcoholic, frequently quarrelled with his wife... He took the weapon to his house instead of depositing it in the Bell of Arms (a place where weapons are stored) at the City Armed Reserve unit after completing his duty on Sunday night... Anandaraj had reportedly attempted suicide a few years ago. The K.K. Nagar Police have registered a case. The body was sent to the Annal Gandhi Memorial Government Headquarters Hospital for a post mortem. [Full article here]

Times of India
Feb 15, 2011
[Excerpts] TIRUCHI: A 42-year-old constable attached to the Armed Reserve Police shot himself in front of his entire family in the midst of a quarrel with his wife here on Monday evening. Central zone inspector general of police K Vanniaperumal said it was a case of suicide. "The constable shot himself in his temple with the service pistol,'' he said. S Anandaraj, a native of Adithapuram village near Mannargudi in Tiruvarur district, was residing at the AR residential quarters at K K Nagar in Tiruchi... On Monday when he returned home in the evening, a quarrel ensued between him and his wife Kavitha (32)... Kavitha said Anandaraj threatened Kavitha that he would commit suicide. Kavitha, however, snatched away the 9 mm pistol and hid it in the bureau locker. She had also reportedly warned him to return the pistol immediately to the police department as she feared that he would commit suicide shooting himself. Anandaraj had went out of the house only to return within moments and headed straight to the safety locker. Even as Kavitha was warning him not to take the weapon, the constable pulled out pistol and shot himself... His sons ______ (14) and ______ (12) were also in the house when the incident happened. According to his neighbours, Anandraj used to consume liquor and the couple frequently quarreled with each other. Even three days ago, there was a big fight between them... When he returned home on Monday he was drunk... [Full article here]
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