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Saturday, February 26, 2011

[NJ] Killer of hero retired Millville Police Officer Carmen F. DeGregorio Jr., sentenced

Along came Superman.

On November 27th 2007 a young woman had jumped out of her boyfriend's car during an argument and fled on foot towards the nearby store. He caught up to her though and was forcing her into his vehicle's trunk. Along came Superman. Retired Millville Police Officer Carmen F. DeGregorio Jr. saw what was happening, rescued the woman, sent her into the store and then went the other way. The woman's boyfriend followed him in his car and ran DeGregrio down. DeGregrio was taken to the hospital and died two days later. His killer was sentenced to 30 years in prison yesterday. DeGregorio had retired in 2004 after 25 years.

His daughter in court yesterday:
"A very big part of my life is gone forever. Day by day, night by night, I never stop thinking about him."

The young woman whose life he saved wrote on her facebook yesterday:
"day was very emotional n draining...so relieved dat dis part is over, so ready to start living again!! R.I.P Carmen Degregorio Jr. U live on in everyone's life u touched. 4ever grateful, always thankful... because of u I'm still here... :( Life is bittersweet."

A Hero
By Virginia DeGregorio, his daughter

A hero would always protect you.
He would help everyone else before himself.
He would risk his life for you.

Always doing the right thing.
He will make a memory.
He will be with you always.
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