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Sunday, May 25, 2008

[CA] Officer Ferguson's wife Michelle stands, fears.

...But wife Michelle says she and her children have paid a price for having revealed her husband's alleged acts with minors. "He (Garry) started messing with his duty weapon...he stopped me in the hallway and hid his hand behind a wall to make me believe he had a gun in his hand, and he told me he knew what he was going to do with it"... Ferguson was charged with drug possession in 1999 and petty theft on 2001...


...Ferguson was charged with drug possession in 1999 and petty theft on 2001...

If you care - get money and free services to Michelle. She does the right thing and now she and her family are afloat. You think someone ELSE must be there for her already? Michelle is in need.

Selected May 17th - May 23rd News bits:

Maricopa officer appeared in court for sex crimes
May 19, 2008
A Maricopa Police Officer who faces 12 charges of sex crimes with children in Kings County made one of his first court appearances Monday. Officer Garry Ferguson seemed very calm in court after being served with orders from a judge to have no contact with the three victims involved in this case. The prosecutor said the District Attorney's office wants to ensure the safety of all the minors involved... Kings County prosecutor Keith Fagundes said Ferguson faces sex crime charges with at least one minor younger than 14-years-old... at least three victims have come forward in the case... Three restraining orders have filed against Ferguson one of them was filed by his wife. Shondra Nelson is a friend of Ferguson's wife who attended the hearing. Nelson said, "A lot of people are very blown away, just trying to get through it all and hold ourselves up"... [Full article here]

Maricopa officer's wife says she believes victims
May 20, 2008
The wife of the Maricopa police officer accused of sex crimes with children is speaking publicly about her husband, Garry Ferguson. Michelle Ferguson appeared in a Kern County courtroom Tuesday morning, for a domestic-violence restraining order she filed in April. She says her husband threatened her with his police-issued handgun. Michelle Ferguson says she feared for her life and the safety of her children... Michelle Ferguson said, "I believe they're true. I reach out to the victims, I know their pain because he makes them believe he loves them. They're going through the same thing I am but I've been with this man for six years"... [Full article here]

Wife of Maricopa Police Officer exposed husband's alleged sex with minors
EyeOutForYou.com, CA
Jose Gaspar, Reporting
May 20, 2008
Married to Maricopa Police Officer Garry Ferguson for six years, Michelle Ferguson says she had enough of her husband's alleged sexual encounters with minors. Michelle called a trusted friend, Shondra Nelson asking for help. "He needs to be turned in because he's not going to stop," Michelle Ferguson says she told Nelson. That led to Michelle going to police in Lemoore and telling them about her husband's alleged sexual encounters with at least one minor. An investigation by Lemoore Police led to 12 felony counts of unlawful sex with minors against the Maricopa Police Officer. The complaint alleges Garry Ferguson had sex with 3 minors in Lemoore, dating as far back as 1998, 2003 and 2005 when the minors were 13, 14 and 15 years old... But wife Michelle says she and her children have paid a price for having revealed her husband's alleged acts with minors. "He started messing with his duty weapon...he stopped me in the hallway and hid his hand behind a wall to make me believe he had a gun in his hand, and he told me he knew what he was going to do with it," said Michelle. Michelle filed for a Temporary Restraining Order against her husband and is seeking to make it permanent. Michelle Ferguson she also did not realize the victims were as young as 13. "I am kind of suprised because that is pretty young," said Michelle. "I felt that there was going to end up being more people hurt, " she said... [Full article here]

