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Saturday, May 24, 2008

[FL] You can't PROVE Cops-for-Christ Det. Mann raped 14 year old fiance' EVERY time, so...

Cops for Christ Leader Orlando Police Detective Ed Mann sexed up his son's ex-girlfriend for six months everywhere he could while promising her that he was going to leave his family and marry her. Instead of the 26 years he should have been sentenced to the judge sentenced Mann to the community. That was appealed, and in 2004 he was sentenced for real. Now comes another break because what if he didn't sex her up everytime? Geez.

The few sentences in the current news don't paint a full enough picture so I've included some excerpts from the past as well.

Former Detective Gets Sentenced Reduced After Conviction On Sex Crimes
WFtv.com, FL
May 16, 2008
Former Orlando police sex crimes detective Ed Mann got a 5-year break Friday on his prison sentence for having a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old girl he met through his church's youth ministry. Mann got a break BECAUSE A STATE APPEALS COURT RULED THERE WAS NO WAY OF KNOWING WHETHER HE ACTUALLY RAPED HER DURING EVERY ENCOUNTER. Mann's sentence was cut from 26 years to 21. He pled guilty in 2002 and was first sentenced to probation only by Circuit Judge John Adams, who told the 14-year-old victim she'd get over it. "She's had seven-plus years of therapy. She's not in a bad place but it has definitely left scars," said Cheryl Laird, the victim's grandmother. Mann's wife is serving probation over a "murder-for-hire" scheme they were planning. The target was the victim's grandmother.

News from the past:

Police: Cop Molested 14-Year-Old
The Orlando Police Officer Worked Sex Crimes And Had A Spotless Record. He Faces 48 Counts Of Various Charges.
The Orlando Sentinel
Pamela J. Johnson
April 7, 2001
An Orlando Police Department detective who investigated sex crimes was arrested Friday night on charges of sexual activity with a 14-year-old girl. Edwin "Ed" Ray Mann, 39, was charged with 16 counts each of lewd or lascivious molestation, lewd or lascivious battery and child abuse... Police said they have been "aggressively" pursuing complaints against Mann since Tuesday. [Deputy Chief of the Department's Investigative Bureau Frank] Fink said THE GIRL WAS NOT RELATED TO MANN'S POLICE WORK, AND THAT THE OFFICER COMMITTED THE SEX ACTS DURING HIS TIME OFF... "He's been a good employee," he said. "He's well known and well thought of as being a nice man"...

Ex-Cop's Sex-Crime Sentence Shocks State Prosecutors
The Orlando Sentinel
Anthony Colarossi, Sentinel Staff Writer
November 22, 2002
Outraged prosecutors said Thursday that they will appeal the sentence given to Edwin "Ed" Mann, a former Orlando Police Department sex-crimes detective, for having a sexual affair with a 14-year-old girl who had earlier dated his son. Mann, a former leader in Cops for Christ, pleaded guilty last week to four felony charges resulting from an ongoing sexual relationship he had with the girl two years ago when he was a sex-crimes detective. Circuit Judge John H. Adams then sentenced him to two years' house arrest and 25 years' probation as a sex offender. Adams could have sent Mann to prison for 26 years. The sentence has stunned and angered prosecutors, who were asking for 13 years in prison... Even Mann's attorney Marc Lubet said he expected his client to serve some prison time for pleading guilty to the four counts - three charges of lewd and lascivious battery and one of molestation, all involving a minor. "The judge has given [him] a second chance," Lubet said. "Going from 26 years to house arrest is a huge downward departure"... The girl told police that she intended to marry Mann and that he had told her he would leave his family. He later told her he could not do that... "His victim came from the church organization"... Mann's wife, Janice, wrote to Judge Adams, pleading that he keep her husband out of prison so he could contribute to the family income and help raise his teenage daughter... "He tells me several times a week how sorry he is for everything that has happened. We have rebuilt our marriage, and it is stronger than ever." Judge Adams, who is married to state Rep.-elect Sandy Adams, a deputy sheriff, handled another case involving a former Orlando police officer charged with a sex crime earlier this month...

