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Thursday, August 18, 2011

[NH] Girlfriend of police chief's son knew she couldn't call police - and the "NONPUBLIC" domestic violence policy at Brookline PD

Brookline Police did not investigate when it was learned that there was a domestic incident involving Police Chief William Quigley's son Jonathan and Jonathan's girlfriend. Jonathan's girlfriend, Goyette Shank, said that when she told Jonathan that she was going to call the police, Jonathan told her not to bother - that he would call his dad, the chief, and tell him to be sure that police don't respond. Then Jonathan called and met with his personal friend - Brookline Master Patrolman Robert Pelleier - who didn't file a report and didn't go talk to Goyette - because the chief's son didn't want him to. Goyette said she knew she couldn't call the police.
...Goyette Shank stated in the court documents that since “I knew I couldn’t call the police, I called a ‘mutual friend’ in hopes he could get Jon to leave so I could get out safely”... Asked why there was no domestic abuse report, Police Chief William Quigley III, who is Jonathan Quigley’s father, said the incident didn’t warrant follow-up...
When asked about his department’s domestic violence policies, [ex-State Trooper, current Brookline Police Chief] William Quigley said he was “not familiar” with the state protocols. Asked for a copy of the Brookline Police Department’s policies and procedures on domestic abuse, Quigley asked for a signed written request and not a faxed copy. Later, Quigley said the department’s policies regarding domestic violence investigations were made “nonpublic” in 2007...

...Place the Chief on "Double Secret Probation"...


Nashua Telegraph
Thursday, June 16, 2011
[Excerpts] Jonathan Quigley, son of Police Chief William Quigley III, was served a temporary restraining order Tuesday after his former girlfriend, Nicole L. Goyette Shank filed a petition at Milford District Court on Tuesday... Goyette Shank, 25, stated that during a fight in their home on May 19, Jonathan Quigley, 24, punched her in the stomach, yelled at her and threw her on her bed [in the presence of her daugher]... Goyette Shank wrote that she was “in fear of my safety and the safety of my daughter, Autumn,” as well as another child she was baby-sitting, and she stated in the court papers, “I slapped him until he moved.” Once Quigley moved and she had locked the door, Goyette Shank wrote in the court documents, “He said, ‘I’m not leaving.’ I stated, ‘Then I am calling the police.’?” Goyette Shank said in the court papers that Quigley told her, “Don’t bother. I’ll call my dad for you right now and make sure Brookline P.D. refuses to come.” She also wrote in the petition that she heard Quigley call his father and say, “Hey, Dad. If Nicole calls in, she hit me. Make sure you arrest her.” Goyette Shank further stated in the court papers, “I felt unsafe and went to get the gun I kept at the house. I found it missing. I asked Jon, ‘Where is my gun?’ He said, ‘I took it.’?” In addition, Goyette Shank stated in the court documents that since “I knew I couldn’t call the police, I called a ‘mutual friend’ in hopes he could get Jon to leave so I could get out safely”... Goyette Shank concluded her petition to the court by stating, “Jon Quigley is mentally unstable, and I fear what he will do to me or my daughters if he comes near us again.” According to a Defendant Information Sheet for Law Enforcement, Quigley, employed at Toyota in Bow, has a concealed weapons permit and history of violence and alcohol abuse. However, Larry Haynes, president of Grappone Toyota, the only dealer of that car line in Bow, said the company has no record of Quigley ever working for them. The court document further states that Quigley wasn’t expecting the temporary restraining order, nor will children be living with the plaintiff, Goyette Shank. A hearing is scheduled... [Full article here]