Cop accused of rape has multiple restraining orders
Bakersfield Californian
BY STEVE E. SWENSON sswenson@bakersfield.com
May 23, 2008
Four days before Maricopa police officer Garry Snap Ferguson was suspended, his wife threatened to turn him in for sexual acts he committed with children, court documents say. Michelle Ferguson, 27, said her husband pretended to threaten her with a gun as she was getting ready to leave their home with their three children, the documents say. Ferguson, 30, was suspended in April and then arrested on May 3 on 12 counts of sexual abuse with three minors in Kings County... He has pleaded not guilty to the criminal charges which allege that between Aug. 1, 1998, and Dec. 31, 2006, he committed sex acts with children. Some of the charges are for acts with children under 16 and some are for acts with children under 14. The charges include forcible molestation, sexual intercourse, oral copulation, sexual penetration and forcible rape. Ferguson is being held in the Kings County Jail on $500,000 bail. A hearing is set May 30 on a defense motion to reduce the bail. In Kern County, two restraining orders have been issued to keep Ferguson from contacting his estranged wife and children in one case and an 18-year-old woman in the second case. The 18-year-old declared in a May 2 filing that Ferguson “played mental mind games to scare me so I would not confess to sexual intercourse and abuse (by Ferguson) while I was a minor.” She also declared she was dating or used to date Ferguson... Meanwhile, [Garry] Ferguson has filed for divorce on May 1, citing irreconcilable differences with his wife... Mrs. Ferguson on May 2 filed for a restraining order against her husband, to prevent him from contacting her, their three children. In that case, she alleged that Ferguson threatened to take the children. She replied that if he tried, she would turn him in. She reported that he said he would hurt her and pretended he had a gun, she said. [Garry] Ferguson denied her version of events. Even so, a judge granted an emergency order earlier this month and extended it this week. Mrs. Ferguson also obtained a temporary order preventing Ferguson from visiting the children. She argued that the children were at risk for abduction because he had no job and a criminal record. That record according to Kings County Superior Court documents shows Ferguson was charged with drug possession in 1999 and petty theft on 2001. The documents say he was diverted from the court process in 1999 for a treatment program, thereby avoiding a conviction. He was convicted of petty theft as a misdemeanor in 2001, but under California law that can be dismissed a year later. [Full article here]
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  1. Cop accused of rape won't have bail reduced
    Bakersfield Californian, CA -
    May 30, 2008
    The defense attorney for a suspended Maricopa police officer accused of having sex with minors asserted Friday that his client is not a predator... The charges were filed shortly after Ferguson and his estranged wife, Michelle, had a fight in which she says he pretended to threaten her with a gun as she threatened to expose his history with girls in Kings County... Smith told the judge he expected the case to be resolved without a trial... Mrs. Ferguson, who is being divorced by her husband and who has obtained a restraining order against him, said she’s concerned about the safety of her children and herself. She didn’t want to comment on affairs her husband had during their marriage except to confirm they happened with at least two women...

  2. For those of you following the Ferguson story, you owe it to yourself to visit this website www.hurontalk.com and see who was responsible for making Gary Snapp Ferguson a police officer.

    1. How did he become a police office with the past that he had. Who allowed this to happen

  3. Former Kern officer pleads no contest to molest charge
    September 08, 2008
    A former Kern County police officer arrested in early May on several counts of sexual misconduct with minors that took place over a four-year period in Lemoore pleaded no contest to a felony count of molestation on Monday afternoon at the Kings County Superior Court. Maricopa police officer Garry Snap Ferguson... As part of his plea deal, 10 of the additional charges leveled against the former officer were dismissed...

  4. Ex-cop gets 9 years for sex crimes
    Oct 15, 2008
    Updated: Dec 18, 2008
    A former Maricopa police officer was sentenced Wednesday to nine years in prison for having unlawful sex with girls ages 13, 14 and 15. "The things that I've done in my past have shadowed me," Garry Ferguson said to the court... "I constantly look over my shoulder ... I'm sorry to the victims ... I'm a screw up," said Ferguson... Ferguson will have to serve at least seven years in prison before he is eligible for parole. He is under a separate investigation by the Kern County District Attorney's Office on similar charges.

  5. The Huron Talk
    Home » Huron Police Department » Former Huron Sergeant Louie Pennie Chokes Handcuffed Prisoners
    Talk, rumor and whistleblowing at Huron, CA Police Department|
    4/4/2013 9:31:15 PM

    Guest In 2005, Huron Police Sergeant Louie Pennie applied the carotid restraint to a pair of handcuffed Huron residents, Ivan Mariscal and Pedro Arriaga, behind the Huron Police Department. According to police reports obtained pursuant to the Public Records Act, the event was witnessed by former Huron Police Officers Bryan Clark, Santiago Jurado and Andrew Diaz who reported the event(s) to supervisors and testified against Pennie.

    In the ensuing 500+ internal affairs investigation, compiled by a third party investigative firm from Fresno, Pennie's use of force against Mariscal and Arriaga was inappropriate and outside department policy. Pennie not only risked the lives of Mariscal and Arriaga by applying the carotid restraint, considered in many states as lethal force, he also refused to obtain them immediate medical attention as mandated by policy.

    Although Huron Police Chief Dan Rozzell terminated Pennie, the Fresno County District Attorney's Office declined to prosecute, which is typical in Fresno county, where Hispanics have fewer rights to police protection and justice than residents of other areas do. A serach of public records revealed a bay area police report in which Louie Pennie pointed a gun at a man and threatened him. When police arrived, Pennie admitted to pointing a BB gun at the man. The report drew no conclusion because the victim in this case was described as "mentally handicapped,' a common tactic used by large police departments to reduce their caseload and avoid lengthy investigations.

