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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

[OH] Trooper Velez agrees to stay away from his wife so protection order is dropped and he's back to work

[OH] Gun and badge taken from State Trooper Velez on wife's word he threatened her life - The wife of an Ohio Highway Patrol trooper has taken out a temporary domestic violence protection order against her husband after he allegedly threatened to kill her...

August 16th, 2011

An Ohio Highway Patrol trooper who was placed on administrative duty while the patrol conducted an internal investigation into allegations he had threatened to kill his wife has returned to his regular duties.

Trooper Kenneth Velez, who lives in Lorain, was reinstated to his job as a motor vehicle inspector out of the patrol’s Medina post late last month, Lt. Anne Ralston said.

Velez’s wife, Rachel Velez, had accused him of threatening to kill her during a July 5 argument when she sought a domestic violence protection order last month. The protection order later was dropped after the couple agreed to stay away from each other as part of their legal separation, according to court documents.

After his wife obtained the protection order, Kenneth Velez was ordered to turn over his gun, badge, cruiser and patrol identification.

Ralston said that since the protection order was a civil matter and no criminal charges were filed, the investigation into Kenneth Velez is considered closed.
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