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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

[KS] Eudora Officer Leahew arrested after report of hitting woman

Eudora police officer Thomas Clinton Leahew was arrested after after a woman reported Leahew struck her, causing minor injuries. Leahew was charged in Douglas County District Court on Monday with misdemeanor battery. A special prosecutor from Shawnee County was appointed, and Leahew was placed on administrative leave pending an internal investigation. He was released Leahew on his own recognizance.
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  1. Does anyone know if he gets paid administrative leave? Has he had any other past violence?

  2. He was a passenger of mine,I drive taxi in Lawrence. I was driving him and six of his friends to a club,when we where about to arrive at the destination, unexspectedly he dove from the back of the 15 passenger van into the dash, then grabed me putting me in a chokehold/then headlock,ripping my shirt ,bleeding all over me.Never getting any assistance from his friends.I realized that I had to do something,I reached to put the taxi in park,then grabed the steering wheel pulling myself free.All though he kept graving at me,and pulling on my shirt ,he never struck me ,didnt punch me,just wanted to get that out.Not sure how putting me in a submission hold rendering me unable to see to control the vehicle I was driving is any way less violent then what a aggrivated battery charge.Glad no other vehicles where in the road,wish I would of known anything was even wrong then I could of possibly prevented the event.13 years driving taxi and I have to be assaulted for the first time by someone who is suppose to have the mental faculties to know their limits and know how to control a situation that they are a part of ,on or off duty.I really still don't feel ok.I don't get it.I lost the mindset that I can keep myself safe on my job by being aware and paying attention to my environment ,but really I second guess what I know now to trust nobody.

  3. 2 points for not driving a car to a bar.

  4. AnonymousJune 10, 2013

    I knew him as a child and know his parents well. Completely surprised by this information.


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