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Saturday, May 24, 2008

[OH] Sgt McGuire arrested for threats to police officer wife

...the initial incident report on file with city police indicates McGuire's wife last Tuesday alleged that he "had threatened her with physical harm"...

Police officer charged with domestic violence
FOX Toledo
21 May 2008
Sergeant Patrick McGuire, an 11-year veteran with Perrysburg Police, has found himself on the other side of the law. He's been charged with domestic violence of his wife, Officer Diana McGuire, an 8-year veteran of the force.
FOX Toledo's Barrett Andrews reports:

Perrysburg suspends officer due to domestic allegation
Bowling Green Sentinel-Tribune
Wednesday, 21 May 2008

PERRYSBURG - A city police officer has been suspended after a criminal charge was filed against him last week by his own department.

Sgt. Patrick McGuire, 38, was placed on paid administrative leave until the outcome of a domestic violence case pending against him in Perrysburg Municipal Court. The allegation involves his wife who also is a city police officer.

McGuire has been with the city police department since 1995, and his wife since 1998.

Police Chief Rick Gilts on Tuesday said he could not comment on the case. He cited the city's contract with the police union.

But the initial incident report on file with city police indicates McGuire's wife last Tuesday alleged that he "had threatened her with physical harm." State law prohibits not only physical violence, but threats of violence.

McGuire is now facing a fourth degree criminal misdemeanor charge of domestic violence. It carries a maximum penalty of 30 days in jail and a $250 fine.

Perrysburg Municipal Court Judge S. Dwight Osterud has removed himself from the case and requested the Ohio Supreme Court appoint a visiting judge.


  1. How come when he is supposed to be on duty his patrol vehicle is always parked on his driveway
    , do taxpayers pay for him to sit at home ?

    1. He shouldn't be in law enforcement. I heard alot of complaints from his staff. He Abuses his authority.

  2. To "Anonymous" who tried to post today. I can not print the 2nd part of your comment because it could destroy someone's life without a single strand of proof. I'm not saying that didn't happen, just that I won't post it here unsubstantiated in any way.

    So here's the first half of your post:

    "He is known to do that . He doesn't perform his job as expected. Alot of the other officers can vouch for that in the dept. But still he is able to hold his job . I wonder why ..."


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