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Saturday, November 12, 2011

[AZ] Tolleson Police Sgt. Dominguez's domestic violence charges are INFRACTIONS, not real crimes

Tolleson Police Sgt. Antonio Dominguez has been charged with "criminal damage and two counts each of assault and disorderly conduct, all domestic-violence infractions."

This is not his first domestic arrest, but the prior charges were dropped. This time it sounds like he (terrorized and) physically (tactically) assaulted his wife and his stepdaughter, at least scared his sister, demolished the television dramatically hurling it down the stairs to slam bam boom break-into-pieces, then used a chunk of the shattered tv as weapon to (threateningly) chase the women in the house with. The article isn't saying he was intoxicated but there are a couple of clues. No excuse for abuse. But his charges are "infractions" so Sgt. Dominguez may as well have jaywalked or drove too fast.

(I would have been so afraid.)

  • AZLawGuy: "AN INFRACTION is the least serious offense of the three categories. There is no jail time associated with an infraction; instead, punishment usually includes fines and, in some cases, points against your driving record. Types of this offense include jaywalking, speeding tickets, not wearing a seat belt, littering... [LINK]
  • LawInfo: "INFRACTIONS ARE violations of law or ordinances that are typically pretty minor, including traffic infractions. An infraction is less serious than a misdemeanor and may not technically be considered  a crime, depending on the circumstances. A person who commits an infraction will usually get a ticket or citation..." [LINK]

The Arizona Republic
by Jackee Coe
Nov. 12, 2011 12:00 AM
[Excerpts] A Tolleson police sergeant is facing multiple misdemeanor domestic-violence charges after an incident at his Peoria home, authorities said. Sgt. Antonio Dominguez, 40, was charged with criminal damage and two counts each of assault and disorderly conduct, all domestic-violence infractions, Peoria police spokesman Jay Davies said. He was arrested at about 12:50 a.m. Monday after police say an argument with his wife turned physical... A pretrial conference is scheduled in Peoria Municipal Court at 8 a.m. Dec. 13. Dominguez and his wife had been at the Arizona Cardinals game... when his wife told him they needed to leave, he started calling her names and poured beer on her... Later, Dominguez began yelling about a TV in a bedroom that his wife was watching, and then grabbed her wrist and bent it backward as he pushed her to the bed, Davies said. He reportedly unplugged the TV and threw it down the stairs, where it landed on the tile floor below and shattered. Dominguez then approached his wife and grabbed her wrist again, Davies said. When his stepdaughter tried to intervene, he grabbed her wrist also, police said. Dominguez's sister also tried to intervene, and he then picked up a piece of the TV and began chasing his wife and stepdaughter... The stepdaughter called police, and Dominguez grabbed her wrist to try to stop her, Davies said. She kicked at him to get away, and he reportedly grabbed her ankle. She was able to break free and went out front with her mother while they waited for police. Dominguez left in his truck before officers arrived, but one officer responding to the call found the truck parked at an intersection near the home and took him into custody... The wife said there had been no prior domestic violence...Peoria officers were called out to the house in February for a fight that had occurred in January between Dominguez and his wife's brother, Davies said. Both men were arrested, but the city prosecutor did not pursue charges. [Full article here]
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