Nashua Telegraph
By Kathy Cleveland
Tuesday, July 12, 2011
[Excerpts] A former girlfriend of Jonathan Quigley has been granted a one-year restraining order, based partly on a comment Quigley, the son of Brookline Police Chief William Quigley III, made on Facebook. In her July 7 protection order, Milford District Court Judge Martha Crocker said Quigley, 24, of Brookline, committed two acts of domestic violence against Nicole Goyette Shank and she “finds the defendant’s conduct a credible threat to (Shank’s) safety”... The judge wrote that a printout of Quigley’s cell phone log “clearly shows a two-minute phone call to a number admitted to belonging to his father”... At the June 21 hearing on the permanent restraining order, Quigley denied phoning his father... Chief Quigley testified that he did not receive a phone call from his son... Brookline police officer Robert Pellitier, a friend of the younger Quigley, also testified that Quigley visited him after the incident and he noticed red marks on Quigley’s face “consistent with being slapped’... But in his message on the social networking site posted two days after the incident, the younger Quigley told Shank, “I just want you to know that I am sorry for what I did to you. There is no excuse for laying hands on a woman. Ever.”... Crocker also wrote that Quigley “led Ms. Shank to believe that because of his ties to law enforcement she has no ability to seek protection from law enforcement... The final order of protection extends from July 7, 2011 to June 21, 2012... [Full article here]

Nashua Telegraph
Wednesday, July 27, 2011
[Excerpts] Police Chief William Quigley III did not perjure himself at his son’s hearing in Milford District Court on July 11, the state attorney general’s office has concluded. The finding follows an investigation prompted by town selectmen, who asked for it after Judge Martha Crocker wrote earlier this month that cell phone records contradicted the police chief’s testimony at a hearing for Jonathan Quigley, the chief’s 24-year-old son. The hearing concerned a protective order against Jonathan Quigley by his former girlfriend... The AG’s office studied cell phone and text message records... Two sets of cell phone records were turned over to the court. The first one, available and referred to during the hearing, show a May 19 call made on Jonathan Quigley’s cell phone at 2:44 p.m. to a his father’s number... shows a text sent from Jonathan Quigley’s phone to his father on May 19 at 2:43 p.m. and a phone call from the chief to his son at 2:43 p.m. The chief’s phone call to his son lasted three minutes... It is not clear why the two sets of phone records appear to disagree... Shank testified that when she told Quigley she was going to call the police, he told her, “Don’t bother. I’ll call my dad for you right now.” At the July 11 hearing, the police chief said, “Not only did I not get the phone call, but Jonathan doesn’t call me ‘Dad,’ he calls me ‘Pops.’?” “There was no evidence” that Chief Quigley committed perjury, Young said... [Full article here]

Nashua Telegraph
Saturday, August 13, 2011
[Excerpts] Although the state’s top law enforcement agency makes it clear that a police officer should investigate if domestic abuse is suspected, Brookline Police didn’t do so after an alleged domestic incident between the police chief’s son and his girlfriend. On the day of a reported domestic altercation between Jonathan Quigley and Nicole Shank on May 19, a Brookline Police officer met with Quigley, saw marks on his face, and had knowledge there was a firearm and children in the home but didn’t initiate a domestic violence investigation, according to court records. Shank later reported she was punched and thrown by Quigley and in return pushed him during the incident, according to documents at Milford District Court. Asked why there was no domestic abuse report, Police Chief William Quigley III, who is Jonathan Quigley’s father, said the incident didn’t warrant follow-up. “There was no call for service, as far as I can remember,” William Quigley said Friday... The younger Quigley contacted his father at 2:44 p.m. and received a return call from him a minute later, according to phone logs filed in court. About a half-hour after that, Jonathan Quigley contacted the Brookline duty officer, Master Patrolman Robert Pelletier, who is also a friend, on his private cell phone... Pelletier testified he met the younger Quigley at the station that afternoon and that marks on his face “were consistent” with having been struck... Pelletier said Quigley ... appeared to have been hit on the face, and he told Parodi that Quigley didn’t want to talk about what had happened. He also said Quigley didn’t want an officer to go talk with Shank. The issue at the hearing was Shank’s request for a restraining order. Standard police protocol for responding to incidents of suspected domestic violence is outlined by the attorney general’s office. Officers responding to cases of possible domestic violence are directed to interview the suspect and victim and follow a checklist of questions about children, witnesses, evidence and more, according to the AG’s document “Law Enforcement: A model protocol for police response to domestic violence cases”... When asked about his department’s domestic violence policies, William Quigley said he was “not familiar” with the state protocols. Asked for a copy of the Brookline Police Department’s policies and procedures on domestic abuse, Quigley asked for a signed written request and not a faxed copy. Later, Quigley said the department’s policies regarding domestic violence investigations were made “nonpublic” in 2007. He said it likely was made nonpublic to protect victims. The newspaper delivered a Right-to-Know request to Quigley on Friday asking for access to the policies. Questions about the case have come up before... Altogether, three phone logs were presented as testimony... In the days after the incident, police went to the home the couple shared with Shank’s two children on Route 13 four times, each visit a “civil standby,” a police term for keeping the peace while a person removes his belongings after a domestic problem... [Full article here]

