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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

[NY] Without Sofia's testimony Harrison Police Officer Ralph Tancredi walks

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[NY] DV? Sofia refuses to testify against Police Union President Tancredi

Why put the burden of proving the case on the VICTIM of domestic violence?

Domestic violence charges against Harrison police officer dropped
Lower Hudson Journal news, NY
By Rebecca Baker
The Journal News
May 21, 2008

All domestic violence charges against Harrison Police Officer Ralph Tancredi were dropped yesterday after prosecutors said they didn't have a case without his ex-girlfriend's testimony.

State Supreme Court Justice Sam Walker, in White Plains, dismissed harassment, menacing and contempt charges brought by Tancredi's own Police Department related to his tumultuous relationship with former girlfriend Sofia Saenz, who refused to testify against him.

"The last two years of my life have been extremely difficult," Tancredi said. "Judge Walker restored my faith in the criminal justice system."

Tancredi, a former police union president, said at least one of the charges against him was in retaliation for his union activities, including three federal civil rights lawsuits against the town and the Police Department in which he is involved.

Saenz's lawyer, Pamela Howard, said her client was "steadfast" that she would invoke her Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination if called to testify against Tancredi.

But Assistant District Attorney Barbara Egenhauser said she wanted to hear from Saenz herself, and withdrew the charges after Saenz announced her decision.

"Her testimony was absolutely essential," Egenhauser said. "The people are unable to move forward at this time."

Walker also lifted a protective order barring Tancredi from having any contact with Saenz and another order requiring him to attend domestic violence classes.

As he walked out of the courtroom, Tancredi kissed Saenz on the cheek and chatted with her briefly.

Saenz, who has filed a civil rights lawsuit claiming Egenhauser and Harrison police pressured her into seeking an order of protection against Tancredi, said she was relieved that the case against her ex-boyfriend was over.

"It was so stressful," she said. "I'm glad everything is dropped."

Tancredi was accused of physically menacing Saenz on July 15 as she was about to go on a date with another man. Legal papers said he fought with her, took car keys from her, pulled her top down and drove off, leaving her stranded. He was charged with menacing, petty larceny and harassment.

Tancredi again was charged with harassment on Aug. 8, after a confrontation with Saenz's then-boyfriend over the police officer's persistent attempts to talk to her.

The police officer contends Saenz's boyfriend came after him with a bat, adding that the charge against him for slapping the man on his arm was in retaliation for his federal civil rights actions in which he accuses top officers of secretly planting a video camera inside the men's locker room at Harrison police headquarters and recording conversations at the police desk.

Tancredi also was charged with criminal contempt, accused of violating a court order not to communicate with Saenz. Court papers allege that he sent her four electronic messages and had his mother telephone Saenz several times, asking her not to seek an order of protection.

Tancredi said he still plans to pursue the federal civil rights cases against his department.

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  1. way to go ralph tancredi, i am proud of you, you should run the department.

  2. Ralph your the man, marracinni and hall tried to shoot you but it backfired

  3. AnonymousJuly 30, 2008

    This guy Tancredi is an A hole!! He is real brave when attacking a women but when there are issue at his job this little Pu*** runs to a lawyer to start a case against his boss. Got n issue Ralph here's a tissue. Grow some balls and confront you supervisor Oh I'm sorry he can fight back so I guess that won't happen

    Lower Hudson Journal news, NY
    By Swapna Venugopal Ramaswamy - svenugop@lohud.com
    June 24, 2009
    HARRISON - Ralph Tancredi, a suspended town police officer who is seeking disability benefits, plans to challenge his boss for the Conservative Party line in the race for town supervisor. Tancredi said the nomination of Police Chief David Hall - also the Republican candidate - by the party's leadership was not the "voice of the party"... Tancredi, a former Police Benevolent Association president, has been a plaintiff in four federal lawsuits against Harrison police, and a defendant in a domestic-violence case involving his ex-girlfriend... June 2007, Tancredi was arrested and suspended following accusations that he physically menaced his ex-girlfriend - now his wife - 25-year-old Sofia Saenz, as she was about to go on a date with another man. Criminal domestic-violence charges against him were dropped after Saenz refused to testify against him. In February 2008, Tancredi applied for disability, claiming he and another officer were assaulted by an emotionally disturbed man who showed up at the station in November 2006. Tancredi said he suffered neck and hand injuries that grew worse with time, requiring him to undergo spinal fusion surgery. Hall rejected the claim, saying that it wasn't filed in a timely manner and that it was highly suspicious because Tancredi didn't take time off from work until after he was brought up on disciplinary charges. Then, in February, a state justice in White Plains ruled that the chief's decision to reject Tancredi's application for work-related disability benefits last year was "arbitrary and capricious." The town is currently appealing the decision, which would require it to pay Tancredi's medical bills retroactively and could make him eligible for lifelong health benefits that would normally be afforded only to 20-year veterans. "Tancredi running for supervisor makes a mockery of the system," Hall said. "He worked as a patrolman in the Police Department and has no leadership experience. And he is making close to $90,000 in salary after being suspended for almost two years"... "I think it's a terrible thing that Dave Hall is running for supervisor," Tancredi said. "I am running because I want the corruption in the Police Department to end." [Full article here]

  5. Update: Ex-Cop Out on Bail After Weekend Arrest
    Members of Ralph Tancredi's family said in court on Monday they expect to pay the $1,000 bail ordered by Port Chester Judge Joseph Vita.
    By Zach Oliva and Nik Bonopartis
    August 16, 2010
    A former Harrison police officer launched into an obscenity-laced tirade when bouncers wouldn't let him into a Port Chester bar Saturday night, according to details released Monday about the incident... Officers arrested Tancredi for disorderly conduct, and when they brought him back to headquarters and searched him, they found oxycontin and other pills. They also compared Tancredi's ID card to the official-issue identification carried by Harrison police. Tancredi's card was "a different one that he probably had made somewhere else" and wasn't issued by any law enforcement agency, Ladeairous said... [Full article here]

    Ex-Harrison officer Ralph Tancredi freed on bail
    The Journal News, LoHud.com
    By Leslie Korngold - lkorngol@lohud.com
    August 16, 2010
    PORT CHESTER — A former Harrison police officer accused of impersonating a police officer and giving Port Chester cops false police identification appeared in court today accompanied by his mother, ex-wife, son and current wife... [Full article here]


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