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Saturday, July 26, 2008

[CO] It was Officer O'Shell who pulled the triggers - simultaneously

[Oh Tiffany!]

...William O'Shell had shot his wife twice in the head before turning the weapons on himself. "He placed two guns in his mouth"...

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[CO] Murder-suicide: Officer O'Shell & recently-resigned Officer O'Shell
...The Lakewood Police Department says William O'Shell was an officer with the Lakewood Police since March 2005 in the patrol division. They say Tiffany Cuin-O'Shell was an officer from April 2006 to September 2007...

Man killed wife, then self with 2 guns
Rocky Mountain News, CO - 11 minutes ago
By Tillie Fong
Saturday, July 26, 2008
Lakewood police officer William O'Shell killed his wife, Tiffany Cuinn O'Shell, and himself in a murder-suicide last month near Commerce City. That was the conclusion reached by Commerce City police after autopsy results were completed. On June 30, the couple were found dead in the bedroom of their Henderson home, apparently from gunshot wounds. William O'Shell, 30, was scheduled to talk to Commerce City police July 1 about allegations that he abused his 3- month-old daughter. Tiffany Cuin O'Shell, 25, a former Lakewood police officer, had concerns about how her husband had handled the baby. The daughter had multiple leg fractures when she was placed in foster care in June. Friday, Commerce City released an update to the investigation, indicating that William O'Shell had shot his wife twice in the head before turning the weapons on himself. "He placed two guns in his mouth," said Joe Sandoval, Commerce City Police spokesman. Three Glock pistols were recovered from the bedroom. [Source]


  1. An update:

    I posted previously about Agent O'Shell. A close friend of the family informed me last week that the baby was diagnosed with Brittle Bone Disease. Her case of the disease is severe enough that she won't live much past the age of 2. The doctor that Tiffany took the baby to didn't run tests after finding the fractures on xray. Assumptions were made and I can only imagine the terrible stress that Dave and Tiffany were under. The foster family from the third or fourth foster home the baby was in took the baby to the hospital to find out what was really going on with her. The baby has to have a special crib, car seat, and must be handled very carefully to avoid more injuries.

    It is sad that the proper steps weren't taken and ended in such a tragic result. I hope that as the true story gets out that Dave and Tiffany's names will be cleared (at least of the child abuse - I have no idea how the murder/suicide will be handled) and that Dave, Tiffany and the family can find a measure of peace.

  2. I just want to let people know that the child does not have brittle bone disease. She has a disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy. It is true about the life span though. She does not need a special crib. She is doing well for those who care. I just hope that people will leave this alone. Both families just want to be left alone and no more assumptions. Thank you very much.

  3. [CO] Parents of former Lakewood police officer Tiffany O'Shell hope to keep another tragedy from happening


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