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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

[GA] Fired LaFayette Police Sgt. Parker's wife Theresa has been missing 14 months today

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Parker Missing For 14 Months Today
News Channel 9
May 21, 2008 - 11:28AM
John Madewell

Fourteen months later AND still no sign of Theresa Parker ... but the search continues.

The most recent search for the Walker County 9-1-1 dispatcher took place at the Blue Hole on Pigeon Mountain last month.

G-B-I and water crews used hi-tech equipment to search underwater. Detectives continue following leads and checking tips.

Sam Parker, Theresa's estranged husband, has been charged with her murder, but investigators have not been able to find her body. Parker's sister, Christina Hall, is the last person investigators believe saw her.

Although she has not been found, investigators and relatives believe she is dead. [Source]

From a year ago:
Theresa Parker Sisters Describe Alleged Abuse By Officer Declined To Speculate On Who May Have Killed Her

posted May 8, 2007

Sisters of missing 911 dispatcher Theresa Parker said Monday night that she left her LaFayette Police Department husband after he went after her in a bathtub last July.

Christina Hall and Hilda Wilson were guests of Judy O'Neal on Night Talk on UCTV-3.

They said Ms. Parker filed for divorce after the frightening incident, and Sgt. Sam Parker afterwards mainly lived with his father at Trion, Ga.

Ms. Hall said Theresa stated that she was in the bathtub when she looked up and saw Sam Parker standing over her in the tub with his boots and clothes on. Theresa said he began slashing at her and cut her with a candle.

The sisters said on another occasion, Parker threw Theresa's clothes out of their house on Cordell Road in LaFayette.

The sisters said they had seen Sam Parker being verbally abusive to Theresa, but never saw him strike her.

The sisters said at times he could be "a charmer" to her as well.

They said in the days before Theresa Parker's disappearance that Sam Parker began to return some items to the house on Cordell Road. They said the items included guns. He said his guns were getting "rusty" at the other residence, the sisters said.

They said officers were called to the Parker house on domestic incidents, but no one was ever arrested.

Sam Parker has been listed as "a person of interest" in the case, but no arrest has been made. Theresa Parker is still missing.

Ms. Wilson said she is now convinced she was likely killed.

But the sisters declined to speculate on how she may have died and who was responsible.

They praised the work of detectives handling the case, but said they have not been told much information by those handling the matter.

The sisters ruled out the possibility that Theresa could have gone off without telling anyone, saying she was close to family members and kept in regular contact with them.

Ms. Hall said a few days after Theresa's disappearance, she went through the house she was moving to in Fort Oglethorpe and did not find anything unusual.

She said she last saw her about 9:30 p.m. on a Wednesday night. She said Theresa told her she was going to the Fort Oglethorpe house, then to Cordell Road to get some items there.

Asked the role of former LaFayette officer Ben Chaffin in the case, the sisters said they do not know. They said he and Sam Parker were close friends and "drinking buddies."

Chaffin has been charged with lying on some fact pertaining to the disappearance of Ms. Parker, but authorities have not given any details. [Source]


  1. my fam. and i have been watching the case and are sorry for the family of theresa. we have wondered why no one has told us what she was wearing when she went missing? i know it may not matter now but we would like to know, seeing how we live in the outter city of lafayette,we can't help if we don't know what we are looking for

  2. there are more recent posts on the blog, and a search box at the top. there is currently a murder trial going on in behalf of theresa.


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