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Sunday, July 13, 2008

[CT] Kids of murder-suicide stay in their police family, regardless of recent threats around them

[The kids lost their parents to murder-suicide, and have been living with their aunt and uncle. The following is a statement by their aunt - referring to their uncle - her husband.] ..."On June 21 and 22 he was verbally berating me, calling me a bitch, and said he was going to kill me. His behavior has become increasingly alarming. I am fearful he may retaliate for police intervention"...

Why would two young people who have lost their parents to murder-suicide be allowed to stay with the aunt whose life is now - according to her - threatened by their gunaholic murder-on-his-mind uncle, brother of their dad? I'm just wondering out loud - what was the judge thinking or influenced by? Bruce Bochicchio was able to post $1M bond to get OUT of jail, and is TOLD to not go near or hurt his wife.


12/17/2005 - [CT] Injured Attorney of slain wife in Trooper Bochicchio murder-suicide sues - In June of 2005 [Bruce's brother, Michael] Bochicchio, a state trooper shot and killed his wife Donna, shot and injured his wife's attorney Julie Porzio, and then shot and killed himself outside Middlesex Superior Court 12 days into their divorce trial. Months before the shooting Donna Bochicchio wrote her brother a note on a small piece of paper: "I know he's going to kill me. I just don't know when." To make it clear who she was talking about, she wrote "Michael" in tiny letters above the word "he"...

6/29/2008 - [CT] "Retired" cop who is brother of wife-killer, ex-Trooper Bochicchio, now accused of threatening his own wife's life
- ...Authorities said Bruce bochicchio turned over more than 40 firearms to State Police in may to comply with the restraining orders. But police said they found 11 more guns at his house while executing a search warrant this week, including two fully automatic submachine guns and an assault rifle... "On June 21 and 22 he was verbally berating me, calling me a bitch, and said he was going to kill me. His behavior has become increasingly alarming. I am fearful he may retaliate for police intervention"... [Of Bruce Bochicchio the Judge, Charles Gil, said] “This is probably the most blatant disregard for a court order I have ever seen in my 25 years on the bench, particularly from someone involved in the court system and law enforcement”...

That's a lot of disregard of a court order. What's to say another court order will matter to Mr. Bruce Bochicchio? There's a thousand questions.

Couple retains custody of orphaned children
Waterbury Republican American, CT
Jul 10, 2008

Concern over the safety of Michael and Donna Bochicchio's orphaned children, who have been living in the midst of alleged domestic violence with their aunt and uncle, prompted Litchfield Probate Court Judge Diane Blick Wednesday to review legal guardianship.

The two children were orphaned when Michael Bochicchio, a former state trooper and Harwinton resident, shot and killed his wife, Donna, and then turned the gun on himself three years ago in the midst of divorce proceedings. The children moved in with Bruce and Christine Bochicchio, who were granted legal guardianship in Morris.

Bruce Bochicchio, a former Waterbury police officer and former marshal in the Litchfield Judicial District, was arrested June 26 on allegations he threatened his wife and owned guns in violation of a court order which forbid it.

After his arrest, the children moved into another relative's home in Litchfield.

Wednesday, Blick allowed the Bochicchios to retain legal guardianship of their 17-year-old nephew and 16-year-old niece while Bruce Bochicchio fights the charges. Bochicchio is under orders to stay away from his wife and the home where they lived in Morris, Litchfield attorney Michael Sconyers said.

Bochicchio, 41, was at the Litchfield Town Hall Wednesday morning for the Probate Court hearing and couldn't appear in Bantam Superior Court when his criminal case was called. Attorney Tom Waterfall's request to transfer the case to New Britain Superior Court was granted by Judge Paul Matasavage to avoid any conflict of interest here. The case was continued until July 22.

Last week, Bantam Superior Court Judge Paul Matasavage modified a protective order to allow Bochicchio to continuing having contact with his niece and nephew.

"The children are being well provided for and are living temporarily with an aunt and uncle while things get sorted out," said Sconyers, who represents Bochicchio in family and civil matters.

While Sconyers described the present civil situation as "a mess," he said Bochicchio intends to return to the family home where he has a real estate office and to retain legal guardianship.

The children have a say in where they live, Sconyers said.

"A lot depends on what they want to do," he said.

"They now have considerable control over their own destiny."



  1. Bruce was a violent abusive parent to his wife's two older children in the late 1990's and early 2000's. I heard that CPS were called and the family was investigated. I and many other parents knew what was going on at that house but because he was such an ass**** no one wanted to tangle with him, so his step-children suffered. I will forever feel guilty about that. I am appalled that he has custody of someone else's children. He shouldn't even be around his own. He was physically abusive to his step-children and literally treated them like slaves. His step daughter slept in a closet and was whipped with a leather belt. The man is a monster.

  2. I think it is disgusting how Bruce is getting attacked for something I believe he would never do. Hs wife needs to be investigated. She is attacking him and hurting his family without proven evidence. She needs to settle this divorce, allow him to be with his children, and give back to him everything she stole.

  3. Gee, I wonder who posted the "anonymous" comment on November 12th...

    "I like abuse, and my name is B____"


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