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Thursday, July 24, 2008

[PA] "Bloodbath imminent." Officer Weigold charged w/ terroristic threats, stalking, harassment

... She says her husband jammed a clip in his handgun and told her a "blood bath" was imminent... Donna Weigold said her husband said he would kill her. The couple's 10-year-old daughter called Lehigh Township police. "He then told me to tell the police it was just a verbal argument"....


Posted by Michael Buck
May 13, 2008 17:49PM
The Northampton County Sheriff's department said there was an order along with the PFA to seize Charles Weigold's weapons. Bethlehem police Deputy Commissioner Stuart Bedics said Weigold, the officer who handles all of the evidence for Bethlehem police, will remain on active duty, but in a different position because the evidence locker stores weapons. "He will not have access to the evidence room," Bedics said. "We don't want him to have any access to weapons"... [Full article here]

Michael Buck
May 21, 2008 12:06PM
A protection from abuse order filed against a Bethlehem police officer was withdrawn Friday after his wife wrote a letter to the Northampton County Court asking for the dismissal... Along with the dismissal order in court records, Donna Weigold's handwritten letter said she "feels (the dismissal) is best at this time"... [Full article here]

The Morning Call
July 23, 2008
A Bethlehem police officer charged with several offenses in a conflict with his wife has been committed to an area hospital. Charles W. Weigold Jr., 47, is at Lehigh Valley Hospital-Muhlenberg, said Northampton County Detective Francis Jordan. Weigold checked into the hospital on Tuesday evening, Jordan said. His condition was not immediately available... She says her husband jammed a clip in his handgun and told her a "blood bath" was imminent; he says she sprayed him in the face with bleach during another argument... [Full article here]

by Express-Times staff
July 23, 2008, 6:53 PM
Charles Weigold, 49, was arraigned on charges of stalking, harassment and making terroristic threats this afternoon. He is free after posting the $10,000 bail set by District Judge Michael Koury... Donna Weigold was granted a protection from abuse order against her husband on Tuesday. Charles Weigold violated that order when he called the cellphone of his 19-year old son numerous times in an attempt to reach his wife. "I'm concerned this is a situation where he doesn't understand the boundaries, and he is trying to manipulate his children to get to Mrs. Weigold," said Jacqueline Taschner, chief domestic violence prosecutor. Weigold was arrested about 1:30 p.m. today at Lehigh Valley Hospital-Muhlenberg. He had voluntarily checked himself into the psychiatric ward Tuesday. "After the charges were filed, he said he was going to kill himself" [Full article here]

He allegedly broke protection order filed by wife.
The Morning Call
By Tyra Braden
July 23, 2008
...Donna Weigold in her written version of events said her husband "got mad" on Saturday because he didn't like the pajamas she was wearing. She gave the following account. He yelled and swore and "told me I needed to learn to listen to him and obey him." Matters escalated, she said, and her husband said "that it's time for spring cleaning again" and that she was a "slob" who didn't know how to do things correctly. She said she was holding a bottle of bleach and squirted it into the air. Donna Weigold said her husband said he would kill her. The couple's 10-year-old daughter called Lehigh Township police. "He then told me to tell the police it was just a verbal argument." Donna Weigold said she took her children to a birthday party, and her husband showed up. Told by someone at the party that he was not welcome there, he left but called his wife and "told me I best get home and clean the refrigerator." She called police for an escort to the house so she could get some of her belongings. "He flipped out when he saw the police and said that I didn't learn and that I never do anything right. I told him that he always threatens me." On Monday morning, Donna Weigold said, her husband kissed her and asked if that was better than fighting. "I said yes, but I want to be my own person. When he got ready for work, he took his gun, held it upright and put the clip in it right next to the bed. He said that when he sees me and gets face to face with me, there's going to be a blood bath." Donna Weigold said that sometime earlier -- she did not provide a date -- her husband had said, "I would look better with a bullet between my eyes"... [Full article here]

Allentown Morning Call
July 23, 2008
...Charles W. Weigold Jr., 49, of Danielsville said during the arraignment that he had voluntarily committed himself to Lehigh Valley Hospital-Muhlenberg... Weigold's status with the police department could not be verified today. At the arraignment, Weigold told [District Judge Michael] Koury his position with the department was "questionable"... [Full article here]

Allentown Morning Call
By Joe McDonald and Pamela Lehman | Of The Morning Call
July 24, 2008
...At the arraignment, Weigold used $10,000 in cash that he withdrew from an account in his and his wife's names, which sparked a heated exchange between Assistant District Attorney Jacqueline Taschner and defense attorney Bohdan Zelechiwsky of Bethlehem while Koury was out of the courtroom. Taschner said Weigold withdrew the cash Monday and argued it was part of a pattern of "harassment" against his wife. Koury disagreed and permitted Weigold to use it to stay out of prison. Koury also ordered Weigold not to have any contact with his wife and required him to wear an electronic GPS monitor. Before the arraignment began, Weigold chatted with a county detective about the Sept. 11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and showed reporters a large tattoo of the twin towers on his leg. Weigold told Koury he had been a sergeant in the New York City Police Department, where he served 20 years. Zelechiwsky said Weigold never had any trouble with the law before and had now found himself in an "unfortunate situation" that was "totally out of character." Taschner said events in the Weigold household have been escalating and repeatedly described Weigold as a manipulative person who "thinks he is smarter than everyone else." [Full article here]

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