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Saturday, May 31, 2008

[MI] Julie is suing her husband, Officer Essad

...Julie Essad was taken to a nearby hospital where she was treated for a fat lip, black eye, a broken nose and a bruise on her neck; she was readmitted the next week when it was determined she had suffered a closed-head injury...

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April 17, 2008 - [MI] Combat instructor Officer Essad still TRUSTED after beating bloodying, breaking, balding his wife?

News excerpts from the 14th through the 30th:

Officer to face trial in assault case
The Oakland Press
May 14, 2008
A woman tearfully testified Tuesday that her husband, a Shelby Township police officer, slammed her head on the ground and threatened to kill her while holding a gun after the couple left a Rochester bar in April. David Essad, 34, has been charged with felonious assault with a gun, a four-year felony, and aggravated domestic violence, a one-year misdemeanor. His preliminary exam in 52-3 District Court concluded with a judge binding the case over to circuit court... David Essad is free on bond. He has been ordered to wear a tether and have no contact with Julie Essad. Sabbota asked that the tether be removed because of the cost to maintain it, and Carniak denied the request. Sabbota said David Essad, who formerly worked for the Detroit Police Department, was suspended from the Shelby Township Police Department pending the trial's outcome... [Full article here]

Wife testifies at cop's exam
Shelby Township Source Newspapers, MI
May 18, 2008
...Julie Essad said that as she sat in the driver's seat, her husband began to pull her hair so violently that it began to come out in clumps. She said he also grabbed her head and slammed it against the driver's side window several times, causing the vehicle to swerve... David Essad then allegedly continued screaming at his wife and bit her ear; photographs were admitted into evidence that showed Julie Essad's bruised ear. Julie Essad testified that once the car was in the parking lot, her husband continued his outburst and allegedly punched in the car's dashboard, knobs, vents and digital display. She said he then reached back and pulled out his service revolver. "He said, "You're a (expletive)-ing (expletive) and you just need to (expletive)-ing die... I thought he was going to kill me with his gun.” Attorneys for David Essad said no mention of the gun was in initial police reports. Julie Essad said she was suffering from injuries at that time and may have left it out of preliminary interviews with police officers, although she said she did discuss it with several people shortly afterward.... Julie Essad testified that she kicked off her shoes and, fearing for her life, ran from the car. David Essad then allegedly pursued her, pushed her to the ground and continued to beat her, smashing her head into the pavement several times. Julie Essad grew emotional as she testified about the incident. “I said, 'Please stop because I think you're crushing my skull.' I said "What about the kids?'" she said. “Nothing fazed him and he continued to beat me into the ground"... Julie Essad was taken to a nearby hospital where she was treated for a fat lip, black eye, a broken nose and a bruise on her neck; she was readmitted the next week when it was determined she had suffered a closed-head injury. David Essad's attorney, Jerome Sabbota, argued that because his client never made a verbal threat to kill or injure Julie Essad with his gun and never pointed the weapon at her, that there was no intent to injure her with it. Carniak, however, said the gun did constitute a threat and bonded the case to Oakland County Circuit Court. David Essad has been a Shelby Township police officer for eight years; he is currently on unpaid suspension from the department. Julie Essad has also filed for divorce and is suing her husband for more than $50,000. [Full article here]

Supervisor wants authority to discipline cop
Macomb County news briefs
Detroit Free Press
May 30, 2008
SHELBY TOWNSHIP: Township Supervisor Ralph (Skip) Maccarone will ask the Board of Trustees at a regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday to grant him permission to discipline or fire a police officer who is on unpaid leave and charged in the beating of his wife last month. "It's a routine request for authority," Maccarone said Thursday. If the board approves it, he will review the personnel file of David Essad, 34, who has worked for the police force since June 12, 2000, according to the Human Resources Department. The supervisor will then decide whether to terminate Essad's employment... [Full article here]


  1. Does this blog over indulge on the downfall of cops or what?


  2. Actually it only confirmed what some in the Public knew about certain officers. Not every Police Officer is abusive or nasty. However one can be assured that those officers who are abusive to their significant other are also likely to abuse the citizens of the Communities they are supposed to serve.

    Most troubling is the fact that Essad was seen as a "Rising Star" by his higher ups in a Scandal Ridden Police Department, prior to his arrest for wife beating.

  3. He (brutally) assaulted someone but that doesn't mean he didn't do well at work before it happened.

  4. No doubt. I am equally certain that Essad would agree, it's all in how its written up.

    Although in Essads case their is more to the criminal beating of his wife on the Internet about him that suggests he was abusive to others. Additionally those he had close associations with and trained have also made it on the internet for deeds not above reproach



  7. AnonymousMay 07, 2010

    Damn! Black Political Consultant Sam Riddle gets convicted of two Felonies in a Domestic Dispute with his girlfriend. Riddles lady friend received no physical injuries and did not want to testify against him in Wayne County. Sam will likely be spending two years behind bars courtesy of the Wayne County Prosecutors Office.

    However when STPD Detective David Essad Pulls a gun on his wife beats her to within an inch of her life, cops a plea courtesy of Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Coopers Office and is later cited for a probation violation only to be dismissed at the Prosecuting Attorneys request shocks the conscience!

    Oakland County is known to treat offenders very harshly in comparison to other parts of the state, so why should fired cop David Essad have been treated any differently?

    Then again Prosecutor Jessica Cooper was at one time the Judge who oversaw the Jack Kevorkian case. She is known for sharply limiting his defense and sent Dr. Jack to prison for a lengthy time.

    Obviously she loves cops who beat up their wives yet has a real hard-on for someone attempting to relieve the suffering of others. Its clear now we have a real flake is in charge of Oakland Counties Justice System.

    Sam Riddle will soon be headed to Prison, why wasn't David Essad sent there? Where is Kym Worthy when we needed her?

    Hopefully Jessica Cooper will lose the next election and someone like Kym Worthy will replace Cooper as Oaklands' Prosecutor.

  8. Sorry "David Jonas" but the language was too rough to post your comment.


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