    This type of behavior would follow Pennie to Huron and beyond, all because those in charge of these investigations failed to do their jobs.

    Interestingly, Bob Wilburn, who was fired in 2005 by the Huron City Council, would become the city manager of the tiny Kern County City of Maricopa in 2006. Wilburn would later hire former Huron Police Chief Mike Taylor as his chief, who would in turn hire Louie Pennie to a position with the Maricopa Police Department.

    This type of behavior would follow Pennie to Huron and beyond, all because those in charge of these investigations failed to do their jobs.

    Stranger still was the fact that Mike Taylor would hire Gary Snapp Ferguson to a police officer's position with the City of Maricopa on September 1, 2006. Of additional interest is the fact that a Huron Police Department Employment Application was submitted by Ferguson in 2005 listing Mike Taylor as the source of referral.

    Ferguson would become the subject of much controversy when he was arrested by Lemoore California Police in 2008. Ferguson was booked on charges of lewd conduct with a child, forcible rape, statutory rape, and other sex charges. At the time of his arrest, Ferguson was the ''officer in charge'' of the six-officer force in Maricopa, in western Kern County, about 30 miles southwest of downtown Bakersfield.
    Three women came forward with allegations they were molested by Maricopa Police Officer Garry Ferguson when he was living in Kings County California. One of the minors was just 13-years-old girl when Ferguson touched her in a sexual manner in 1998, said court documents. Between December of 2005 and December of 2006 court documents say Ferguson had sexual intercourse and oral copulation with a 15-year-old girl, and between October 2003 and October 2005, court documents charge Ferguson had sexual intercourse with a 14-year-old girl in her bedroom and later had sex with the same girl at the Kings River.

  6. [Cont.]
    The investigation began on April 25, 2008 when two parties contacted Lemoore City Police in Kings County California. The investigation led to two more women coming forward. In the ensuing media firestorm that followed, It was revealed that Ferguson had an outstanding criminal history when he was hired by Maricopa PD. During the investigation, Kings County Superior Court documents were released that showed Ferguson was charged with drug possession in 1999 and petty theft in 2001, but somehow passed a background investigation to become a Maricopa police officer in 2006.

    Outraged members of the public confronted former Maricopa Police Chief Paul Stoesbury in 2008 and demanded his resignation. However, in a May 5, 2008 interview with Channel 17 news reporter Alex Valle, Stoesbury stated that former chief of police Michael Taylor, who left the department about one month before Ferguson was put on leave, performed the background investigation on Ferguson.

    According to police reports, Ferguson was placed on paid leave April 20, 2008 after a judge issued a domestic violence restraining order in Taft at the request of his wife and city officials learned that he was under investigation by the Kern County District Attorney for sexual contact with a teenage girl. Mrs. Ferguson also obtained a temporary order preventing Ferguson from visiting the children. That order required he surrender his firearm, which left him unable to perform his duties as a police officer, acting Maricopa Chief of Police Louie Pennie would tell news reporters.

    Yes, the same Louie Pennie fired for violence against handcuffed prisoners in 2005, succeeded Mike Taylor as Maricopa Police Chief in 2008. Can you see a pattern emerging here?

    In 2008, Mikie Taylor left Maricopa Police Department and became Chief of Police in the City of Valley, Alabama. In April of 2009, less than a year after becoming the city’s police chief, a scandal would erupt when the City of Valley began to investigate claims of negligence and abuse, within its police department, relating to the abuse of juveniles by Valley Police. Two claims were filed with the city on behalf of two juveniles. One of those claims alleges Valley Police Chief Mike Taylor poked a ten year old boy in the chest while telling him I can have you taken away from your parents and you will never see them again. It was also alleged in official documents that Chief Taylor imprisoned the youths illegally.

    Court documents, obtained pursuant to the public records act would reveal that Valley City Manager Tim Bryan falsified Taylor’s 'background investigation' and vacationed in California, on a Valley Alabama credit card, under the auspices of conducting Taylor’s background investigation. Statements obtained form both the Huron and Maricopa Police Department’s during that investigation revealed that no inquiries into Taylor’s backgrounds was ever conducted.

    So as you can see, when cities fail to act, with respect to police and political corruption, or endeavor to hire those with clandestine evidence of criminal activity in their background, those offenders simply move on to the next, often poor and desperate communities.
    edited by HuronAdmin on 4/4/2013


  7. There are two sides to every story. Blogging is cowardace when we hold ourselves accountable to one tale.


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