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Saturday, November 19, 2011

[CO] El Paso Co Sheriff's Deputy Washburn's cop-on-cop domestic charges dropped

El Paso County Sheriff's Deputy Amanda Washburn's deputy boyfriend

...did not cooperate with the investigation... He said he did not want to press charges and did not want her to spend any more time behind bars... Ryan Harris said Washburn is a good person and that the charges against her should be reduced... 

The Gazette
Jakob Rodgers
November 18, 2011
[Excerpt] The domestic violence case against an El Paso County sheriff’s deputy accused of hitting her boyfriend and throwing chunks of concrete and dirt at his house has been dismissed. Prosecutors decided not to pursue harassment charges against Amanda Washburn, an El Paso County sheriff’s patrol deputy, during a court hearing Friday, according to Lee Richards, 4th Judicial District Attorney’s Office spokeswoman. “They (prosecutors) felt it was a weak case,” Richards said. “There was no reasonable likelihood of conviction." Washburn was arrested and placed on paid administrative leave earlier this week following an argument that started when she claimed her boyfriend, another deputy, spent too much time with his ex-wife on Halloween, according to an arrest warrant. Investigators suspect Washburn hit the deputy on the chest and threw chunks of dirt and concrete at his house on Sunday, the affidavit said. She also followed the deputy about 20 miles in her car while texting him to talk to her, the affidavit said, and tried going into his home several times after being asked to leave. The deputy did not cooperate with the investigation, Richards said, and he did not want to pursue charges... [Full article here]

DEPUTY'S HARASSMENT CHARGES DROPPED: El Paso County Sheriff's Deputy Faced Harassment Charges
November 18, 2011
[Excerpts] Harassment charges against an El Paso County Sheriff's deputy have been dropped and her case has been dismissed. Sources told KRDO Newschannel 13 earlier Friday morning that the charges were expected to be dropped due to a lack of evidence. Deputy Amanda Washburn was arrested on November 14 for a domestic violence case. She made her first court appearance Tuesday afternoon and was released on a personal recognizance bond out of interest for her safety... The court ordered a mandatory protection order for 7 days against Harris' two children, ages 11 and 8. The children were present during the dispute... Ryan Harris said Washburn is a good person and that the charges against her should be reduced. Washburn has been placed on administrative leave and must report to her chain-of-command every day. The court is also allowing her to go out of town next week for a previously arranged holiday trip. [Full article here]


by Sade Malloy
Posted: 11.15.2011
Updated: 11.16.2011
[Excerpts] El Paso County Sheriff's Deputy Amanda Washburn was arrested Monday on suspicion of domestic violence after an argument with [her deputy boyfriend]... During her video advisement, the victim at the center of the case spoke on behalf of Washburn. He said he did not want to press charges and did not want her to spend any more time behind bars... The dispute took place in front of Harris' two young children as Harris tried to walk into his home. But while closing the front door, Washburn wedged herself in the doorway and at one point hit Harris in the chest with the palm of her hand. Washburn refused to leave, and, according to Harris, she threw chunks of concrete at the side of his house. Washburn eventually called the El Paso County Emergency dispatch to say Harris had pushed her, but also admitted to following Harris to his parents' house to make sure she knew where he was.... [Full article here]
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  1. It's funny how everyone else who is arrested for D.V doesn't get a free get out of jail pass for there safety. Oh! and everyone else also has to go thru the fast track for DV except if your a cop. I thought striking a police officer was a FELONY. I also thought they passed a law about texting and driving,that it was illegal. when children are involved it is also child abuse. Wait there isn't enough evidence to file charges. I don't get it! I guess she is just a nice person according to her boyfriend and doesn't deserve to be charged.


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