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Friday, November 11, 2011

[TN] Wife-killer ex-deputy/officer Brewer caught planning with his lover to flee if bailed out of jail.

Former Blount County Sheriff's deputy /ex-Rockford police officer Danny Ray Brewer is been charged with murdering his wife Jennifer Lee Cunningham Brewer.

Brewer to his boo:
..."It was an accident. You gotta get me out of here so I can flee the state... Come with me"...

[TN] Deliberate news blackout on ex-deputy's murder of wife Jennifer Cunningham Brewer  I was hoping a reporter would post an article about what she was like, how much her family loves her, or something that acknowledged that she was more than a victim of murder, something that recognized that a real woman was stolen from her own life...

Knox News
By Natalie Neysa Alund
November 9, 2011
[Excerpts] A former Blount County law-enforcement officer accused of fatally shooting his wife testified Wednesday that if a judge reduced his $950,000 bond and he made bail, he'd appear back in court. "I'm not gonna run from this. I've never run from anything in my life," Danny Ray Brewer, 37, pleaded from the witness stand during a bond-reduction hearing before Blount County General Sessions Judge Michael Gallegos. But a recorded jail tape played moments later by Assistant District Attorney General Shari Tayloe proved Brewer a "liar," she said, and in the end, the judge denied the bond-reduction request made by Brewer's public defender, Mack Garner. "What have you done? Why did you do this?" a woman, Pamela Gregory, on the jail tape asks Brewer just hours after he was arrested on a homicide charge, testimony showed. "It was an accident. You gotta get me out of here so I can flee the state... Come with me," Brewer in the tape tells Gregory, who works for AA Bonding Co. in Blount County — a woman he admitted in court Wednesday was his lover of 11 years. Brewer, of Maryville, is accused of killing his 29-year-old wife, Jennifer Brewer, at their Sevier Avenue apartment Sept. 8. She was taken to Blount Memorial Hospital, where she died. Her husband, a former deputy with the Blount County Sheriff's Office and former officer with the Rockford Police Department, was arrested at the scene... In the jail tape, Brewer tells Gregory: "I didn't mean to do it. She knows it. I saw her face when it happened. I gave her CPR and everything. I tried to save her. I called 911. I screamed for an ambulance. That (SOB) was half-cocked. It went off." "Do you love me?" Gregory asked. "I love you enough to run with you." Brewer responded... [Full article here]

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    Posted: Dec 15, 2011
    [Excerpts] The case against a former Blount County sheriff's deputy charged in his wife's shooting death was bound over to a grand jury on Wednesday. Danny Ray Brewer, 37, is charged with criminal homicide. His wife, Jennifer Cunningham Brewer, 28, died in September from a shotgun blast at their unit in Williamsburg Terrace Apartments. Brewer remains in custody on a $950,000 bond. [LINK]

    The Daily Times
    By Austin Baird | (austin.baird@thedailytimes.com)
    Dec 14, 2011
    [Excerpts] A former Blount County law enforcement officer is a step closer to facing trial in the shooting death of his wife. Danny Ray Brewer, 37, a former Blount County Sheriff’s Office deputy and Rockford police officer, had a preliminary hearing on criminal homicide charges Wednesday in Blount County General Sessions Court. After hearing testimony, Judge Michael Gallegos sent the case to a grand jury to decide if the charges brought against Brewer warrant a trial. The case will likely be heard on Jan. 9 or Feb. 16 when a grand jury convenes, though the date will depend upon the crowd of other cases working through the state s docket... Despite Danny Brewer’s claim that his wife’s death was an accident that happened when he was showing her a gun, Trentham testified the evidence doesn’t suggest an accidental shooting... [Full article here]

    Knox News
    By Lance Coleman
    [Excerpts] The criminal homicide case against former Blount County sheriff's deputy Danny Brewer was bound over to a grand jury on Wednesday. His $950,000 bond was kept in place. General Sessions Judge Robert Gallegos ruled probable cause had been proven by Shari Taylor, assistant district attorney, that Brewer had killed his wife with a shotgun blast. Defense attorney Tommy Hindman said the shooting was an accident. [Detective J.T.] Trentham was the only witness to testify in the hearing... "When I got there, Mr. Brewer was in the front living room in a fetal position covered in blood," the detective said. "He was making a statement, 'It was an accident. The safety was on, it should not have happened"'... Trentham testified he then went back to the bedroom, where medical personnel were with Jennifer Brewer... The detective said Brewer stated he had come home from work at 4:30 or 5 a.m. on Sept. 8, and his wife got up later to take their 3-year-old child to day care and returned home. "She got back in bed. At some point there was sexual intercourse, then he got up to show her the shotgun he had purchased, and while this was going on, the shotgun discharged," Trentham testified. In the middle of the interview, Trentham said he was notified Jennifer Brewer had died, and that was when Brewer admitted he had been with Pam Gregory, a bail bondswoman. "He said this was the person he was with until 4:30 or 5 a.m., that he was employed by her as a bounty hunter and that they had been having a 10-year love affair," Trentham testified... [Full article here]

  3. Ex-Blount County deputy indicted for murder in wife's shooting
    Posted: Apr 03, 2012

    MARYVILLE (WATE) - The Blount County Grand Jury on Monday indicted a former sheriff's deputy on a charge of murdering his wife.

    Danny Ray Brewer, 38, a former Blount County deputy and Rockford police officer, is charged with second degree murder in the shooting death of his wife, Jennifer Cunningham Brewer, 28, in September 2011.

    She was killed by a shotgun blast at the couple's unit in Williamsburg Terrace Apartments.

    Brewer was originally charged with two counts of criminal homicide. He remains in custody at the Blount County Jail on bonds totaling $1.9 million.

    Brewer is scheduled to be in court on Thursday.


  4. And he is fixing to get out its not fair he should get life for killing someone well actually two people the one in the car and his wife he is crazy in the head so just let him out let him live a live while this family lives without her he should have life


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