Nashua Telegraph
August 17, 2011
[Excerpts] The chairman of the Board of Selectmen said he plans to ask state police to examine whether the town Police Department had knowledge of a domestic violence incident involving the chief’s son and failed to respond. And Chairman Tad Putney said town officials would have no comment until after the investigation is complete... The request is likely to be referred to the county attorney or the integrity unit of the state attorney general’s office because Brookline Police Chief William Quigley is a former state trooper.... On Monday, minutes after the selectmen’s meeting began, a resident raised her hand and asked for comment on “the domestic violence.” Putney, the board chairman, was quick to respond. “A number of people were surprised that the Police Department has a policy on domestic violence that is nonpublic,” Putney said, referring to comments by the chief, quoted in a recent Telegraph story, saying the department’s domestic violence policies were made nonpublic in 2007 to protect victims. On Monday, Putney said he learned “in research” that in 1998, a number of residents hired a lawyer to challenge the town’s nonpublic Police Department policies. Town counsel advised, Putney said, that some police policies should remain nonpublic, for public safety reasons... “We’ve asked the chief to look at domestic violence, break out the policies, make them public, because I know this is an important topic to many residents”... [Full article here]

...I can only hope that Ms. Shank and her children get far, far away from the thuggery of the Brookline Police Chief, Brookline Police Department, and the families thereof...

...How can William Quigley not be familiar with state protocols when he served for a whole career as a state police officer (and qualifying and drawing retirement)? Selective memory--how convenient. The law does not apply to all equally. If you hold the power, you and your family can do whatever you want and be above the law....

...I really don't understand this: "A review of the phone logs by the attorney general’s office concluded the chief hadn’t perjured himself." He said there was no call under oath, but the records show there was...

...WOW, secret "policies" to protect "public safety". Is this 2011 USA or 1929 Nazi Germany? Were these policies so secret that the officer did not know what they were or is this just another cover up? According to this "secret" policy, someone should have been arrested that day...

...Tad: Really, no comment? I thought you and the rest of the "gang of 3" had a ZERO tolerance policy when it came to the PD?...

...Place the Chief on "Double Secret Probation"...
[police officer involved domestic violence oidv intimate partner violence ipv abuse law enforcement public safety coverup cover up family brotherhood abuse of power blue wall of silence new hampshire state politics]


  1. yes i too was victimized by the BKL police and sent 6 days at maximun security prison HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY JAIL. no outtime, put in the hole for 3 days,1 hour out day 4,5,6. Not given a shower til day 4. Correction officers almost broke my wrist, shoved against the wall. All antideressants withheld, went into hell withdrawal BP 155 everday. No soap toilet paper,had to use orange sections to wash my private areas. Sent to court fully chained waist anad leg. Food was horrid, diahrea, no immodium,which was promised me, no soap had to use toilet water a a bidet. Reaked of feces, no sanitization on fecal smelling mat, had to eat with e-coli on my hands.Correction officers ignored me. Reqest to go to hospital denied despite the severe withdrawals from antidepressants. day 6 a nice women correction officer told me how to use the phone.got bail was a total wreck. was swimming at a lake for brookline residents..camp teyva called the police.

  2. interestingly enough there is a now a NH trooper appearing on newscasts by the name of J.D. Quigley....

    1. AnonymousMay 17, 2016

      Not the same person & no relation whatsoever

  3. I can't say who is who and who isn't who, but there is a *Joshua* Quigley NH trooper.

  4. AnonymousJuly 26, 2016

    The NH State Police Trooper Quigley is no relation to the individual named in the above articles and has been a NH Trooper since long before these events occurred.


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