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Thursday, July 10, 2008

[FL] Deputy Christine Napoli arrested for battering her husband

...He shoved her, and she later punched him "on and about the head several times," according to the affidavit...

Hillsborough Deputy Charged With Domestic Battery
Tampa Bay Online, The Tampa Tribune
JOSH POLTILOVE jpoltilove@tampatrib.com
July 10, 2008
TAMPA - A Hillsborough County reserve deputy was arrested Wednesday afternoon, charged with misdemeanor domestic battery. Pasco County deputies arrested Christine Lynn Napoli, 36, at 5:04 p.m. Napoli has worked with the sheriff's office since December 1997, sheriff's spokeswoman Debbie Carter said. Napoli and her husband were involved in a dispute over money, and she pushed him in the chest, a Pasco County complaint affidavit states. He shoved her, and she later punched him "on and about the head several times," according to the affidavit. Napoli was being held today without bail in Land O' Lakes Jail... She will be suspended pending the outcome of an investigation, he said...


  1. Her Husband, Jason Napoli, deserved to be arrested as well !! He had abused his wife and 3 step-children for 9 long years!! What a coward he must be for trying to put the blame on his 120 lb. wife !! Disgusting how true abusers get away with it!! Shame on you Jason and shame on the Hillsborough Sheriff's Office for not seeing through Jason's lies!!

  2. I second that!!! She defended herself...what any TRUE Police Officer does! SHE is who we need out there on the street...NOT a 200 lb. coward like him!! H.C.S.O, You lost a true hero. Someone who won't put up with being abused!!! Good Luck with your decision...I know I won't sleep well at night knowing a man like that is supposed to be "protecting" me.

  3. Many people are maliciously set up to look like the batterer, some are arrested for defending themselves, and some batter for real. Whenever I post these stories I HAVE to wonder what the real deal is.

  4. Oh my goodness, if that is really you "J. Napoli" that tried to post a comment, I'm sorry but that was way too vicious (in detail). If you are that hateful toward Christine you need take a few deep breaths so you don't lose your cool and help her move out of your house. No one is safe there right now. She needs to find a new place for her and her son quickly.

  5. And you can write me. If you are ever (even just SOME of the time) the victim of the violence, then you need to take better care of yourself than to set yourself up to have it happen again. You don't need the drama. Neither of you do, nor the son. Get disentangled.

    cloudwriter at gmail dot com


    J. Napoli has left a new comment on your post "[FL] Deputy Christine Napoli arrested for batterin...":

    Who are you???? How dare you not post my comments! The TRUTH behind what really happened! It's all public record.... This "Behind The Blue Wall" is BS! You let these mindless, clueless, misinformed people take shots at me, but don't post my response?! Are you kidding me?! Of course I hate Christine.... I lost a decade of my life because she's a _________, _________!!! Who wouldn't hate her???? However... I'm the BEST Father on the freakin planet, and I know it's important our Daughter spend time with her before she leaves for a year. Give your drama a rest... Everybody is completely safe here. I'm over it... Have been for 2+ years. They were never in any danger and/or unsafe around me. Christine was, and always will be, the _________. She's the _________, _________, _________, _________, _________ _________ excuse for a parent.... You need to shut this posting/blog down if you aren't going to let people post factual, truthful statements....


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