Judge Explains Ex-Cop's Sentence
The Judge Told A Girl Molested By A Former Orlando Cop, "You'Re Not Damaged."
The Orlando Sentinel
Anthony Colarossi
November 23, 2002
A judge who sentenced a former Orlando sex-crimes detective to house arrest for having sexual encounters with a 14-year-old girl compared the officer's conduct to that of President Clinton and his own chief judge. To the girl, who was upset with the lenient sentence, Orange Circuit Judge John H. Adams said: "You've been dealt a bad hand. But not the worst hand. You're not growing up in Afghanistan. You can rise above this"... Before passing sentence, Adams told the former Orlando police officer that he had the option of sending him to prison for many years. But then Adams noted: "I don't know [that] that would have any effect on the general public, knowing that the president of the United States did things that were not too different and became the butt of late-night jokes"... In the transcript, the judge calls the girl a "survivor" instead of a victim. "You really aren't a weak, helpless, broken person," he told her, "and you're not damaged"... Mentioning Clinton was an apparent reference to his much-publicized affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky... Addressing the victim during the hearing, Adams said Mann grew "delusional" because of childhood problems he had faced himself. "In some respects when he became delusional, you weren't dealing with a 39-year-old man. You were dealing with a 13-year-old who deluded himself into thinking he was falling in love with you," Adams said... At one point, the judge cited Mann's religious background: "You're a religious man, and the Bible says it's better stones be tied around your neck and be thrown into the sea than to lead the world astray. And that's what you did. The appropriate degree of vengeance for this case is for you to have a 1,000-pound stone tied around your neck and be thrown into the ocean because this is not only the sexual crime, but it's an abuse of your position." He goes on to tell Mann that "it's extremely unlikely you will ever do this again." Before announcing the terms of the sentence, Adams said, "The sentence I pass may seem out of line to some people, but I've taken all of these factors into consideration. I'm not giving you a walk. I'm not giving you a free pass. "Your jail is the community."

Court: Judge Too Easy On Ex-Cop In Teen Sex Case
The Orlando Sentinel
Anthony Colarossi
February 21, 2004
An appellate court ruled Friday that a former Orlando sex-crimes detective who pleaded guilty to having a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old girl did not deserve the lenient sentence he received from Orange Circuit Judge John H. Adams. The 5th District Court of Appeal ordered that former cop Edwin Mann must be re-sentenced after finding that Adams did not have a legal basis to depart from state sentencing guidelines... The Daytona Beach court, however, said Mann's crimes required a minimum 26-year prison sentence based on sentencing guidelines... Part of Mann's defense was that he had been sexually abused as a child and that he needed special treatment for his mental disorder. But the appellate court said there was no showing that his disorder could not be treated from prison... "Mann once may have been a pillar of his community," the ruling says. "But like many other structures, pillars are subject to erosion, and some eventually crumble. Here the eroding force was Mann's own self-indulgent sexual desire for a 14-year-old with whom he may actually thought he was in love."

Judge Sends Former Cop To Prison
Ex-detective's family weeps at 26-year sentence in child-sex case
Orlando Sentinel
By Roger Roy
August 4, 2004
When the 14-year-old girl threatened to tell someone about her sexual relationship with Orlando police sex-crimes detective Edwin Mann, he warned her of the consequences: "I'll go to jail." On Tuesday, Mann learned how right he was when an Orange County circuit judge sentenced the former cop to 26 years in prison for repeatedly having sex with the girl in cheap motels, his police car and her own bedroom while her mother was away... Rejecting pleas from Mann, his wife, parents, children and pastors for mercy, Circuit Judge Anthony Johnson told Mann he found no reason to give the former officer less than the 26-year minimum sentence called for by state guidelines. "You knew, when you took those actions, what the consequences could be," Johnson told Mann. In a written statement released through prosecutors, the victim's family said they were satisfied by the sentence, and added, "Justice was served." Mann, 42, was led from the courtroom in handcuffs as his wife, children and parents wept. He was taken to the Orange County Jail to await transfer to state prison... At Tuesday's hearing, Mann's parents and 19- and 20-year-old sons asked Johnson for mercy. But perhaps the most impassioned plea came from Mann's wife of 22 years. Janice Mann said she stayed with her husband even after his arrest because "I knew he would be a good man again." "I'm asking you, I'm begging you, please don't take my husband away from my family," she told Johnson. "Please. Thank you for your mercy." But the hearing also included testimony from the victim, now 18, her mother, grandmother and father, who said the experience left the girl hurt, confused and unable to trust people. The crime was even worse because Mann was a trusted friend of the family and a prominent member of their church, they said. "I struggle with it every day," the victim told Johnson, wiping tears from her face. "I'm not OK. I work at it, but it's not going away." The Orlando Sentinel does not identify sex-crime victims. "We once considered Ed Mann a good and honorable man," the victim's mother testified. "What he is, is a child molester. He betrayed that trust by violating our daughter"...

