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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

[CA] Victim spoke at fired LASD Deputy DeLacerda's sentencing

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy Sean Paul Delacerda was charged in April 2010 with one felony count each of assault with a firearm, kidnapping, false imprisonment by violence, and one misdemeanor count of domestic violence battery after assaulting an ex-girlfriend with a firearm. He was found guilty by a jury last month and has been sentenced to 13 years in prison.

OC Register:

A former Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department deputy was sentenced to 13 years in state prison Friday for assaulting an ex-girlfriend at gunpoint and violently holding her against her will in her apartment.

The sentencing of Sean Paul Delacerda, 27, of Fullerton followed an emotional statement from the victim, who urged the judge to lock him up for the maximum 18 years for an ordeal last year she said continues to haunt her.

"Words cannot express the anger and betrayal I feel toward Sean," said the victim, who was 26 years old when the crime occurred on April 18, 2010. At the time, Delacerda was a deputy. He was terminated following his conviction.

"It disgusts me that he hid behind his badge and did not seek treatment for his depression and mentally abusive ways," said the victim, who at times broke into tears while delivering a victim-impact statement before Judge James E. Rogan at the North Justice Center in Fullerton. [LINK]
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  1. [CA] (SUDDENLY psycho?) Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy Sean DeLacerda attacks an ex-girlfriend

    [CA] Relieved-of-duty Ex-deputy Delacerda facing trial for assault on ex with a handgun, kidnap


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