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Monday, November 28, 2011

[WA] Thurston County unnamed sheriff's detective's wife recants so no domestic violence charges.

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[WA] Wife of unnamed Thurston County Sheriff's detective is afraid - ... She alleges that he also said that if she left, he would “shoot everybody who’s out there.” She said that during an argument on Oct. 7 or 8, he had words to the effect of “you will see what’s going to happen, I have nothing left to lose”... She said that on Sunday night, on the way home from dinner, he had said, “I wanna kill you”... that he had made the statement “I wanna kill you” to her “once or twice a week”... She said she had never reported anything to police because she didn’t want him to get into trouble. The detective denied to the Lacey officer that he had threatened to kill his wife...

NO CHARGES FOR THURSTON DETECTIVE: Thurston County: Case of detective suspected of blocking wife in room ends
The Olympian
Jeremy Pawloski
Published November 25, 2011
[Excerpts] An undercover Thurston County narcotics detective arrested last week on suspicion of unlawful imprisonment, domestic violence will not be charged with a crime... The Thurston County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office declared a conflict of interest in connection with the detective’s Nov. 15 arrest, and the charging decision was left to the Pierce County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office... [The detective] was accused of refusing to let his wife out of their bedroom during an argument, court papers state. [Pierce County Prosecutor Mark] Lindquist said in a phone interview Wednesday that his office will not file any criminal charges against the detective in connection with the case because it “cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he restricted her movement.” Lindquist added that his office had a follow-up conversation with the detective’s wife, and she said that her husband “did not restrain her and she was free to leave” during the argument. According to court papers, the woman had a different account of what had happened when she spoke to a Lacey police officer who responded to another domestic dispute at her and her husband’s home the night of Nov. 13... Thurston County Sheriff’s Lt. Greg Elwin said Wednesday that the detective will remain on paid administrative reassignment pending the outcome of the sheriff’s office’s internal investigation into the allegations... [Full article here]

Just back from Afghanistan? I don't have to mention PTSD.

I doubt that she waited for him to come home so that she could make false allegations. We notice that he was never charged for threats. She IS somebody. This isn't just about him.

I pray steps are taken to try to ensure that she is safe and he is safe until whatever is best for both of them is determined. I pray both of them can trust enough to accept whatever help is separately offered. I noticed in online comments that the Tacoma Washington police chief murder-suicide is mentioned in relation to this situation - Tacoma, where the chief's wife's allegations were made known, no action was taken, and quickly both were dead. From appearances this doesn't look a lot different, but the public is not privy to whatever may be, and hopefully is, happening behind the scenes.

God be with everybody.

We, the public, hold our breath because that is all that we can do.
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  1. What does it take to have only law abiding officers on the force?

  2. Anonymous,

    Do you know how the legal system works? One can't be charged with a crime unless there is probable cause. Do you have some evidence the Lacey police do not have? America has a justice system that everyone is entitled too, even police officers.

  3. You're right. Some jurisdictions go forward even where the wife recants, based on her initial report, and some don't.

    Not speaking of this case, this blog is PACKED with women who recanted. Why? There's a hundred reasons.


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