Jailed cop's wife held in hit-man scheme
Victim's grandmother was target, FDLE says
Willoughby Mariano
Sentinel Staff Writer
Posted January 12 2006
It took two years for the grandmother of a 14-year-old girl who was raped and molested by a former Orlando cop to see him put behind bars. Now Janice Mann, the wife of disgraced sex-crimes detective Edwin Mann, is in jail on a charge of trying to hire two hit men to kill his victim's grandmother, said Geo Morales, a spokesman for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement... At the prison, authorities said, Janice Mann gave two .38-caliber handguns and a $15,000 check made out to "cash" to an undercover agent she believed was a hit man. She was arrested on charges of solicitation to commit murder, a first-degree felony, and was being held without bail at the Martin County Jail. "The grandmother has been a strong advocate against Mr. Mann, ever since the trial three years ago," Morales said... On Jan. 10, the affidavit states, Edwin Mann instructed his wife to bring a check for $15,000, a cell-phone charger, clothing and a separate checkbook to Martin Correctional Institution, where she would meet the man they hoped would kill the victim's grandmother...


  1. Janice Mann's charge of trying to hire a hit man was later dropped. It was discovered during the investigation that she was an unwitting participant in the murder scheme. However no one ever wants to detract that information from the sensational story.

  2. She still pled to the bribery of a public servant. That just means she was given a plea deal.

  3. He tried to have her killed again, set for trial in Martin County on 11/2/2010. This time he used another inmate. Wife divorced him.

    1. That's not true. I know for a fact.

  4. I couldn't find the articles (if it was in the news). Please keep us updated.

  5. Any update on this?

  6. AnonymousMay 06, 2011

    Wow, a lot of your facts are wrong. The wife 's charge was dropped, and there is no record of a 2nd attempt. As far as "not being able to prove he raped her every time," Mann pled guilty to a fraction of the charges and his senence was calculated on all 48 charges, but he only found guilty of a few. It wasnt that they couldnt prove he "raped" her, it was that they dropped those charges in a deal and then sentenced him on dropped charges. I put rape in quoes because in her sworn statement she said she set her sights on him and began to seduce him. In her words she said "I always get what I want." I know she was a minor, but the word rape hardly applies when she admitted to being the aggressor.

    1. Thank you for saying this.janice mann is a very good woman. I know her very personally. She was found completely innocent and set free.

  7. AnonymousMay 28, 2013

    Janice was not given a plea deal. When the investigator realized she had no involvement, she was charged with bribery for the state to save face. She pled no contest to the charge,though she was innocent of it, and was essentially released with time served. There never was a second attempt at murder of the grandmother. In fact, there was never a first attempt. The whole thing was an elaborate set-up from an inmate trying to "blow the whistle" to get a sentence reduction. He mediated between Mann and law enforcement - telling the LEO that he had a friend who wanted to hire a hitman, and telling Mann he had a LEO friend who was doing some legal work for him. Janice walked into a trap set by the inmate. Sounds crazy, and if there were room and time to write out all the details of this thing, it would sound like a Hollywood movie. All that to say, for those who have real inside knowledge of this stuff, the reports in the news sometimes couldn't be farther from the truth.

    1. I approved the comment so people will be aware of this kind of thinking. An excuse for everything.

    2. The part about another inmate setting up the met with the UC is ture, but as far as a set up is concerned by the inmate is incorrect he was the go between and let Edwin Mann speak to the UC while he initiated the phone call, he wolud then hand the phone over to Mann and the plot was initiated and planned... I should know I was the UC...

  8. AnonymousMay 27, 2015

    Behind the Blue Wall, you can say what you want to, but the previous comment was pretty accurate. No plea deal for Janice, but a dropped charge because there was no guilt of solicitation to commit murder. I believe the new charge of Bribery was filed so the state could "save face" as well. No second attempt at murder; there was a delay of several years before Ed was charged and sentenced for the crime. And, believe it or not, there was no first attempt either. The previous writer isn't "thinking" or making excuses, he or she knows the actual facts.


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