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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

[ME] Kennebunk Police Officer Morneau and his girlfriend's ex give two different accounts for physical altercation

[Kennebunk police officer Joshua] Morneau who fatally shot a woman in March is on paid administrative leave again... Morneau says [his girlfriend's ex-husband Patrick] Donahue was threatening and, after Morneau called police to report the incident, Donahue attacked him... [Donahue] says it was Morneau who then attacked him...

Press Herald
Aug. 2, 2011
[Excerpts] The Kennebunk police officer who fatally shot a woman in March is on paid administrative leave again. Officer Joshua Morneau was put on leave about two weeks ago in connection with an incident that occurred while he was off-duty, said Lt. Anthony Bean Burpee... On March 27, Morneau and another officer responded to a domestic-disturbance call and Morneau fatally shot 39-year-old Katherine Paulson. The Attorney General's Office continues to investigate the shooting... [Full article here]

July 29, 2011 12:08 PM
[Excerpt] Police Officer Joshua Morneau was placed on paid administrative leave approximately two weeks ago stemming from an incident in his personal life, the department confirmed July 28... [Full article here]

KENNEBUNK OFFICER ON LEAVE AMID PROBE OF OFF-DUTY CONDUCT: The leave coincides with an altercation between Joshua Morneau and his girlfriend's ex-husband.
Press Herald
By David Hench
Posted: August 3
Updated: Today at 9:50 AM
[Excerpts] ...The timing of the administrative leave coincides with an altercation between [Kennebunk Police Officer Joshua] Morneau and his girlfriend's ex-husband at a health center in Saco. Morneau, 27, has had a protection-from-harassment order against Patrick Donahue, 27, for the past year, since an altercation at Morneau's former home in Kennebunk. Saco Police Chief Brad Paul would say little about the investigation into the altercation... Morneau has sought an extension of the protection order against Donahue and has filed a description of the incident July 20 in support of it. Donahue also has filed for a protection order, with a somewhat different version of the same incident... Morneau says Donahue was threatening and, after Morneau called police to report the incident, Donahue attacked him. Morneau says he subdued Donahue and held him until police arrived. Donahue says Morneau identified himself when reporting the incident as an off-duty police officer who was reporting someone violating a protection order. Morneau did not indicate that he was a party to the dispute, Donahue says. He says it was Morneau who then attacked him. In his application, Donahue noted that Morneau was under investigation for the shooting of a Kennebunk woman and said he is in fear of him. On Tuesday, however, the Attorney General's office ruled that Morneau was justified in using deadly force in that situation... [Full article here]

DEADLY FORCE JUSTIFIED BY KENNEBUNK OFFICER, STATE SAYS: Joshua Morneau shot a Kennebunk woman four times after she advanced toward him with a knife.
By Ann S. Kim
Posted: August 3
Updated: Today at 11:06 PM
[Excerpt] The Kennebunk police officer who fatally shot a woman while responding to a domestic-dispute call in March was justified in using deadly force, Attorney General William Schneider concluded in a report released Tuesday. On the evening of March 27, Officer Joshua Morneau shot Katherine Paulson four times after she pulled a knife with an 8-inch blade from a holder and advanced toward him, according to the report. Paulson, who was 39 and had a history of mental illness, died at the condominium in Nottingham Court that she shared with her mother, Carol... [Full article here]


of Kennebunk, Maine, formerly of
Fitchburg, MA and Shirley, MA; age 39
Katherine died tragically at her home on March 27th, 2011 in Kennebunk, Maine, during an incident involving Kennebunk Police, that is under investigation by the state of Maine.
She was an American Eskimo. Born in Nome, Alaska... She was the pride and joy of her family... She is survived by... [Full article here]
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  1. Many of people have had run ins with Morneau. He is a danger and should not be carrying a fire arm. 4 times with deadly force? Sounds like target practice. Why didn't he use his tazer? The 8 inch knife now has extended to 13.5 inches? Because it is considered more of a weapon. This kid has the taste of blood. Killer Morneau to the rescue. Wow adding to Stalking Burpee and that sounds like the best tag team in the planet.

  2. Joshua now has been involved with a mother married person. He had an affair with his Sargent Juliet gilman his partner. They are now living together in Sanford


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